Anya Korsokov
Queen Nashandra (AK Portrait)
An official portrait of Lady Korsokov, drawn by an artist after her promotion to Lady Commadore of the Renderra Knights.






Twenty two

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Dark Blue

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Anya Korsokov is a human female witch and knight played by the user known as Fiona Goode. She was born into the human ghettos of Meiyerditch unbeknowest to her in the now deminished House Korsokov, a former noble house that inhabited Hallowvale, and escaped from the area in her adolescence. This character has experience with vampyres as well as formerly having ties to the Sicarius family. She is currently twenty three years old and alive.

Early Life in Meiyerditch


Anya Korsokov was born on Novtumber 13th some time during the 5th age in the human slums of Meiyerditch, Morytania as a blood tithe to the Vampyres that reign over the land. Only a week after her rather messy birth, both of her parents whom she never had a chance to meet were brutally slaughtered by the hands of the Vampyre Lords. Fortunate for her, a family friend in his late 40's who only went by the name of "Nikolai" took her in at the last second, to care for her as if she were was of his own. Life was rough for Nikolai and Baby Anya. The Vampyres were never aware Nikolai was harbouring a baby, and very thankfully they never found out. Nikolai would often tell Anya "bedtime stories", of the brave Knights in shining armor and flying fire-breathing dragons that roamed the lands west of the salve. She always dreamed of living there, escaping this hellish nightmare... Anya would grow up to a child as a malnourished and disgruntled baby like the rest of the newborns in Meiyerditch. I suppose that's the norm over there.


Anya reached her childhood with great luck. If it weren't for Nikolai and his great acting, the Vampyres would have found Baby Anya for sure; Likely would have used her as their dessert too. Anyway, under the guidence of Nikolai, Anya grew as a child with high moral standards. She would often get her friends out of fights, or take the blame for something she didn't do. However, Anya had always kept to herself in public, out of the fear that the Vampyre Lords would destroy her. She looked up to Nikolai as a father figure, and would never leave his side unless required to. And even then, she'd run straight back to him when she had the chance. As she was raised in Meiyerditch by Nikolai as best he could, she was never educated and never learned any language other than Common Tounge. Then again, Anya did manage to learn a thing or two about the ancient Vampyric language; after all, she spent all of her life with them.

Late in her childhood, Anya met a boy named Boris just a few blocks away from her own Ghetto. For an odd reason, Anya felt a strong attraction towards Boris. Perhaps it was because he was just handsome? Or was it because he stands up for what he believes in, just as she does? Whatever the case may be, Nikolai wasn't ever very fond of Boris. Though, because Anya was well behaved, he allowed Anya to see Boris whenever she could; Which wasn't too often, but she tried. Anya often snuck out when the Vampyres weren't performing blood tithes, just to see Boris for a few moments- Only to be almost caught by the Vyrewatch and sent back to her home ghetto.

Teenaged Years

Anya and Boris both stayed with eachother all the way into their teenaged years. By then, they were already in a casual relationship. Unfortunately over in Meiyerditch, it is hard to upkeep an actual relationship like the people on the other side of Gielinor do. As Anya had for the past few years, she'd sneak out whenever she could only to see Boris for a few moments.

Anya's Escape

Around Anya's 16th birthday, Nikolai and Boris worked together to come up with an escape plan to hopefully lead as many Meiyerditch blood tithes away from the ghetto as possible, and hopefully reach the other side of the Salve to Salvation. Nikolai actually dubbed it "Operation Salvation". Anyway, the plan was for Nikolai and a few of the other elder blood tithes to start a mass riot in the center of the ghettos so that they may distract the Vampyre lords briefly for Boris to lead any willing blood tithes out of the city from a small hole that was dug under the walls for a few years now. Just two days before their plan was to be put into action, Anya was informed by both Nikolai and Boris. It struck Anya straight through the heart, and she couldn't stop crying for the entire night. Knowing that her father figure Nikolai, the man she grew up idolizing and looking up to, will likely die the next day. On the morning of Fentuary 2nd, the plan was initiated. Nikolai and a few of his drinking buddies started a wild riot in the middle of the ghettos, causing much of the Vyrewatch attention to be focused on the riot. As the riot ensued, Boris gathered the escapees included in the clan along with Anya. It wasn't long before the riot ended and the Vampyres were on the tail of the escape party. Fortunately, they were able to leave the Ghettos prior to the end of the riot. Unfortunately, however, they were chased through the swamps. Men and women left and right were getting snatched up through the air by the persuing 'Vyres, only to be dropped from massive heights to their deaths. Along with that, the sound of Werewolves could have been heard in the distance. Things looked pretty grim to be honest. The surviving members of the group ran for miles non stop; It was as if the Vampyres enjoyed the chase. As the group neared the Salve, the Werewolves finally caught up and started going rampant among the escapees. Boris, Anya's dear friend, sacrificed himself for her as a Werewolf nearly pounced upon her. Boris jumped in at the last second and wrestled the Werewolf into surrounding weeds, never to be seen or heard from again. Obviously, it was safe to assume he died and Anya didn't wait another second. She ran when she had the chance and fled from her persuers. For the next two days, Anya had lived alone in the Swamps of Morytania; Navigating herself out of said swamp and towards the Salve. Lucky for her, the Vampyres and Werewolves were not aware of her escape and she managed to reach the Salve without much more difficulty. Anya crafted a raft out of a few nearby trees and sailed across the river, into the land of Misthilan.

