House Aren

Family Name

House of Aren

Family Type

Patriarchy, Nobility

Head of Family

Vynriette the Spider

Founder of Family

Galethorn Aren



Family Motto

"Power is Truth"

Family Colors

White, Gold, and Green

Family Animal




The Aren Family is an ancient noble house of Kandarin dating back to the God Wars. Throughout the years, this house has been the center of conflict and controversy, spanning all of the Fourth Age and today. It holds most, if not all of its lands, in the southern region of Kandarin, mostly around the city of Yanille and the surrounding forested area. Ancient practitioners of necromancy and all other forms of dark magick, such things seem to have been torn out of the family's current lifestyle. A family of many secrets, this prominent Kandarin house is cloaked in shadows with daggers hidden at every turn.


Note: The History of the family follows the path of the Grandmaster. 

Third Age

The Godwars rage upon Gileinor. Gods and their faithful clashing, deciding the fate of this world. Among this mortal plane, was a man devoted to the service of a forgotten balance. The man's name was Aren. He was balanced through all of his life, even his study of the arcane arts. No stone was left unturned, as he grew to be an adept in even the darkest forms of magic, for balance's sake. He had seven children, but it was his eldest son from which this story sprouts.

The Beginning

It is not power that wins, but the mind; that the pure ability to think is what makes a man powerful.

–Aren the Mage

The tragic tale of the origins of the Aren family began towards the middle of the "Age of War", with the birth of a child. His name would be Galethorn Aren, and he would grow to be one of Zamorak's powerful tools. Born simply Galethorn, the son of Aren, he was named after the gentle breeze, and thorn of a rose. 

Aren was a simple man, with simple means. He tried to impart his wisdom and ideals upon his eldest son. For a time, this worked. As Galethorn grew older however, his father's teachings left him as he researched foul yet powerful magicks; and he found himself drifting away from those he cared for.

Galethorn had a childhood friend; a half-elf named Salvyn, whose fate would end up being bound to his. At the age of sixteen, Galethorn and Salvyn watched as two armies fought violently, a battle of the God Wars reaching close to their home. The soldiers of Zamorak ravaged the land with their might, and the soldiers of Saradomin fought them off.. Galethorn seem enthralled with the amount of power these mages and soldiers had, while a horrified Salvyn only hoped that Saradomin's army would prevail. From that day forward the childhood friends began to separate. Galethorn continued to train his mind, forgetting to train his body, focusing on mastering horrid magicks. His body became covered in scars and burnt flesh due to failed attempts.


At the age of twenty-two, Galethorn joined Zamorak's Army, quickly becoming a powerful battlemage. He gained much respect from his peers, though perhaps it could also be called fear. His bloodthirsty ways was were widely known; and he was a ruthless leader, having no qualms with killing those who served him for disobediance or failure. Galethorn's thirtieth birthday was spent killing a long-time rival; a perfect present in his eyes.

Later, Galethorn and Salvyn met on the field of battle, she having become a Saradominist battlemage. After all of the years apart, they had become equals in power. Galethorn did not fight her for long, as he realized neither would win; but from then on, they were enemies.

As the years went on, he grew through the ranks due to his prowess in battle, becoming a near-legend in his own eight. At the age forty, Galethorn was offered to be blessed by Zamorak, who had heard of and respected his deeds; and he took the offer.

Galethorn 2

Galethorn, his eyes brimming with arcane energy during the God Wars.

The ritual occured in the dead all of night, Galethorn all but unclothed laying on the altar. Zamorak himself took part as Galethorn's blood was enchanted, giving him greater magical power than any had ever seen. Despite the power given, his blood was from then on cursed, forever charged with an unholy power. He gifted this curse, this raw magical power, to his twelve children. By age sixty-five, Galethorn was known by many names, all equally feared; "The Butcher of Men", "The Taker of Souls", or simply "The Mage". Retiring from battle as a legend, Galethorn was given a large piece of land and the right to create a noble house. He chose his father's name, the man who gave Galethorn life. And so he and his twelve children, all of cursed blood, became the Aren Family.

Fourth Age

Post War Family Life

After the God Wars ended, due to the interrvening of Guthix, Galethorn set out to find Salvyn, one whom he still cared for and did not wish to remain enemies with. He found her near the ruins of her destroyed house, unable to bear children and without a family. He discovered that her home was destroyed by Zamorakian cultists. He brought her back to the Aren mansion, giving her a home, a place to stay, and an offer to blood her into the Aren family. On the day of Salvyn's blooding, she betrayed Galethorn's trust, cutting him down in his lab. Mysteriously enough, upon the discovery of the betrayal, Salvyn was found only feet away from the dead mage, turned to stone. Saradominist fanatics stormed the Aren Mansion during the chaos that followed, stealing both bodies away. Galethorn's body was burned, yet his bones remained undamaged. Instead, Salvyn's apprentice, Lader Essence, took the bones, and discovered he was able to imbue men with the strange powers of the mage's remains, creating guardians for the bones.

Galethorn's children would stay in Kandarin, and the Arens would remain a very prominent family. Galethorn's son Dymitri took over head of house after his father's death. Each child found themselves cursed with an aspect of their father's personality. Dymitri was cursed with anger; he was a powerful leader, yet horrid negotiater. In time, his brothers and sisters left him, ventureing off to other lands, spreading the cursed blood further into the world.

Kendrick Aren


Bloodfang, Symbol of a grandmaster's power.

Later in the Fourth age, Grandmaster Kendrick Aren had the blade Bloodfang forged, it becoming a symbol of the Grandmaster's power. This blade was enchanted in such a way that allowed for magic to be channelled through it, as if it was a wand or staff. Along with the sword, he ordered five rings be made, and each was enchanted by Aren magi for a certain purpose. For 400 years, the Arens thrived under Kendrick, who was both a Grandmaster, and of the Keeper Line. His prowess in water magicks was unrivaled by any within or outside of the family. After the events of Duskfort, Kendrick's mind seemed to fade, him growing sad, and slightly paranoid. His death was mourned by all of the remaining Arens, and none would see another Grandmaster like him, ever again.
Kendrick Aren2

Kendrick Aren, Masterful aquamancer & most noted Patriarch of The Aren Family.

The Fall of Duskfort
I hope someday you can forgive me, as foolish as that sounds.

–Kendrick Aren, leaving Duskfort

During the four hundred year reign of Kendrick Aren, a fort was carved into the mouontain side seperating Kandarin from the elven lands. It was created by a powerful Geomancer, Agustus Aren , who was one of Kendrick's closest friends. The fort itself was almost unbreachable, even before the advent of magic to its protection. It was originally believed that the fort had never been used, however when it was finally opened, by a group of inquisitive minds, on a quest by Chris Aren, that the fort had been used and there were many casulties. The actual events that took place there are entirely unknown, but are told through many journals and diaries of the people who lived through the horrid events that did transpire.

The First Aren Civil War

The lesser are but parasites on the greater, Dwight. Surely you of all people can see this.

–Teslilk Gram to Grandmaster Dwight Aren

Aren Civil War

(Refer to Aren Civil War.)

The End of an Age

Later, in a purging of Zamorakians from the Ardougne/Kandarin area, the Grandmaster of the family at the time was murdered, all those under him driven out of Kandarin. It is widely accepted that the traitor Annare Aren told Saradominist fanatcis of the Manor's whereabouts, and how to dispell the barriers around it. After the scattering of the Family, Ignitus Aren, son of Robert Aren II, became head of the family. In a swift change of pace, Ignitus banned the worship of Zamorak and exiled Annare from the family. She sunk into the shadows, not heard from since. Though not all agreed with his decree, one man being Herod Aren, who would establish the Brotherhood of Zamorakian Exiles. Ignitus Aren was considered to be very successful; perhaps the Greatest since Galethorn, mastering magical many arts by the end of his teenage years. He and his brother, Faust Aren, ruled what was left of the family together as their father wanted.

