One day, I will leave Camelot. I do not expect you to understand why, but my life's purpose has always been one of redemption. The redemption of a broken family that has been cast aside by so many others.

–Auron to Taylor Olivriar

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"You shall have my respect when you earn it, and you'll earn it through sharpened steel and a true heart."




Neutral Good


Menaphite Pantheon


Kandar (25%) /Kharidian (75%)


Knight of the Round Table


Noctis Ryder ('father') - deceased; Taylor Olivriar (fiance') - deceased.




the Spectre; Noctis Ryder

Auron La Vallette-Ryder is a human noble character on World 42 played by Brady iz Luv. He currently resides in Pollivneach.

Auron Ryder's Theme.


Auron's Childhood. - music.

An Abandoned Child ('Official' Record)

Auron La Vallette-Ryder was born to an unknown Priestess of Icthlarin and an unknown father in the year 146 of the Fifth Age in Pollivneach.  Feeling incapable of raising a child, his father chose to leave the child in the care of the local Priests and Priestesses of Icthlarin after his mother died.  Auron, unaware of the existance of his father, began to study and learn the ways of Icthlarin and the old Menaphite Pantheon.  

Auron proved to be quite head strong, and much like his father, he was unwilling to be controlled and restricted by the rules placed by the Temple.  He would often be caught in the lauders of the Temple with women or would find himself accused of assaulting the guards during one of his many 'borrowing' trips to the local market.  

Pollivneach knew this young renegade well as angry fathers of many 'soiled' daughters came to the Temple, demanding he be turned over to them. Unafraid, Auron would challenge these fathers in a duel of swords, where his natural abilities helped him prevail, winning the affections of many more daughters. He lived a life of a rogue knowing no bounds, often breaking the laws that stood in the way of his general 'fun'.  

The Vekonic dragon, Storm, as Auron recalled from the dreams he had as a child, though he had never witnessed him himself.

The priests knew that the boy was not meant for the life in the Temple, for his spirit was wild and free.  He was brought before a Tribunal of the highest ranking members of the Icthlarin Temple, which chose to cast him away into the Kharidian desert.  

Appearances and Attributes

  • Black, well-kept hair
  • crystal-like blue eyes
  • olive tanned skin, with notable scars running all over his back. Another large scar in the form of an 'X' on his right pectoral. A large scar on his left cheek. Neatly trimmed stubble on his face with very light hair growth on the rest of his body.
  • tribal tattoo of Kharidian design running from his left shoulder, down to his wrist.
  • silver, Kharidian cultural loops pierced on each ear.
  • Extremely cut in terms of muscle, weighs about 175 pounds at 5'10.
  • Adamant blade said to be forged in a dragon's fire (unconfirmed). It was dubbed the 'Spectre's Blade' after his knightly title. The sword can only be wielded by a blood relative of Auron Ryder that is pure of heart and proven worthy as Heir to the Ryder House.
  • He is currently 25 years old.

The Heir of a Legacy

Father and Son. - music.

After the fall of Oliver Ryder at the hands of Noctis and Joan Ryder, the House fell into chaos, rife with traitorous actions and mass disappearances. Knowing that he could no longer protect his son, Noctis sent for Auron in the form of an telepathic link. At first, Auron had no idea who the voice was, opting to take various elixirs to try to block out what he felt was his mind losing itself. No elixir brewed in the Kharidian could block out the persistence of Noctis' messages.

"Auron..... Auron..."

The voice drove Auron into near insanity as he wrestled to block the messages. Eventually, it drove him to the point where he fell physically ill, and he found that he had little choice but to swallow his pride and find a medium. Searching far and wide, he found a ruined Temple in the deep Kharidian during his travels. Taking shelter from a sandstorm that began to build, Auron entered the darkened entrance with nary but his travel bag and a lit torch.

"Auron Ryder...." The voice would call out in a hushed whisper.