Rolling with the Sicarius

Not long after Anya crossed the Salve was she lost in the expansive forests of Misthilan. She wandered for hours around the vast trees- lost, scared, and alone. Eventually, Anya stumbled upon another woman crying. Curious to see who it was, Anya decided to follow her for a short time. Wow! Already, another human! However, during the short persuit, a high-ranking member of the Sicarius Family randomly teleported down into their location for unknown reasons, scaring the bajeebus out of Anya. She thought it was another Vampyre! So she decided to run. She didn't get far, though. Ultimately she was caught with the other woman and they were teleported over towards the Sicarius Manor down in Kandarin, near Yanille. Ah jeeze-... now Anya was stuck in a spooky looking mansion with these creepy looking people offering to take her in to their.. "family". As Anya had no idea where she was, what was going on, or who these people were, Anya decided to join as a servant with the Sicarius family after seeing the other crying woman she saw in the forest do so. At least she will have some type of protection and company. It was a shame for Anya that the stories of Dragon-Slaying Princess Rescuing Knights in Shining Armor and Old, Wise Wizards didn't really exist as she interpreted them to over on this side of the Salve. I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side. Anya generally kept to herself in the family. She was scared of most of the members, and she didn't want to get executed like she witnessed two other times within the first month before. However, there have been times where Anya would speak up for herself or another member/servant. Unfortunately she was silenced after the first time she got punished, by a Nathan Sicarius. He cut her hair; Anya likes her hair a lot. The only thing she kept looking pretty when she was in Meiryditch. Oh well, she learned her lesson and decided to shut up. Turns out- Anya made friends with about 4 other Sicarius members. That one girl she forgot the name of.. Was it Eravii, or something, Nathan, and those two other friendly guys. Or well, friends with two and aquaintances with the other two. But they were friendly none the less. Anya learned a lot about the world of Gielinor, it's inhabitants, it's monsters, and even learned basic gramatical lessons and started to learn how to read and write! She never really grasped the concept, however. Maybe she'll learn one day. Anyway! Anya traveled around Gielinor with the family. The locations included the Fremmenik Province, Al-Kharid, and Kandarin. Believe it or not, Anya recieved her first monster kill by literally climbing up the back of this giant seprent in the heat of combat and stabbed the thing to death! She felt pretty good. Finally, after months of 'fun' with this Cul-.. er, I mean family, she was "blooded" by her friend Nathan Sicarius as an official child of the Sicarius. However, she noticed the Sicarius was starting to crumble. It's leadership and all. So, she  left the family whilst she still had the chance. Hey! At least she got a cool Sicarius tatoo on her wrist.

