Aranitus A

The Aren "A."

Through the darkened halls, lit only by the flickering torches, footsteps would echo. These footsteps would come from Aranitus Aren, himself. As he walked to the meeting room, the Aren Family grew curious as to why, the one they call “Mad,” had called this honor bound meeting to order. In the room, waiting, would sit: Grandmaster Faust Aren, the only one “allowed” to use magic and carry a weapon during the meeting; Tesla Aren, whom studied his surroundings, wearing his broad brim hat; Chris and Beatrice Aren, who sit on either side of Tesla; Zane Aren, who sat motionless next to Chris; Felix Aren, whom eyed Beatrice the entire time; Ataneq Aren, the “lone wolf” and challenger for the title of Grandmaster; and The mysterious cousin Aren, who was actually Aranea Aren in disguise sitting next to Ataneq.

The eight Arens sat in the long meeting hall, listening to the old Aranitus and his family approach. They knew Aranitus had his cane, for they heard the runite metal clinking on the ground as he walked. As Aranitus appeared in the doorway of the meeting hall, Faust, Felix, and Ataneq welcomed Aranitus. Aranitus limped into the room heading over to sit next to Faust, at the head of the meeting table. Behind Aranitus walked in Areya Aren, carrying her child, Aralyn, in her arms. Aranitus pulled a chair up for Areya to sit.

Once all ten Arens, including Aralyn, were at the meeting table, Faust nods to Aranitus to speak. Aranitus rises from his chair with all eyes upon him. He looks to Chris and Beatrice, two mages he has never seen in person before now. He would then gaze upon Tesla, opening his mouth to speak. With a sudden outburst, Tesla yells, “Get on with it boy! Unlike you, we have important matters to get back to!” This remark enraged Aranitus, yet keeping his calm before the winds took over and made him summon torrents of tornadoes. Chris, Tesla, Beatrice, and Zane began laughing after the remark. They enjoyed watching Aranitus cringe with hatred. The mysterious Aren smiled, but watched nonetheless.

Faust then replied, “That will be enough, Tesla.” Tesla nodded and with a sarcastic and mocking look on his face, turned his attention to Aranitus. Aranitus took a deep breath, his magical aura charged to its fullest and ready for anything. “I have called this meeting to order for one purpose, to end the savage behavior of The Aren Family”. Laughter echoed throughout the meeting hall, all from the same people from before. Faust slammed his hand on the table and exclaimed, “This is not a joke! This family used to be of the highest nobility! What I have seen from Ignitus’ children is complete chaos! You, Beatrice, killed many members of your own family! Though not of our blood, we allowed you to stay in this family! You, Tesla, betrayed Aranitus in hopes of controlling a mass undead army to control Gielinor! Zane and Aranitus, both, have committed savage crimes amongst the Gielinor population as well! This matter will not be a joking one! Faust steps forward and continues, “It is here, in this very place, that Zane murdered Roddrick and Bethany Aren. I will not let this go unpunished, like Ataneq did.” This remark infuriated Ataneq, who sat at his chair across from Faust.

Faust did not let Aranitus speak, as he continued speaking, “It is here, in this place, where my brother was declared Grandmaster after my father was betrayed by his own kin. It is here, that we of the ancient blood meet. Here that my son perished." He would look to Ignitus' children, shooting them a look of disgust. The tension in the room was so palpable, that some were beginning to sweat. Faust draws the Grandmaster's blade, Bloodfang. "This blade is a symbol of my power… the sharp edge of justice and balance. I propose that with this blade... justice and balance be brought about." All in the room look around with confusion. "'What does he mean?" Aranitus would think.

He points the blade at Zane. "This man, this thing, has committed crimes against the family. As have Tesla and Beatrice. As Grandmaster, I demand we execute them. Tesla, Beatrice, Chris, and Zane stand quickly, attempting to charge magic. The walls of the meeting room glow, as glyphs activate. Tesla spits on the floor "Is /this/ why the meeting has been called, to murder our own kin?" He spat. "Look around, what has Faust done? Nothing, the family lies in shambles, yet now we must come together, to kill our own? I say, let us 'exiles' live, and we end the wrong doing of our 'Grandmaster'." Ataneq nodded in agreement, as did Chris and Beatrice.