"Who the hell are you?!" Auron would cry out as he drew his scimitar and swung it wildly in the darkness. In that moment, a vision of Noctis stepped forth into the torchlight. Auron's eyes widened as he dropped the torch onto the ground, realizing that the man that stood before him bore a striking resemblance to himself.

"You know who I am, Auron. I am the heir to the Ryder Family... I am your beginning. I am your end." Noctis would respond with a calm tone, a smile curling at his lips.

"What nonsense are you muttering?! Speak sense or fall to my sword!" Auron would scream as he took his scimitar in both hands and attempted to attack him, each blow passing through as if he was made of thin air. Auron, eventually exhausted, would drop his blade onto the ground as well, falling to his knees and gasping for air.

"You will stand to your feet, RYDER!" Noctis would command with a roar. "You will NOT dishonor my family's name with your weakness. To be a Ryder, is to know power. And I can see much power flowing within you."

Auron looked up to Noctis' violet gaze as he slowly stood to his feet, collecting himself. "What right do you have to command me?! I don't even know who the hell you are! I've known you since I was a small child but never knew your name. You've haunted me my entire life with little explanation as to why. Now, you tell me I have this 'power' flowing within me? What the fuck is going on here? What do you want from me?!"

Noctis would pause a moment before speaking once more, folding his hands neatly in front of himself. "I tried to destroy everything I have ever loved. My family, my lover. I fell into madness, and now, it is too late to atone for my mistakes. YOU must honor me. YOU must redeem House Ryder."

"How can I redeem a Family I do not even know?! What crimes were committed?! Why are you speaking in such riddles?!"

"You will take a ship to the great Southern Seas. You will not know where to go, but your blood and the wind will carry you to a great Tower. You will stand before the entrance, without really knowing why. You will find the answers you seek, and our Family's salvation." Noctis slowly began to fade away as he spoke, the light breeze within the temple sweeping his existence into nothingness.

"No! You can not leave! Please! I do not understand!" Auron would exclaim as he ran after the fading spectre, which eventually disappeared and left him alone in the dark Temple. He fell to his knees and dropped his head down low. "Why must I be the one to bear the burden of those I don't even know?"

The Last of the Ryders

The Broken Family. - music.

The Disappearance of Noctis Ryder

Word reached all Ryder outposts that Noctis disappeared, along with the majority of the Ryder hierarchy. Auron journeyed to the great Tower, as instructed, and found Joan Ryder, who was mourning over her loss. Appalled at the revelation that Noctis had a son he hid from her, she immediately dismissed him away from her sight. Discouraged, Auron began to leave the Tower before Octavius Ryder intervened and offered him a place amongst them as a Praetorian. Feeling that he did not have a choice, he chose to remain and served within the Tower as a guardsman.

Slowly but surely, the numbers of the Ryders dwindled. First, Octavius Ryder disappeared after he renounced his name and title. Then, Joan ventured North to find her sister, never to be found again, leaving the Throne open once again. Joshua Ryder remained the only blooded member of the Family, and assumed the Throne in Joan's absence. Tried as he might, he could not prevent the decay, and one by one, outposts fell abandoned as Praetorians were ordered to return home. He snapped under the pressure, eventually renouncing his claim and fleeing the Tower.

Auron was eventually alone with a few Praetorians on the Tower's island, leaderless and scrapping by to survive. Although he was not blooded, he dubbed himself 'Auron Ryder' and commanded that a ship be repaired so that he and the remaining soldiers could return to the mainland and leave the House to rest.

"The Council has abandoned us on this gods forsaken island. We are low on food, drinkable water, and lack any direction as to where we must go from here. House Ryder ceases to exist unless I take up my rightful place by blood and right. The burden of the survival of this House, however, is not yours to carry. You will return home to your wives, your children. The Redemption of House Ryder will come to pass, but it will be built upon my sweat and blood, not yours."

Sir Auron, the Spectre. Knight of Camelot.

The Unlikely Hero. - music.

