That is some fruity demon, oh wait. That isn't a demon.

–Anna making her slayer father turn in his grave.

Annabella 'Anna' Aralyn Renderra-Nocte  was a Blue wizard at the Wizard tower. Though thought to be Evelyn and Zarin's child, Anna is not. Her biological Father is currently only known to her biological Mother and Husband Felix. She spent the majority of her life living within Anglia during the Grey reign, and then for a small part of her life living within the Renderra Isles until she was sixteen. At that point, she moved to study at the Wizards tower hoping to be more involved within society, and have a more steady entrance into adulthood. After being at the tower as a student for a few month, she was taken in as an apprentice within the Blue order due to her talents with healing, and became the student nurse of the school. 

It was at the tower that she quickly entered a series of events that she in no way could ever of imagined could occur. Upon meeting her closest friends, Beau and Constantine. She found herself walking and then breaking thin ice, and being tangled in piecing together Beau's apparent false memories, and then the reappearance of a man dubbed the Blood King. Currently, she is in the midst of preparing for history to perhaps repeat itself if the pieces of defeating the man aren't brought back together.  

After the pieces were brought back, it turned out that the truth was something they were not expecting. With everything returning to normal, it became apparent that Beau wasn't the same. This ended in murder, raiding and later his death with Anna assisting with his killing out of a sense of mercy and duty. With everything out of Anna's way, she worked on getting her life back together and focus mainly on working on the infirmary and on her family.  

Anna has gone through a wide variety of events, from Mahjarrat, to wars, to the deaths of family and friends and she has somehow managed to struggle her way through all of them while growing as a person. Currently she is living with her husband, and occasionally her children if they pass by. Though she is always ready as this point for whatever hell that could suddenly hit her and her family.  

She is written and played by Livvi.



Anna is fairly average looking when it comes down to appearance, she looks more of a mix of her grandmothers than her parents, she has a few times been mistaken for one of them. Though flawless of blemishes, she does have a small scar now that rests on her lip. Her skin is tanned, resting a more soft caramel color than being complete bronzed, showing off that she does have at least a slight Kharidian in-heritage. Her facial features show off her heritage, with her cheeks being hallow and sharp, everything is mostly in proportion to each other, though she does have a fairly long face and sometimes certain features seem a little too sharp. Of course, due to her elven heritage she has tapered ears, much like her mothers which are little more defined than most elflings. Her eyes are shaded a deep green, similar to the shade that the Aren are associated with, though tilting on towards more of the spectrum of blue in some parts. Though both of her parents have fair-hair, Anna has seamlessly jumped back a generation, inheriting her Grandmother's black hair that is usually seen either loose or tied up in a bun when she is working.


Due to her natural heritage, Anna stands at 5'11 and her form is fairly willowy. She has some tone to her legs and arms, but not much compared to some. Her form is built to be fast, and nothing more. Her figure is fairly feminine as well. After her apprenticeship, Anna adopted to wearing leather based armor which is dyed in her orders colors, she always wears two bracers and two iron bands on her wrists which have glyhpic patterns carved in both of them, her left arm is nearly always covered from the elbow down due to the fact that down her lower left arm, there are very light blue markings that go to the middle sector of each of her fingers. Her arms have visibly been burnt quite a few times, with visible scars appearing on both her left and right arms. In her early twenties, an accident involving a angry mahjarrat and a sword caused Anna's right hand to be cut off from the wrist, though the fact that this has happened has been covered up a prosthetic and a glove. Jewelry wise, Anna wears three bracelets, two silver bands and a simple black bead bracelet. She wears multiple rings on her left hand, her engagement and wedding ring and her order ring. Both of her ears have three ears on each of them, mostly because they're there just due to the enchantments they hold. Casually, Anna just wears training clothes, leggings and a fairly loose shirt. Since being inducted into the blue order, she has chosen to abide by their color scheme.


During her youth, Anna was a normal child. Though hyperactive and bouncy, she was a fairly kind and loving child towards her siblings and parents. She was also known for being a little bit of a kleptomaniac at times, always getting into trouble for stealing things that weren't hers. However, her later years of childhood and early teenhood were rough, with events causing Anna's mood to drop and almost become violent. Her calm nature was overcome with a more spiteful one however as she matured she became more comfortable around people once more and her old personality returned.

