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Archonism is the worship of the Mahjarrat known as Thane Krios. Since Thane himself practices Zarosian ideals, Archonism can sometimes be considered an indirect method of worshipping Zaros.

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The Archon

This religious belief system is based on worship of Thane, a Mahjarrat, who is referred to religiously as "The Archon."


  • Saradominists are weak.
  • Support the Archon, Thane, at all times; no matter what.
  • Stay true to the Enclave.
  • Respect Zaros as you do to the Archon.
  • Any Heretic and nonbeliever of Zaros or the Archon must die

Deities in Archonism

  • Zaros
  • Thane
  • Dimitri
  • Mistress of Archon
  • Oktar
  • Kharak
  • Garrus


  • Kane
  • Nikolai Hanse


  • Indocrinites
  • Enclave Citizens
  • Outcasts (loosely)


Thane began to be worshipped in the Enclave when the Indocrinites were created and spread throughout the Enclave soon Indocrinites began converting other races in the Enclave such as Humans, Dwarves etc.Thane saw this as a compliment of some sorts so he allowed them to establish the religion calling himself "The Archon." Soon after Guthix's death Thane began to worship Zaros a little more closely so he made his followers not only worship him but Zaros as well.

Other Information

  • Archonist colors include black, white, purple, green, dark blue, or red
  • Though The Archon (Thane) is worshipped as a god, he is not immortal.
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