Faust looks around, leaning to Aranitus "Get your family out of here, Felix and I will cover your escape." Aranitus shook his head no, motioning for Areya to bring Aralyn to him. “I will get Areya and Aralyn out of here, but I will stay.” Aranitus whispered. Faust did not argue with Aranitus, he turned his attention back to the bickering feud. Although Aranitus did not like Faust, he wished to see how this played out. He remembered a saying Eshebi Kash had told him long ago, ‘The enemy, of your enemy, is your friend.’

The family continued to bicker at one another as they hollered and slammed their fists into the table. This allowed for Aranitus to get his daughter and granddaughter out of the meeting room. Aranitus escorted the two girls out of the mansion, only to be soon secretly followed by Zane. Back in the room, Felix and Faust use their physical strength to stop the three old wizards from following, forgetting Zane can use shadow magicks to submerge into the ground and get out of sight. As soon as Tesla broke the glyphs in the meeting room, Hell was unleashed. Beatrice looked to Felix as sweat dripped down his neck. "What's wrong little boy? Are you afraid of me? Oh...poor baby boy..." Beatrice said as shadows dripped from her hand. She gently brushed against his face as she spoke. Felix smirked his little cocky smile, as he ran at Beatrice with all his might. Beatrice then cackled a hideous laugh that made Felix cringe. As she laughed, she launched the Beatrice’s Curse at Felix.

Stronger than Felix’s, this immense black ball of fury and flame made direct contact with Felix, sending him flying into the mansion’s wall. Felix would slide to the ground, too shocked to get up at that moment. Beatrice would stroll over to Felix with her head cocked sideways, as shadows oozed from her hands, eyes, and mouth. Felix shuddered, but knew what he had to do. He had to hold her off until Faust was able to get the glyphs working again. That is, if Faust was capable of putting together better glyphs. Felix looked up to Beatrice and spat in her face. She squealed like a banshee as she bent over to pick up Felix with her right arm. Felix took the chance to use his own magic and blew her back with her own curse. The fight between Felix and Beatrice began.

Faust saw Felix and Beatrice go at it. He sighed, knowing Felix could not handle Beatrice’s might. Faust held Bloodfang in his right hand, firm and tensed. Faust then began charging his own magicks in his left hand, ready to fend off Chris Aren. Faust proclaimed, “I have no quarrel with you, Chris, but if you attack I will not be merciful.” With that, Chris lunged his right hand forward with an immense amount of force. As his right hand went forward, Chris unleashed a fire level spell greater than any surge. Faust’s face did not change. He knew what Chris was capable of, and knew he, himself, could do better.

Faust could not dispel Chris’ spell, as it was just too powerful. Seeing this massive boulder of flame coming at him, Faust conjured up his own funnel of air that managed to trap the ball of flame within it. Faust could not suffocate this spell, so he was going to have to redirect it. Faust then shot the fire ball back at Chris, who deflected it with his hand, as it was his own spell. The deflected fire ball raged, and crashed, into the mansion’s wall, leaving a gaping hole. Chris smiled slyly, as he began charging more magicks.

Meanwhile, Aranitus had slipped out the back door with Areya and Aralyn. Little did the three know, that they were being followed by the horde master, Zane. Aranitus was charging a teleother spell, once they were outside the teleblock radius. Right when Aranitus was about to cast the spell, Areya was grabbed by a zombie. Areya screamed like a little girl caught aflame. Aranitus felt like he was going to jump out of his skin, hearing this terrible cry. Aralyn, the baby, began to wail as its mother screamed.

Aranitus scowled as he threw his left hand forward and threw a miniature ball of flame at the zombie. Upon impact, the ball of flame exploded around the zombie, incinerating it instantly. Aranitus covered his little girls. His eyes shifted back and forth looking for a massive horde, summoned by Zane. Moments later, three more zombies were seen. Aranitus smiled, as this was his moment to use the horde he had conjured up a year ago. Aranitus stuck his right hand in his robes as he pulled out a black orb. This black orb contained the Shadow Horde. This horde was summoned by Aranitus Aren, not necromanced, and placed in the orb for safe keeping.