Upon entering the tower, Anna was a bit of an extrovert as she quickly gained close friends. Anna is also protective, to the point of her willing to take harsh sacrifices in return for the well being of her close friends be it long term ones, or short term. She is fairly kind in nature, and though she is capable of insulting people, she is known for being blunt with answers and this at times can hurt people. She is usually willing to go out of her way to assist those that she deems as friends either with emotional or physical support. However, Anna can and will keep some of her darkest emotions hidden from others and will only really show them to those closest to her, or at vulnerable moments. . This may make her seem selfish, or stubborn or even cruel at times, but she is very capable of feeling guilt for her actions and does have a very strong set of morals that she abides by. Though she will twist them if needs be. Her biggest flaw by far is her pushy nature, she will push to get answers for her questions. This trait helped trigger various unwanted events in her later life that she regretted starting. She acknowledges this part of her nature, and tries to keep it restrained though this fails. She is one to keep to promises, and finds it vital to follow through with promises made with people, no matter what the consequences. This had led to her to becoming more volatile and guilt ridden as of late, as one of the promises lead to the death of her best friend. 

Currently, her personality has taken a turn for the better with her kids being born, she has become more warm and accustom to what she considers to be a 'normal life'. Though she is still blunt, and likes to keep her words true, Anna has managed to regain a bit of her personality that she lost during the issues with Beau and Connie. She is very protective and caring over her family, and will do anything to protect them. She has become more lively, and energetic due to her life finally taking a turn for the better.


You find better things in life, better things to live for.

–Anna to Beau McCorrigan during the Blood King saga, later deemed ironic due to her mental breakdown after the death of Felix Nocte, her husband.



Anna was born apparently to Evelyn, and Zarin. She was their last child as a couple, and the second daughter. Born with a twin sister, Olivia. They lived a good life with the Renderra, Anna was a more lively toddler and child compared to her sister. So, Evelyn and Zarin had more trouble keeping her under control than her more docile counterpart, Olivia who was more studeous and well-behaved. They went through basic lessons, Anna had the chance to at least meet who would turn out to be her Grandmother before she later passed away, Natalie and had some teachings under her as a child.

Life in Taverley

After an incident involving the kidnapping of herself, and her mother. Anna noted that her mother had begun to withdraw from the family, and disappear for long periods of time. Leaving her to train by herself, or just with Olivia. . It was at fourteen that Anna requested to be sent to a school as she was struggling with life within the family, not finding it suitable for her personality. Due to conflicting views, she began arguing more with her parents so she opted to spend time in the North with her aunts on the Lunar isles and with her cousins in Aethyrmont as a ward and spent a large majority of her life until she was sixteen. IT was on her sixteenth birthday that Evelyn finally agreed with Zarin to let her go to the tower to further her knowledge within the magical field, so they gave her the funds and the equipment and she took a boat to Sarim to begin her life at the tower.

The Tower

" Uh, my name is Anna Renderra. "

The original trio - Enter Beau and Kharron

Anna's first day at the tower was not an easy one, for a start off the first lesson she turned up to she got kicked out of so she was left feeling more unnerved than she did when she first entered. Her second day was better, she began talking to another new student, Kharron and they went to their second lesson. Here Anna finally began to talk to other students after being paired up with a boy her age called Rick. After managing to pass a lesson, Anna and Kharron moved to the library to chat. They noted someone else there, but went to their own area. IT was then the other person decided to introduce himself. It was then and there that Anna met Beau, the three quickly became friendly with each other. Then a few more classes happened, and Anna became friendly with a few other students while experiencing the typical drama that came with the tower, that included various games of truth and dare and watching a student kick a teacher into the ocean during a class. 

Bad luck is a little bit of an understatement here - The strings twist

After a particularly bad lesson, Anna, Kharron and Beau ended up in the infirmary looking through herbs. Beau and Anna ended up taking the wrong herb, and ended up hallucinating. They ended up going on a magical adventure that involved trying to make out with Felix's mother, teleporting to the desert and capturing Locust. It was amongst these events that Anna thought she spectated Beau doing blood magic, to back that up. He healed her randomly so Anna came back to the tower more confused than scared. Afterwards, they went to a class and after an argument with a teacher ended up on the beam with Bonehead, the resident student Moblin. During the argument, as a joke Beau pushed Bonehead into the beam. She proceeded to crack her head at the bottom, Beau, Anna, the teacher, and other spectating students rushed down. Anna tried at first to help, but Beau came to the rescue by using blood magic infront of everyone. It ended up with Anna having to run off with Beau due to the magic quite obviously being banned. After comforting him, the teachers and Kharron finally caught up and Anna and Kharron were forced to leave and they were questioned. Anna lied about a few things for Bonehead and Beau's sake. However the fact that she was lying soon caught up to her, and she and Kharron were punished for it by being forced apart, due to the fact that they had just entered a relationship with each other. Also due to the events that transpired with Bonehead, Anna decided to take up learning how to heal once more. 

