Aven follows Armadyl, he's 6'2 feet tall. Aven has light brown almost red hair, he doesn't normally have a beard, he keeps his hair at around a medium length. He's also amore speed over strength type of guy. He has very pale eyes, and is missing the pinkie toe on his left foot. He tries to be kind, and never attack anybody unless he /has/ to.


Aven grew up in basicaly a campsite in the plains area north of Eagle's Peak. He read any books he came across, and frequently shot arrows from his father's bow, who was killed in a hunting accident. When Aven was fishing one day, a fish bit off his pinkie toe on his left foot. When Aven was fourteen, his mother died, so he traveled East and found a girl that he fancied, after two years she acidently bore him a son and ran away without them both. Aven named his son Darman, and took him on his travels, ending his childhood.

Early Life

Ten years after the birth of Darman, Aven journeys to Asgarnia with his son, and, like most unlu


Aven after he slayed an assassin with Xivan

cky people, winds up in the Falador bar. He went there several times, until one day, a man tried to stab him in the neck while he was speaking to his new friend Xivan. Xivan pushed Aven back, saving his life, and Xivan was stabbed in the arm, but the knife had a paralyzing poison on it. As Xivan's body began locking up, Aven began kicking the assassin in the head after Xivan threw him to the ground before he was paralyzed. The assassin ran away, and Aven tended to Xivan. A conversation, the assassin returned, and Aven stabbed him in the chest. The assassin tried to run out, but just as he exited, Xivan shot him in the back. Before the man fell, Aven ran up, jumped on his back, sending him to the ground, and plunged his sword into his neck. Aven backed up, muttering apologies to the dead man, as some vials on him began leaking, Xivan shut the door and something on the assassin's body made it explode, sending him back. The substance made a woman sick, and puke blood onto Aven's cape, so Aven began aiding her, not knowing the whole time his son had been here with him, as he was distracted. So, while he helped the girl, his son made a friend who was about two years older than him, come to be known as Scree-Scraw. Scree was a kid who was unable to speak the comman tongue, and dressed as a bird. Scree basically became Aven's adopted son. Aven cared for them both equally, even saving him from an attacking wolf. He claimed a pup from this wolf and named it Feather.

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