Aranitus Aren


"If you're in a fair fight, you didn't plan it properly."







Eye Color

Emerald Green. However, he has an emerald glass right eye, due to losing the right eye to Kisbeth Arshen

Hair Color

Silver, getting whiter as the years go by.




He is the Keeper of the Vault of Souls. He worships his ancestors, seeing gods as a way to gain power in society, he can fake many religions. Saradominism is the hardest for him to fake.





Aranitus Aren is a character played by Ara on World 42. Aranitus was created for the clan Vox ex Affectum. The clan fell a month later, but Liam the Big decided to do something else with the Arens. A new, independent story was created for Aranitus as the the Aren family's history was developed. Over time, he became his player's main character. Aranitus is reliably marked as Ara's favorite character.

Carried Items

  • An Aren Family Ring - worn on his right ring finger
  • Aerox - One of the Five Rings of Power Aranitus wears on his right middle finger
  • A wide brim hat that he usually wears atop his head
  • The Amulet of Dymitri Aren I - worn around his neck
  • Aether - Aranitus' wand constructed from the wood of a Yew tree and enchanted by Aranitus himself.
  • A steel dagger (His Aren Dagger was stolen by Tesla Aren, who has been revived in some runic fashion
  • His faithful sword, Fiera, named after his late apprentice, Hayden Fiera. The sword was forged to be able to aid in Aranitus’ use of magic.
  • Two rum flasks strapped to each side of his belt.

The Aren Curse

The Aren Curse is something every Aren has. An Aren may have one, or even two curses. It is uncertain how many curses an Aren can actually have. Aranitus was cursed with two curses:

  • Compassion: The Compassion Curse was inherited from his father and his grandfather. This curse causes Aranitus to feel sorry for others. This curse isn't as strong as his second, so Compassion is not seen very often. When the Compassion curse is showing, you will know it.
  • Madness: The Madness Curse is Aranitus' most prominent personality. When Aranitus believes he is being the good guy, in reality he is going crazy and doing more harm than good. Aranitus knows he is being affected by a second curse, but he isn't quite sure what it exactly is. To stop stressing about this curse, he is a huge alcoholic. He drinks so much Rum, as to forget that there is a second curse that is causing him to be known as the evil wizard he is known as today.

The Story of Aranitus Aren

The Birth of the Chaotic One

Aranitus Aren was born on a dark and gloomy day in Ardougne Castle. Aranitus’ parents were known as; Jack Aren, his father and Rachel Ellesar-Aren, his mother. Aranitus’ mother, Rachel, died during childbirth, leaving Aranitus behind with his father.

Aranitus' father, Jack, worked for the King of Ardougne as a court wizard. Before her death, Rachel acted as a common bar maid in Ardougne, but being of Ellesar heritage, she was of royal blood from generations ago. Rachel was an Archmage of Air, but would not tell a soul. She never told Jack of her powers either. On the day of Aranitus' birth, she passed on her powers to him before she fell into the void of slumbering with Guthix.

After Rachel's death, Jack went into depression. He was not sure how he could raise this child all on his own. He would not give up the child, for it was the only thing he had left of Rachel. Jack had to hire a butler for the Aren Mansion in Ardougne. The Butler took care of Aranitus for the most part, as Jack only got home late at night. By that time, Aranitus was put to bed. This was the beginning of Aranitus' troubles.

The Teenage Years

Aranitus followed in his father’s footsteps, using his linguistic skills, instead of fighting harshly out of “sticky” situations. Aranitus then went on to learn all of his father’s abilities and what was expected of an Aren at age fourteen. At this age, Aranitus grew bored of his pompous father and the monarchy of Ardougne.

Although he was bored of life in Ardougne, Aranitus stayed with his father for a few more years. At age sixteen, Aranitus was a perfect match against his father. Aranitus, unlike most Arens, was more experienced in Air Magicks. Jack was confused as to why Aranitus wasn't more skilled in Fire, like the other Arens. Aranitus felt as if he was at a disadvantage, for his air magic was not as threatening as Jack's fire. This resulted in Aranitus mastering is combat techniques in the art of the element of Air. Aranitus trained to be able to summon massive tornadoes of air that could snuff out any fire and suffocate his opponent.

At age eighteen, Aranitus had a rematch with Jack. Jack liked facing his son out of joy. Aranitus only wanted to face his father out of pure hatred and wanting to destroy his fat father. This battle caused Aranitus to become the cocky old coot he is today. In the battle, Jack tried to sneakily knock Aranitus off his feet with a fire spell heading at his ankles. Aranitus smiled and summoned a net of air that spun like a whirlpool and snuffed the fire out. Aranitus then turned the net of air into a raging tornado. He directed the tornado onto Jack and began to suffocate him.

Oh, did Aranitus love trying to kill his father. He could have ended the fat man's life until Aranitus' compassionate side saw he still needed his father alive for a bit longer. Aranitus dispelled the tornado and looked like an innocent teenager. He apologized to his father claiming he did not know how to stop it. His naive father believed every word. Aranitus then began plotting the death of Jack. Aranitus only wanted his father dead because he believed Jack resented him all these years, for the death of Rachel.

Early Adulthood

Aranitus, by twenty years of age, was ready to leave the city of Ardougne. He grew tired of the same routine around the castle being trained and readied to take his father's place as Court Wizard of Ardougne. Aranitus exploded in a torrent of rage one day saying, “To hell with this! I am an Aren! I will not be looked upon as the next court wizard!” On that note, Aranitus traveled away from Ardougne, heading to Eagles’ Peak to meditate and let his powers grow.

Meditating for six years, Aranitus grew bored, thinking he was the strongest wizard in all of Gielinor. Aranitus began his decent from Eagles’ Peak. As he got to the bottom of the peak, he stumbled upon a thief. The thief, noticing the young Aranitus, decided to attack Aranitus. Aranitus almost died of laughter seeing the tiny, little man of almost forty years of age attack him. Filled with energy, from the six year meditation, Aranitus prepared to destroy his first man.

The thief came running at Aranitus with dual-wielded daggers, using a sloppy swiping attack. Aranitus, with ease, dodged the attack and used his chaos magic to aid him and even give him some entertainment. The chaos magic Aranitus was using was a spell that got inside the man’s head, telling the man he wanted to torture himself. Since the man was not a strong willed person, the spell worked. In response to the spell, the man began to cut off his toes one by one. After his toes, he then began cutting off his ears, nose, tongue, and then stabbing himself repeatedly in the legs until he died of extreme blood loss. That day, Aranitus, age twenty-six, killed his first man.