Enter the Blues - Literal A and E drama

For the next few weeks Anna had to deal with many things, being split apart from her new boyfriend, and her best friend suddenly becoming more aggressive and bipolar and locking himself into his room every day. She found most of her day either in the infirmary or waiting outside of Beau's room to check up on him. However, her healing skills to begin to improve and as she attended more lessons she can began to feel herself becoming more skilled in different fields. After a particularly disasterous lesson with Astrid with the assistance of the divination teacher. Anna had to heal around eight students. During that particular lesson, she met with another girl who would soon become close to her, Constantine. After having to heal many more student, Anna was finally taken in by Amara as her offical apprentice and was allowed to enter the Blue Order. Then the conclave came, Anna met with her cousin beforehand and was soon confronted by her Father who was displeased about her relationship with Kharron due to a past confrontation between the two. This basically caused Anna to decide to take a step back from the Renderra as she felt it could interfere with her studies. After the conclave little happened apart from a dance in Ardougne, Anna and her Father saying their last goodbyes before her Father left and eventually died and Kharron and Anna breaking off their relationship as the former went travel.

The Blood King Saga

“ When faced with unthinkable suffering, the mind creates a barrier and that is one of hope and salvation. “

( This is a private plot between the Tower, and the players involved in the main story. )

The Red eyed man - The vision and enter Connie

It was at Anna's suggestion that Constantine, Beau and her went on a trip to Taverley, her old family home. Everything was fine, and normal. They bought a few things from the market place and headed back on the road to the tower. At Beau's suggestion, they went to his house. Reaching the area, all they found were ruins. In panic, Beau fled and Connie and Anna were left standing there confused. After a brief discussion, Anna headed back to the tower, only to be pulled into an experiment with Beau led by Zayne. This went wrong, so very very wrong. With the group of students being forced to face their worst fears and nightmares, then Nariek died and with Anna and Beau trying to fight Zayne, Anna had to resort to using shadow magic which was caught onto by Beau. Soon Zayne left, but without ripping a rift to infest the tower with demons. The children were sent to Zanaris, where more chaos ensued until they managed to find a fairy who agreed to assist them in sealing up the rift. Returning to the tower, they fought through the demons and sealed the rift. The next day, Anna was called to Beau's room where they discussed her ability with the ancients, they both agreed to bring Thaddeus to the ruins of his home where Connie was still waiting. The memory they saw didn't help them in the slightest, with Anna pointing out a building on Ice mountain which while living near the mountain, she had never seen before. The group more confused than before, left for the tower ball. This event was more uplifting, Connie tried to teach Anna how to dance, and Anna tried to out-dance Beau. This ended in distaster, with Anna being knocked out after trying to do a backflip and headbutting the ground. This somehow developed into more of a disaster, with Anna seeing a vision of a man, using blood magic to control a army in an unknown area while speaking a language she couldn't comprehend. She awoke to immediately tell Connie, they then headed to the Grey Patriarch where not only did they get documents entailing of a similar man causing Morgan mental harm but of the name of the fortress in the memory, Lassar. Both girls returned to Beau who then told them, he also had a vision of an army being controlled but without the man. Putting the two pieces together, they worked out that they had an issue. Another issue was similarity the man had to Beau, at that point they promised to work this out together and agreed to do so. Forming a new trio.