Days as an Ardougne Guard

Now, after Anya left the Sicarius manor near Yanille she was totally lost again. She roamed about Southern Kandarin for a good 3 days before coming across the city of Ardougne. Ahh, what the heck-.. Anya decided to try her luck and chances and ended up entering the city to see what she can do for some money. She did have a bit of money from her time with the Sicarius, so she rented a room somewhere in East Ardougne and played about the city. One day while roaming the marketplace, she saw a generic recruiting stand with two Ardougne City guards stationed with sheets of paper, feathers, and ink. Curious Anya walked up and asked what the heck it was, and they told her they will provide housing and food if she just signed those papers. With a shrug, Anya signed the papers and next thing you know she was told to patrol around the city and sit in front of the castle all day, watching out for peculiar people and law-breakers. Not that bad of a job. So, she did just that and had a fun time doing so. It was cold, though. Wintumber over in Ardougne is harsh apparantley. Fortunately for Anya, she made good friends with two guys named Aryl and Hicks. She also re-met Thea from the Sicarius family. Wow! Her luck is changing! She also saw Micheal, the dude that first teleported her towards the mansion in the first place! So many familiar faces... Aryl happened to be a Ranger in the Ardougne military, and Hicks was a fellow guard. They often were stationed together to watch over the castle. They apparantley enjoyed each others comapny and told a few jokes here and there. A few days into guarding, her Friend Hicks became Captain of the Ardougne City guard. Because a Co-Captain was needed, Anya was picked as the Lieutenant of the Guard because of her friendship with Hicks. During this little time as Lieutenant, Anya just assisted Hicks in organising the equiptment and troops, as well as setting doable hours for the other guards to work upon. Because there was little to no crime in the city, the job was extremely easy. As Anya did enjoy it, she always sought for something better. Well, actually, Anya finally made her first arrest when a boy about her age named Aiden stabbed his pregant girlfriend. Anya persued the boy down the street only after seeing to the woman and eventually detained him. What has currently happened to the boy afterwards was unknown to Anya, but at least she knows in the back of her mind the woman she saved was safe. Unfortunately, just days later, Anya's friend Hicks decided to retire as a guard of Ardougne and move off onto his own path. This saddened Anya deeply as it is her only friend in the guard she has gotten close to. With Hicks departing, the Guard was now captainless. Fortunately for Anya, however, she was chosen to be the next Captain of the Ardougne guard. During her promotion, she was also appointed a free teacher to help her read and write- So that she may do her job accordingly. And with her new paycheck, she eventually was allowed to buy a house right off the bank of the river in Western Ardougne, where she resides now. Days later, Anya met a man who turned out to be the son of Varis Grey; Some recognized name in the western world of Gielinor. He seemed to have a love-interest in Anya, but she didn't really love him back. She stopped talking to him after he, his father, and a mercenary approached the castle with the head of the Chaimberlain Man! Oh no! Not the Chaimberlain man... And, even a few more days later, Anya became friends with a woman named Mazu who would later be recognised as an important clanswoman in the fabled Eastern Storm Rider Clan. The two would become very good friends, and would occasionally share eachothers' cultures with one and another. It was then Anya started developing small Siren-like gills after Mazu shared an odd "energy drink" Sirens tend to enjoy with Anya. Her skin tone would also start to get a bluish hue! Odd! Apparantley Mazu described it as a "side effect".

