Arborious is an Ent character played by Raltin Avarr.


Into the World

Arborious is young for an Ent, having sprouted his way into existence not too long after the God Wars, and spent the majority of his life in the forests of Isfadar.

A Long Road

After efforts made by the rest of his kind to contain the poison waste in Isfadaar, they learned of the death of Guthix. The race was on by many to begin to help the Anima Mundi of Gielinor and Arborious joined the movement. He sought the aid of the Elves to provide him coin for a ship passage to Morytania, where he plans to heal the sickened nature there. Ultimately, he arrived.


-Yet to be acted out.


Arborious is not very large for an Ent, being only as tall as two stories of low roofed buildings. His appearance is similar to an oak tree and his leaves are healthy. Despite being smaller than most due to his age, he could still crush an unwary person under his large feet if he wasn't paying attention.


He is a skilled nurturer of plants, and his ability to grow them far surpasses that of any human farmer.

Other Information

  • All Ents are aligned with some kind of tree, Arborious's tree is the oak.
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