The fabulous quad - Enter Felix

So the the three began to do research into the man, Anna went through history book after history book and found nothing on the second age, or Lassar itself. So after talking to Beau, they decided to go to Varrock muesum after working out that neither of them really knew what even a Zaros was. Taking another group of students with them, they found out he was a god from the second age. This gave them a certain time period of the vision. In the meantime, Rick managed to mess up another experiment and Mara, Beau, Rick and Anna were thrown into the security dungeon. Where they discovered Mara was a necromancer to Anna's dismay, though she later promised not to speak of it and Beau's bad luck struck again and half his body was broken. This left Anna stuck looking after him for a week in the infirmary. Though they did manage to find rainbow boots. But after he was half better, the trio went to Seers to search through the library there. Nothing was found, they later found themselves in the Dwarven city. It was at that point that they finally found that Mccorrigan was a Northern name. The group set out to head to Relleka in the next week. When preparing, Felix approached them and they decided to take him with them. So they had a general walk around Relleka, Connie apparently managing to get drunk in the process and Felix and Anna followed a mysterious woman but got nowhere. They met at the Longhall, where Beau had found a man with knowledge of the Mccorrigans. The information was sparse but gave them a small push forward. They got up to leave, and were surrounded as it was apparent the group were mages after Beau used blood magic on a few guards. Out of anger, Beau used the magic again to try and get them to move out, only to be stabbed in the back. The three other members readied themselves to be attacked, but then Beau murdered all the attackers. Anna tried to stop him, only to hit a barrier but the mysterious woman appeared and teleported them to the lunar isles. After more mishaps, Beau was healed and they found a woman willing to help them. They all found themselves thrown into Beau's mind, when told to push to his first memory. They saw one of a child being born, though it was not Beau. Anna theorised it was the man in the vision. Further memories were shown, then one appeared of a house burning. The quad witnessed a confusing and terrifying scene of Beau and his mother being killed, all of them stood in shock. Then the Red eyed man made his first appearance, calling Beau his son and asking him to join him. Anna and Connie tried to stop the man, but they were saved by the same woman. Beau passed out, the man disappeared. The woman explained, that she was Beau's mother and gave them the mans name. They were all sent back to the tower, now more confused than before.

The strings break - Return of Diaval Mccorrigan

It was quiet for the next few weeks, and Anna's 18th came and passed until the evening when she went to Beau's room for studying. She was dragged into a surprise party set up by Connie, Beau, Val, Felix and for some reason Rick's bunyip, Carl. It went well until Felix called Val and Connie out, and then called Anna out where she was quickly told that they had a issue. They found Diaval's location, which happened to be inside Beau's head. They came to an agreement to go to Beau's old family home to work out how to remove him, while in turn not telling Beau. And so they did, bringing Val with them. They went to Beau's old home, Onyx hill and were immediately faced with zombies. They were split up, Anna ended up with Beau, Val ended up being taken away and when Anna went to grab Beau. She thought that she was now possessed. It wasn't going very well, they advanced forward, reaching a torture room with the victims still alive. One of them suggested bringing them back as Anna could easily heal them, Beau however had other plans. He killed them all in a random fit of rage, took out another wave of zombies and left Anna believing that it wasn't Beau they were following but Diaval. It was then she made the deadly decision to not call off the raid, and carry on. Soon after they were faced with a really flamboyant icyene named William who was one of Diaval's henchmen, the fight was hard but they won, and the Icyene ran off with the group now discussing whenever to go or not but Beau carried on and they followed. They entered the residential area, found a map and a tome which Val suggested taking back to the tower but Beau and Anna decided to proceed to the roof to escape. So, they did. They headed to the battlements, and began to talk. One thing they did not note was the man teleporting behind Beau until it was too late, in a matter of seconds Beau was stabbed and thrown over the battlements. Falling to his death, Connie and Anna moved to attack the man and were simply thrown away and then found themselves stuck to the ground. Diaval returned, nearly killed the killer and his companion before the students made an attempt to explain themselves. They were simply teleported off and left with Beau's corpse. Anna blamed everything on herself, and then suddenly moved to teleport Beau's body off in a seemly random impulsive act.

To Hell and back - The race into the Underworld

Anna ended up taking Beau's body to her Mother's house in Taverley knowing that that she was on a trip and wouldn't be back till quite sometime. She took Beau's body back to her room, and began healing him. Then Beau's murderers companion teleported in, he quickly explained to Anna that they thought was meant to die, but in the end that was a lie and they had made a mistake. He gave her the proposal of coming to the underworld with him to pull Beau's soul back. Obviously she agreed to it, and she went back to the tower informed Connie who was mourning for her boyfriends death and Val quickly came to talk to Anna about Diaval's ability to remove someone from reality, which only caused more panic for the quad because of the possibility now of members being written out.  Soon however Anna and Connie entered the Underworld with Leo, and set about their journey to find Beau's soul. After crossing a river, they came to the gates and entered the plain that souls were meant to travel to get to the Afterlife. Both of the girls received injury during this part of the journey, spiritual injuries which in a way were worse than physical ones. After coming to set of bridges, they began to move across them. The light they once carried now snuffed out which left them in complete darkness. Soon, they heard a sole scream which was identified quickly as Beau's, the raced over to the area and found him being attack by one of Amascuts servants. After a brief battle it was defeated and with the trio reunited, they went back to Gielinor. However only two of them woke up, Beau and Anna while Connie remained passed out and suddenly her body disappeared through a portal. The two remaining came face to face with Connie's father, Drask. They were forced into a fight with Beau basically making Anna his puppet in the fight however through Beau, Drask was restrained and removed himself from the room. Anna and Beau then argued about what just happened, and the two fell out and both left for the tower. After a few days, the two met up again and quickly made up but were still actually faced with the issue of Beau's father.