The Mercenary

Jacob Calderon, a prior Vekonic arcane student, had heard whispers that a member of the Ryder Family had survived after years of decay. Better yet, he was Noctis' kin, a well known battlemage amongst all the families of Gielinor. Eager to recruit him to His Royal Majesty's Kingsguard, he sent ravens to all corners of the world, beckoning Auron to meet him in Camelot Castle for an interview and possible initiation. Auron eventually received the message and chose to accept the invitation, for he felt that this was his chance to redeem his fallen House.

"I once served House Vekon, as you once served House Ryder." Jacob told Auron. "For King Sennis' sake, you must trust me, as I must trust in you." Jacob began to charge his magical energies, extending a accurate three-fingered point toward Auron. "If you survive, you will be initiated. If not, you will be forgotten."

Auron nodded and opened himself up for the attack. Lightning extended from Jacob's fingertips and struck Auron's heart, both stopping and restarting his heart. He was knocked clean onto his back but arose mostly unscathed. Auron was then welcomed as a brother of the Kingsguard.

The Kingsguard

Auron served King Sennis faithfully. Protecting the Olivriars against a mahjarrat's cruel machinations on multiple occasions, aided Ardougne against the traitorous Pravens, and even gathering valuable information about any magical threats made Auron a hero in many people's eyes, even the King. The Kingsguard greatly respected his efficiency in battle and his unwavering loyalty to the people of Camelot and his fellow soldiers. Jacob and Auron became steadfast friends, a Ryder/Vekon relationship that was previously unheard of. The two created a secure Camelot, and the Kingsguard's name became a symbol of Camelot's strength.

Auron eventually met a woman of the Olivriar family, (Taylor Olivriar, the second born of Arthfael Olivriar), on one of his missions to protect the family. The two fell in love at an alarming rate, developing an unbreakable bond with one another that saw Auron become practically a member of the family. Anthony Olivriar quickly became Auron's most trusted friend and ally.

Knight of the Round Table

The deeds of Auron Ryder did not go unnoticed, and King Sennis knighted him 'Sir Auron Ryder the Spectre'. Sir Auron immediately found himself swamped with the duties of both a Kingsguard and a Knight. On the same day of his knighting, Auron and Taylor became engaged. However, the knighting of Auron Ryder was followed closely by dark omens.

Auron already began to make strange arcane discoveries throughout Camelot. A woman on the King's Council had peeked his interest when she casted a form of blood magic on a whip he used to punish a rebellious guard. The Arens also began to make a more gradual appearance as news of the Sorcerer's Tower's increased activity was observed. Even stranger, a recent deception to find a man's lost 'son' led him to discover a menace inside North Catherby's caverns and also came into possession of what appeared to be a Galethornian amulet, which represented a powerful Aren sorcerer with a notable 7-sided star.

Things got much more complicated when King Varian of Asgarnia summoned him to answer for the crimes of Joshua Ryder against the King's family. Unaware Joshua was even alive until moments prior, Auron explained to Varian that Joshua had lost his mind and is also an enemy of the state in Camelot. Suspicious, Varian chose to send him away with a message to King Sennis to request Joshua be brought to Asgarnia for trial.

What was once viewed as random incidences against Camelot came into focus for him, as he made various connections to the Arens. Although he had no idea what they might be possibly planning, the shadowy figure he met in the caves of Catherby has alerted him enough to meet with their patriarch, Chris Aren, personally. The Joshua incident might have been self contained with just one man's madness, but he could not rule out the possibility that an outside force is causing great peril for the Kingdom of Camelot.

The Spectre's Fall

The Spectre, Knight of Camelot. - music.

The Encounter with Christopher Aren

Auron with his newly appointed squire and friend, Anthony Olivriar, traveled to the Sorcerer's Tower, where an elderly Christopher Aren lived and was rumoured to have conducted horrendous experiments. Chris welcomed Auron, inviting the both of them for tea as Auron began his interrogation, producing the Galethornian amulet he acquired from the North Catherby Caverns, while Anthony produced another amulet he also received from a man named 'Tesla'. Chris had very little to tell, besides old Aren legends that were passed down from generations that concerned the two amulets.