As the zombies got closer, Aranitus smashed the orb onto the ground. The glass shattered into hundreds of miniscule pieces. When the orb shattered, a massive black and smoky cloud floated up above the ground. As the zombies came into range, Aranitus snapped his fingers and the cloud of shadow separated into hundreds of shadow beings. The Shadow Horde ran right at the three zombies and ran them down with no sweat. Zane felt the three zombies perish and then summoned his horde of hundreds. The time had finally come. The Aren Civil War had begun.

The Horde

Zane Aren's Horde of the Undead.

Back in the mansion, Felix and Beatrice had found their way upstairs. Beatrice throwing spells left and right, as Felix used his athletic abilities to dodge them. Felix’s magic was raging with anger as he began summoning more and more spells. The real Vox ex Affectum (Power through Emotion) unleashed itself. Felix yelled as he fought with as much heart as possible. Within the next minute or so, the two halted their actions and came to a standoff. Here they were, Beatrice Aren and Felix Aren, staring one another down. They were both charging magicks as they watched each other. Beatrice then tried distracting Felix, by talking. “Oh, is my poor grandson scared, of little ol’ me?” Felix scowled at her words, his magic growing stronger. Beatrice cackled as she noticed Felix getting angry. Felix then retorted, “I am not scared of the psychotic witch that will surely die tonight…”ont-family: "Times New Roman","serif"; font-size: 12pt; mso-ansi-language: EN;" Beatrice stopped cackling as Felix threatened her. Her facial expression changed to a very distasteful one. Felix smirked, but Beatrice let out a wail of hatred. She rushed at Felix as a massive “Beatrice’s Curse” (huge black flame of anger) swelled in her hand. Felix, being cursed by Beatrice, had the same spell charged in his hand. The two let out their own war cries as they rushed closer and closer to one another. Felix screamed out, “For Aralyn!” Within seconds, the two Arens were mere feet away from one another when, at the same time, both of them released their spell at one another. The two spells, being so tremendous in power, collided together. In a flashing purple light, the two spells merged and exploded.
Beatrice Aren

Beatrice Aren, beautiful, and crazed.

The blast from the spells caused Beatrice and Felix to get tossed back. However, it was not over yet. After the blast sent the two Arens into opposite walls, a second explosion followed. The two Beatrice’s Curses were causing hell. The second explosion caused the entire second floor to fall. The walls crumbled and flew outside, along with Beatrice and Felix. The roof of the Aren Mansion shattered as it came crashing down on the stone floor below. The entire Aren mansion was collapsing.

The Arens below noticed the shaking and heard the explosion. Tesla and Ataneq made a run for it. The mysterious Aren simply walked out of the mansion, no fear of being crushed. Faust and Chris were still fighting, even though the house was coming down. Chris then realized the house was coming down and would kill him and Faust. Chris laughed and said, “We will have to finish this another time…” With those last words, Chris teleported in a small vortex of crackling flames. Faust then ran towards the exit of the mansion. All of a sudden, the roof came crashing down. Faust was still inside and ended up casting an air spell that made him run a lot faster. In the blink of an eye, Faust was out of the mansion; however, the mansion lay in ruins.

A tear ran down Faust’s cheek, as he saw his home in ruin. The mansion had stood for so long and this un-civil war had destroyed it. Without warning, Ataneq throws a spinning ball of fire at Faust. Faust is hit and spirals through the air and lands in the ruins of his home. The mysterious Aren let out a little chuckle as Ataneq had become a man just then. Ataneq brushed off his hands and said, “You think you can take the title of Grandmaster away from Ignitus’ descendants? Well, you thought wrong. After Zane killed our father, that title belonged to me! You cannot have it!” Faust staggers to his feet with a look of anger. Faust then retorts, “Ignitus was a crazy fool! I should have been the Grandmaster! This war would never be taking place if I was in charge, before him! The Aren Family would still be noble, if I were Grandmaster back then! Ignitus and his descendants destroyed this family! Now, let us purge Ignitus’ children!” Ataneq shakes his head. “Faust, I cannot do that… I am the rightful Grandmaster of the Aren Family.”