The Strings of Fate - The Last Stand

Val, Anna, Felix and Connie began to meet often to discuss how to deal with Diaval. They soon worked out that there was little to no chance of them getting past his own blood magic. They set up measures to avoid themselves being forgotten and wiped out from reality itself as well. Val began to try and take out his men which he had brought back with him without the rest of the groups knowledge. In the mean time, Anna worked on trying to cheer up Beau again with Connie. He ended up purchasing a boat, and Anna finally told him about the existence of his mother which significantly altered his mood for the better. They kept on working on how to sort the entire situation out. Anna and Beau were the only two who really wanted to opt out of having to kill Diaval which caused some disagreement even more so after Connie and Anna confronted Beau's Father which didn't go well at all. The next few months were hard on the group with the threat of what the vision showcased coming closer to reality, things began to become more drastic. Finally, Val was taken out and wiped out of fate itself though the counter measure worked in the way Anna wanted it to. With the assistance of Beau, they managed to bring Val back and Val came back with an explanation. During these events as well, with Felix and Anna becoming closer the two of them decided to become a couple and the two had to deal with Anna's ancestor who came about with Diaval's return also. When Val finally returned, Felix and Anna were told that basically the entire years events had been a huge misunderstanding on both sides. The vision that both Beau and Anna saw were past events, and Beau's family were only really back to once more try and settle down after the family was torn about all those years ago. This was relief to Anna as it meant that the events she thought were going to kill her friends were just lies, though she thought it was over. It turned out that on her end, the strings were still not tied up.

Mistakes and Missteps

" What is a man without a heart? A monster. "

Trying to get back to normal - Failure

Soon tower life was calm, and back to normal. The quintet went about their daily buisness though Beau and Anna began to become a less frequent sight at the tower as both had become more interested in the concept of sailing than the concept of studying. Anna handed in her thesis, and became a wizard then became an offical staff member due to her stance as a medic. Anna began to watch the sailing turn into pirating, and also found herself helping Beau out with raids and other tasks that she deemed wrong. However, she kept doing them though she did not know why, it was mainly based on fear as Beau's personality had taken a turn for the worse and she did not know how to deal with it. She kept it away from his parents, Connie who was now his fiancee and her own boyfriend. Only indicating to it indirectly, she knew that the promise she made Beau was slowly being broken as his personality became more twisted. But she couldn't bring herself to complete the promise, as she still considered him her best friend. So she kept sailing with him, and tried to balance this out with life at the tower. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

The truth of all things - Death of Beau Mccorrigan

Anna began to be more frequent at the ship, due to her beginning to get more and more frustrated with the students at the tower. She just ignored the more sadistic, and psychopathic side of Beau and acted like she normally did with him. Her own behavior began to deteriorate, and it finally met it's climax. A few days later, during a trip to see Connie at the tower, all of the students and staff were called to the hall. As it turned out, Beau had confessed to most of his crimes, including ones even Anna did not know about. After Beau made the fatal error of being arrogant during the trial, he was sentenced to being Tranquilized. To be stripped of ambition, and passion and other feelings. Anna argued against this, finding it more suitable to either strip him of memory or execute him. Unfortunately, the tower disagreed. And he was taken away, Anna broke down and Constantine left the tower. It was only a few minutes later that Beau came back, his emotions restricted and immediately Anna tried to pull him out of it but to no avail. Later, she coaxed him up to the infirmary and once more tried with more violent measures including trying to hit him, insulting him and even trying to murder him but once more it did not work. The next night, Anna decided to complete one thing that she promised Beau she would do. She went into his room, with the intent of mercy killing him. Her first attempt went with her finding herself unable to do it. When she was about to leave, Aaron, the man who got Beau arrested entered the room with the same intent as Anna. After a brief conversation, Anna took Beau's hand and Aaron went to stop his heart, Anna assisted in the end and Beau passed away in a fair amount of peace. As quickly as they came, they both left. She confessed to Felix, and Val of what she did then waited for the morning to come. It was then that her and Cullem went to discover him, it turned out that someone else had also planned to murder him as he was stabbed twenty seven times in the chest. Anna was devastated, and while she tried to recover. It was with no avail until quite some time, and Anna still suffered from guilt from a long time to come. It was apparent that the reason that she was sent to save Beau by Leo, was due to the reason of her and Aaron being his actual killers. 