Thorvald Incident & Battle at the Salve

During her time as Captain of the Guard, her friend Nathan Sicarius had informed her of an unfortunate mishappening over near the River Salve in Misthilan. The Vampyres of Morytania have actually managed to weaken the barrier enough for them to cross with little to no effect. Of course, Anya being from the lands of Morytania, was greatly effected by this. Nathan asked for her assistance in the battle. She was to be apart of Nathan's father's "stealth squad", the ones that were to repurify the river. She accepted without further thought, and began to train herself for the events to come. Well, unfortunately just as that stuff started to go down- The Homefront of Kandarin was also threatned by a large undead army under the command of a powerful lich that went by the name of Thorvald. Anya did not know much about the background, but she knew it wasn't good. Well, as more and more sightings of Zombie patrols were encountered, the city of Ardougne went more and more into lockdown, eventually having to evacuate all of the citizens. Times were hectic for Captain Anya. She was in charge of the Guard and some of the citizen evacuation efforts; Trying to stop riots, lead citizens into evacuation portals, force people out of their homes, the likes. Eventually, the city streets were dead. Anya hated it! Ardougne, the capital of the largest nation in Gielinor! Empty! What is this?!-.... It was pretty eerie, patroling the empty streets of Ardougne. Anyway, about a day after the city was evacuated, Lucius Renderra's human army started to march on towards the Temple Paterdomus. Anya had sought out around the city of Ardougne looking for a mage that was willing to teleport her towards Misthilan so that she may join Lucius upon hearing the news. Eventually she found a mage, and she was luckily teleported down near the human army just in time before the battle started. As she fell into line near the back, Lucius noticed Anya and called her up towards the front of the ranks. Curiously, Anya complied and made her way up beside Lucius. Lucius was currently negotiating with a Vyrelord. Anya found it odd; She thought there was going to be fighting! Well, the Vyrelord told Lucius that he may take two others down into the chamber below the temple so that he may repurify the salve under certain conditions. Lucius took Anya and this White Knight man down. Anya was horrified. They were now behind enemy lines with basically no way back. They could be killed down here! Anyway, the Vyrelord gave Lucius a script to read off of as he tries to purify the salve, but Lucius refused as he decided to chant in his own language while he poured the rune essence down into the well, effectively purifying the river. The Vyres were furious! It was there where Anya witnessed Lucius's death; She too would have died if it were not for the magic Renderra Amulet Nathan gave her days prior. Just before she was able to be killed, she rubbed the amulet after noticing Lucius's was glowing, effectively teleporting Anya and the corpse of Lucius over towards the Renderra Isles. Shortly after exchanging sad convorsation with Nathan, she left back for Ardougne to continue her job. Just a day later, Anya was assigned to patrol the sewers to look for any suspicious undead activity or the likes. There wasn't any readily available backup available, so she decided to head in alone. Yuck! These sewers were disgusting. Anya slid down the latter, right into a pile of God knows what. As she ventured off, Anya encountered some kind of wolf-dog-puppy thing covered in Fungi. It obviously wasn't friendly, as it charged her. She managed to kill it, but it bit her in the process! So she decided to run away. Heading back towards the latter, what do you know? A random Mortupice appears! It block's Anya's way to the latter and ultimately grabs hold of her. The tar covered her body, and the Mortupice tried dragging her down into the muck. But! Luckily! Anya's friend Anara came in just in time and rescued her! However, Anya was still covered in tar. She spent the next day down in the sewer sulking in the muck to cool down the pain of the tar covering her body. Eventually, Anya's friends Nathan, Thea, Anara, and their friend Zaox came down and rescued her; They removed the symbiotic tar from her body with holy salt and water, and sent her on her way! Just in time after recovery, the dead struck! Anya organized her guards quickly and met up with other Kandar forces in the market square. The CO's of the Kandar Army devided their forces into 4 even batallions, and sent them off towards each cardinal direction. Anya and her guards were part of the Southern Defence. Just before the battle, Anya met a friendly face she met through Nathan- Lydia the mage! The two were extremely scared and nervous, as they have never fought in a large scale battle before. Alas, they fought by eachother valiantley and managed to survive for the end of the battle despite the massive casualties inflicted upon the humans. During the large battle, Anya managed to slay about 9 of the zombies while saving two people and assisting many others. Lydia was extremely tired due to casting all of her magic, so Anya helped calm her down in the ending minutes. After the battle, Anya had to gather her remaining guards and run back towards the city to assist in minimal cleaning efforts and ready for the next battle; Which would be re-taking the Western Front which unfortunately failed. For the next week, Anya and her guards were getting minimal sleep assisting with wounded soldiers, patroling 24/7 shifts, and generally trying to keep order among all the chaos. She also spent her only free time filling out order applications for new armor and weapons. Nathan also knighted her as a Knight of the Renderra family on a visit. It didn't help that the Renderra family needed aid; Anya had to find time to slip out from her guard duties to assist Nathan and his endeavers. She was never sure what Nathan was actuallyup against, but she was dragged into fighting these extremely religious zealots that ended up being Zarosian worshippers. It was during this time that Anya ended her first life, and a day later would have ended four more lives. Although they were the enemy, the faces of those she had killed those two days will never leave her mind. Ultimately the threat against Nathan and the Renderra family was ended, and Anya returned back to the destroyed Ardougne to find that her armor and weapons were delivered. Sweet! Finally- A week after the large battle in the city. The remaining numbers of the human army were ready to march into West Ardougne to attack the undead that currently occupy that sect of the city. Anya was put in charge of a fireteam of 5 other archers, and thus marched on with the army towards the wall into West Ardougne. As the army neared the wall, the Undead came along with a giant land krieken! A Yanillian Ranger saw Anya's fireteam of archers and ordered them to climb up onto the guard tower with her so that they may provide sniper fire for the ground forces. Anya complied, and climbed up the tower with her team to assist the Ranger. Anya didn't really like this Ranger; She was real cocky, and didn't trust Anya and her team. But they pulled through and managed to succeed in provided cover-... Until the Krieken decided to destroy their guard tower. Anya, her team, and the Ranger all fell down with the tower but luckily only one of Anya's team were killed. From there, the Ranger ran into the mass crowd of people as Anya continued to provide sniper cover for the human army. During the battle, Anya lost two more of her team members before it started to thin. As it thinned, the human army was pushing into West Ardougne. Anya took her remaining team members and ran back towards the destroyed castle to see the damage. Although the castle was partially destroyed, she was glad to see King Oliver was still alive. Anya ordered her guards away as she followed King Oliver along with another woman. Eventually King Oliver found Thorvald and Anya had a front row seat watching King Oliver fight Thorvald in West Ardougne. Once Thorvald died, Anya celebrated by drinking a whole crapload and ended up helping clean the city with her remaining guard force in the end. Phew!