Faust hisses as Ataneq throws another fire ball. Faust quickly dispels the fire ball and charges at Ataneq with the Grandmaster’s Blade, Bloodfang. Ataneq unsheathed his own blade, awaiting Faust’s attack. Ataneq and Faust began their duel for the title of Grandmaster. Tesla clapped his hands, excited to see who would die first. Tesla laughed at how the two fought when they both wanted him executed, not one another. The mysterious Aren rolled her eyes at Tesla, but continued watching as well.

Meanwhile, after the mansion had collapsed in on itself, the Shadow Horde and the Undead Horde were destroying one another. Aranitus did not quake, for tonight was a good night to die. Without saying a word, Aranitus snapped the fingers, which had the teleother spell charged, together. The spell was cast; Areya and Aralyn were teleported to Aranitus’ tower. Aranitus closed his eyes as he listened to the Undead Horde and the Shadow Horde war. Moments later, a spinning ball of flame hurled through the air, going directly for Aranitus. Aranitus could hear it coming, yet he charged his magicks and waited. As soon as the ball of flame was about to make contact with Aranitus’ torso, he opened his eyes and screamed, “Flamma Recéde!” The ball of fire vanished, as if it never existed. Aranitus smiled, the spell he had been practicing worked.

Aranitus called out, “Oh Zane, my boy, where are you hiding?” Zane answered, “You are fighting for the wrong side, Cousin.” Aranitus simply chuckled as he awaited Zane to show himself. “You laugh now, but Tesla will rule all of Gielinor. Him and I… We will watch Gielinor burn! Gielinor should have been more accepting of Galethorn and let him become a god like they let Zamorak… Galethorn would have been a greater god than Zamorak.” Aranitus did not disagree, but he retorted, “I will not watch the world that contains the ones I love, burn!”

A sudden crack of lightning struck the ground, right in front of Aranitus. As the lightning strike receded, there stood Hayden Fiera, Aranitus’ apprentice. “Run Master! I will take care of Zane; you go get Tesla!” Aranitus was saddened, knowing Hayden could not take on Zane, but left anyways. He headed back to the ruins of the mansion, where Ataneq and Faust continued their duel. Aranitus was disgusted to see Ataneq fighting Faust, especially at a time like this. Tesla sat in the grass, watching Ataneq and Faust duel for the title of Grandmaster.

Aranitus approached his grandfather, only to be greeted with the words, “Leave Aranitus… This is your last chance to live.” The words left Tesla’s mouth, but Tesla never turned around to look at Aranitus. Aranitus replied, “You are the one that will die tonight, Tesla.” In a second, Tesla spun, getting to his feet as he launched a wind surge straight at Aranitus. The wind surge hit Aranitus so hard; he went flying off into the woods. The mysterious Aren was surprised to see Tesla do that, but paid no mind. She only wished to watch Faust and Ataneq.

This was it, the most anticipated battle of the war. Aranitus Aren goes head on with his own grandfather. Tesla casually walked into the woods, no worries of losing to his grandson. Tesla followed the trail where Aranitus flew through the woods, leaving a trail behind him of broken branches. Tesla followed the trail until he came across the dirt patch where Aranitus had hit the ground. There was an imprint left in the ground of a body; however, there was no one visible. Tesla stroked his beard as he looked around. “Oh, Aranitus, don’t you think this war would be more in your favor if you hadn’t killed your father? If I do recall, you killed him to find me.” Tesla began to chuckle after his remark. “Aranitus, have you given up already? I actually thought you were going to put up more of a fight.” After this, a torrent of fire headed directly for Tesla’s abdomen.

Tesla’s devious face curled to a sly smile as he watched the flames rush towards him. He would wave his left hand at the flames as they went up in smoke. Tesla chuckled, as he walked into the smoke. Aranitus predicted Tesla to do this, using his little knowledge in smoke magicks to control the smoke Tesla had created. He then used the smoke to shroud Tesla, as he tried to suffocate the old man. Tesla then broke Aranitus’ hold on the smoke as he used a stronger air spell to blow the smoke away. “This is the day we will remember how Aranitus Aren failed.” Tesla would remark. Aranitus grimaced in the woods, still unseen by Tesla.

