Arthur Connings is a character role-played by Raltin Avarr and current owner of the elemental workshop.


The Workshop

As a young man, Arthur always was an inventive sort, enjoying tinkering and working on new ideas. At a young age he was sent to keldagrim to study Dwarven engineering, mechanical things such as the engines on the steamboats. Later he returned to his home at Seer's Village, and met another man who saw his inventive ways. The other man told Arthur to follow him and showed the Elemental Workshop to Arthur, who quickly took delight in the various long lost technological advances from the old building. Arthur took to work in the Workshop and started learning of the various machines within. His greatest exploit was learning the workings of the robotic creature much farther inside the Workshop known as Da'vi. Arthur began taking many of the old plans and started working with them, eventually managing to make smaller robotic creatures mimicing the Da'vi machine. It was when he was testing one of these smaller creatures that he met Abby Stewart, a member of a secret order.

Building A Body

Abby was impressed with Arthur's small robotic creation, and Arthur started explaining a bigger project he had going. Arthur with the help of the man who showed him the workshop, a powerful summoner, had developed a design that allowed deceased souls to inhabit the robotic machines he built, using a spirit shard holding the soul of said deceased and inserting it into a special compartment within the machine. Abby formed a plan of her own after Arthur told her of this, and asked him to build a mechanic body resembling a Mithril Dragon nearly the size of the King Black. After a long period of silent astonishment, Arthur explained to her the complicatedness of the work involved in this, but was quickly reassured he would be given all the supplies he needed to complete the work. After three months, the machine was finished and handed over to the secret order, and has not been seen since.

The Order

Later the order that had funded the construction of the dragon mech contacted Arthur and asked him to join, and he accepted. The Elemental Workshop is now a base for said order, and Arthur has now been given many more resources to continue his strange work, much of it helping benefit the order he belongs to.

Taking Leave

Through events unknown, Arthur was granted full ownership of the Elemental Workshop once more and the order left.

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