Lasting ghosts - Two mistakes

Anna's life for the next month was uneventful, she still struggled with the concept of what she had done and mourned the loss of the best friend that she felt like she was forced to kill. She also began to note that she was feeling sick more often than she used to do, then a couple of weeks later she came to the horrible conclusion that she was pregnant and due to events before Beau's death it was most likely Beau's child. She had to tell Felix, who reacted with confusion and tried to support her to her surprise. The next few months for her were hard ones, she was terrified of the concept of this child and she quickly found out that it was most likely going ot be born with Beau's abilities. She only really felt like she had one option in the matter, and ended up goinh to Beau's parents who she had only a year before been planning to kill to ask for help. To her surprise, they offered to take the child from her. Meanwhile at the tower, ghosts were beginning to appear to students who had seen death happen in front of them, unfortunately this meant Anna found herself being stalked by Beau's ghost who's only purpose seemed to be to intimidate her. So for the next few months, she waited for the child to be born, Felix ended up proposing to her which she accepted abit with some confusion as she was expecting him to leave her. Finally, the time came and to her surprise it ended up being twins, and even more surprising both the children had different fathers, her son being Beau's child and the daughter, Felix's. They were named Beauregard and Cassandra and after a week of being with them, they both gave them up to Beauregard's Grandparents.

Revenge of a ghost - Death of Constantine Rosati

Anna tried to settle into being a parent, though she was still busy, she aimed to see the kids a day every week and later in their first year it turned into every weekend. She finally got back into contact with Connie, and began to visit her every few weeks, and agreed to bring the children with her. However, at first she tried to avoid contact with Beau until she could fully reassure herself that Connie would not work out the childs true father. Meanwhile, the ghost issue at the tower was getting worse with Anna seeing Beau's ghost now and again, this only made it harder for her to look after her son due to the similarities he had with his father in appearance. There was also an incident with Mara storming off and leaving the tower, and Rick being murdered so this left only a few of the original students at the tower. Then it came to Anna's wedding, the one day that Anna thought would run smoothly and it did. For about ten minutes. After Anna and Felix were offically married, the ghost appeared behind Anna with luck she was talking to Felix telepathically, so both of them saw the ghost. It was then that the ghost grabbed Anna physically and spun her around to face Connie, and pulled her arm to point to her remaining best friend. In a cruel twist of irony, the ghost forced Anna to crush Connie's heart, as she had done to Beau before only a short time ago, with the tower as witness and her own children. Luckily, Felix had connected everyone to the vision of Beau so it saved Anna the blame again. In one last move to save her best friend, Anna tried to take herself out by stabbing herself with the assistance of magic but it did not work. Both Connie and Anna dropped down, one dead and one seriously injured. Anna was saved via another lunar mage present, and she later when realising what happened stormed out. Only to be stopped by Cullem, comforted and then taken home by Felix to calm down. 

An attempt at a new start

" Want to know why I never stopped you, why I let everything happen? It was because I was terrified of you. " 

The new trios brand new adventure - More god damn family issues

Anna's life as a married woman began as a pretty calm affair, she and Felix purchased a proper house to move their family to and began trying to work out how the hell they were meant to properly raise two toddlers who were very much proving to be a difficulty as Beau has inheriated his Father's magic and his twin had somewhat been given a milder version of the talent as well. They began to move between Ardougne more as well, to help with their surviving friend, Val who was also now trying to juggle between political work and looking after her new child, Edgar. The Dae's were pushing through some issues contending with Garrus and Ausar himself, and this was something that Felix and Anna were pulled into with both of them wanting to help their friend before the situation which was already rather wayward, going more south than it already was. This included Anna having to finally work with her ex-boyfriend, Kharron which proved to be more awkward than she wanted it to be. The situation began to get worse and worse, with men dropping like flies due to the Dae's issues. Anna stepped back for a bit, allowing her husband to help solve the drama while she focused on their children. It was upon the final battle that the woman was called on for her prior experiences. The fight was possibly the toughest one that she had faced in her life, and it ended with her hand being severed by the Dae Blade while she was pushing to strike Ausar, leaving the woman now crippled and severely injured.