Aranitus’ thoughts raced through his mind like a wildfire. “Can I really beat them? Will my death be in vain? Who will stop them from killing Areya and Aralyn? Am I even fighting for the right reasons?” These thoughts made Aranitus question his ability and his beliefs. Tesla was getting nearer, as he traced the direction in which the flames had come. Aranitus heard the old man creeping nearer to him. This caused Aranitus to come out from behind the trees and look straight into Tesla’s cold, black eyes. Tesla smiled again as his magical aura boomed with energy. “There you are, child. As your grandfather, I will give you one last chance to surrender. Unless you are mad, you will accept this offer. If you decline my generous offer, I will have to bury you here, for you will be an exile and will not have the privilege to rest in the Vault of Souls. The choice is yours.” A sly smile crossed Aranitus’ face as he raised his left hand, glowing green with power. “I will never, and I mean never, surrender to something I do not believe in…”

Tesla’s eyes narrowed as his face began to turn red in anger. Aranitus closed his left hand into a fist, causing a massive boulder to erupt from the ground, behind Tesla. Tesla heard the rumble and turned to see the massive boulder. Aranitus sent the boulder flying at Tesla, but Tesla’s power was still too immense. Tesla summoned a rock shield from beneath him to block the boulder. As the rock wall came up, Aranitus’ boulder smashed through it with ease, causing Tesla to go flying in the air towards Aranitus. Aranitus did not think this all the way through, thus not being able to evade his flying grandfather. Aranitus and Tesla collided, being pushed back more and rolling down the hill.

The two elderly wizards were lying on the ground, struggling to get back up. Tesla cursed Aranitus, as Aranitus did Tesla. Aranitus got to his feet first, as he drew his blade, sheathed at his left hip, and approached the struggling Tesla. Tesla looked up to see Aranitus wielding the blade in his right hand. Tesla smirked and commented, “Strike me down, child. You are still a failure. You killed your father to save me, when your father was fighting for the same reason you fight…” A chill ran up Aranitus’ spine as he thought about it. He shook his head in denial as he went to plunge the blade into Tesla’s back.

Tesla watched the blade come down, but before it made contact, Tesla opened his mouth and used the Aren Breath Spell. This spell came from the depths of an Aren, which would erupt and would make the caster spit flames from their mouth. The flames that came from Tesla made contact with Aranitus’ torso. Aranitus let out a yell as he stumbled back and dropped the blade. Tesla got to his feet, recovering from the Aren Breath Spell. Aranitus’ eyes rolled to the back of his head as he began to summon his death spell. Tesla chuckled, knowing Aranitus could not best him in magicks.

Tesla shook his head as he waved his right hand in a circle, conjuring up a tornado of flames. Aranitus’ eyes were still rolled to the back of his head as he began to conjure up his tornado of air. Tesla smiled and commented, “The element of Fire will always beat the element of Air, child.” Aranitus did not respond, but his tornado grew larger than Tesla’s. This was peculiar to Tesla, but no matter, he began to send the tornado of flames at Aranitus. Aranitus’ eyes rolled back into sight as he smiled and began to send his tornado at Tesla. Tesla’s flame tornado began to grow in size as Aranitus’ tornado fed it oxygen. Tesla thought this was funny, but Aranitus knew what he was doing.

Suddenly, Aranitus’ and Tesla’s tornadoes collided. The collision of the massive amount of air with the fire caused the fire to grow. Aranitus now had control of the merged tornadoes without Tesla’s knowledge. Aranitus, with all his power, sent the towering tornado at Tesla, whose eyes widen in disbelief. Tesla realized he did not have control over the tornado and began conjuring up magicks to feed the tornado to gain control. However, Aranitus was doing the same thing. The two elderly wizards were both feeding this massive flaming tornado in the woods. The tornado began to catch trees aflame. The forest was burning, yet the two still continued to spend their energy.

Tesla began to grow weak, already having used a lot of his energy on the Aren Breath Spell. However, Aranitus was weakening just as much. The two were surrounded by a burning forest, along with a three story flaming tornado in between them. A burning tree crashed into the ground, right behind Aranitus. The falling tree caused Aranitus to lose concentration, giving Tesla the advantage. Tesla then took complete control of the tornado in that miniscule of a second Aranitus was distracted. Tesla sent the tornado hurling directly at Aranitus. Aranitus tried to fight back using his magicks to try and gain control back, but it was to no avail. The tornado was now Tesla’s.

