As the infamous House Aren rises to noble power in Kandarin, the Ryder family does not let go of the past. The Ryders remember every dastardly thing the Arens have done within Gielinor since Aranitus Aren became well known. The Ryders hold grudges for about as long as the Chaotic One himself. They ready their steel blades and their steel armor. They prepare for war with the ancient magic family.

The Arens sit back and laugh at the Ryders. Their every move is so well predicted. Jason Ryder punched Ataneq Aren in the face once, Jason was later arrested. The noble Ryder Family is being reduced to savages. Later the same day, Jason Ryder was released from jail and soon invaded Ataneq Aren’s mansion. The mansion supposedly held the other Arens, but to their dismay, no one was home. They ransacked the house and were later charged with breaking and entering.

The King and Prince of Ardougne held a private meeting with the council of Arens: Ataneq, Aranitus, and Chris Aren. They talked long and hard about what should happen to the Ryders. Nothing was decided for certain, but the Ryders were stripped of all noble titles. The Arens soon gained nobility, taking the place of the Ryder Family.

After many private meetings with Ryder allies, the Arens have made the majority of the allies neutral to the Aren-Ryder Family Feud. Because of this, the Ryder Family has sent several chests full of gold to the Arens. Is this a peace offering, or is it a cold blooded trap? No one knows for certain.

What is to happen next? Will the feud dissolve and let the two families become friends; or will the family continue to hate each other? If the hatred continues, a war between two families is likely to break out. The Ryders have their expertly trained soldiers, while the Arens have their expertise in magic.

Aren Family
Living Members Aerisop Aren, Annabelle Aren, Beatrice Aren, Chris Aren, Edrich Aren, Elena Strider-Aren, Elyspis Aren, Envy Aren, Evelyn Aren, Freyl Aren, Galethorn Aren, Karightus Aren, Lilith Aren, Maija Aren, Marie Aren, Morbidia Aren, Redclad Aren, Sedna Aren, Seline Aren, Tesla Aren, Trentus Aren, Vulcan Ignitius Aren, Vynriette Aren

Amelia Steelwill, Anita Vansalder, Decimus Steelwill, Dovahn the Grey, Morgan Concendo, Tobias Kalec

Blooded Members Renthgar The Mighty Flower Wizard, Syer Rzzar, Violante Green
Deceased Members Althea Sicarius, Aranea Aren, Aranitus Aren, Aralyn Aren, Faust Aren, Felix Aren, Leila Aren, Thorvald
Other Content The Aren Arcane Institute, The Duskfort Notes, Aren-Ryder Feud, Aren Civil War, The Hunger: Assault on Ardougne

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