Ashaniel Cadarn is an Elf character.  


Having been born during the God wars that consumed the Third Age, her youth was largely influenced by war. When old enough to travel away from Tirannwn she left with a group of elves to explore the world, and try to gain fame and glory for herself.

During this time she became well acquainted with the group to the extent that they were nearly family. When she was 550 years old she married another elf from the Cadarn clan that was also travelling with the group.

She and her husband had a child while still travelling the world with the group. 24 years later they were travelling through Kandarin, and were attacked by General Khazard and his troops. Ashaniel was the only survivor, and swore to kill Khazard. Since then she has travelled the world honing her magical and physical skills, and learning new things from people across the world.


Well skilled with offensive and defensive magic along with swords and knives, Ashaniel is very capable of fighting nearly any opponent on equal ground. Though very skilled in combat she is usually slow to fight and tries to resolve things with words. While normally fairly passive, she has a near-obsessive compulsion to protect elves, and will fight for other elves without fully understanding a situation.


Ashaniel travels the world and has friends and allies in nearly all corners of the globe. Some notable allies are the Void Knights, the Lunar Mages, and the Myreque. While quite friendly she is often disrespectful without actually realizing that she is. She has a tendancy to call any human she meets "child", and does the same with most races when they seem to be younger than her.


Ashaniel Cadarn would appear around 37 if compared to a human, but is actually 3703. She stands around 5'4" and weighs around 110 lbs. She often smells of pine trees, which she has a habit of sleeping in. Her looks are, at best, average by elven standards. She has graying blonde hair and emerald green eyes.

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