After brief bickering and story telling, Auron and Anthony agreed that Tesla Aren was likely playing games with them, taunting them with riddled directions hidden in fairy tales. Determined to get to the bottom of the Arens' possible deception, he ordered Anthony to get his ordeals in order, while he said goodbye to his fiance'. The two enlisted the help of Camelite Knight Sir Frederick the Bulwark, and the trio made their way to White Wolf Mountain, in search for a 'Man in the Mountain'.

The Man in the Mountain

The knights made their way up to the peak of the mountain, where they witnessed a truly awful carnage of explorers and archaeologists. One survivor was found barely holding his innards together, his eyes occluded with shadow. He struggled to hold onto his life and did not have much to say, so Sir Frederick drew forth his blade and ended the poor man's life, his body falling to pieces to stain the snow on the ground.

The trio made their way into a nearby mine, following the tracks until they reached a well-crafted doorway. The writing on the door's panel was gibberish, a mixture of elven and ancients. They entered the doorway only to find a 'shrine' of sorts, dimly lit with torches. However, they were not alone. Shortly after they entered the room, an enchanted trap was activated, causing the knights' armours to be heavily weighed down, forcing the helpless men onto the ground. Out from the shadows, Tesla Aren stepped forth with his hands clasped behind his back.

"I am the Man in the Mountain."

Courage, Sacrifice, Redemption

The Battle in the Heart of the World. - music.

The shrine soon began to groan and shake with tremors as the protective warding that surrounded it began to strain. With a smile on his lips, Tesla released the knights from their trap, so that they might face the 'Lodrak Y'Barra' on their feet. The ceiling eventually gave way, followed by a horde of undead knights. Dark, shadowy tendrils creeped from the fractured ceiling, peeling away at the stone as the undead and knights clashed.

Auron, Frederick, and Anthony fought valiantly as each undead knight fell to their blade. Victory seemed to be within their grasp when Auron's shadow beast appeared to them. The Lodrak Y'Barra was now massive in scale, much larger than his encounter with Auron in Catherby. The entire room grew cold as darkness flooded and swallowed every inch of light that the beast touched.

"Your arrogance astounds me! Do you even know what and who it is you are fighting?"

Auron stepped forth, brandishing his Spectre's Blade as he muttered the words: "On this day, House Ryder is redeemed." Auron challenged the beast in singular combat, knowing full well that if they continued to fight, they would all die. Anthony and Frederick apposed the idea, but their cries were interrupted by a rush of arcane fire that threatened to engulf Auron. Using the wards on his sword, Auron cut a vertical swithe through the flame, redirecting the cooling flame in either direction from him. He struggled as he maintained the ward, sweat pouring from his brow.

"Do you really think that your mortal weapons can defeat me?!"

"Absolutely not... but I can surely give you a good thrashing until my friends can escape!" Auron screamed as he quickly extended his left free hand out toward Anthony and Frederick. With a smile, he would nod to them. "Goodbye, friends." Anthony and Frederick screamed for Auron before being whisked away by a teleother spell that was hastily casted. His loss of magical aura caused the beast's flames to consume him, and Auron was never seen or heard from afterward.

A Life Forgotten

The Return of the Spectre

True of Heart, Victorious in Death. - music.

A former Kingsguard by the name of 'Neva' was meditating out in the Southern Camelite Forest one snowy night. All was calm, silent. The very leaves of the trees flowing with the breeze were the only sounds that could be heard. Suddenly, the winds began to pick up. Lightning crackled as the very clouds formed into a violent vortex, prompting Neva to wake from her meditative state and arm herself. The clouds descended from the sky, in a tornado-like fashion, touching the earth near where she stood.

The clouds eventually began to slowly withdraw back into the sky, revealing a wounded man in broken platemail. Blood dripped from his heavy bruises and gashes onto the white snow. He lifted up his face to Neva, near death from the loss of blood. Her eyes widened as she noticed the helpless nature of the man, and so, she took him to a nearby inn to patch him up and feed him for the night. Little did she know that she was aiding Sir Auron Ryder of Camelot, whom was previously pronounced dead after being missing for many years.