Aranitus celebrated that night in Seers Village with rum, women, and of course magic. As the night ended, Aranitus never once felt regret for what he did to the man. Aranitus, feeling he may have gotten a woman pregnant, decided it was time to leave. He headed north to Rellekka, where he spent the next seventeen years using his magic to destroy people’s lives.

The Beginning of The Aranitus Aren

On his thirty-eighth birthday, Aranitus left Rellekka in a torrent of random, squealing, tornadoes. He headed off back to Ardougne. Upon arriving in Ardougne, Aranitus ordered to see his father. The guards, uneasy of being in the presence of another Aren, showed him the way to his father’s home.
Aranitus Aren the early years

Aranitus in his earlier years

Aranitus barged into his father’s house in a torrent of rage, blowing the door in with a massive surge of air. Jack, Aranitus’ father, was amused at his son’s reappearance in Ardougne and laughed at him. Aranitus had one thing his father did not, and that was speed and power. Aranitus was interested in where his somewhat powerful grandfather, Tesla, could be found. Jack laughed, challenging Aranitus to a duel. Aranitus, big headed as he may be, accepted the challenge.

Jack would summon weak bursts of fire at Aranitus, fending his son off. Unexpectedly, Aranitus defended himself from the attacks and summoned a vortex of air to suffocate his father. His father, fearing for his life, gave up to the hands of his only son. Aranitus, feeling more powerful after the fight, than he had entered, ordered to know the location of his grandfather. In the end, Jack gave a family book to Aranitus that was supposed to hide the actual location of Tesla’s secret location. Aranitus smiled broadly at his father saying, “Thank you father, I shall see you again. However, next time I will see you dead, by my power.” After that, Aranitus teleported in a heaping tornado of black smoke.

The Early Vox ex Affectum Years

Aranitus A

The Flaming letter "A" Aranitus uses as a signature in the side of buildings.

Upon the return to his home in Taverley, Aranitus spent eighteen years calculating the numbers and trigonometric graphs, trying to find his grandfather. Aranitus only needed his grandfather’s knowledge, not his love. Knowing Tesla secured himself away in a resolute place to never be seen again, Aranitus knew hid task wouldn't be easy.

During his research, Aranitus began to hear rumors of the old tower, south-west of Falador, was reconstructed. Remembering the stories his father told him, the stories that were passed down from Tesla Aren, Aranitus’ grandfather, Aranitus knew it was time for him to go check out the “new” Aspera Tower, where the old Vox Ex Affectum resided. It was here where Aranitus found his hidden passion. Aranitus loved to teach. In Vox ex Affectum, Aranitus became the Archmage of the Elements and taught only students he thought were worthy. Aranitus found two students worthy of his teachings, Julian Duphrane and Aranea.

After a long two years in the hell hole of the Aspera tower, Aranitus incinerated the tower during a battle with the famous, King Eden Syvian. Yanille charged Vox ex Affectum to destroy them. Being unsuccessful in their destruction of the little group, Vox ex Affectum broke up and went into hiding.

The Death of Jack Aren

Jack Aren

Jack Aren, Aranitus' father

Aranitus took his two apprentices, Aranea and Julian Duphrane, to White Wolf Mountain. This mountain is supposed to hide the grandfather of Aranitus Aren. Upon entering the mountain, Aranitus and his two apprentices were met by The Black Guard, Jack's personal army. Aranea and Julian killed the guards with ease, posing no real threat to Aranitus Aren. Aranitus kept his guard as he knew Jack could be lurking on this mountain waiting for them.

After a mile of trekking through the mountain, Aranitus could feel he was getting closer. Aranea and Julian followed close to Aranitus. Just moments after hitting the mile marker, Aranitus and his apprentices were confronted by Jack Aren, who had four apprentices by his side. Jack did not want Aranitus' corrupt mind finding Tesla and releasing the old man from his cave.

Aranitus laughed as he looked at Jack's pathetic apprentices. He posed the question, "Do you really think your four, under trained, apprentices can stop my powerful apprentices from Vox ex Affectum!?" Jack did not answer; he sent two of his best apprentices after Julian and the other two for Aranea.

Aranea toyed with the two apprentices with much delight. She ensnared one and began playing with the other with annoying childish spells. Julian, on the other hand, began brutally mauling the two apprentices assigned to him. He was like a raging fire ball, just incapacitating his opponents with ease. Aranea sighed and with ease took out the two apprentices assigned to her.

While Aranea and Julian were distracted with his apprentices, Jack tried reasoning with Aranitus. Reasoning did not work. Aranitus vowed to kill his father and he shall commit to that vow. Aranitus and Jack for long hours throwing spell after spell, keeping in a stalemate. Julian and Aranea were already finished slaying the other apprentices by this time, and went over to watch the great duel between father and son.

With Aranea and Julian watching, Aranitus began to gain more power from within. Jack didn't truly want Aranitus dead, for he possessed so much of Rachel inside him and Jack could not pull himself to kill Aranitus. Aranitus just thought Jack was too weak and began throwing heavier hits at Jack. Jack merely defended himself, trying to weaken Aranitus in the process.

Fueled by anger, Aranitus' powers surged through his body and he was able to take Jack to the ground with an Air Surge. Aranitus simply looked down to his father with a smirk of victory. Jack looked up and whispered, "Aranitus, I will always love-..." At that moment, Aranitus slammed two giant sized boulders against the head of Jack Aren; ending his life instantly. As the boulders fell to the ground, Jacks body, and his mutilated head, fell lifelessly into the snow of the mountain.

Aranitus was too weak to continue to find Tesla, so he left with Aranea and Julian to come back at a later date. Aranitus left Jack's body on White Wolf Mountain, letting the wolves have a nice snack.

Aranea and Julian Graduate

Although Aranitus wanted to keep them as his apprentices, he knew Aranea and Julian were ready to graduate from their apprenticeship with Aranitus Aren. Aranitus gave Aranea and Julian their leave. He told them they were free of his teachings and were Archmages of their chosen field.

To Aranitus' surprise, Julian and Aranea did not leave. They wished to stay with Aranitus until the end. Julian and Aranitus became close friends. They did not consider themselves master and apprentice, but rather father and son. Aranea, on the other hand, had noticed Aranitus had taken a liking to her and stayed because she felt the same.

Months later, Aranea and Aranitus were engaged and Julian was still Aranitus' best friend.

The Black Guard / The Forsworn

After a long silence, Aranitus had decided to creep back into existence. Aranitus had inherited his father’s personal army, The Black Guard, and planned to use this army to help aid in his defense against Yanille and other nations of Kandarin. He also planned to use this army to do things that he could have never done before; such as taking whole cities, towns, and even kingdoms.