Vacation in Seers Village

Anya thought now would be a great time for a vacation; She hasn't ever had a break since she left Morytania for petes' sake! So, after two days of cleaning up and generally helping the remaining populace of Ardougne city, Anya took about a week and a half of leave as she packed up some vacation gear and went out to take the long one and a half day hike north towards Seers Village. Anya didn't really mind, she liked nature. Oh yeah, before Anya left she sent in an application to compete in the Prince's held skills tourney that would have been taking place in Camelot very soon. She went for archery. Anyway, Anya made it to her hotel in Seers Village after an uneventful but fun hike. Fortunately for her, she was just in time to compete in the tourney she applied for. Taking her oak woodbow, she'd march on up towards Camelot Castle to start the games! To her suprize, only three other archers were there to compete that day. I guess there weren't many in Kandarin up for the challenge! She was up against a woman with the Sicarius "S" branded into her left shoulder pauldron, and a masked man who decided to head in at the last moment. Anya was chosen to shoot her bow first; Firing her arrow, she ultimately hit just under the bullseye. Unfortunately, her competetor bearing the Sicarius armor hit the bullseye, ultimately beating Anya! poor Anya was distraught- She thought she would have won for sure! But, being the good sport she was she brushed it off for the night and headed back towards her lodging to relax for the rest of the night. The next day, rather than going towards Camelot Castle again to continue watching the games, Anya decided to stroll around the village and explore the forests surrounding it. Lucky for her, she missed the Assassination attempt at Prince Vectis performed by the Worshippers. Upon hearing the news, Anya was forced back into her lodging for the rest of the day. This vacation was starting to suck! Alas, the next morning Anya was greeted by a man who worked in the Ardougne Caslte named Nikkolai and a mysterious woman named Madame Anonymous. The two basically were tasked with forming a team of Special Forces Operators that excelled in Infiltration and Espionage- They asked her to join. Finally! Anya was esthatic! Ever since her first day as a guard at Ardougne she has been trying to get into the Special Forces. Now she finally did; The three basically discussed what to name the group and who to recruit next. Finally, the insignia was designated as a wolf head infront of the Vectis family crest with a 0 on it's collar, as well as calling the group simply "Zero". Anya just lied low for the rest of the day and relaxed. The evening following, Anya met the Ardougne Castle Blacksmith Stannis in the downstairs floor of the pub she was staying at. After a short discussion on making a few custom rings, Stannis ran out of the building persumably in pain. The caring Anya decided to follow after him to see what was up, only resulting in witnessing him become a werewolf! Anya was horrified! She tried running away, but the Werewolf ultimately caught up to her and tackled her. Almost killing her, the Werewolf just kind of whimpered and rolled aside as if it were fighting itself. Anya took no time to waste and immediatley sprinted back to her room to hide. Observing out from her window, she witnessed a masked man confront the werewolf with a wolfbane, ultimately turning the werewolf into a human. She basically observed the two for a good few minutes before witnessing the man let the werewolf man go.


Now back in Ardougne after an eventful vacation up in Camelot, Anya had started to experience symptoms of depression. She didn't really have much friends in the Guard anymore because most of them had either left or died, and the government kept ignoring her requests to try out for the Kandarin Special Forces. She just had to leave. However, when she had tried to resign she was denied. Apparantley Ardougne needed her as Guard Captian. As a result, she threatened suicide. Still, she wasn't really taken seriously so in the end she had ran away, leaving her house empty. Now homeless, Anya went towards one of her remaining friend Anara's house. Knowing Anara was experimenting with the Mortupice tar, Anya sought salvation through the tar. She had volunteered for Anara to be a test subject with the tar in hopes it would consume her eventually so that she may die. However, to her suprise, Anara had also an addiction and love for the tar. So the two covered themselves and ran away towards the sewers, covered in the tar. For weeks, the two stayed down in the sewers with their tar covered bodies enjoying eachothers company. To be completely frank, Anya and Anara had lost their marbles. The tar squeezed against their body daily, tighter and tighter- but suprisingly they had enjoyed it. It is as if they wanted to die. Well, eventually, the inevitable had happened. Anya's friend Anara had been consumed and killed, leaving Anya alone once more. Saddened, Anya had taken Anara's ring and sulked alone in the sewers for a few more days until her two old friends Rolf and Nathan had finally found her. Taking a bit of time, they had brought her out of the sewers and saved her once again from the tar, bringing her over towards Port Saramin to recover.

Why am I here?

Eventually, Anya was brought over towards the Renderra Isles where the remainder of the Renderra family resides. Nathan showed Anya around and she ultimately decided to stay as Nathan & his posse were really the only friends that have stayed with Anya since she had left Morytania. However, Anya was again without a job and was stuck in between a rock and a hard place. So Anya sought out mercenary work and paramilitary groups in hopes she'd be accepted into one. Unfortunately she was never truly accepted and she just stayed on the isles helping out Nathan in whatever endevours he so chooses to shoot after. Also, it was a suprise for Anya to find out Anara's soul still resided in the ring she has taken before her rescue. So technically Anara never really 'died' and the two were together once again. Years passed with Anya staying in hiding with the Renderra refining her combat prowess.