Aranitus cursed himself, but he would not be killed so easily. He began to concentrate on a new spell, as the tornado came blowing towards him. Aranitus summoned his earth magicks as he began to contort the earth around him and raised a shield that encased himself in a rock tomb. The tornado crashed into the rock tomb, engulfing it. Tesla kept the tornado steady on the rock tomb that contained Aranitus. The heat from the tornado became intense around the rock. Soon enough, the rock tomb began to crystallize. A wide smile crossed Tesla’s face as he realized Aranitus would not be victorious.

Inside the crystallizing rock, Aranitus began to siphon magic out of his Aren Ring. He had been giving a quarter of his energy every day to the gem embedded in his Aren Ring. When he felt renewed, Aranitus knew he could best Tesla. Aranitus began to summon a spell that would probably cost him all of his energy, but he had no other options. A look of content began to cross over Tesla’s face as he knew with Aranitus dead, Galethorn could rise again. Moments later, the crystallized rock exploded into tiny pieces of shrapnel and the flaming tornado dissipated into thin air. Aranitus smiled, content with his doings, but fell to the ground out of exhaustion.

Tesla was amazed at the sheer power he had just witnessed. He shook his head, no half-blood Aren could ever pull that off. He walked over to Aranitus with a smug look on his face. He knelt by Aranitus’ side as he looked him in the eyes. “My boy, I told you that you could not beat me. I am full Aren blood, you are only half. Your mother was too proud of her disgusting Ellesar heritage to let it go. Your father was an idiot for letting her keep it. Maybe that is why you speak out against us… You are not a true Aren. I cannot wait to spread this secret of yours. I kept it quiet hoping you would join me, but now there is no use…” Tesla smiled as he placed his right hand over Aranitus’ chest, where his heartbeat could be felt.

Aranitus shook his head, and in a weak voice replied, “My blood may not be full Aren, but I am more Aren than you.” “How can you be more Aren than I? Your mother was a tramp!” Aranitus’ face twitched as Tesla spoke of his mother like that. Tesla noticed and commented, “Are you mad? If you are, I can put you out of your misery now…” Tesla’s right hand began to glow as it was still placed on Aranitus’ chest. Tesla then leaned in to whisper into Aranitus’ right ear. “I will try not to let Areya suffer for-…” Before Tesla could finish his sentence, Aranitus had taken the Aren Dagger, hidden within his robes, and plunged it deep into Tesla’s neck.

Tesla fell back onto his butt, grasping at the dagger stuck in his neck. He managed to pull the dagger from his neck, as he began to spit up blood. He was in too much pain and shock to retaliate. Aranitus laid there with a look of satisfaction. He had finally ended the man he hated, Tesla Aren. Aranitus began to pass out from loss of energy, but something approached the burning forest. Aranitus’ golem, Gates, the being he had saved from Aspera Tower years before.

Gates knelt by Aranitus’ side and said, “Master, you are meant to live. You will not die here, for tonight is not the night you perish.” Aranitus was too weak to really comprehend anything at that moment. Gates began to feed all his energy into Aranitus. Aranitus’ power grew, as Gates’ weakened. Finally, Gates had passed on all of his life force energy into Aranitus, falling over with a thick thud. Aranitus sat up, realizing what had happened. Gates had just given his life for Aranitus’. There was no time to mourn the passing of an old companion, so Aranitus got to his feet and took the Aren Dagger from Tesla’s neck. The dagger would glow, being charged with Tesla’s Aren magic. Aranitus then patted down Tesla, looking for the stone that kept the Lich Zane Aren alive. Finding it in Tesla’s robe pocket, he would take it for himself. He then took Tesla’s hat and put it on his own head, as a symbol of victory. Aranitus then continued out of the burning forest.

A horrifying scream was heard off in the distance. The scream came from the other side of the Faust and Ataneq duel. Faust and Ataneq paid no mind to the scream; they were too involved in their current situation. Aranitus hurried towards the scream, knowing it was from Hayden. When he arrived, he saw the infamous Valkire (several hundred foot tall skeletal bird summoned by Zane Aren) flying overhead. Hayden was just below, using her magicks to shield her from the beast. Aranitus was able to look closely and see Zane Aren on the back of the Valkire. Aranitus fumbled in his robes as he withdrew the stone he got from Tesla’s pocket.