Aranitus hid the Black Guard well. He made sure the army could not be identified by any organization. He was not stupid; he had the army spread out like mercenaries; a few in
Forsworn teachings

Aranitus oversees the Forsworn teachings.

this region and a few in another region. He never kept the army together for the soul purpose of keeping him in the shadows, and keeping Yanille thinking Aranitus was alone in this world.

He crept back into existence by stirring trouble up in Ardougne and Catherby. He knew they would know it was an Aren, for the army wore the Aren Crest on their armor. Aranitus could not wait to bring own Yanille and the rest of Kandarin for being rich and uptight.

Years later, Aranitus changed the name of the Black Guard to the Forsworn. He thought the Black Guard was too plain and it reminded him of his father. Now bearing the name The Forsworn, Aranitus and his army stay out of public affairs. The Forsworn now aid the family in their current public affairs.

The Arcane Academy of Magic

Not many remember this old academy, as it did not last long. Once the Order of Wizards fell for the first time, Grandmaster Terel started his own academy. Aranitus worked as an Arch-Mage and was on the Council of Seven. However, once the Order of Wizards returned Aranitus left and the Arcane Academy of Magic died.

The Order of Wizards

Samarodion amysth

Samarodion Amysth 5th Grandmaster of the High Magic Council

When the Order of Wizards returned Aranitus figured he would join and be a teacher of that order. He decided to join to fulfill his great-grandfather, Ignitus’, wish. A few weeks as an Air teacher of the Order, left him feeling a bit too nice. He then devised a plan to corrupt a student of the Order.

Aranitus and Julian kidnapped a student of the Order. The student was a young earth apprentice under Samarodion. He was naive and trusted Aranitus with every deceiving word the old wizard spoke. In the end, Julian was able to knock the boy out and was taken to Aranitus' home for a nice corrupting session. Aranitus began using chaos magicks, corrupting every fiber of the boy's mind. He made the boy want to kill Samarodion, for Aranitus believed Samarodion was an incompetent fool. The young earth apprentice was then sent back to the Order to do his job.

A few days after the earth apprentice was corrupted, Aranitus was confronted by the Council of The Order in which he was charged with using Chaos Magicks. He denied the fact and he was sentenced to death. Samarodion used a Saradomin Strike on Aranitus, in which Aranitus was hit and thrown aback. Luckily for Aranitus, when he released a large air spell, Samarodion retreated back to make sure Aranitus did not infiltrate his precious tower.

Louis Pyron fought bravely against Aranitus, but Aranitus fought more courageously. In the end, Aranitus and Louis exhausted too much of their magicks. Unfortunately for Aranitus, Louis was good with a blade. Louis stabbed Aranitus in the chest, leaving the old man there, on the bridge, to bleed out and rot.

Aranitus was sprawled out on the bridge, gasping for air. His last sight was Julian running towards him in fear.

The Revival of Aranitus Aren

Aranitus' Revival

Necro arriving to attempt to revive Aranitus

Julian, scared of repeating his past, tried to hold back a tear. To hold back his sadness, he turned it into pure rage. Julian wanted to march up to the Wizards' Tower and kill every last one of the wizards there, but he knew that would be foolish and unwise. Julian resulted in picking up Aranitus’ lifeless body, carrying the old man in his arms like a baby, and turned away heading back into Draynor Village. As he began walking, he shed one tear which streamed down his cheek onto Aranitus’ robes.

Once into Draynor, Julian took Aranitus into his home and set him on the table where they used to place their hostages. Julian went to the home of an old friend. She was a pretty young thing, studying Necromancy under her senile master, Gregory. The girl’s name was Necro, a name she most likely gave to herself. She was infatuated with Julian a while back, but Julian went on with his life, trying not to pay her any attention.

Necro was from Ardougne, hiding from all the persecution from the people of the city. Julian took the girl away to his home to see the dead Aranitus. She, still infatuated with Julian, did everything she was told hoping to win is love. She began the ceremony by choosing which limb she wanted to lose the use of. She chose her left arm and continued with the ceremony.

As she began to speak in an inaudible language, she began transferring some of her life force energy into the old man. As Aranitus’ spirit returned to his body, Necro replaced the old man’s heart. This heart was from a pig, but would do well nonetheless. She began to speak the ritual some more, giving up the use of her left arm. However, Aranitus was still too weak to function. Julian told her to force more of her life force into Aranitus, but she refused saying she would die. Julian angered, was about to murder the girl when she began to feed a bit more of her life force into Aranitus.

Aranitus got greedy, remembering the events that had just happened, and was enraged. In response, he took hold of her channeling system and began to force her life force energy into himself. She screamed as he won over her mind channeling the magic roughly and quickly. Aranitus told the girl it was nothing personal, just business. Julian, having no feelings for the girl only wanting Aranitus back, sat back trying not to laugh. Necro tried to use her own chaos magicks on the old man, and would have won if Aranitus didn't have complete control over her mind.

Aranitus kept siphoning the life force from her as she grew weaker and fell to her knees. Aranitus let out a cackle and said, “Bye bye, now…” with a last siphoning of her life force, she collapsed to the ground dead. Aranitus brushed the dirt from his robes and noticed the huge whole made from Louis. He was angrier than ever, these being his brand new robes and his most expensive. He told Julian to prepare the Forsworn and ready the new Vox ex Affectum.

Aranitus walked out of the room, weaker than he ever felt, still trembling from the shock of being alive. He let Julian, the demon, eat Necro’s body before ordering him to accompany him to the sleeping Wizards’ Tower. He approached the building as Ataneq Aren and Zane Aren did before him. He would tell Julian exactly how he wanted it scorched into the tower and let Julian do it on Aranitus’ behalf. Julian concentrated his fire demon magicks and scorched the two, capital, letter “A’s” into the side of the tower, next to the fountain.

Aranitus, content with the work done by Julian, staggered back across the bridge, his hood pulled over his head, hiding his distinct facial features. Aranitus died on the inside… After this event, Aranitus vowed to never mess with Necromancy again.

Vox ex Affectum V.2

Aranitus Formal

Grandmaster Aranitus Aren of Vox ex Affectum

After vowing to never be a part of Necromancy again, Aranitus recreated Vox ex Affectum. Aranitus recreated Vox ex Affectum on the sole reason to destroy The Order of Wizards and Yanille. Soon, what was supposed to be an academy, Vox ex Affectum was a mere cult for the infamous Aranitus Aren.