Adult Life

Lady Commandore Korsokov

Around her 21st birthday, Nathan was reforming his Renderra family and had decided to knight Anya as a Knight of the Renderra while also appointing her as the Lady Commadore of the Renderra Knights. Of course, Anya had accepted the proposition. Although she was now in charge of the chivalric order of Renderra Knights, she still didn't have much to do so she continued to refine her combat skills. She did find herself going on a journey with Nathan's wife up towards the Fremennik lands to meet with some members of the Frostshield clan and also ran errands for the Renderra Family, but other than that there wasn't really anything note-worthy. Eventually, Nathan had a job for Anya to do.

The hunt for Alim

A year after her promotion as Lady Commadore of the Renderra Knights, over in the (not so) bright lands of Asgarnia and parts of eastern Kandarin, a borderline terrorist group of Saradominists were known to go about in the dead of night and beat or murder non-Saradominists in their sleep. Talk about extremists.. The leader of this terrorist group of Saradominists happened to be led by none other than one of Nathan's relatives, a Temple Knight named Alim. Instead of informing the Temple Knights of the bad seed within their midst, Nathan dispatched Anya to Asgarnia to try and seek out this Alim individual and either talk him out of his doings or bring him to justice. Whichever the situation permitted. As Anya's first real task as a Knight of the Renderra, Anya eagerly set off on foot from the Yanille area all the way to Asgarnia. It took Anya two whole months of walking with no significant events before she reached the Rising Sun Inn just as the Wintumber Asgarnian sun had set. Instead of going right to business, Anya decided to take the night off and celebrate over a nice pale lager. She'd continue in the 'morn. Anyway, as the next day came in Anya set out about the city of Falador in search for any source of information of this Temple Knight named Alim and where he might be stationed. Days go by and to no avail Anya couldn't find any information what-so-ever about Alim. During this time, she met a woman who owned a clothing and perfume shop named Sally. While Anya was shopping in the store for Wintumber Gifts, they were robbed by two Sicarius members. Fortunately no one was hurt but one of the Sics. This caused Sally to relocate her store to Varrock. Unfortunately, poor Anya was running out of coin- so she couldn't stay in the Rising Sun for much longer. As a last ditch effort, Anya sought out a White Knight who happened to know a bit about Alim. He had tipped Anya, saying he was currently in the Varrock area plotting his next move within the ghetto. Wasting no time, Anya packed up and immediately left for Varrock, taking her about six days on the road before reaching her destination once again. Upon reaching Varrock, Anya checked into the Blue Moon Inn and asked around for a man named Alim. A few more people were familiar with Alim, and one shady character had suggested he was at a bar called the "Dancing Pony", deep within the Varrock Ghetto. Anya knew she could get there, but the man suggested Anya look a little more.. revealing, if she wanted to get into the ghetto without being harmed. So, Anya sought out the woman she met recently named Sally who can hook her up with some clothes. And as she predicted, Anya came walking out of Sally's looking like a prostitute. And so Anya continued into the ghetto, getting stared at by shady men like hungry wolves. She was assaulted by one as well, but she managed to hold him off without killing him. After a bit of walking, Anya finally reached the Dancing Pony. Upon entering, she noticed a few masked men sitting at the bar. She presumed one of them was Alim, so she approached them and sat on one's lap. Just as she tried prying information out of them, a familiar face came walking in. It was Nikolai! Anya's old caretaker! How the hell was he still alive!? He looked a bit off though- Very frail and pale looking. No matter! He was standing right there! Anya and him chatted for a little while, exchanging their stories. In the end, he told Anya of Alim and how he wasn't responsible for the extremist Saradominist strikes on non-saradominists. He explained a very confusing crimy syndicatie thing she didn't really understand. So the two departed after their meeting, sharing their contact information in the even they need anything, and Anya went back to the Blue Moon in to stay the next day in relaxation. The next day, Anya reported in to Nathan and he decided to move her off the case as she worked hard enough. For now, at least, the hunt for Alim has ended. It was more of a hallow victory if anything.