The True Death

What Once is Dead, May Never Live. - music.

Neva tended to Auron's wounds with various healing elixirs and magicks. She never met Auron, but she was a kind hearted soul who offered to stay with him through the night to ensure his recovery. When he finally gained his full senses, the two began to talk. "What is your name?" she asked.

"Noctis." He replied, giving her a chilling smile that sent shivers down her spine. She immediately stopped what she was doing, pausing. Confused, 'Noctis' wondered what he could've said to frighten her. He begged and pleaded for answers that she could not give, answers to a life he had forgotten. "I know your face. It is the one thing I remember... Do we know each other, by chance?"

Neva knew exactly of whom he had spoken, for she had a sister that shared her appearance. She declined his question, introducing herself properly and proceeded to talk to him about her sister. Her name was Joan Ryder, the betrothed of Noctis Ryder. She could not offer what he sought after. but she directed him to find Joan. Realizing he had little choice, he began his search in the Kharidian desert to find Joan and himself.

The Healing Begins

Auron eventually found Joan in Nardah, once home to the militaristic forces of the Ryderian United Kharidian Empire. The two shared drinks, as Joan openly shared stories about who 'Noctis' truly was and who Auron really is. Discouraged, he found himself in a mental state of helplessness, He had learned that his own name was a lie within his own mind and thus, began his lonely wandering within the forests of Kandarin. He became a wild man, hunting to survive and rarely ever made any contact with the settlements in the area, That is, until a hurting woman found him.

Lady Ilyssa Reliquia-Elysian of Varrock was riding from Ardougne to Misthalin, where she happened upon Auron killing an elk. She took pity on him and asked for his name. The two bonded quickly as Auron took her back to his savage little campsite along the bank of a nearby river. She told him about her family and her involvement with the Dragonkin Worshipers. Auron had little to offer in exchange, seeing as he remembered nary a thing. The sigil on his armour helped Ilyssa deduce that Auron was a lost Knight of the Round Table, and with a cheerful heart, offered to take him back to Camelot.

A Spectre, No More

As they rode for Camelot, Ilyssa attempted to aid his amnesia. Auron was overjoyed at the stories 'Lys' had about the great Knights of the Round Table, stories of their valiance, strength, and honor. For a moment, Auron was proud of who he was, reveling in a life he had forgotten, but there was one question lingering in his mind. Once Ilyssa brought up the Olivriars, noting that they had multiple connection in the castle, he wondered if any Olivriar would remember him. Ilyssa decided to attempt the jogging of his memory by listing off the members of the family, hoping Auron might recognize one. "Arthfael...... Sarah..... Anthony..... Taylor Olivriar, though I am afraid she's dead..."

By mentioning Taylor's name, his mind was attacked by images of her and him together. The pain was great, causing Auron to collapse from the saddle and onto the ground. His aura spiked, sending flames burning in a circular, 10 feet radius around him. "Noooooooo!!!!!!" He screamed, incinerating everything he touched into ash. Ilyssa, in a frenzy, leaped from her horse and took the hurting man into her arms, whispering in his ear to calm him. Auron wept bitterly, striking the ground and wishing he had died. Ilyssa contacted Anthony Olivriar, who took them both to the final resting place of Taylor. There, Auron said his final goodbyes.

Leaving the Heart Behind

Old Endings, New Beginnings

Auron attempted to acclimate himself back into Camelite society slowly, but without Taylor or Neva, he was lost and alone. He learned that Camelot had already 'buried' him and presumed him dead. Figuring that he could never fit in any longer, he packed his things and journeyed back to the desert, where he would live out the foreseeable future. Before Auron entered into Kharidian lands, he contacted Ilyssa to meet with him along the border, to say his farewells.