Vox ex Affectum’s second reign was merely made up of Aranitus’ most powerful friends. Julian Duphrane, the Kal’Gerion demon; Renthgar, the infamous Flower/Nature Wizard; Felix Aren, Aranitus’ cousin; and Aranea Aren, Aranitus’ Mahjarrat wife. There were a few apprentices amongst their ranks, but they weren’t really involved in any plans.

By this time, Aranitus had Vox ex Affectum remade and ready to fight. Aranitus was only fifty-four years of age at the time and was ready to bring down The Order of Wizards. Vox ex Affectum even allied with Magus Concendo's Rune crafting Guild to destroy Samarodion.

The Rune crafting Guild and Vox ex Affectum began planning the destruction of the more than a century old wizard. As they planned, word got to them that stated the great Grandmaster Samarodion Amysth passed away in his sleep. Aranitus was enraged did not know what to do. He dismissed Magus and went on his way.

A few months later, Aranitus was able to track down his long lost daughter. He found the people who had kidnapped her from her mother who worked in the brothel of Seers Village. He went to the home of the kidnappers, who were giving Areya a good home. Aranitus did not care how good life was for Areya, he incinerated the house, burning the couple alive. He took his daughter along with him to Keep Le Aren to learn the true ways of the Arens.

Areya did not believe Aranitus at first, but after spending months with him in his academy, she grew a liking to him.

The Enchanted Gems

During Aranitus' Grandmaster term of the new Vox ex Affectum, word began to pick up about these ancient gems being discovered across Gielinor. Hearing this, Aranitus thought it was some ignoramus making magic gems for power. Aranitus soon figured out that these were not some ignoramus made gems, but hearing how many there were and their powers, Aranitus knew they were the ancient gems of Galethorn Aren.

Aranitus called upon his wife, Aranea, and his friend, Julian Duphrane, to aid him in the search of these gems. Aranitus knew if he did not get these gems back, all of Gielinor would sink to chaos. Aranitus knew that he needed more people to aid him in the quest to get these gems, so he told Eshebi Kash, Aranitus' Icyene friend, about the gems. Aranitus did not tell anyone the true forthcoming of the gems, not even Aranea; but he made sure they knew that the situation was a dire one.

The Diamond

Aranitus and Aranea took off on their own adventure for the diamond gem. This gem held the power of wind magic and helped you out of sticky situations, by getting you out of your current location at lightning fast speed.

Aranitus' first gem

Aranitus heard rumors that the diamond would be somewhere in the Jolly Boar Inn. This was the first place they checked. Aranitus and Aranea walked around searching for the hidden gem. Without finding it, they were about to give up their search, when they heard a loud crash come from one of the guest rooms. The two rushed to the room to find out what was going on. Upon entering the room, there stood Anya Avery. The Duchess of Lumbridge, Anya, was holding the diamond in her hand when the two wizards walked in on her.

Aranitus and Aranea interrogated her, but Anya stood strong. This is when Aranitus was about to get physical, when Anya spoke the true name of the diamond gem and took off at lightning fast speed, out of the room. In her haste, she accidentally dropped the diamond on the ground. Aranitus picked the diamond up, investigated it and knew it was that of Galethorn's gems. Aranitus kept the gem with him for the time being.

The Dragonstone


The Dragonstone Gem

After Aranitus had obtained the diamond with Aranea's help, Aranitus decided to go after the dragonstone gem. This gem had the power to aid the user in taking over the mind of a weaker opponent. This would ultimately destroy the person who fell victim to the gem's power. Aranitus had to stop this one from getting in the wrong hands.

Aranitus took Eshebi Kash, the Icyene, along with him this time. He knew Eshebi was pure of heart and would not use this gem for evil or allow someone else to. Aranitus would not keep the dragonstone for the reason that his curse of the Aren may return and make him use the gem for evil.

Being he holder of the diamond gem, Aranitus was able to receive visions of the vague whereabouts of the other gems. Aranitus' vision told him that a man travelling through Falador Forests had it. Aranitus and Eshebi quickly headed out for the gem. Upon entering the forests of Falador, Aranitus' diamond began to glow. The glowing of the gem meant they were close to another gem. Aranitus and Eshebi began to hear voices and footsteps coming from the forest. The two then caught glimpse of the man holding his glowing dragonstone, who was confused as to why it was glowing. The man had two guards with him, but he was not of any royalty or public nobility. So, Aranitus and Eshebi took their chances and attacked.

Eshebi attacked the man and they fought strongly against one another. Aranitus had quickly killed one of the guards with a simple pebble through his head, penetrating his brain and killing him instantly. Aranitus saw Eshebi take a hard hit from the dragonstone holder's crossbow. Aranitus was going to aid Eshebi, until he was shot by a crossbow from the second guard. Enraged, Aranitus' Aren blood boiled. The power of Aren blood would always go unmatched, as Aranitus incinerated the second guard. The incinerated guard fell to a pile of ash. Using too much energy to kill that guard, plus being wounded, Aranitus watched Eshebi and the dragonstone holder fight. The fight went on a little bit longer when Julian Duphrane and Violante Green arrived in a flurry of smoke, as they teleported in. They went over to check on Aranitus and found that he was okay, he just needed rest. Eshebi was somehow able to overcome the dragonstone holder and forced him to the ground at blade point. The man quickly surrendered and Eshebi was able to negotiate with the man. The man handed the dragonstone over to Eshebi, thus Eshebi letting the man live. The battle was over and Eshebi had the dragonstone gem. Feeling Eshebi earned it, Aranitus gave Eshebi he diamond gem to keep safe.

The Jolly Boar Screw Up

Aranitus was sitting in the Jolly Boar with his close friends, Julian Duphrane and Renthgar. They were getting drunk and having a good time when Magus Concendo, a notorious wizard of Kandarin, noticed Aranitus sitting at the table. Although Kandarin had no jurisdiction in the Jolly Boar, Magus wanted Aranitus brought to justice for his crimes against Anya Avery. Magus casually walked upstairs and commorbed his colleagues. As Aranitus and his company were exiting the Jolly Boar, they were confronted by Magus and his colleagues.
Julian Duphrane

Julian Duphrane, depicted by Tantelas

Magus explained the situation at hand, “By order of the Queen of Ardougne, Elizabeth Arshen, Aranitus Aren is hereby under arrest.” Aranitus chuckled at the sight of the people from Kandarin. Hating Ardougne all of his life, this gave Aranitus even more reason to want the city to burn to the ground. Magus approached Aranitus, ready to place him under arrest, but Aranitus did not want to go willingly.