Ignitus began research into immortality soon after becoming head of the family, and with this search came much death and destruction. Faust's only son, Dymitri, was killed in a failed spell. Ignitus's first born, Beatrice, survived this disaster. As Ignitus descended farther into madness, Faust slowly left his side, travelling to parts unknown, not to be heard from until recent times.

Fifth Age

A Father's Madness

Ignitus Aren

Ignitus Aren, days before his death.

That ETERNAL noise! He dare laugh at the All Father? I am greater than the gods themselves, transcending immortality and the arcane itself! I will slay him where he stands!

–The Diary of Ignitus Aren

Betrayal began the current age for this once noble house. Ignitus relied on his friend, Drendal Calvein, to keep him sane. His three children, Beatrice, Chris, and Tesla, had all left their father's side, abandoning him to his madness. Against Drendal's advice, Ignitus split his soul into four parts. This was done in hopes that he could be revived soon after his death, hoping to achieve the immortality he so sought. Drendal saw his friend was gone, a husk of his former self. Out of mercy, he struck Ignitus down, killing him. His children did not search for their father's hidden items, instead moving on with their own lives, their own plans.

During their father's descent into madness, the three children of Ignitus adopted names for each other. Chris took the name "Lion" for his power and title as Grandmaster after his father. Beatrice was given the name "Crow" by her brothers, due to her dark nature. Tesla, the youngest of the three, was given the name "Rat", because of his nosiness, and knowledge of seemingly everything. Hearing of his father's death, Chris took his place as Grandmaster with pride. 

After a Father's Passing

After their father's death, the three children separated, each doing their own thing, spreading about Gilenor. Christopher continued in Asgarnia. Tesla went to Ardougne, and to his surprise, was welcomed in with open arms to take up the job of Court Wizard. Beatrice went and married a man by the name of Joseph Helms, and took his family name, living in Varrock with him. Even with their father gone, the chaos that is Aren blood followed the three.

Sixth Age

The Rise to Power

After most of The Aren family had dispersed and gone their own seperate ways, a single individual made his way from Varrock to the Kingdom of Kandarin in a an attempt to re-establish his family name as one of importance and power once again. His name was Howell 'Howl' Aren the Second, formerly the Arch-Mage of Varrock, he ventured to the Kingdom of Kandarin while under the rule of King Augustus Dae. Proving himself worthy and claiming the title of Arch-Mage of Kandarin for himself, he went on many adventures with the heroes of the Kingdom, Howl even helped quell the threat of Osiris, a being borne of thousands of souls. Being an Aren though, he wanted to have enough power to where he wouldn't have to worry about getting help from others to over-come his enemies, so he ventured into the Runespan, hoping to attain what only one Aren had achieved before, god-hood.

Howl and a mage by the name of Cryo had made an expedition to Uzer several weeks before though, creating a Golem named Atlas, the Golem's task was to bring Howl Soulfang, a phantasmous Staff that offers the wielder great power at the cost of their humanity. Howl having attained Soulfang ventured into the Runespan and found what he was looking for, he began to absorb the anima mundi of the realm with Soulfang, infusing the realm's life into his own soul. Howl Aren eventually achieved what only Martin Aren had done long ago, he became an Aspect of Magic.

The Son Reborn

As the Fifth Age came to a close with the eventual second coming of the God Wars, and the Sixth Age came to be with the death of Guthix, Howl feared for his life as he was being hunted by a god-killer. Hoping to restore his families legacy, he came across a valkyrie by the name of Egnigem. Intrigued by the being, Howl had no way of reproducing, so he proposed that they could artificially create a child through magic and the flesh of the two beings. Howl and Egnigem created the binding ritual, through the flesh, blood, and power of both the beings, Caedus Aren was born unto Gielnor, bearing black-feathered wings and the spectral sight of his mother, with the magical prowess of his father. Howl had hoped to create the strongest Aren to ever live, and he truly believed he achieved that with Caedus Aren.

The Stepping Stones for a New Age

Howl had entrusted his son into the care of Tommen Calderon, Adria Calderon, and Kaito the Elf. Howl would eventually be hunted down by this god-killer and had perished, not wanting his son to suffer the same fate Caedus would be brought up by House Calderon, learning much about the Kingdom of Kandarin under Vekonic leadership, also learning about his own familes history and lineage as well. Caedus Aren eventually came into manhood and went on many adventures with the Calderon, but seeing as his power seemed limitless, but not refined he wanted to protect his new home. A voice called out to him, promising he could deliver the neccesities of this goal to Caedus, he need only to venture forth into The Abyss and search.

Caedus, Adria, Kaito, and Lysanna made their way into the realm of darkness, coming across many Abyssal Demons that they had to fight off, but they finally made their way into the heart of The Abyss. This is where Caedus heard the voice, and felt a power that rivaled his own or even his father's, the voice was Nabrielas, Thorvald's Aspect of Hunger. Caedus succumbed to the darkness and spent weeks isolated in the realm, becoming attuned to the nothingness and even mastering a new form of magics.

House Aren Restored

Caedus Aren had made his way back from the realm of darkness, unbeknowest to him bringing Nabrielas back with him, after his mother Egnigem gave Caedus Soulfang after Howl died, Nabrielas housed himself in the weapon. Though he had spent time in The Abyss, House Calderon welcomed Caedus back with open arms, even re-instating House Aren as a political power in Kandarin once again after many years of inactivity. Caedus and Adria, the sister of Tommen were dating at this time though and the patriarch of House Calderon did not approve of this, he gave Caedus a choice, break it off or he would.

At this time Caedus met one of his cousins, a man by the name of Demyx Aren, Grandson of Zane Aren, and Great-Grandson of Rodrrick Aren. The two met in he forest to the North-East of Ardougne, Both were visiting a tower that had long since been abondaned and that's when they came up with the idea of restoring their house to its former glory, the two would share a brotherly bond that could only be severed by death. Therefore Demyx Aren went to the King himself to get his royalty's seal of approval that House Aren would be a noble house once more under the juristiction of The Aren Council. All the while, Caedus was in a meeting with Tommen, Adria, and Kaito who had been recently blooded into House Calderon. Tommen told Caedus that his relationship with Adria was dissolved and her nobility titles were stripped, Caedus made a scene and slapped down the documents that gave the power of House Aren back unto him and Demyx, storming off.

Aren-Calderon Feud

Caedus bestowing upon himself the title of Grand-Master of the Aren, and Demyx claiming to be the Lord Arch-Mage of The Aren, began to rebuild the Aren Council whom consisted of Catherine Aren, Yselt Aren, James Aren, and Rexost Silversmith. House Aren eventually began to establish itself as a major political power in the Kingdom once more, having trade negotiations with both Al-Kharid and Canifis. House Calderon did not make the Aren's rise to power easy though, as Demyx was falsely accused of rape in a trial and had his hand scorched by Carnal Magics. This did not sit well with Caedus as he felt The Aren were being unfairly oppressed, unable to do anything without the Calderon's say so as Tommen had ascended to Hand of the King. Tommen offered The Aren one last chance to have peace between the two Houses, but Caedus had been oppressed by the Calderon for most of his life, and now his cousin was wrongly punished in his eyes due to the Calderon, Caedus declined the offer and insulted Tommen's honor which eventually led to a duel to the death, where Howl's fears came to life. Caedus Aren was slain that day, leaving The Aren without their Grand Master and tensions as high as ever between the two families.

After the death of Caedus, Demyx Aren became temporary Grand-Master for several months. Once again he was approached by Tommen whom offered peace for the final time, Demyx accepted under his own terms, all the while Caedus was planning on being resurrected by Catherine and James Aren.