Before Aranitus could speak, the Valkire swooped down and broke through Hayden’s magicks and crushed her. Aranitus saw his beloved apprentice be crushed under the Valkire’s weight. Aranitus fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face. How could he let this happen to the poor little girl? He was ashamed of himself. Just then, the Valkire picked up Aranitus’ scent and took off for the old man. On its back, Zane sat a happy Lich. Aranitus raised his right hand, the one containing the stone, and closed his eyes. Zane saw the stone and he halted the Valkire’s movement.

There stood the Valkire, Zane on its back, before the one on his knees, Aranitus Aren. Zane began to speak, “I am sorry you had to watch your apprentice be destroyed by my Valkire’s wrath, Aranitus. I see you have my stone. What do you plan to do with it?” Aranitus retorted coldly, “Kill you…” Aranitus had drawn an old hammer from his robes. With those words, Zane ordered the Valkire to dismember Aranitus, but it was too late. Aranitus had struck the stone with the old hammer, making the stone crumble to dust. As the Valkire leaned in to behead Aranitus, its own head fell off its body as it began to turn to dust. The Valkire’s head landed to the right of Aranitus as it too crumbled to dust. Zane looked at Aranitus in disbelief. He shook his head as he screamed, “NO!” Lights began to beam out of Zane’s skeletal form. The bright violet lights began to multiply as they quickly beamed out of Zane. Within moments, the lights turned Zane to ash. Aranitus remained on his knees, crying at the loss of Hayden.

Back at the honor duel, Ataneq and Faust continued to fight. The two grew weary, but they continued to fight. They wouldn’t stop until one of them was slain. The two were cut in several places from one another’s blades. The mysterious Aren, who stood by and let everything play out in front of her, watched the Grandmaster duel with much interest. Faust was better trained with a sword, hence why he was besting all of Ataneq’s moves. Ataneq stayed strong, but in his mind he knew he couldn’t defeat Faust without cheating by using magic. So, the battle ensued; until, Faust’s blade made contact with Ataneq’s. The two blades hit with such ferocity, causing Ataneq’s to shatter.

The shrapnel from Ataneq’s blade cut him across the left cheek, which would leave a nasty scar. Ataneq stumbled back and fell, landing on his back. He looked up at Faust who approached slowly with Bloodfang in hand. The mysterious Aren showed no emotion as to what was about to happen. Instead, she used a bit of earth magic to raise a root above the ground. Faust came closer, tripping over the unseen root. Faust landed face first into the dirt. Ataneq was dumbfounded as to what just happened, but capitalized by taking his broken blade and plunging it into Faust’s back.

Faust let out a horrific yell as the blade severed his spinal column. Ataneq let out a greedy laugh as he got to his feet, yanking Bloodfang from Faust’s grip. Just then Aranitus walked around the corner to see the mysterious Aren standing close by to Ataneq and Faust. She looked in Aranitus’ direction, her hood covering her facial features. She waved good bye to Aranitus and teleported out of sight. Aranitus then turned his attention to Faust and Ataneq. He exclaimed, “Ataneq, you do not want to do this! Killing him will not make you Grandmaster! You will be no better than Zane, your brother!” Ataneq laughed at Aranitus’ comments as he held Bloodfang over Faust’s head. “Yes, Cousin, I will be Grandmaster! This man thought he could take it away from me, but he was wrong!” With those words, Ataneq brought the blade down upon Faust, severing his head, killing the old man instantly.

Aranitus closed his eyes with discontent. He knew the family was doomed after this. Ataneq cheered as he held Bloodfang in the air. “I am the rightful Grandmaster of the Aren Family!” Ataneq began to yell as he stood over Faust’s headless body. Aranitus sighed and retorted, “To hell you are… You have just slain the man who, like your father, did nothing wrong. You are no better than Zane, Ataneq. You are walking in your brother’s footsteps.” Aranitus then waved his left hand in a swift, fluid like motion as he casted a telekinetic spell that seized Bloodfang from Ataneq and brought it straight to Aranitus. Ataneq looked at Aranitus with a surprised look on his face.

