Arashi Ravencroft



"The Man in Black"


Half-Human, Half-Dream of Mah



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Eastern Spiritual Worship, Zarosian Zaros Symbol






Arashi Ravencroft is the half-breed son of the Dream of Mah Kathlaron, played by FallenNinja4. He acts as Kathlaron's leading spy and as the co-executive of Ravencroft Sorcery & Trade.


Arashi is a very calm-minded individual, and rarely looses his temper over trivial matters. Despite his intimidating look and his deadly skill set, he is a very noble individual, and would willingly give his life to defend his father and the fate of the Eastern Lands.

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Some of Arashi's more casual wear, made of fine Eastern Silk.

Arashi's assassin outfit reveals little of his face, save for his violet eyes. The outfit itself is colored black, and allows easy and fluidic movement in battle and silent movement when sneaking. When wearing this, he is often seen with his katana, Ryū no kiba. The blade is made of expertly smithed runite blessed by monks in the purest waters of the Sunlit Veil. The hilt is adorned with gold and perfect rubies enchanted to channel additional force into the blade as it strikes, making it lighter and capable of slicing cleanly through steel as though it were air, while the hilt itself is made of black dragon leather surrounding a runite core and decorated with an onyx dragon at its tip, which is also enchanted in order to allow it to withstand great forces in battle.

Arashi also has some more casual wear of the Eastern upper-class of Tuai-Leit, most of which is made of either silk or Eastern cotton. He is usually also carrying an adamant wakizashi with the ensemble. He generally wears this when doing business for Ravencroft Sorcery & Trade, and reveals his face when dressed so. He has sharp features giving away his Eastern heritage in both his human appearance and his true appearance.


Life in the East

Arashi was born on Tuai-Leit to Richard (otherwise known as Kathlaron) and Suzumi Ravencroft in 1890 of the 4th Age. He was kept away from ordinary humans until he was able to hide his Mahjarrat-like appearance at the age of 6. He was raised with the philosophy and lifestyle of the East, and learned the ways of the West from his father.

He had a very successful life as an Eastern upper class citizen of Tuai-Leit, though secretly he desired to put his abilities as a half-breed Dream of Mah to good use. At the age of 18, he ran away from his home to find his fate among the Wushanko Isles.

The Black Lotus

Arashi found himself on Ai Jei searching for work that most men couldn't do. He, in turn, was found disciples of the Black Lotus assassins.

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The Dragon's Fang

Auspicious katana detail

Arashi's Katana, Ryū no kiba.

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The Fallen Petal

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