Second Coming of The Demon

As Demyx Aren was mending relations between House Aren and House Calderon, Catherine Aren and James Aren were resurrecting Caedus Aren in an attempt to bring back their Grand-Master. Caedus soul had been absorbed by Soulfang when he died, the same place where it housed Nabrielas, as Catherine communed with Caedus' spirit he began to manifest back onto the physical plane of Gielnor, attempting to re-enter his body, but Nabrielas had merged with Caedus soul increasing his power tenfold, but also stripping him of all humanity. The conjoined Aren souls entered Caedus' body, being resurrected as a god-lich Caedus swore vengeance upon House Calderon for all that they had done to him, teleported away and still leaving Demyx as the acting Grand Master of The Aren.

After a few weeks of peace, reports of a disease that had taken hold of Yanillian citizens made its way to House Aren, as Yanille was under The Aren's temporary juristiction by order of the Hand of the King, Tommen Calderon. The disease was magical and biological in nature, it would kill the host and resurrect their body as a mindless zombie, though the bodies were disappearing as well. Demyx, Yselt, and a mage named Ren investigated the matter where they found the source of the disease was in the Yanillian water supply, a zombie had caught Demyx and the group by surprise but Demyx fell into the tainted water, sealing his fate. After the Kingdom knew about the disease the question was. Who was causing it? Demyx decided to investigate further all the while he was attempting to resist the disease from turning him into a mindless wretch.

After an expedition to the north with Demyx and other heroes of Kandarin, Caedus Aren made himself known to the public after taking yet another Aren artifact to bolster his own power. Demyx decided it was time to take action and handed the matter over to the newfound King of Camelot, Tommen Calderon. Demyx was dying and didn't want to become a slave to Caedus, so he approached Catherine and asked if she could offer him salvation through the same lich-ritual that Zane Aren had done, Catherine refused as she blamed herself for Caedus' condition. Demyx nodded and convened a meeting, establishing Yselt Aren would lead House Aren from now on, as she was a capable mage and the Arch-Mage of Camelot. Demyx took it upon himself as he had retrieved the Amulet of Martin Aren, which held great necromantic power. He attempted the same ritual his grandfather, Zane Aren had done. Whether he succeeded or not, is only known to few.

The Fall of a God

After Caedus had made himself known public and direly wounded Tommen Calderon in a scuffle outside of his own castle, the heroes of Kandarin decided to take a stand against this new menace and decided to travel to the heart of the Abyss. Arens, Ares, Huntsmen, and Calderons alike all travelled to the Abyss where they were bombarded with Hordes of Undead and Abyssal Demons, but they managed to overcome these trials and set foot where it all began, where Nabrielas deceived Caedus. It was the god-lich versus the heroes of Kandarin, and after a long battle as it proved very difficult to bring the former Grand-Master of The Aren down, he was slain by his own brother in arms from long ago, Kaito Calderon. The realm became unstable as the souls of Caedus and Nabrielas returned to Soulfang but the lich's body was destroyed. Moments before the realm devoured the heroes, Demyx Aren arrived claiming the Staff for himself and giving a nod to Yselt and Kaito.

Demyx had succeeded in achieving immortality and saving himself from becoming a mindless zombie, but only through undeath. He had become a lich like Caedus, and his own grandfather Zane Aren. Caedus Aren was dead, and Demyx was in possession of the dangerous Aren artifacts known as Soulfang and the Amulet of Martin Aren. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Two Branches of House Aren?

Peace has finally been restored to the western Kingdoms with the death of Caedus Aren. Though now the Aren Council is currently at a struggle with only one active member, but there has been word that there is another Aren, the grandson of Ataneq Aren himself, perhaps further investigations will have to be made.

A dense fog looms over the Fremennik lands. A child, left outside the gates of Relleka many moons ago, is coming of age. No one knew who this boy was or how he got there. All they knew was what was written in a simple note. "This is Uhtred Aren, grandson of Ataneq Aren. He musn't know of his history. He is the last remaining descendent of the Aren family. Please, keep him safe. - EA" Raised by a Fremennik trader, the boy lived a humble life. He worked on the docks, and travelled when his "father" would allow him to do so. As he began to age, he noticed a strange feeling inside of him. He began to have visions in his sleep of a magical tower. A tower he had never seen before, would rise from its own ashes. Uhtred, now 18, has begun to wonder about his past. While the Fremennik have raised him as one of their own, he seeks a greater story. He seeks to learn who he is. Where he is from. He knows nothing, but a strange feeling has him wanting to head south.

Second Aren Civil War

Tensions Rising

As Yselt Aren served the Kingdom of Camelot faithfully for the past few years of peace, there was a call to the north. Demyx Aren had gathered Morbidia Aren, Trentus Aren, Salazar Von Strobel, Lindsey Aren, and Vynriette the Mage to the frozen island that he had inhabited in his self-imposed exile after the death of Caedus Aren for a second time. The lich known as Demyx Aren gave them an oppurtunity to take back what was rightfully theirs, as he had grown tired of the oppression that The Aren had suffered during the Aren-Calderon Feud, and even though his exile was self-imposed he knew the Kingdom of Kandarin would no longer welcome him with open arms in his current state even though he aided as much as he could during the threat of Caedus Aren. Morbidia was disgusted that Demyx had even allowed The Aren to be under Yselt's control and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Demyx then approached Yselt at Aspecta Tower, witnessing firsthand what the Aren had been reduced to, an empty Council and an empty name that held no power to it. Demyx left peacefully for the time being, as he went to Seers Village a group of Aren collected there, Demyx and Morbidia faced off in a skirmish along with Trentus Aren, Salazar Von Strobel and Vynriette the Mage. This would be the beginnings of the factions that would rise to power.

The Lion, The Crow, and The Rat

The Vault of Souls, this is where Vynriette Aren would learn the truth about Demyx Aren. As she searched the Aren catacombs, she came across various glyphs that contained the memories of various Aren, one of which was Demyx Aren. She learned that it was not easy for House Aren to rise to power once more in the Sixth Age, that in fact Caedus and Demyx were subject to hardships that led to the eventual death, resurrection and death of Caedus Aren. Demyx himself was put on trial in Axel Vekon's court and was publically humiliated in front of House Aren, House Calderon, and The Huntsmen for false accusations of rape that were charged against him. Vynriette watched as she understood why Demyx wanted The Aren to be an independent political powerhouse once more, and to free themselves from the oppression of anyone who would stand in their way. As Demyx Aren blooded Salazar Von Strobel into his cause, Vynriette Aren approached Demyx having formerly joined Yselt, but chose to side with The Crow after meeting with the lich at Duskfort and listening to his heartfelt speech.

Morbidia Aren was not slacking off either as she had a talking with Lindsey Aren, convincing her to join her cause as well as Trentus Aren. Those who wish to see the destruction of The Crow and The Lion, attempting to seize power for themselves among House Aren. Eventually taking total control over the House and establishing themselves as an independent magical powerhouse once more. Their belief is that of the old Aren ways, relying on no one for help and to gain as much personal power as possible. This is what it meant to be apart of the faction known as The Rat.

As for Yselt Aren and her colleages of the western Kingdoms, she rallied the support of James Aren, the former Lord Vanguard of The Aren Council, Baroness Elena Strider-Aren, whom was blooded by James Aren. She also had the support of those Aren who were loyal to the Kingdoms and other noble houses. Her faction was known as The Lion, Those who serve the Kingdom of Kandarin and would stay loyal to the other noble Houses, seeing as they did them no wrong. They wish to quell the rebellion that Demyx is attempting to upstart within The Aren, attempting to keep order within the House and the Kingdoms.