Meeting Deborah Ditchwater

Shorty after the search for the Temple Knight Alim, Anya had found herself down at the Wizards' Tower near Draynor in an attempt to seek knowledge and improve her magical prowess. She was the Lady Commadore of the Renderra Knights, after all- and she wanted to prove to the Knights and the Renderra that she was a a capable fighter of all points in the triangle. She already considered herself a master at Archery, and an adept swordfigher at least. So it was only logical to start practicing magic. This was where Anya's life started taking another turn again. Upon entering the Wizards' Tower for the first time, she had met with a woman named Deborah Ditchwater, who worked at the Tower as a Librarian. At least Anya had assumed so. Anyway, Deborah had asked if Anya needed any assistance as she looked a bit lost in her blackened armor and bow standing in the middle of a library. Anya had agreed and told Deborah of her intention in learning and improving her skills in magic. For some reason, Deborah showed quite a bit of friendship towards Anya and directed her towards a certain amount of books that dabble in the darker side of sorcery- Witchcraft and the likes. Anya didn't really like that, but she appreciated the hospitality Deborah showed Anya. So out of kindness Anya took the books Deborah had recomended and off she went to study. The books Deborah gave Anya really interested her, and she wanted to know more. After about a few day's worth of reading and studying, Anya returned to the tower to meet with Deborah once again. Deborah seemed glad Anya had returned, and offered to take Anya out on a dinner date to talk and learn more about each other. Anya eagerly agreed, and the two were eventually teleported over to Varrock for a night in the town. Before catching supper, the two talked and walked through Varrock where Deborah led Anya towards an expensive clothing store. Deborah told Anya to pick out a dress while she produced a coin pouch, giving it to the store owner. This shocked Anya. Why was this woman letting Anya take an expensive noble style dress for free? But Anya didn't think twice. She was too excited she made a friend, and that her friend was buying her something expensive. So she chose a black tube topped skirt and heeled shoes, and off they went to dinner. They continued talking, sharing information to each other, and it was then Anya had realised why she liked Deborah so much. It wasn't because she bought her something fancy, or helped her learn a bit more about magic- no. It was because Anya had never had a mother before, and this woman she just met a couple days back seems to be filling this role for her. Anya basically started looking up to Deborah as a mother figure near the end of the night- Especially when, before the two parted ways, Deborah had invited Anya to her own house located in Rimmington for some sort of exhibit. With nothing else to do, Anya accepted the invitation. That night ended as Deborah went back to the Wizards' Tower while Anya started traveling west towards Rimmington to attend the exhibit at Deborah's house.