A magic brawl broke out among the group. Julian was off fighting off one of Magus’ colleagues as Renthgar took on Magus, himself. This left Aranitus to try and fight off Magus’ second colleague. The battle ensued for quite some time, when the old man, Aranitus, tripped over a root in the ground; Magus’ colleague got the upper hand and took Aranitus away. Renthgar was appalled at what just happened. Renthgar ended up using an ensnaring spell on Magus. Magus fell to the ground, but fired his own ensnaring spell at the same time, towards Renthgar. Renthgar and Magus lay on the ground struggling against their bonds.

Julian got knocked back for a brief second by Magus’ second colleague. This brief second gave the colleague enough time to run over to Magus and encase them in a teleport to Ardougne. Magus and his two colleagues took Aranitus to the Ardougne dungeons, locking him away as they awaited the queen. When Kisbeth arrived, Aranitus was sitting on the cold dungeon floor, looking up at her smug face. He cursed her and she cackled a laugh that made Aranitus want to pull his ears off.

Aranitus despised Kisbeth for all she was worth. She was the Royal Queen of Ardougne, which caused Aranitus’ hatred to grow to its maximum. She stepped into the cell with him, his powers useless with the glyphs that prohibited his aura from charging in the special cell. Kisbeth began by tying Aranitus down. She then continued by asking him stupid questions and holding out his left hand. She held a knife in her right hand, which troubled Aranitus greatly. Aranitus cursed her more, but to no avail. Magus and a few other Ardougian colleagues watched the sinister act their queen was performing. She took the knife and slammed it upon Aranitus’ left pinky finger. He let out a muffled yell, as he tried to keep his mouth shut. He did not want to give the queen the satisfaction of listening to him scream. He cursed her more and couldn’t give her straight answers, so the Kisbeth proceeded with brushing her knife up to Aranitus’ left arm. She then began to carve a tattoo into his arm. Aranitus winced in pain, but did not let out a whelp. Kisbeth cackled like a mad woman as she carved, “I (heart <3) Samarodion,” into his arm. Aranitus spat at her, she wiped it away and brought the knife straight down on Aranitus’ right eye. Aranitus screamed, finally letting out a yell that satisfied the queen and her people. She then plucked her knife out of Aranitus’ eye socket, the eye attached to the knife.

Aranitus lay there, in an immense amount of pain, his eye, arm, and hand bleeding profusely. Aranitus thought he was going to die like this, which did not satisfy him. Luckily, someone had broken into the castle and went after Anya Avery. The group of Ardougians, including the queen, received the message on their commorbs and ran to the first floor of the castle. Aranitus wriggled free of the loosely tied ropes. He then screamed out in anger, not able to retaliate. However, Magus had secretly turned the glyphs in the dungeon off for Aranitus. In his torrent of rage, out of habit, Aranitus began charging magicks. To his amazement, he was actually charging a massive fire spell. Aranitus smiled slyly and let loose a wild flaming tornado throughout the dungeons. He melted the bars to all the cells, incinerating all of the prisoners and turning the whole dungeon into a charred mess. Satisfied, Aranitus teleported out of the dungeons back to Keep Le Aren for treatment.

The Ruby

With eight gems secured by Aranea, Eshebi, and Julian, there was only one gem left; the ruby. The ruby was being held in Ardougne castle by the queen, Elizabeth. Little did the city of Ardougne know that their queen was a Mahjarrat, Aranitus also didn't know. Until Aranea, a Mahjarrat as well, knew that Elizabeth was Kisbeth. Kisbeth, Elizabeth's Mahjarrat name, was indeed the

The Ruby Gem

Queen of Ardougne and had the power of the ruby in her hands. The ruby made things completely fire resistant. This meant, if the ruby was harnessed by a true Mahjarrat, a whole city could be impervious to fire.

Aranitus was enraged when he found out Ardougne had it. Ardougne, the closest allies to Yanille, were basically just as much his enemy as Yanille was. Eshebi, clouded by the true innocence of Anya Avery, began to take her side and aided her in her endeavors. Aranitus was angry, but did not hold it against his friend. Aranitus knew that what he was doing looked more evil than what Anya was doing, so he just had to prove to Eshebi that he was not a liar. Anya hid herself away in Ardougne with Eshebi, who was secretly trying to take the ruby away from Kisbeth.

Aranitus did not have time to wait for Eshebi to diplomatically receive the ruby, so he went on his own to retrieve it. Aranitus was able to teleport to the roof of the Ardougne castle. This caught the eye of the archers on top. The archers opened fire on the poor old man, who then used a sudden wind surge that changed the direction of the arrows and knocked the archers off the battlements of the castle. Aranitus took his chance and entered the castle to find the ruby.

Getting into the castle safely, Aranitus found a locked door. He was about to break the lock when King Greyson walked up the stairs, startled to see Aranitus in his castle Aranitus tried shooting a wind surge at the King, but he was able to move away from the hard impact zone and only had to struggle against the winds a little bit. Aranitus was ready to teleport out, knowing he could not take on a fully fledged warrior in close quarters. Kisbeth appeared at the staircase right before Aranitus teleported. She screamed out at him, but he teleported. Greyson, not wanting to let Aranitus get away, grabbed Aranitus' shoulder before he teleported, and teleported with him to Keep Le Aren.

Aranitus was bewildered that Greyson had come with him. A few moments later while Greyson was about to attack, Aranitus busted out with a chuckle. Now, Greyson was in his domain. Aranitus' students would not allow this King to attack their Grandmaster. Quickly, Greyson was obviously outnumbered. Aranitus was going to slay Greyson when Areya ran down to see what the commotion was. Aranitus told Areya to leave, but she did not listen. In moments, Kisbeth blew down the keep's doors. She had traced Aranitus' teleport and had prepared to take back Greyson. She maneuvered her way into the keep, slaughtering several members of the Forsworn before Aranitus' bewildered eyes. Kisbeth was able to take down Felix Aren and held him at knife point. She exclaimed that if Aranitus harmed Greyson, she would spill Felix's blood

Aranitus laughed, he did not care for Felix's life. Aranitus barely even knew Felix. The only thing that stopped Aranitus was when Areya, who had a crush on her second cousin, ran up to stop Kisbeth, who was grabbed at the throat by Greyson. This is when Aranitus caved; he had to surrender. Letting Greyson and Kisbeth leave the keep, Aranitus thought they would return Areya to him. The two did not return Areya; instead they kidnapped her and took her back to Ardougne dungeons.