The Battle at Hawk's Nest

With the rise of the three factions and the tensions rising among The Aren due to prior events, Demyx Aren and The Crow sought out to garrison a fort at Hawk's Nest, a site from the first Aren Civil War. This was met with retaliation as Morbidia and her Arens, known as The Rat showed up, this time Demyx had the upper hand in the beginning, showing off his raw arcane power, but eventually Yselt and her friend Viktor joined in on the scene. As they discussed the politics of this upcoming Civil War among The Aren, Yselt and Viktor teleported away having infuriated Demyx. Morbidia took this chance to try and immobilize him, but Demyx had other plans. He released the spell he had been charging from his Staff and in a demonstration of power he leveled the entire fort of Hawk's Nest, destroying the land and buildings, causing only rubble to only be whats left. Thought Morbidia still tried to claim Soulfang Demyx had run out of options, he destroyed the Staff with his ring of power, Nir. The Aspect that had been bound in Soulfang was realeased, the Aspect of Caedus Aren has returned.

Report: Disaster on Mammoth Island

The wind blew in from the north upon the frozen tundra, once great majestic beasts of the Archeron Mammoths, now laid as skeletal husks upon the snow and ice. The Thorvaldian plague had struck years prior, infecting the beasts and killing them all off, strangely they had not been resurrected as mindless undead. Demyx Aren had met with Yselt and Kaito as they demanded an explanation for his actions on plunging The Aren into a second Civil War, he expressed his feelings that The Aren were being oppressed by the western Kingdoms and The Calderon, and that he sought to deliver them independence once more. Kaito did not like the words Demyx had to offer as he fired a tier 5 lightning bolt towards the lich, but Demyx Aren was no push over and using the blade of Kendrick Aren, Bloodfang, he channeled the immense power directly towards Yselt Aren as conflict broke out once more, but Kaito had stopped the spell in time and cast another spell that cracked the frozen island. Trentus Aren and Maedalaane arrived on the battlefield, both aiding Demyx in his course to try and kill Yselt and Kaito. The two Camelites fled as Maedalaane conjured a snowstorm and aided Demyx in resurrecting the mammoths on the island, to make sure they would not find him here again Demyx used Bloodfang to sink Mammoth island into the North Sea, casting a spell of immense power as shadow tendrils began to break the ice apart. As for Demyx and the others, they teleported away after the island was destroyed.

The Battle for Aspecta Tower

The sun was hanging high in the Gielnorian sky, the clouds drifting slowly across as a gentle breeze adorned the faces of Yselt Aren, Kaito Calderon, Viktor, Maedalaane, and Xel Praven. They had garrisoned themselves at Aspecta Tower, planning on defending it from Demyx Aren and The Crow, heavy footfalls could be heard as they saw the first wave of skeletal soldiers, taking up defensive formation. The second wave would be the swordsmen, providing reinforcements for the first wave, and the final wave of the undead would be the mages to provide support from afar. The first waves would smash into the Tower in an attempt to breach its defenses, and just like Demyx had planned, Maedalaane betrayed The Lion and teleported his undead mages behind Aspecta Tower in an attempt to breach it from behind. Kaito Calderon would cast a crumble undead spell, but this is when Demyx Aren arrived on the battlefield along with Vynriette Aren. Demyx used his cleverness to bite into his arm and cast a blood magic spell that pierced all of his own soldiers, infecting his own skeletal soldiers with the Thorvaldian plague as the disease is magical and biological in nature, transforming all of his skeletons into mindless wretches, the spell cast by the Calderon Mahjarrat had failed. The first two waves of Demyx's undead legions continued their assault, while his mages attacked from behind, at this time Xel Praven had called in the forces of Camelot's armies, the two armies clashed as the undead seemed to be pushed back and Kaito cast a bones to bananas spell on Demyx's undead horde, Demyx was one step ahead as he filled his army with spectralmancy, causing them to be fueled by the art of spirit alone. Vynriette Aren took this chance to enchant the undead that had fallen into literal land mines. As Demyx Aren and The Crow pressed their assault onto the Tower, Kaito cast one last spell that caused Demyx's undead legions to float into the air, collecting all the magic that was fueling his army though, Demyx would add to Vynriette's land mine attack. An Arcane Explosion decimating half of the Camelite forces, this is when the group teleported from out of Aspecta Tower and behind Demyx and Vynriette. They spat a few words before Kaito Calderon used his newfound power to literally heave Aspecta Tower up from the earth, with Maedalaane still on it and threw it towards Demyx, splattering his body on the ground but the Tower would skid across the earth, ripping up trees, grass, and anything of the like. At this time, a sludge-monster known as The Corruption arrived on the scene and began to attack everyone, but Yselt and her Lion supporters fled the scene before it could do any real damage.

An Aren's Vision

Stepping around the table, she could feel a pull from the scene. The likeness of a familiar creature started to become apparent in the patters created artistically by the mariad of runes. T her surprise, it was a lioness. Once the bits of enchanted essence stopped their chaotic scurring, it was clear. As Yselt stood in awe of the mosiac, a breath, or something similar, thrust up from it giving life to the large female cat pictured at her feet. The form rose up and became solid, stretching and roaring with a shake to announce her magnificent presence. The beautiful, sleek feline stood and returned Yselt's stare, establishing a connection to where they could communicate. Open to it, as if she had a choice at all, a woman's voice spoke to the fire mage with a stern and proud demeanor. "Do you know who I am? I am the heart of what you defend, the very beat in your chest. You may not know I am there, but I always have been. I am your strength, your courage, your aggression and your power. As queen of the jungle, you represent dignity, royalty, leadership, pride and domination. You have much influence over others, if it be your will. Use me to overcome some of your emotional difficulties and protect the ones you love without fail. Fear not, for I am with you always. As long as you believe in me, you believe in you." Just as Yselt finds the nerve to reach out to touch the great cat, it leaps up as if to attack her, aiming directly at her without warning as she roars, claws bared. The instant its massive paws dig into her chest, screaming, Yselt wakes up with a start at the same table she had been sitting at before. The store was in tact, not a display of runes out of place. Breathing heavily, she stood and gathered her wits about her before teleporting out of the shop to return to Camelot.

The Duel of the Fated

It happened quickly. As Vynriette placed the phylactery of the Lich Demyx into Axel's hand, the warm gem pulsed in his grasp. The soul within vibrated as if acknowledging the danger of the High King's presence. He focused his intent on the phylactery; finding the connection between it and the Lich himself. Demyx felt it it, immediately, almost as if he were being watched. Teeth clenched, Axel's lips curled into a triumphant grin. "There you are." The High King's voice rang from somewhere inside Demyx himself. Simultaneously, the crash of thunder boomed from above the Arandar Mountains, centered on Duskfort itself. It was undeniable - Axel was already close by, Demyx felt his presence register on his senses like an obnoxious odor. There was no running now. And there could be no hiding. Demyx stepped from the safety of Duskfort and out beneath the rainpour, his prized bladestaff in hand. He could see Axel now, a beacon of radiant light energy, wielding the famed blade Stormweaver in his grasp. Strokes of lightning danced around his form as the two met eyes, a horrible aura of black and viridian enveloped Demyx's form as he lifted Bloodfang upwards, as the two charged forwards and clashed.

A display of power rarely seen by any as the Archmage of the western world clashed with the Aren Lich atop Duskfort. The event could be felt by many mages throughout the Kingdom; many of whom decided to scry and watch by various means. Axel showed his mastery of the storms by channeling raw lightning and conjuring torrents of wind with but a wave of his arm; though Demyx endured and shot forth a hellish barrage of necrotic miasma, his arcane strength fueled to great heights by the artifact he wielded. Duskfort began to crumble around the two as they fought, stray bolts of blitzen striking the stone brick with explosive force as the thunderstorm gave cacophonous booms and rumbled above. As they clashed weapons atop the fort, Demyx seemed to get the upper hand. Flourishing his bladestaff Bloodfang with expertise, he caught Axel's sword from underneath and disarmed him in one swift movement. Left vulnerable, he delivered an upward slash onto the High King and wounded him, before delivering a kick which sent him off the rooftop. Able to slow his fall before his back met the cobblestone, Axel glared up with one eye, clutching the left side of his face as he tried to catch his breath. Soon he saw the silhouette of Demyx bound off the roof with a boastful laugh as he sought to plunge Bloodfang into Axel's prone form. But his arrogance would spell his end.