Two final and one lasting reunion - The Renderra and the ghost

Soon Anna managed to recover, and even began to recover fully from the events of the years previous. She focused on her job, and raising her two kids and found that she beginning to take them out of Laervane more often so her and Felix could raise them through work. However, during this Anna found she was beginning to regret something, she regretted leaving her family. So, she wrote a letter to her Father, though it never reached him, the two ended up reuniting though only for a short time. As Zarin quickly told her that he had done something that will result in his death, obviously this horrified her and after trying to persuade otherwise she accepted. After accepting something from him, a book, she headed to Aethyrmont to give it to her cousin, Driez. The two conversed, and Anna was given what her Father had left her in his will, after the two had a drink, Anna left for home. However, she promised to return to Aethyrmont this time to spend more time with her adoptive family, and introduce her children to Driez, a man she basically considered her surrogate older brother at this point. She returned to the tower, and set up work for in the infirmary. Everything was sorted now for her, she was pregnant with her third child and felt like all loose ends had been tied up. However, they had not. At least on her end. A couple of days passed, and Anna was working once more in the infirmary when she was called by a student asking for her to head to his room. Agreeing, she moved over and walked into his room, and into the boys experiment with conversing with spirits. To Anna's almost horror, the student had gotten into contact with the one person that she had so very nearly gotten over. Beau, and so the two came face to face with each other. She immediatly apologised, something she never had the chance to do but soon thought he had been brought back as a tranquil, she kept communicating with him. Painfully, but it's all she could do. However, it was a ruse, he was not tranquil and the two immediatly broke into an argument. Anna told him about his son, he told Anna that he hoped her son would kill her, then she finally broke down and told him she was terrified of him and was glad he died. What he did next was confusing, Anna presumed he was going to kill her but Kai, the student broke the connection and fell into a brief fit. After Anna sorted him out, she just headed home.

A growing family - Nikoli and more

Anna was soon pregnant with her second child with Felix, weary over how this pregnancy was going to go Anna spent more of her time at home during this pregnancy. Though it went more smoothy, and she gave birth to a son who was named Nikoli. Felix and Anna settled into Kandarin with their small but growing family, Felix adopting a horde of dogs in the process including one insane Shibe. With a gentle encouragment from Felix, she began to once more interact with her birth family who she had since become distant with. Mixing her children with the expanding main branch and allowing Cassandra to enter training within the family on her persistence. It was when her three children were just taking their first steps into childhood that she recieved summons to Aethyrmont. Which to Anna was confusing, and albiet terrifying due to her previous entanglement with activity that was deemed illegal by her family, yet she still went. Only for her parentage to be brought up, something though was not obvious to the court was never that obvious to Anna. So, with that suddenly thrown at Anna, she saw herself spend even more time with the family.

Peace, and war

Raising kids and life

  • Liv goes on Hiatus
  • Anna has 3 more kids.
  • Happy life, family life.
  • Felix had an invisible wife during this part. Sorry Eli

The war of the magi

  • Liv comes back after a month hiatus became two years
  • Oh look a war now
  • Oh look Magus is a gnome now and he is evil according to kat
  • kat is cray
  • kat wants to kill dari, anna nearly kills kat
  • insert cute RP with felix and anna

Just like in that other life

felix dies oops



Fire -Advanced

Anna has fairly advanced knowledge on this element, while only able to really produce enough of the element for it to be a little under the blast level. She has skill with using it for offensive measures, and uses it in balance with earth when dueling in public situations. She has control over it while calm, but when angered can lose control over the element.

Earth - Master

Once more she has advanced knowledge on this element, she can use this more fluently than she can use fire magic however and currently, she will mostly choose to use it over fire magic. She uses it for both defensive and offensive measures and can even use it to help in her day to day things. She has once more began to teach herself to use the element,

Shadow - Grandmaster

(Mostly used in private) The most taboo part of her set of magic, an almost last resort in serious battles. Anna hates using it, but alas it's her most advanced set of magic. She is also to manipulate it with a heavy amount of skill, however still requires the need for a source to manipulate it in a large quantity. She can solidify it, use it to nullify senses and do other quite terrible things with the element. So, she refrains from using it in battle due to her actual fear of killing someone with it.

Glyphs and wards -Master

Most of her enchantments are glyph based, she enjoys heavily implementing glyphs in her work and has done most of her thesis within the tower based on them. She can cast wards with assistance of her enchanted bracers and uses them heavily in battle while playing the supportive role. She has studied heavily into what can be used to craft glpyhs and her favourite to use so far is a mix of earth and fire to create a explosive force, but she has used them to create binding traps as well. She is currently studying in developing her skills with glyphs further.

Healing - Grandmaster

As an infirmary nurse, she uses healing frequently and is trained in applying it magically for situations that are more serious, and naturally when the situation is not as serious. Due to the busy nature of her job, she gets to train and refine these skills daily within the schools infirmary. As she has grown older, she has grown prominent for her talent when it comes to healing and medical skills. She is likely reaching the level to become one of the most talented healers as it is what she primairly studies. She also has used her skills in other fields to assist with her medical practices, knowing how to craft prosthetic. 