Kisbeth told Aranitus he had to retrieve a second gem, for her, to get his daughter back. Aranitus despised this. He was the evil one, yet he was the one getting black mailed. Aranitus went to Eshebi to see if he would give up the diamond, but to no avail. That enraged Aranitus most of all. He then went to his love’s friend, Wilma, for a gem. She also turned him down. There was no hope for Aranitus’ daughter Areya. Aranitus decided to make one last effort. He snuck into Ardougne castle for a second time.

He searched for hours for Areya, but was soon spotted. He cursed himself and started another fight. He quickly teleported out, seeing Kisbeth and her husband come marching up the stairs. Aranitus may be a powerful mage, but he knows he cannot take on two powerful Mahjarrat. A few days later, Aranitus was unable to supply Kisbeth with the other gem. As a result, she held a public execution for Areya Aren.

Aranitus cried when the executioners brought Areya upon the wooden star of Saradomin. They lit the torch and burned her alive. Aranitus watched, hidden behind the crowd. He watched his own daughter burn. He then left Ardougne along with the rest of Vox ex Affectum and hid in Keep Le Aren. Aranitus mourned his daughter’s death for several days. One day, however, a knock was heard at the doors of Keep Le Aren. Aranitus got himself together and answered the door. His hair was a mess and he had bags under his eyes. To his surprise, there stood Magus Concendo with his daughter, Areya.

Aranitus was surprised, realizing that the Areya burned at the Saradomin symbol was just a death row prisoner in Ardougne, magically disguised as Areya. Aranitus hugged Areya, and she returned the hug. Magus then told Aranitus he would not be able to keep Areya. She would have to live with him, as a Concendo. She will not be safe in Ardougne if she goes by the name, Aren. Aranitus protested, but Magus quickly made Aranitus understand what was best for Areya. After this, Aranitus and Magus had a small type of friendship and understanding. The two soon planned the assassination of Samarodion together.

The End of the Enchanted Gems

It took Aranitus a while to get used to losing his daughter for a second time. After a few weeks, Aranitus traveled to the altar where the gems were created and looked around. Suddenly, the ground beneath him began to shake and all the gems were floating to a specific point in the altar. It was an amazing scene to watch. The gems belonged to people, yet here they were floating amongst him within the altar room.

Aranitus watched them with much interest, until they collided together and exploded. A stone figure rose above from below the ground. Aranitus was amazed, as this had to be the stone wizard. The stone cracked and shattered before Aranitus’ eyes. When the light cleared, the other gems destroyed, Salvyn emerged from the rubble. She was a gorgeous elven mage, who was in love with Galethorn Aren. However, she was the one who killed him and that is why she was trapped in the stone. Aranitus was outraged to see her, trying to attack her.

She blocked every attack and tried to calm Aranitus. He wanted no part of it and teleported away, after destroying the rest of the altar. Salvyn was left standing there, dumbfounded. Aranitus planned to get back at Salvyn one day, but he didn't know how or when.

The Death of Aranea

After leaving the witch, Salvyn, at the gem altar, Aranitus went to go see his love. Aranea didn’t seem very excited to see him, and was very lethargic. Aranea was using her cane heavily and seemed to be too weak to walk. Aranitus asked if everything was okay, and she claimed everything was fine. Aranitus grew worried of his wife, but didn’t know what he could do. He told her of his latest encounter with the witch and how he felt about her. Aranea didn’t seem too enthused, but listened to him nonetheless. Finally, Aranitus told her he would be back later that night, for he had business to attend to with Vox ex Affectum. Aranea nodded and let him go.
Aranitus closeup

Aranitus in Nardah

Aranitus returned to her little shack in Varrock the next morning, but to his dismay, she was not home. He sat there, outside of her shack, for a few hours; until Aranea used telepathy to talk to Aranitus. He was excited to hear from her, but her voice was distorted and the words that came out of her mouth were like pure terror. Aranitus’ heart began to race, wanting to know where she was. Finally, she said she was in Lumbridge. After receiving where she was, the mind link ended. Aranitus was terrified at what was going on. He teleported to Lumbridge as fast as possible.

When he got there, he looked around frantically for any sign of Aranea. He finally caught sight of smoke in the air and ran towards the source of the smoke. The source of the smoke was a house fire. When Aranitus saw the house aflame, and was standing before it, he heard Aranea scream out for him. His heart dropped and he ran inside, coughing at the smoke coming into his lungs. He finally came across the cane of Aranea, wedged into the side of the wall. Looking around quickly, he saw what he did not want to see. There lay what was left of Aranea’s body, mutilated and burned on the floor. Aranitus carefully picked up the body and took it outside the burning building. There, he mourned the death of her, burying her there, knowing he could not let his enemies know what had happened.

Aranitus suspected foul play, but he had no leads. He didn’t know what to do, so once the building fell and the townspeople were digging amongst the rubble, Aranitus walked over to Aranea’s cane and took it. He has kept it ever since the day she died.

The Fall of Vox ex Affectum V.2

Aranitus returned to Keep Le Aren an emotional wreck. He walked into the keep and demanded everyone leave and never return. The people were confused, but they left as soon as Aranitus brought a barrel of gunpowder off the Aren Ship, into the keep. Aranitus stacked all one hundred and sixty-eight barrels of gunpowder inside the keep. He got on the Aren Ship and sailed out to a safe distance. He then looked back to the little peninsula where the keep say and cursed. He charged a fireball in his right hand, mumbling curses to the gods under his breath. Once it was charged, he threw the fire ball with all his might, hurling it towards the keep. The fire ball entered the keep’s open doors and hit head on with a barrel of gunpowder. This caused a massive chain reaction of explosions. People screamed at the loud explosion, looking towards the keep seeing the building explode. The stone from the keep hit buildings in Catherby and even in Seers’ Village.

Aranitus was content with the damage, and blew a hole in the ship. The Aren Ship began to sink with Aranitus still aboard. Aranitus sighed; he could not die yet, because he still had a mission of killing Eden Syvian. Thus, he let the Aren Ship sink, but he teleported off of it, to his tower. Aranitus secluded himself in his tower for a while, until Gates, his golem servant, came to his study one day with a book about Mahjarrat. The book was old, tattered, and possibly rare. Gates said some Elven witch brought it and said it was for him, for his mourning. Aranitus screamed, knowing it was from Salvyn. Gates turned and exited the study. Aranitus wanted to burn the book, but he thought better of it. He cracked open the book and began reading about Ancient Magicks, which is what Salvyn, the witch, had marked in the book for him to read. However, there was one thing that sparked Aranitus’ interest the most. The title of the chapter was, “The Death of a Mahjarrat.” Aranitus read this chapter thoroughly, knowing Aranea was a Mahjarrat, he was curious as to what this chapter would say. He came across a sentence in the chapter where it stated that when a Mahjarrat dies, a great power is lost and their body turns into pure energy. However, Aranitus was able to bury Aranea and he never felt any loss of power. Aranitus collapsed in his study chair and felt so many mixed emotions of anger and sadness. Why would Aranea do this to him? Aranitus sat in his study, cold and alone, no more Vox ex Affectum to return to.