As Demyx rocketed downward towards Axel, the High King simply lifted his hand upward. The ancient staff of the first Aren manifested in his hand as he forced his body upwards and caught Demyx entirely off guard. The staff he wielded now, red in the shaft and bladed many times like a sinister battleaxe, plunged through the Lich's form and he gasped in pain. He felt his form being drained of the arcane and necrotic energies that sustained him as the sphere of the staff became aglow with its siphoned power. Demyx grimaced, angered by the potency of the weapon as he found himself unable to move. Still bleeding from his face, Axel released the staff and swept his arm, calling Stormweaver to his grasp once more. "Begone from my realm." The High King plunged Stormweaver through the spine of the Lich, severing it entirely as blitzen coarsed throughout his undead form. He howled angrily as his form began to crack and burn away, just as Axel brandished the phylactery and pointed it skyward. A moment passed before a thick bolt of white shot from the clouds and smashed into his palm, shattering the gem with a deafening hiss. His soul was sucked into the Ancient Aren staff, were it became consciousless and dormant as Demyx form turned to ash and mud amongst the rainfall. Taking the artifacts up, Axel teleported away from the ruins of Duskfort.

The Queen of Bones

After the death of the Lich, the family became rather peaceful. Soon, A time came to where a new Grandmaster was to rise, the two candidates being Morbidia and Vynriette Aren, two females. In the end, Vynriette willfully gave way to Morbidia, giving her the staff of the All-father that was gifted to her by the High King Axel Vekon.

Morbidia oversaw many a deed done by her fellow Arens, such as the rise of Araxxi Tower, the black tower constructed by the Lady Keeper for the use as an anima generator. A book, Caro Memorium, had made it's way into her hands by request, retrieved by Agrippa and Vynriette Aren.

The time came to take the Aren homeland by rite. Dear Vynriette, daughter of pirate King Marcus, with the blessing of the Grandmaster, and Lord Father Christopher, claimed the Vale and was rewarded so. The to be coronated queens crown was requested to be made by the Grandmaster for honor of family, to be made of bone.

Vynriette the Spider

The day was to come, foreseeable by most, a rather clear day as the Grandmaster Morbidia came to the Arenvale castle, staff in hand. The castle itself in An orderly manner, the militaristic red in the halls as the queen sat on her simple throne, Morbidia approached with need to talk to Vynriette. The two women talked in private, Morbidia surprising the young Vynriette, dropping the title of Grandmaster upon her as she handed the staff of Galethorn over to the Queen Keeper.

A Spiders Web

The first of many of Vynriettes actions was to manipulate the Grey royal line of Asgarnia, starting with the heir to the throne after Jane Grey, Fiore Grey. Offering, to Fiore Grey before her coronation, an advisor and teacher by the name of Mallik Grest, Vynriette was able to swing most of Asgarnia into a chaotic frenzy. When her daughter, Sedna Khalam Aren, married Fiore Grey, things got even better for her.

Sadly, Fiores reign ended and with much squabble. Sedna was put on the throne of Asgarnia years later only to disappear, much to the Grandmasters dismay.

The Prophecy

Much to the Vynriettes dismay, the ending times, as prophethized by Julia Aren who was the wife of Kendrick Aren of old, began to show their faces. Upon the hands of Axel Vekon were four of the Aren rings of power; Ignis, Terra, Aerox, and Nir. Bloodfang, the great Aren sword of magic was shattered as the Grandmaster was forced to kill her brother Freyl in an attempt on her own life. Blazing, the Pale Manor was burned to the ground. Everything from the old prophecy was coming true. The prophetic actions soon can to a full on stop.

More Webs

The Grandmaster began to get rather bored being so high focused on the prophecy. Bewildered by the silly situations in Misthalin, she manipulated the king into marrying one in House Adair of Misthalin, House Adair being a cadet branch of the Aren family.

Arens Known Today

Note: This is how the public should know the Arens, any Aren not on this list is unknown to the public.


  • Aradayne Aren - Under the guise of Vynriette's son, he is a recently discovered offspring of Aralyn Aren and Kyrian Grimdark. Aranitus Aren's grandson.
  • Aster Aren - A student at the A.A.I. The unclaimed Aren, does not know his lineage.
  • Caius Aren - Grandson of Christopher Aren, son of Malikai. Caius is one of the few Aren's still alive today after fighting against Thorvald during his siege of Kandarin, and is also one of a small group who shattered the lich's phylactery. He's known to live in Misthalin, away from the family. Father of Josael.
  • Evelyn Aren - Daughter to Aiden Aren and Ellenore Xear, who was slain during the Hunger. Now a healer residing peacefully in Taverley with the youngest of her children. Also versed in fire magic.
  • Freyl Aren - Brother of Vynriette Aren. Known Alchemist and Geomancer.
  • James Aren- Former Lord Vanguard of The Aren.
  • Josael Aren - raised in his foster care family and known among his crew and the high seas, is a pirate captain and adventurer. Served as Lord Vanguard beneath Vynriette Aren.
  • Lindsey Aren- Bastard daughter of an unknown Aren, ex-convict Zamorakian priestess.
  • Morbidia Aren - Galethornian Aren especially well versed in osteomancy. Known to reside in Kandarin.
  • Salazar Von Strobel-Aren - An Undead Bard recruited by Demyx to aid him in the Second Aren Civil War- Blooded by Demyx Aren.
  • Syer Rzzar - Former Lord of Taverley and a strong rival of Aranitus - Blooded By Tesla
  • Uhtred Aren- Grandson of Ataneq Aren, was raised in the Fremmenik Province until he was 18.
  • Vynriette Aren- The Lady Keeper of the Aren and Grandmaster of the Aren house. Fancies herself a historian and a teacher.
  • Mauve Aren- An old woman who claims to born from Kendrick Arens era. Very little is known about her besides that she is adept in blood and life magic.
  • Elena Strider-Aren- A baroness from Camelot, blooded by James Aren, well versed in fire magic and healing magic.
  • Marie Aren- Blooded by Cadava Aren, an ex vampire who crossed the salve to regain her humanity and to live better life. Is accustomed to mind magic.
  • Redclad Aren - Mysterious member of unknown origin, known primarily for a liking of the color red and certain almost vampiric tendencies.
  • Howl Aren - The son of Howell Aren the I, is the former Archmage of both Misthalin under House Lansing, and former Archmage of Kandarin under House Dae. Attained Aspectship through linking the anima of the Runespan with Soulfang to his own life essence. The power eventually drove him mad and he killed himself. Brought back to life by Vynriette Aren, he now serves the Brotherhood of Zamorakian Exiles.
  • Tesla Aren - Strange old man, offered adventurers quest to locate bones. Now inhabits a worshiper of his work.
  • Freyl Aren - Current Lord Archmage, is a known user of demon based magic and alchemy.
  • Yselt Aren - Well versed in Fire Magics, former Lady Mother of The Aren. Former Archmage of Camelot.
  • Trentus Aren - Served Morbidia and The Rat during the Second Aren Civil War, has been revealed to be the Grandmaster of the Brotherhood of Zamorakian Exiles. Brother of Aranitus Aren.
  • Seth - An aspiring Diviner unaware of his bloodline. Son of Vivienne Aren and Syer Rzzar.


  • Areya Aren - Daughter of Aranitus, publically executed (faked). She is starting to come back out in the open.
  • Catherine Aren- Former Lady Keeper, descendant of Kendrick Aren. Her whereabouts are unknown.
  • Christopher Aren - Eldest living member of the family, whereabouts unknown
  • Clytius Aren- Mage of The Aren, practicioner of odd magicks. His whereabouts are unknown.
  • Dovahn the Grey - Half-Elf mage, his father was  Maquitus the Mad, his current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Karightus Aren - A young lad who has just recently found his true family. His whereabouts are unknown.
    Marcus Aren - Pirate, son of Malikai Aren, and brother to Caius Aren. He holds an immense hatred for Christopher Aren.
  • Renthgar - Former Archmage of Earth at the Kandar Institute. Aranitus' closest friend. Former Grand Scribe, and member of Aren council. - Blooded by Aranitus.
  • Violante Green -Former Archmage of Air at the Kandar Institute. Aranitus treats her like a daughter. - Blooded by Aranitus.
  • Vulcan Ignitius Aren- A young Aren who has finally found his way to be a part of the First Coven.


