Singular troll concept

Anvil, stockier than most trolls

Anvil is a character played by Hact1.

A Quick Summary

Some say that trolls are all dumb as rocks, and unskilled at everything besides smashing things. While this is true, anvil is an exception. He, while being mute, is exceptionally (for a troll) smart, being able to make many metal items with his bare hands. he keeps his trusty anvil which he stores in his pack at all times while travelling, and brings it out when he sits down to make things. Anvil, like all trolls, is named after the first thing he tried to eat- this being an anvil. He, whether fortunately or not could be up for debate, succeeded in his endeavor to eat an anvil, but in doing so severely damaged his throat and vocal cords.

Should anvil try to speak or do any other throat-related activity besides eating (and even then, too) he will start to cough and wheeze violently. Fortunately for anvil, he has learned to use pantomime- or to express what he means through visual depictions- when he needs to convey something. Anvil can be usually found following Pickaxe around, or on his own making things at his anvil. If anvil were to ever be angered, it would be a cool calculative anger, a scary thing in a troll, indeed. With this anger, anvil would plot how to get revenge/vengeance on the thing that angered him, up until he was distracted and then forgot about it.

Anvil is your typical troll in appearance, carrying around a large, seemingly infinite backpack and an anvil within said backpack. He stands at a normal size for a troll, seven foot five inches. His arms, and particularly his hands, are much larger and stronger than the average troll, and he can- amazingly- bend runite with his freak strength.Thankfully so, for humans and other creatures at least, he cannot actually use this strength for very long.


  • Anvil is extremely curious about any and everything metal, metal related, and metal looking.
  • Following this extreme curiosity, he is over-eager when it comes to learning smithing related things and finding new anvils to compare to his current one.
  • He likes to try new things, and explore new places
  • Seems to have a natural empathy, and easy to understand intent when he pantomimes.

Other Information

  • Anvil is currently staying in dorgesh-kaan, this can change though.
  • Anvil has a solid gold pipe, he made this while sitting in The Rising Sun Tavern.
  • You can find more on Anvil's recent history at Pickaxe's page.
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