Audrey about to whoop some BOOTAY.


Audrey facing Dracula in the Draynor Manor Dungeon.

Buffy wolfbane

Audrey slaying a werewolf


A rather happy Audrey.

Audrey Alana Lloyd is a 25 year old human who is currently between jobs but has experience as a monster slayer. She originates from Varrock and is loosely Guthixian. Audrey is very well known for her profession; she is one of the few excellent slayers that still practice professionally. This character belongs to the roleplayer AudriLoove<3.


Audrey has medium blond hair. She likes to change it up a bit, though. She has baby blue eyes and average sized lips and ears. She has been described by many as "drop-dead gorgeous"

Audrey's body is in excellent shape! She has the perfect tan and weighs about 110lbs. She stands at 5'7. She does have muscles, but not like a complete work-out maniac.


She is very outgoing. She likes to try different things, and she considers herself as a leader. She's very self assured, and independant.


She has all sorts of weapons. Afterall, she is the slayer.

Life History

She was born and raised in Varrock. As a young child, she was always interested in magic and warriors. She would always examine the guards when she walked by the town square, she was somewhat "intimidated' by them. Around age 8 her parents sent her to Varrock Academy to get her education, even though before that her parents had been teaching her many of things. She stayed out of trouble as much as she could, even though sometimes she did get into it. When she was 15, she was taken out of school by a strange man with the name of Joss Whiles. He told her about the vampyres and how he had studied all of the slayers, and insisted that she was the next "chosen one". From then on, she began fighting all evil. From vampyres too werewolves, even thieves. She was very shocked about this for the first 2 years, but it finally sank in to where she knew she HAD too do this, whether she liked it or not.


"Im 16 years old.. I dont want to die!"

"Can a vampyre EVER be a good person? Is it even possible?"

"Mom.. I'm a vampyre slayer."

"So let me get this straight.. You're Count dracula?"

"Vampyres are overrated."


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