The two met, sharing a heartfelt goodbye. However, before Auron could mount his camel and leave, Ilyssa took it upon herself to go along with him. Auron's vulnerable state had opened her eyes to her own vulnerabilities and decided right then and there that they would take care of each other. Never given the option to decline, Auron watched as she stormed her horse into the desert, beckoning him to follow. Auron took Ilyssa to his home in Pollivneach, where they currently reside, starting a new chapter in their lives.

Auron Ryder of Kharidia

Revealing a Hidden Truth

Over the 2 years he spent in Pollivneach, Auron began to experience a great power being awakened within him. On the eve of his 25th birthday, Auron received yet another vision of his father, Noctis, who beckoned him to leave the city and venture deep within the Kharidian desert in search of a ruin. Unable to ignore these visions and gradually becoming more secluded from the rest of the people, he decided to heed the call and left the city behind.

Three days and nights passed before he arrived at a long forgotten Keep that was largely in shambles, dry bones of armored soldiers littering the grounds. The entrance was open to the outside, so with hesitation, he began to journey deep within the catacombs. The interior of the castle was much like the grounds, littered with the fully decayed corpses of soldiers.

Auron gradually made his way to the central chamber, where he found an alter of sorts built amongst the dead that housed relics of a deceased warrior. Among the relics were an rusted set of Ryderian Lord Commander armor, a silver ring, a journal, and a spear. The markings on the alter were written in ancient, but he was able to decipher it to mean along these lines: "What never lives may never die. I am your beginning. I am your end."

He was not sure what to make of the inscription, so he opened the journal and began to read passages, starting with the first entry.

Entry 1:

My heart is heavy with my new found immortality. No matter how many times I take my life, my soul is bound to yet another. I can't remember the voice of my parents, nor the warmth of a woman's embrace. Everything around me turns to ash as I dwell in a world that is more finite than a single breath I take. What never dies should never live.

Entry 10:

I've decided to seclude myself deep within the sands of my homeland. At least, I think this is my homeland. I honestly can't remember. I didn't tell her of my whereabouts. I will ensure this time I disappear for good, for her sake as well as mine. I dream of a Kingdom I once ruled off far to the West. A Kingdom that has never existed. These memories drive me to the brink of insanity.

Entry 14:

I was a King... though a bit young. I was only 15 when my father died, and all at once, the responsibility of kingship fell to me. However, I was betrayed by my own flesh and blood. My own brother sought the throne and my once prosperous kingdom fell into bloody civil war. I have no idea what wrongs I committed against him that caused him to turn on everything we loved. I should've noticed my own brother's suffering, being the youngest of us twins. I was always favored in my father and mother's eyes. But how did I get here? A land that has no recorded history of this?

Entry 36:

It's been six months since I left. I fear this is not the end. My soul is damned to live for eternity in this world. The corpses of long dead Praetorians are all that are keeping me company. I believe I have found a way to secure my salvation. If I can never die, then I am forced to live.

Entry 68:

I remember. My brother enlisted the help of a sorcerer to overthrow me. I knew not who this man was, for his face was covered by a strange mask. As he attacked me in my own throne room, he also turned on Noel, sending us both through a strange portal of sorts. The feeling was strange... my flesh burned as darkness consumed me... I awoke in Al Kharid, with no memory. They gave me the name 'Perseus Sypor' and sent me off to work as a mercenary to earn a living.

Entry 75:

I was the sorcerer. Many months I've pondered on these dreams. The mask the sorcerer wore... was the mask Oliver Ryder awarded to me when I became the Archmage of the House. I somehow found a way to use the Shadow Realm to return home... but it was not how I imagined it. Enraged, I turned on my brother and my other self and tossed them both into the Realm to be transported to Gielinor, to live in the prison I endured.

Entry 84:

I am going to end this cycle. I found a way home, and I will do as the threads of fate dictate from me. However, I will ensure House Ryder finds me. I will have a new identity, so this cycle never happens again. This is my final entry. After today, the nightmare will begin to come to an end.

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