True Neutral


Follows Guthixian values, though Guthix is dead.





Meet Ashbeard

Ashbeard is a tall, old ent whose lived most of his days already. He's a very gentle being, and wouldn't harm anyone unless they harmed himself, innocent beings, or the forests he lives in. He's very wise, and will likely give a useful tip or two to the passing adventurer, or traveller. He has a specific hatred for lumberjacks.


  • Nature magic: As an Ent, He's capable of preforming nature magic, and is very good at it.
Geokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Floramancy, Faunamancy, Botanokinesis, and other forms.
  • Strength: He's a large, strong creature. One stomp or punch and he could kill a human.
  • Wisedom: Being old isn't always bad. He's very smart and can fend for himself and others.
  • Camoflage: He can stand stright, press his legs and arms up to his body and boom! He looks prefectly like a tree. This is perfect for hiding from anything that could defeat him. This is an ability only Ents have.
  • Speed: With long legs come long strides. Meaning a human could walk a mile for a half hour, while an Ent only takes 10-20 steps within minutes to walk a mile.
  • Lacks of needs: Ashbeard doesn't need to sleep, being a tree-related race. He also doesn't need to find food, as photosynthesis takes care of that.


A huge staff he was given.

A makeshift pouch full of rocks.


  • Large groups of men with axes
  • Fire
  • Fire magic
  • Seige Weaponry
  • Most other creatures his size or bigger.


Ashbeard grew from a seed, then was chosen by other Ents, who brought the seed to life as not a simple tree, but an Ent. He grew up among them, learning their ways. He grew up safely, knowing the dangers of the world outside the forests. He was also taught nature magic by the other ents, becoming quite good at it over the years. When he was maybe 100, still just a child, he had received news that one of his friends, Oak-Tooth, had been killed by a group of Bandosians who were trying to start a fire. He returned, only to be given Oak-Tooth's staff by a friend. Ashbeard kept this staff close to him everywhere he went, watching over the forests around the three human kingdoms for the next 800 years, making it his personal job to prevent further harm. Many years went by, and many lumberjacks met their maker at the hands of Ashbeard, who protected the forests well. He travelled to many different forests, preventing many trees from being cut, and many animals from being killed. He grew wiser as the years went by, giving his wisdom to the passing Guthixian. It'd rare for him to reveal himself to any but other followers of the Guthixian religion. He served as a home for many animals as well. Birds, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, and so on.

Roleplayed History

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