  • Annabelle Aren - Recently discovered offspring of a side branch. Known to have crazy hair, but a good personality.
  • Aralyn Aren - Incestial daughter of Areya and Faust Aren. Former Queen of Arenvale.
  • Aranea Aren - Married into the family, assumed dead. - Blooded by Aranitus
  • Aranitus Aren - Former public menace, has redeemed himself since. Former Arhcmage of Kandarin. Formerly part of Aren Council.
  • Ataneq Aren - Formerly part of Aren Council, murderer of Faust Aren.
  • Caedus Aren- Former Grand Master of The Aren and son of Howl Aren, became a god-lich and nearly devastated the Kingdom of Kandarin, now deceased.
  • Demyx Aren - Great Grandson of Roddrick Aren, Grandson of Zane Aren. Former Lord Arch Mage of The Aren, was infected with the Thorvaldian Plague and thus did the same ritual as Zane Aren to save his own life, attaining lichdom. Has recently been seen active in Kandarin and has instigated the Second Aren Civil War. Slain by Axel Vekon in during the Second Aren Civil War.
  • Faust Aren - Dead, murdered by Ataneq Aren during the Aren Civil War.
  • Felix Aren - Known murderer and criminal, now deceased.
  • Galethorn Aren - Founder of the Family, long dead.
  • Howell Aren I - Descendant of Joeseph Aren the 'Cartil', Father of Howell 'Howl' Aren II. Experimented on his son in an attempt to increase his magical prowess.
  • Leila Aren - Far-off relative of David Aren (Nobody knows which one), formerly part of Aren Council, former Aren Archmage of Aspera Tower.
  • Malfael Aren- Youngest child of Maquitus the Mad, well versed in Air and Smoke magicks. Was last seen living the life of a Pirate on The Fremmenik Sea. Killed by Demyx Aren in the Second Aren Civil War.
  • Maquitus the Mad - An Aren that was abandoned by his mother and was raised as a Fremmenik warrior and conqueror. He has twenty-one children, his first born being Dovahn and his youngest being Malfael. Maquitus is now deceased.
  • Thorvald - In life, he was Martin Aren, the youngest brother of Kendrick Aren. As a Lich, he devestated the kingdom of Kandarin, almost destroying the capital.
  • Zane Aren - Apparently deceased, known murderer and kidnapper.

The House Tenets

For each Aren generation, a set of Tenets is stamped into their minds by their elders following the simple rules established early into the Family.

1. The Word of the Grandmaster is law 

2. Your masters are masters with reason, know your place

3. Do not betray Aren secrets, else your tongue is forfeit

4. Do not steal from your kin, else your hands are forfeit

5. Do not coddle the weak and the broken, else your honor is forfeit

6. Do not betray your house, else your life is forfeit

Land Owned Today

The Aren Arcane Institute

The Grand Magical Archive: Home to one of the largest collections of magical libraries, the Archive is a testament to the Institute's ability to archive magical knowledge. The Archive is run by the Grand Scribe.

The Other Properties Owned.

The Old Manor: Located south west of Yanille, the mansion has been rebuilt, due to undead activity thanks to Thorvald. Outside its ancient walls, lies a large tear in the realm, one that leads to the darkness of the Abyss. It is also said that perhaps even the entrance to the Vault of Souls resides here.

The Yanillian Manor: Home to the Arens of Kandarin, this mansion is nestled in the northern center of Yanille's walled city. Holding many a room, and catered to by servants of the noble house, the mansion is the home away from home for any Aren. 

The Vault of Souls : A series of underground chambers beneath Kandarin. It goes down for what seems to be forever. At its very bottom lies Galethorn's Crystal, a large gem that hold the power of all who have been drained with Galethorn's battlestaff.

The Boneyard: Hidden in the far recesses of Arandar, south as the crow flies from Duskfort, the boneyard is a macabre collection similar to the Vault of Souls, but of far more physical remains, and not only the family's. It is a great place of power for any bone mages and the current residence and main base of Morbidia Aren.

The Sepulchre of the Tenets: A small cave in the middle, north, western Arandar mountain range houses a large, dome, holy sanctum created by Vynriette Aren. The inside is lit by gem light as the central piece holds a statue to Galethorn Aren, A key hole in its chest. From the statue down begins a teleblocked room, filled with Vynriettes artifact finds, ranging from Tesla's books of magic reversal, to Howl's staff.

Keep L'Aren: Built by laborers in the gulf of Catherby under order of Lady Keeper Cadava, or Vynriette, Aren, this building is made for the family. On the first floor, there is a large dinner room, and a wash room, and a kitchen. The second story houses five apartment rooms, A guardsman's bunk room, and a study. The top and third floor houses the council office, a special door only allowing those holding select objects to enter. The basement holds A large Aren Ancestral worship room with A Zamorakian altar, two candle stairs line the walls beside the alter. While facing the front of the alter; the stairs on the left meant for regular dead members and the stairs on the right for the council and grand masters that have passed. Any of the three rooms in the back of the keeps basement hold a laboratory, or a safe room, or the keepers private quarters.

Aspera Tower: Not much is known about this tower or even where it lays.

Ruins owned

Hawk's Nest (Destroyed): A fort located in the snowy mountains of Northern Kandarin, Hawk's Nest was home to Dwight Aren and his Council of Thirty. It was here were the first struggles and battles of the first Aren civil war were fought. It now lies in ruins, due to not being used after the first Civil war ended. It was recently destroyed by The Crow in an attempt to keep the Staff known as Soulfang out of The Rat's possession. Nothing is there but rubble now.

Aspecta Tower (Destroyed): Built under the Grand Mastership of Caedus Aren, the Tower was named after his father, Howl Aren since he was one of the first Aren to attain aspect ship. It serves as a meeting place for The Council members and can serve as a place of study for young apprentices. It is located south-west of the town of Catherby. Has recently been destroyed during the battle for Aspecta Tower, leaving a scar in the earth in McGrubor's Woods.

Duskfort (Destroyed): Located in the Arandar Mountains, this fort was carved into the very mountain side using geomancy, by Augustus Aren. Originally thought unused, it was found that a mass genocide of Arens occured there. It has since been revised by Demyx Aren for the second civil war, he has established a garrison there, skeletal mages would patrol the inner and outer walls of the Fortress. The Barracks, Forge, and Kitchen have all been refurnished with new wood from the strongest of oak trees, there would be skeletal workers and miners that gather resources from the surrounding area on the mountains. There would also be skeletal cooks and forge-workers in the new refurnished buildings. Destroyed by Demyx Aren and Axel Vekon during their duel.

List of Aren Grandmasters

Fourth Age:

  • Galethorn Aren - Held for 50 years. Founder.
  • Dymitri Aren I - Held for 50 years. Galethorns son. Founded Arenvale and the Aren Arcane Institute.
  • William Aren I - Held for 75 years. Founded the Grand Library.
  • Joeseph Aren - Held for 100 years. Prominant serial killer. Known as 'Cartil'.
    Janet Aren

    Janet Aren, the first recorded female Grandmaster.