Other combat methods. 

Alongside her magical training, Anna was taught the basics of swordplay and hand to hand combat. Though she will probably never be as good as sister, she still knows how to defend herself with magic. She can either resort to a crossbow, but she isn't at all great with one. She is also absolutely useless with a bow and anything that isn't a sword or a dagger or a staff. 

In later years, Anna was given her grandmothers bladestaff and now utilities that in most combat situations. She is still receiving training for it and is not the best user of it unfortunately but she is slowly but surely improving. 


Anna is fluent in both speaking, reading and writing in common due to being academically taught the language by mentors when she was a child. She also knows and understands Infernal, this was due to the situation involving her friend group though she did know the basics from being taught some words during her early years. She knows the very basics of Kharidian and the Fremmenik language. 


Anna was a fairly intelligent child, and her mother especially did bother to teach her basic theory and some basic mathematics while she was a child. However, she is a fairly gifted drawer and this has helped her when it came to her tower thesis. Though she is not exactly the best with paints, she can work brilliantly with a pencil when it comes to art. She is also fairly good at singing. 

Physical hobbies

Anna is only really into water sports, though this only came about after meeting Felix and Beau. She does enjoy swimming, and she has gotten into sailing as more of a casual thing. She is still learning with the latter, but it a fairly decent swimmer, which basically means she can stop herself from drowning. 



Biological: Driez Renderra and Evelyn Aren-Renderra

Step parents Zarin Renderra, and Rikkard Renderra (Evelyn) Aelge Renderra (Driez)


Full: Olivia Renderra, and Natasa Renderra

Half-siblings from Evelyn: Theseus Renderra, Alice Renderra, Kelsi Renderra, Aryn Renderra and Aiden Renderra

Half siblings from Driez: Ekaterina Renderra, Alcides Renderra, Tarannis Renderra, Lucyna Renderra, Natalia Renderra, Keelin Irving, and Aela Renderra


Husband: Felix Nocte

Children from Beau McCorrigan: Beau 'Junior' Nocte

Children from Felix Nocte: Cassandra Valencia Ares-Renderra, Nikoli Nocte, Grayson Merrick Renderra, Evelynne Nocte, Darius Constance Nocte-Renderra, Hailey Khione Nocte-Renderra

Children-in-laws: Booker Ares (Cass), Tori Le'Gaunt, Edgar Dae (Sort of)

Grandchildren: Persephone Khione Ares-Renderra, Mars Ausah Ares-Renderra, Felix II Hades Ares-Renderra, Adaliz Ares-Renderra (Cass) Charlotte Nocte (Nik)

'Adopted' children: Summer Silversmith

Distant family

Grandparents: Aiden Aren and Ellenore Xear (Evelyn) Lunaera Xear and Natalie Renderra (Driez)

Cousins of note: Nariek Dour (Deceased), Grey Descendants, Anthony Olivriar, Scarlett Olivriar, Memphis Vaeyl

Aunts/Uncles: Zack Aren (Deceased), Garth Aren, Alexis Renderra, Eira Renderra, Diana Renderra, Aeson Renderra.

Other information

  • Constantine was Anna's only normal friend, and then she died horribly.
  • She is also horrible at relationships, until Felix. Then she actually met her soulmate.
  • Her favorite color is sky blue, her favored drink is whisky and for some reason she loves jam.
  • She was originally written to be purely an antagonist, but that didn't really work out well.
  • She literally has the most awful luck ever in the space of three years (Due to timescaling one OOC month), she lost her two best friends by killing them both though both pretty much forced, had one of her dead best friends kid, and her right hand was cut off then her dad died.
  • Every death in the Blood King plot were probably indirectly caused by her as she did not shut up about it till it was too late.
  • If her full name was written out, it would be Annabella Aralyn Aren-Renderra-Rovin-Nocte currently. She chooses to keep Renderra in it to pretty much honor the fact that a family who really didn't have to raise her, raised her.
  • Being friends with Anna apparently results in death. Apparently being romantically involved with Anna, now has a 66% death-rate.
  • She has chronic pain sometimes in both her arms, and along her cheekbones and jawline. This only really occurs when she is highly stressed or upset. This was actually an after effect from her journey to the underworld.
  • Her accent is an accent one would expect some from Kandar to have, this was due to Evelyn having a heavy version of the accent. In real life terms, it sounds like a soft french one.
  • Anna has blood connections to the Xear, Renderra, Es'ir, and Aren family then her descendants have connections nearly every known family.

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