“I, Aranitus Aren, son of Jack Aren, am now the Keeper of the Vault of Souls and your rightful Grandmaster.” Ataneq stood in disbelief as he said, “But…But I killed Faust. My bloodline is the Grandmaster line! You cannot have it!” Aranitus spoke solemnly, “I am now the eldest of the family. I am the one who has conquered more magical feats than you. I am also the Aren who has killed Tesla and Zane Aren, the real threats to the Aren Family…” Ataneq grimaced, but did not retaliate. He simply knelt before his new Grandmaster, as he planned for redemption one day. Aranitus could sense the tension between him and Ataneq, but did not escalate it.

Aranitus sheathed Bloodfang, as his own, and continued to search for anymore of the Aren bodies. Ataneq, filled with rage, teleported off to his mansion to cool down. He needed to plan his next move, and to beat Aranitus, he had to plan very carefully. Aranitus sighed, tears running down his face, as he went back to see Hayden’s mutilated corpse. He waved his hand over her, as he encased her in a very exquisite Aren casket, teleporting her to the Vault of Souls. Aranitus continued, as he searched the rubble of the Aren mansion. Clearing away the rubble with a few spells, Aranitus found the body of Beatrice. He scowled, snapping his fingers as her corpse turned to ash. He then looked deeper, finding Felix cramped between the fireplace and a dining room chair.

Aranitus was relieved to see Felix still breathing, but he did not know if Felix would survive. Felix was bleeding from the mouth, with a wooden spike in his gut. He hurried over and knelt by Felix’s side. Felix looked up to see Aranitus and he smiled. Felix weakly said, “Oh my, the great Aranitus Aren. I knew you could kill the exiles.” Felix began to cough as Aranitus still had tears streaking his face. “Do not cry for me Aranitus, I knew how much you despised me. Even if I did become the father of your granddaughter, I have always respected you. I want you to tell Areya that I love her…Also,” Felix pulls his Aren ring off his finger and continues speaking, “give this to Areya to give to Aralyn when she comes of age. I want her to have something to remember me with.” Aranitus nodded and took the ring, pocketing it.

With Felix’s final wishes, his soul began to drift from his body. Felix’s body lay there, with both eyes still gazing into Aranitus’ soul. Aranitus took his right hand and closed Felix’s eyes for him. With that, Aranitus got to his feet, waving his left hand out in front of him. Like he did Hayden, he encased Felix in an Aren casket and teleported him to the Vault of Souls. Aranitus limped out of the mansion, going back to Faust’s decapitated body. He did the same to Faust’s body like he did to Hayden and Felix, putting it in a casket and teleporting it to the Vault of Souls. Aranitus then went back into the woods and up the hill to find Tesla’s bloodied corpse. He wore Tesla’s hat with much satisfaction, as he spit on Tesla’s body and snapped his fingers, turning it to ash.

With all but one of the Ignitus siblings found, Aranitus began to search for Chris’ body; however, he could not find it. Aranitus used spells that could help trace Chris’ magical usage, but Aranitus was left standing on top of the mansion’s rubble. He then got the realization that Chris was not dead. He sighed and knew that Chris is a potential threat in the future. Aranitus shook his head as he teleported home to get some rest.

Aranitus was greeted by Areya, but he was in no mood to talk. He gave Areya Felix’s Aren Ring and hugged her tight. Areya began to bawl, not wanting to believe Felix was dead. Renthgar came from around the corner and watched Aranitus hold Areya in his arms. Areya regained her composure, and with the help of Aranitus, went to bed. Aranitus closed Areya’s bedroom door behind him. He walked over to his favorite chair and took a seat. Renthgar sat next to him and the two wizards began to discuss their next plan of action. Aranitus leaned back in his chair, drinking from his Rum flask, and thought for a moment. That was the end of the Aren War; however, there would be more bloodshed soon.

With those last thoughts, Aranitus passed out in the chair, asleep. Renthgar smiled as he got from his chair and saw himself out. Renthgar knows Aranitus will be fine in time, but for now, they must tread carefully and show the people of Gielinor that they want to be their friends.

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