Atreyu Dragolmier is a Druid Beast Tamer roleplayed by the User Jisdin Sider. He was raised by Druids to be a lover of nature and peace. Doted on by the elders as a prodigal child with the natural ability and instinct to find and befriend animals of all shapes and sizes.


Atreyu Dragolmier was born out of extraordinary circumstances, born from a love riddled with lust and betrayal. A dark wizard named Alagor Crawntlyn became fixated on a beautiful Druidess by the name of Saula Mandre. Although both groups had been forbidden to mix for many centuries the pair soon became close. Secret meetings, letters delivered in private by postie Pete they were certain that they could be the cure to the illness that had polluted both groups. They were lost in their love for eachother and sought out only peace through a unified marriage.

During their time together they had taught eachother many tricks, Alagor had taught Saula the art of conjuring and summoning magic while Saula had taught Alagor how to heal and cure illnesses using natures bounty for potions.


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