The Return of the Daughter

A few weeks after the incident, Aranitus returned to what was left of the keep, just to look back on everything he had done in the past. After several hours of staring at the ruins of the keep, studying every broken piece of stone and scorched piece of paper, Magus Concendo interrupts Aranitus where he stood. Aranitus was lethargic, like he had no reason to live anymore. Aranitus did not even bother looking back at Magus, he just told him if he was here to arrest him again, he better do it fast. Magus chuckled, but he was not there for that purpose. Angry at the man’s chuckling, Aranitus whirled around to face Magus, but to his surprise, there stood Areya Aren. Aranitus looked startled, but he retorted with, “Are you here to rub that you have my daughter in my face some more?” Magus smiled and shook his head, no. “I have come to return her to you, Aranitus. You see, Elizabeth Arshen is not the Queen of Ardougne anymore. Therefore, your daughter is yours.” Aranitus smiled with much joy, his new emerald glass eye shining in the sunlight. Aranitus went over and hugged his daughter, who hugged him back with much love. Aranitus thanked Magus for returning her. Magus nodded, with a smile, and teleported back to Ardougne.

Areya and Aranitus talked for several hours. Aranitus told her about the death of Aranea and how he missed her so much. Areya then brought up the subject that she was pregnant. Aranitus was surprised at this, but he calmly asked, “Who is the father?” Areya turned red, not wanting to reply. Aranitus pressured her to tell him, and she finally confessed. She told Aranitus that the father is Felix. Aranitus was outraged, threatening to cut the boy’s head off. Areya frantically told him no, that she really loved Felix. Aranitus was disgusted, but knew that the child growing inside her would be the most powerful Aren of the fifth age. Being of pure Aren blood, the child would be unstoppable. Annoyed, Aranitus put the baby issue aside and comforted his daughter. They were finally together at last, father and daughter.

A New Love

Several months had past and Aranitus began to get back into the swing of things. He returned to his meetings and began speaking to friends again. He began to feel like himself once more. Violante Green was a pretty little Elven girl, who had been with Aranitus, Julian, and Eshebi for several months. She and Aranitus became closer friends as they talked about their troubles throughout their lives. Aranitus found out that Violante was someone he could confide in, as she was engaged to Julian Duphrane. He told her of the loss of Aranea, how Julian and Eshebi didn’t understand why Aranitus took the loss of Aranea so hard. Eshebi and Julian thought Aranea as a crude, and evil Mahjarrat who cared for no one, but herself.
Eshebi Kash

Eshebi Kash, the Icyene. Depicted by Tantelas

Once Aranitus was back to his normal self, Eshebi took Aranitus to the side one day and asked him to accompany him on an expedition. Eshebi believed he had found someone he had lost long ago and wanted Aranitus to venture with him. Aranitus asked if he could bring his rum, and Eshebi grudgingly said yes. So, Aranitus began his journey into Rimmington, his rum bottle in hand. On his way into the town, Aranitus bumped into a frail, pale skinned, Elven lady. Aranitus didn’t know if it was the booze that made him feel this way, but when he took that first look at the Elf, his heart sank and he fell in love.

Aranitus fell head over heels for this Elven woman. He didn’t really take notice of her looks. What turned him on was her magical aura. She was so powerful. He could sense her very essence seeping through her body. He wanted to melt all over her. This is why Aranitus took so much interest in Aranea. She took an Elven form when they met and later told him she was a Mahjarrat, which made him love her that much more. However, with Aranea gone, Aranitus thought this Elf was gorgeous in her own right.

A massive surge of emotions flooded through Aranitus. He felt love, self-loathing, and even nervousness. He didn’t want to lose this woman, yet he hated himself for falling in love with another woman. Aranitus straightened his posture and apologized for running into her. The Elf smiled and bonked him on the head with her staff. Aranitus felt enraged. He rubbed his head and charged a spell. The Elf just laughed and said, “You are a silly old man. I like you.” Aranitus blushed through his wrinkles, smiling a crooked smile. He introduced himself and she responded by introducing herself. She went by the name, “Silver-Elf.” Aranitus bowed to her and he asked her to accompany her on a journey. She told him that she was looking for something else to do with her life, so she thanked him for inviting her and went along into Rimmington. They shortly arrived into the little town, Eshebi tapping his foot as Aranitus was late.

Another Dreadful Icyene

Eshebi greeted Aranitus, although nagging him for being late. He then noticed Aranitus’ new friend, Silver-Elf. He greeted her as well, and looked to Aranitus for an introduction. Aranitus smiled and said, “Eshebi, this is Silver-Elf. Silver-Elf, this is Eshebi Kash.” Eshebi shook her hand and said, “Now that I see what took you so long to get here, we must be off. Aranitus nodded and took Silver-Elf’s hand. Eshebi shook his head with a smile, noticing Aranitus’ fascination with the Elven woman.

The three began their journey into the north. When they arrived in the freezing cold mountains, life was desolate. Silver-Elf grew cold, so Aranitus told Eshebi he would wait at the bottom of the mountain with her. Eshebi nodded, and entered a dark cave, leaving Aranitus and Silver-Elf to fend for themselves. The two arrived at the bottom of the mountain shivering. They looked at one another and began to laugh at how ridiculous they looked. Aranitus and Silver-Elf soon got to know one another, learning of each other’s past. Aranitus used magic to start a fire, keeping the two from getting frostbite. A few hours of talking and laughing, a sudden screech was heard on the top of the mountain. Aranitus and Silver-Elf looked up, but could not see anything. Aranitus began to think that Eshebi was dead, and he was free from the Icyene’s friendship. However, a few moments later, two humanoid figures flew out of the cave.

When the two landed on the ground, it was to Aranitus’ surprise, the second being was also an Icyene. Aranitus stood up and faked a smile towards the Icyene. He welcomed her and then asked Eshebi about her. Eshebi told Aranitus and Silver-Elf that her name was Asteli Kash; one of his relatives who became frozen in a block of ice ages ago. Aranitus nodded and kept the fake smile on his face. Eshebi didn’t notice Aranitus’ faked smile, as he was too busy adoring his new found Icyene relative. He told Aranitus that he was taking Asteli back home to get to know her. Aranitus said, “As you wish. I will get Silver-Elf back home…” Eshebi and Asteli took flight and headed back to Eshebi’s home in the mountains to the west. Aranitus sneered, but forgot all about them when he noticed Silver-Elf rocking back and forth by the fire. He then asked her if she wanted to return home with him and she agreed. Aranitus took Silver-Elf by the hand and teleported them to his mansion.