The Coven

It took a little bit of travel, and a lot of bad weather before Anya had reached Deborah's house in Rimmington. Unfortunately, Anya was a bit late as when she just entered the house the exbidition was at a close. Whatever Deborah was showcasing was being taken away by a large-esque man with a ginger beard- and the guests started leaving. Only a few stayed, and Deborah had greeted Anya as she entered telling her it was OK that she missed it. Nevertheless, Deborah had revealed to Anya after some time that she was in fact a Witch and Supreme of a coven she was currently trying to revive in her anscestor's name, and wanted to invite Anya into it. The word "Witch" didn't really settle well with Anya, but Deborah promised to help teach Anya more magic if she were to join, and told her that there would be more friends to meet if she were to join. Knowing Nathan or the rest of the Renderra wouldn't like if Anya said "yes", she decided to say "yes" anyway- Only because as stated prior, Anya looked at Deborah like she was her own mother. Deborah was pleased, and told Anya to meet her at Varrock in two days while producing two teleport tablets to her. Anya was to meet this 'coven' later, but before Anya had left, she personally met the large ginger-bearded man. He went by the name Rayven, and had a sort of Morytanian accent like Anya. But she was a bit intimidated by him. So, off she went into Rimmington to stay the next two nights and practice her magic before teleporting to Varrock to meet Deborah at the Blue Moon Inn. Anya checked in with the barkeep and went upstairs towards where Deborah was staying- What Anya saw when she entered Deborah's room caught her off guard- A dead body lie motionless on the floor with a couple of candles around his figure while Deborah paced around the body with a glass of whiskey and a cigarette in her fingers. Anya asked Deborah what happened, and Deborah responded- giving Anya her first task as a member of the coven. She tasked Anya with traveling to Morytania to seek out a Witch named 'Phiona' who was involved with the coven long ago. She had left for a reason Deborah did not share, and she told Anya the husk of the body that layed before them was to accompany her, along with a member of the coven whom was downstairs. Deborah performed a ritualistic spell shortly after the briefing, causing the body to become as sort of a Wight for Anya to command, and Deborah quickly rushed Anya out the door. Anya did not like this instruction. She hadn't been to Morytania since she had escaped so long ago! To be honest, she was extremely nervous- and even considered abandoning the coven and Deborah then and there. But Anya was intent on making Deborah proud. She was what she saw as her own mother figure after all... Anyway, Anya proceeded down the stairs with the zombie like Wight, who's figures were hidden in a thick and oversized robe so no one would accuse her of necromancy. There, sitting at the bar, was a woman about Anya's age with a large pointed hat, paleish skin, and frizzled orange hair. She looked towards Anya with a smile and greeted herself as "Rowanne", whom was also a member of the coven. She seemed pretty upbeat and happy, so Anya and her both got along pretty well. So also accompanied Anya towards the river salve and comforted her worries along the journey. They shared each other stories of their past and seemed to have become good friends, all the while Anya's assigned wight followed idly in watch. It took them about three days to reach the river, where they swam across. Once Anya had stepped foot on the Morytanian soil for the second time in her life, she had a dark feeling of dread overcome her aura. She couldn't believe she was doing this- Never had she thought she would return to these lands. Nevertheless, Rowanne and Anya split ways. Rowanne went south to try and collect some mort myre fungus while Anya and the silent wight went north to seek out where this swamp witch Phiona may be located. Minutes turned into hours as Anya trekked through the lost swamps of northern Morytania, where every sound of an animal and twig snapping had Anya into a heart attack. Eventually, Anya came across a clearing in the swamp. In the clearing was a small looking farm which looked to be kept in good shape, and a cozy looking house that had a weird sort of bluegrass/country music coming out from a music box inside. Anya didn't know what to do there- was it a trap for humans? Or was this where Phiona was located? Anya literally stood there for a good hour debating whether or not she should approach the house. Ultimately, she decided to and walked across the field, to where it was located. As she walked across the field, Anya spotted a pale blonde woman who appeared to be in her 30's emerge from behind the house with a water pale who danced along merily to the music, watering the plants and et cetera that were in the garden. So Anya pressed forward with her Wight, who ultimately caught the attention of the woman. She looked at Anya curiously, then with anger. She demanded that Anya send the wight away, or else she wouldn't be able to speak with her. So Anya abliged and told the wight to enter the swamps while the blonde woman showed a bit more hospitality. She invited Anya inside for tea, and Anya eventually found out this woman was none other than the swamp witch Phiona. Anya learned that she was a lonely soul, where not even the Vampyres of Morytania bothered her. She shared a sorry story, telling her of how her mother left and she was alone ever since. The only visitors she ever gets are victims of werewolf attacks! Anyway, Phiona showed Anya a flower patch out in the front. A muffling sound was coming from the flower patch, but Phiona just sprinkled water on it and the muffling stopped. She explained to Anya that there was a deceased woman under there that she was able to bring to life- She taught Anya her own gift, "green fingers", which could best be described as "light necromancy". It's a well kept secret among the "light witches". In the end, Phiona told Anya that Deborah was no woman to like- She had no soul nor heart, and that she would one day try and rid of Anya. She was only in the game itself. Anya did not like this news, and thought Phiona was lying at first. But she seemed genuine, for a poor soul. Anya did not know what to think.. In the end, when it was time to go, Phiona pleeded Anya to stay, but Anya had to leave. So she promised Phiona that she'd be back one day, and off she went back south to regroup with her Wight and Rowanne to go back to the west. She couldn't find her wight, but she was relived to see that Rowanne was ok. She told Rowanne of her findings with Phiona, and Rowanne agreed that Deborah was a bad seed. She said exactly what Phiona said, that she had no heart and soul. She was an evil witch who just wanted to use this coven for her own personal gain. Anya took this into thought as they crossed back over the river and traveled back to Varrock, where they were to meet with Deborah once again.

Anya and Rowanne returned to where Deborah was staying- and to their surprise, they were not the only witches that were meeting with Deborah that day. (will continue later, details from here and on can be read from a narrative point of view on THIS page.)

Anya's Squire

The expedition to Morytania



  • Anya was first created to be a rofl-character in mind, only to join the Sicarius because my friend Nat Renderra was there and I wanted to add some good role-play to my schedule. Turns out, she became one of my main characters and probably one of my most realistic characters. She actually turned out to be almost like myself, which is probably why I enjoy role-playing her.
  • Anya has a Morytanian accent.
  • The more 'modern' version of Anya (circa 2014) is based off of the character "Fiona Goode" portrayed by Jessica Lange on American Horror Story: Coven.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • She has an allergy to cats.
  • Anya's friends come and usually go shortly afterwards. Hicks.. Anara.. Phiona.. Rowanne.. The only one that stayed through since their initial meeting was Nathan Renderra.
  • Originally, Anya's physical appearance was based off of the singer Alexandra Stan for laughs and inside jokes. Now she doesn't really have a 'set' physical apearance, so one may just have to go by the primary photo uploaded every now and again on this page.
  • Anya has a great amount of respect for authority and law, despite being a bit bitter.
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