Avery Pierre is a noblelady in Ardougne. She is the character of Jersey_Girlx. This character is a 19-year-old human who was born in Ardougne and studied for most of her adolescence at the Academy of Varrock, which her father felt was necessary for young Avery who sought a strong educational foundation. She is a strong believer in Guthix. As for employment, Avery doesn't really understand the word; she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and was spoiled as a child.


Avery doesnt feel that its necessary to have a weapon with her all the time, mostly because her father has her very well protected. She does sometime carry around a sword or a staff.


Since Avery left home at an early age, no one really knew her. But they did know her family for sure; since her father owns the bank of Ardougne. She craves attention a lot and she really wants the spotlight once she arrives in Ardougne. Back in Varrock, which she attented school there, she became a great mage, and she loves to show off her powers!


Avery has glossy blonde hair that falls behind her shoulders. She has bright baby blue eyes which can change from that, or a shiny hazel color. She has the perfect tan, and wears ear-rings most of the time.

Avery is not the tallest person out there, she stands at 5'4. She's definitely not obese'''; her weight is 110.


Avery's personality is not exactly the best in Runescape. She tends to handle serious, and/or dangerous situations very cautiously. She is very proud and has absoloutly no insecurities, for which she feels she must flaunt her beautifulness 24/7. She can be mean alot of the time, only if she feels like her or her family's reputation is at danger, but other than that she is honestly one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But don't get me wrong, she does have a vicious temper, so I wouldn't get in her way!

Life History

She was born in Ardougne. Around age 4, she became very interested in the wonders of magic, so she began practicing it at a very early age. Her father felt that Avery needed a good education, so once she turned 8, he packed her bags and sent her away to the Academy of Varrock! She felt betrayed by this; like her parents didn't want her around, and that's when the evil began to boil up in Avery; but before that, she was a sweet little girl. She wouldn't even hurt a fly! Now, she's arriving back at Ardougne, and she's making sure everyone knows she's back!

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