The Ancient Aren's Staff

Galethorn&#039;s Staff

The Ancient Aren's (Galethorn's) Staff

Upon returning home after a long night in the Rising Sun, Aranitus was confronted by a shady figure. Aranitus cursed the man and told him to leave his home. The man laughed and said no. Aranitus, in a drunken rage, started a massive tornado in his home trying to kill the man. The man ran, but he did not leave the house. Instead, the man took his staff and shoved it straight at Aranitus. Aranitus dumbfounded, looked at the staff with much regret. He knew what was about to happen and he couldn’t stop it. The staff was that of the Ancient Aren.

The staff of the Ancient Aren could steal any Aren’s powers and store it within Galethorn’s crystal. The crystal is located at the bottom of the Vault of Souls. So, the boy who had infiltrated Aranitus’ home stole Aranitus’ power in a single swipe with the staff. Aranitus let out a yell, as his frail old body fell to the ground. The boy approached Aranitus and removed his hat. The boy declared, “I am Zander Aren. I have come to rid you from this world.” Zander laughed and threw Aranitus into the bedroom and locked it tight. Without magic, Aranitus could not escape. Zander held Aranitus’ home for himself for several weeks waiting for Aranitus to die of starvation. Little did he know, Aranitus found an emerald located in his dresser drawer. Aranitus knew the gem didn’t have that much power in it, being from it was from his younger days, and decided to use it to put him into a light slumber. He used this slumbering magic to keep his body from deteriorating from the loss of water and food.

Zander, after the few weeks had past, walked downstairs and saw Aranitus motionless on the bed. Presuming the man to be dead, Zander laughed and went back upstairs to gather some things to cremate Aranitus. The boy Aren did not know much magic, so he had to result to that. Once upstairs, he heard two voices. Hearing the voices, he headed for the dining room and awaited the two new comers. Although, if he knew the two were the legendary Icyenes, he would have evacuated.

Feeling sure of his self, Zander readied the staff of the Ancient Aren. As soon as Eshebi Kash and Asteli Kash barged into the home of Aranitus, Zander welcomed the two in. When the two showed their wings, the Zamorakian follower, Zander, almost wet himself. The two Icyenes quickly handled Zander, throwing the staff to the side and stealing all the energy the boy had collected. The Icyenes did not know that the boy was siphoning the energy with the staff and just sucked his own energy out. The two proceeded with killing the weakened boy, for he followed Zamorak.

With the stolen energy from the boy, they went back down to Aranitus and stored the energy into his awakening body. Aranitus fully awakened and enjoyed the new feel of the power. He knew it wasn’t his power, but he accepted it as such. He thanked Eshebi and Asteli for saving his life and told them he was forever in their debt. When the Icyenes left Aranitus, after telling him to meet up with them after he gets something to eat, Aranitus rushes upstairs to see if the Icyenes left the body. They cremated the body, but left the staff on the dining room table. Aranitus jumps with glee seeing the staff of the Ancient Aren. Knowing the staff is too powerful for anyone to get their hands on; Aranitus locks it away in the secret safe in his home.

Aranitus knew then realized he had stored a massive diamond in his study that contained half of his power. He ran to the top floor and found the diamond. He then siphoned the power from the diamond, as his own power mixed with Zander’s, he felt renewed. Aranitus was back and ready for devious actions.

The Academy of Heroes

A few months later, Aranitus traveled out to the Abbey in Al’Kharid. He traveled there after hearing the news that Eshebi Kash was forming an Academy of Heroes there. He was interested in seeing how the academy would turn out and made his way to see Eshebi. Upon entering the Abbey, Eshebi confronted Aranitus and greeted him kindly. Aranitus greeted him back as old friends would do. Eshebi then asked Aranitus to be the Master of Magicks at the academy. Aranitus accepted the offer, becoming the first Master of Magicks at the Academy. Aranitus carried out his duties as Master of Magicks, testing the teachers and how well learned they were in their art. Once satisfied, Aranitus allowed them to teach their preferred subject. A year passed and Eshebi was called by Saradomin to aid in a matter in the north. Eshebi flew north, all the way past the Fremennik Provinces and past the big glacier. No one has seen Eshebi Kash since. After Eshebi left, Julian Duphrane went to the Eastern lands. Eshebi left Aryl Thorkir as the new Grandmaster of the Academy of Heroes. Aranitus despised this man, as he thought he was the perfect half elf breed in the world, in Aranitus’ eye. After many differences, Aranitus left the Academy of Heroes, leaving his Master of Magicks position opened. Aranitus did return a year later and befriended Katrina Avery and Elrond Cadarn. He was not a faculty member, but Aranitus did walk around observing Eshebi’s creation to ensure no harm came to it. Finally, the rest of the Academy was done with Aryl’s antics and how he treated them like a group of mercenaries. One man, Ryo Cam, stood up and challenged Aryl to a duel. The duel came to a draw and Ryo paid Aryl to leave the Academy, which Aryl did, showing he had no true loyalty to the Academy. Being that Ryo was the new Grandmaster, everyone thought the Academy would get better, but it did not. It was nice for a couple of weeks, but Ryo was hardly ever seen and could never keep order. Aryl returned later and wanted his position as Grandmaster back. Aranitus found this hilarious, but being the plotting mind he was, he agreed to help Aryl, though there would be a total of three Grandmasters. Aryl hesitantly accepted, and Aranitus readied to take back the Academy in the name of Eshebi Kash. Elrond, Aryl, and Aranitus approached Ryo and told him that they were taking back the Academy with a rule of three Grandmasters. Ryo was infuriated, but knew he stood no chance against the three. He left peacefully, letting the three begin their new lead over the Academy. All was well in the Academy, though many still despised Aryl’s leadership. No matter how many times he was told otherwise, Aryl still thought he held more power of Elrond and Aranitus. Aranitus made sure to correct Aryl several times. Several months later, Aranitus got called to the Aren Manor, where he was told that the Aren Arcane Institute was starting up. This would be a reformed school of the old Vox ex Affectum. Aranitus gladly accepted the new title of Archmage of the Elements, though he had to leave the Academy of Heroes. Aranitus chose Katrina Avery as his replacement.

A New Aren Task...

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