  • Micheal Aren - Held for 50 years.
  • Allan Aren I - Held for 5 years. Osteomancer. Left his position to become a teacher.
  • Allan Aren II - Held for 15 years.
  • David Aren I - Held for 40 years.
  • David Aren II - Held for 68 years. A known madman, blew up twelve orphanages.
  • Kendrick Aren - Held for 400 Years. Renown Aquamancer. Longest reigning Grandmaster.
  • David Aren III - Held for 88 years.
  • Dymitri Aren II - Held for 20 years.
  • Dwight Aren - Held for 10 years. Cleansed the 'impure' Arens
  • Rick Aren - Held for 131.5 years. Renown Portalmancer. Second longest reigning Grandmaster.
  • Phillip Aren - Held for 7.5 years. Was Eleven. A lich who followed in Thorvalds footsteps.
  • Janet Aren - Held for 3 months, first recorded female Grandmaster. Enchantress.
  • William Aren II - Held for 11 months. Son of Janet Aren.
  • William Aren III - Held for two weeks. Was Two.
  • David Aren IV- Held for 75 years.
  • Robert Aren I - Held for 30 Years.

Fith Age:

  • Ignitus Aren - Held for 50 years.
  • Chris Aren - Held for 40 years.
  • Roddrick Aren - Held for 30 years.
  • Ataneq Aren - Held for 5 years.
  • Aranitus Aren - several months.
  • Faust Aren - several months.
  • Ataneq Aren - several months.

Sixth Age:

  • Caedus Aren- several months.
  • Demyx Aren- several months.
  • Aren Council - several months.
  • Catherine Aren - A week.
  • Morbidia Aren - several months, second recorded female Grandmaster.
  • Vynriette Aren - Current, Queen of Arenvale and Lady Keeper.

Aren Council

Through the entirety of the Family's history, the Grandmaster has been counseled by a council, in varying size and quality. The smallest recorded council was the council of Dymirti Aren I, who only took his younger brother's, Marketh Aren I, council. The largest recorded council is that of Dwight Aren I, who held a council of thirty men, making decision making within the family a difficult affair. The powers held by the council change from Grandmaster to Grandmaster, and are usually the same tasks any advisory council would have.

The current council stands as follows:

  1. Lord Father - Rodney Flint
  2. Lady Keeper - Vacant
  3. Lady Archmage - Maija Aren
  4. Grand Scribe - Ren Draculea
  5. Lord/Lady Vanguard - Ilia Ravens-Aren

Abilities of Aren Blood

This section addresses several important abilities imbued within Aren blood.

  • As it was "gifted" by Zamorak, it's powers can be very chaotic from Aren to Aren.

Aren Blood

The blood of an Aren is magical.

  • Blood of an Aren can, and will, overpower almost all mortal blood. However, the individual "blooded" does not create more Aren blood, the blood they naturally create is simply overpowered by the Aren Blood present in their body.
  • Those of Aren blood excel at blood magic; and are capable of excelling in magic overall.
  • There are certain enchantments only allowing those with Aren Blood entrance.
  • Although it is unknown why, women born of Aren blood are potentially more powerful than men born of Aren blood.
  • Blooded Arens carry the cursed blood in their veins. As they make more of their own, it is overpowered by the magical blood held within. Their genes are unaffected, hence not passing the cursed blood to their children. 

The Blooding process

When a non-Aren shows great usefulness and loyalty to the House, they may be subject to the Blooding Ceremony, effectively adopting them into the house. This ritual is conducted by the Keeper of the house, and entails the subject gathering various materials, before pledging loyalty to the House before both the Keeper and the Grandmaster(Or the adopter if the Grandmaster is unavailable.) Through the process, the subject is exposed to Aren blood via a shared open wound between the Adopter and the Subject. After this, the Subject experiences great searing pain, blindness, cardiac arrest, and eventually death. Most Subjects at this point die. However, some are revived shortly after death, these Subjects are then welcomed into the family as a sibling.

The Curse

The Aren Curse is something every Aren has. An Aren may have one, or even two, curses. It is uncertain how many curses an Aren can actually have. The curse travels from father to child and mother to child; said child receiving an aspect of their father's personality, being doomed to suffer from that aspect. (For example: anger, sadness, forgetfulness, compassion, madness, kleptomania) Most die because of this flaw. For example, Ignitus died due to his madness consuming him, where Roddrick's foolishness doomed him to losing to Zane.

Understanding Galethornianism

Like many religious practices, Galethorianism is meant to assist in finding enlightenment. It has much to do with the worship of the Arens that came before us; one's parents, grandparents, or siblings if they have passed away. Many, if not all, of the Arens that are no longer with us rest within the Vault of Souls. The Vault is located in southern Kandarin, and is only accessible by members of the Keeper Line. The Keeper of the Vault is more or less the religious leader of the family, and is counted on for last rites and other religious ceremonies. While this does include the worship of Galethorn Aren, it is not the sole worship of him. It only shares his name, due to his role as the first Aren.  

The Enlightened Path

This is a series of scrolls by Galethorn Aren, scribed by various unknown scribes. It covers various ideological practices and beliefs of Galethorn Aren, and the same teachings he taught to his students and apprentices. These include "The Tenets of the Son", "The Tenets of the Master", and "The fusing of Body, Mind, and Spirit". Each scroll alone teaches its own lesson, while the complete set is merely a collection of lessons taught. A copy of the entire set is available at the Aren Arcane Institute's Yanille branch.

The Tenets of the Son

Being that Galethorn himself has been a son, and an apprentice, he has set down tenets that should be adhered to when under someone's teaching.

  1. Obedience is required, but only when watched
  2. Appease the Master
  3. Know your place, the Master is the Master with reason
  4. Betraying the Master is your final goal, whether you intend to or not
  5. Protect the Master vigorously
  6. Learn all you can, for the Master will one day die

The Tenets of the Master

While once a student, Galethorn too became a Master, one who teaches those their own way. He set down similar tenets for all those who became a teacher, a Master, after him.

  1. The Son will be obedient, accept nothing else
  2. Treat the Son with a strict kindness, a drowned plant will never grow, nor will one cut daily.
  3. Be humble, your power is useless without those to teach it to.
  4. The Son is power hungry by nature, remember to remind them of their place
  5. Defend the Son with intensity
  6. Teach all you can, for one day you too will die

The Fusing of Body, Mind, and Spirit

One of the key elements to following the beliefs and ideologies of Galethorn Aren, is the idea of the perfect agreement. The belief that all three components of one's self must agree before an action can take place.

In all things, may your muscles yearn for it, your bones ache for it, and your flesh crawl for it. If it does not, it is immoral. It is wrong.

In all things, may your thoughts race with it, your worries ignore it, your wants agree with it, and your mind be at rest with it. If it does not, it is immoral. It is wrong.

In all things, may your feelings be true to it, your dreams return always to it, your desires accept it, and your inner self become it. If it does not, it is immoral. It is wrong.

In all things, may your body be embraced by your mind, and may they both be embraced by your spirit. If it does not, this perfect agreement can not come to pass. You are wrong.

–- Galethorn Aren's "The Fusing of Body, Mind, and Spirit"

Galethorn's Magic

During the third age, Galethorn set out to create perfect weapons. They mix, without error, Blood magic and mind magic. They are described as the following:

Carnal Magic - To master the flesh

At first, one is only capable to feel the tug of the flesh, a pinch of sorts. After much training, one is able to tear and rip the flesh, before mending it back together. Before long, one finds it possible to numb themselves of the vicsious pain that surges through one's body as they rip and tear one's own flesh with only one's mind. As one slowly moves through the tissue layers of the flesh, one gains insight into the anatomical structuring of the body. One's mastery of the Carnal arts is a long, violent, and painful road. Carnal Magi are often known for a high fortitude for damage, as well as the ability to shift the structure of their own outer bodies.

Abilities: Healing, minor shapeshifting, usage of the flesh as a weapon, ability to morph the flesh into a tool.

Osteo Magic - To master the bones

One feel their leg snap in half as they fall from a high point, the two halves of the bone begin to sew back together as the callus accelerates and mends the two halves of the bone together. If one is to master bone magic they must suffer pain just as is with Carnalmancy, but the reward is great as one is able to mend their bones back together at an accelerated rate, or even possibly use it for offensive capabilities to break their enemies, but one must become a master for that.

Abilities: Healing, Major shapeshifting (Used with Carnalmancy), usage of bones as weapons, able to break enemies bones if they're well-versed enough.

Cerebral Magic - To master the mind

One must face their ownself to gain mastery of Cerebralmancy. Your own greatest enemy is yourself, only you can tell yourself you can't do something. This path of magic takes patience as you practice it, the perks of these magics are you are able to repel most mages and seers from your mind and perhaps are able to read others minds and even control them if you are well-versed enough.

Abilities: Mind Blocking, Mind Reading (Surface thoughts), Mind Reading (Deep thoughts), Mind Control.

Spectral Magic - To master the spirit

Spectralmancy may be the most powerful of the four Aren magics. With spectralmancy one should search deep within their own souls and find out who they truly are, what their purpose on Gielnor is. This path may be the most difficult, yet the most peaceful if one is able to master it. This school of magic also provides a handful of useful powers.

Abilities: Spectral Vision (Able to see other's souls and auras.), Spectral projection (Hologram), Become ethereal, Able to use spectralmancy to directly attack the enemy's soul if they are well-versed enough. Spectralmancy can also be used to create ethereal weapons, shields, and armor.

The Aren Method of Necromancy

The mage looks into themselves, searching for their soul, their essence. Depending on the mage, it will be a different color. Chris Aren has a dark red soul for example. The user then channels this energy, note this requires transferring part of your soul into life energy, into their hands. The user then forces the energy into the ground or where ever the summoning is to take place. The search the ground for a vessel, any corpse or anything really, corpses are simply easy to find. and they breath life into it. Some magi whisper at the animated creature, telling it something. As it grows near the caster as it always does, the caster MUST name them, or give them purpose.

Without purpose, the animated creature would run amock. Now that you have animated whatever it is that you are animating, and it has a name and purpose, it is yours to command. Cheers! Aren necromancy deals with enchantments using the soul, as well as sensing the souls of nearby people. A good Aren Necromancer is never caught off guard.

The Vault of Souls

Created by Galethorn Aren, at the dawn of the fourth age, the Vault of souls is a deep chasm where all Arens are to be laid to rest. Over the years, the vault has evolved, having many, many floors leading to its bottom. The spirits of every Aren buried there lies in wait, simply existing within the vault. At its center, deep under Kandar soil, lies a giant crystal. It is the resting place of the energy of magi, all of which have been absorbed by Galethorn's Battle staff. The Aren Keeper guards the vault with their lives, as it is their duty to watch over the dead, making sure that their afterlife is comfortable. One can only enter the vault if they are accompanied by a Keeper.

Current Keeper: Vynriette Aren

Aren Artefacts

As a long-standing institution, the Aren family has amassed a row of powerful items and weapons over the years. Here it is important to differentiate between artefacts and relics; artefacts are objects that usually will grant their wearer or user supernatural powers or abilities, while relics are little more than historically significant memorabilia.


  • Soulfang ~ Reforged, Missing
  • Bloodfang
  • Staff of Galethorn
  • Amulet of Harris Aren
  • Amulet of Martin Aren
  • Amulet of Leila Aren
  • The Tomes of Tesla
  • Riftwave

Rings of Power

There are five rings, crafted by Mauve Aren in the mid Fourth Age, under the order of Grandmaster Kendrick Aren. Each was given to one of Kendrick's own council. As Kendrick aged, he knew that these rings may fall into the wrong hands. He commanded their holders to scatter them, hiding them across Gielinor.

  • Nir - Power

Nir was crafted for Grandmaster Kendrick Aren. It is a ring crafted of pure runestone, and bolsters the physical strength of the wearer. The dragonstone in the centerpiece is engraved with the Aren "A".

Current holder: Axel Vekon

  • Aquis - Water

Aquis, the blurite ring crafted for Lauralei, Kendrick's sister, is centered with a large sapphire. It bolsters the wearers ability to use water magicks. It is currently in the possession of Josael Aren. The Sapphire is engraved with the Aren "A".

Current holder: Destroyed by the Ordo Lich Kharon

  • Ignis - Fire

Ignis, the gold ring crafted for Gregory, Kendrick's nephew, is centered with a ruby. It bolsters the wearers ability to use fire magicks. It is unknown where Gregory left the ring. It was obtained by Yselt Aren during an expedition to the Vault of Souls. The Ruby is engraved with the Aren "A".

Current holder: Morbidia Aren

  • Terra - Earth

Terra, the bronze ring crafted for Troy Aren IV, Kendrick's cousin, is centered with an emerald. It bolsters the wearers ability to use earth magicks. It is unknown where Troy left the ring. The emerald is engraved with the Aren "A".

Current holder: Vacant

  • Aerox - Air

Aerox, the silver ring crafted for Wyatt Aren, Kendrick's own son, is centered in a diamond. It bolsters the wearer's ability to use air magicks. The ring was found by Aranitus Aren, and disappeared again after his death. The diamond is engraved with the Aren "A".

Current holder: Vynriette Aren


  • Raven of Beatrice Aren
  • Hat of Aranitus Aren
  • Battle Armour of Janet Aren

The Aren Ring

Each Aren, teacher and apprentice, blooded, initiated and born, as well as each Forsworn gets one of these rings the first time he or she enters the Family's affairs.

There are three tiers of rings, each giving different access to the Tower's areas. Every Aren Ring is engraved with the customary "A", in gemstones for some rings. They act as a signet ring.

The Aren rings also possess a powerful enchantment, named Caro Memoria by Leila, or Flesh Memory. This enchantment does not prevent you from giving another your ring, but in the hands of another, the Ring is just a ring. It will not allow you access to the Tower, or anything within the tower. The rings also give off a certain aura of "fear" to others possessing a ring, so it is easily discernible who is above and below you in rank. Each ring has a teleport which will take them to Aspera Tower (Or another location, to be specified), similar to the Ring of Kinship.

Bronze Rings:

The lowest tier rings are given to the Forsworn and the very newest applicants of the Arcane Institute. These are also given to the friends of the family, as to show their allegiance. Outside of the Caro Memoria, these rings are not capable of holding enchantments.

Silver Rings:

The silver rings are split into side-tiers:

Decorless: Are worn by High ranking members of the Forsworn and accepted students of the Arcane Institute. These rings can be enchanted to hold minor enchantments, such as opening certain doors.

Sapphire: Are worn by Teachers of the Arcane Institute. These rings can be enchanted to do far more than their decorless counterpart, up to minor spells being cast from it.

Gold Rings:

Gold Rings are split into four under-tiers:

Decorless: Is worn by the Leader (or Commander) of the Forsworn Guard. This ring has the capability to be enchanted to do all manner of low tier spells.

Aren Ring

The Aren ring, a dragonstone ring, held by the Aren Archmage.

Emeralds: Emerald Rings are worn by the Archmages of the Institute. These rings are the magical counterpart to the decorless gold ring, giving the same manner of respect, but within the Aren Arcane Institute.

Rubies: Ruby Rings are worn by the Head Archmages of the Arcane Institute. They allow access to nearly all rooms within the Institute, save for the personal quarters of other Head Archmage, and the Aren Archmage's chamber.

Dragonstone: Members of Aren Council possess the Dragonstone rings. They allow for near unhindered access to all manner of Aren establishments, as well as being capable of being charged with powerful spells.

Diamond: There is only one Diamond Ring, and it is on the fingers of the Grandmaster of the Arens. Like the Aren Archmage's Ring, it allows unlimited access to all locations of the tower, as well as the Sacred Vaults and the Artifact showcases. This ring is no longer in circulation.


Shinedown - Enemies Official Music Video

Shinedown - Enemies Official Music Video

The Aren Council Theme. Even blood is not enough to unite us.


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