Andrew Ross is a 25-year-old human born in Yanille and practicing in Ardougne. He is a devout Saradominist who works as a knight, sporting a longsword and a powerful staff. He is very well known, as the former Lord of Etceteria. Also expanding his reputation, Andrew tends to... "get around."


Andrew has ocean blue eyes, a freckled nose, and small pale lips along with handsome black hair. He has a scar across his left eye that he doesn't like to talk about. Other than that, he is very good looking. It would be reasonable for someone to think that he is a noble just judging by his looks.

He weighs 160 pounds of mostly muscle. He has gained alot of muscle from carrying around his gear everywhere. He stands at about 5'8" and has a menancing figure.


  • He is Saradominist and is trusting of people of his faith.
  • He can get cocky and arrogant if the mood hits him.
  • He normally helps others before taking care of himself.
  • He doesn't like to follow orders, but will. He's more of a man of giving orders.
  • He is not much of a fighter, but he will if he needs, and is good at it.
  • He's a shrewd diplomat, used to getting what he wants through his words.


He was born the son of a rich noble and a young maid. To clarify, his father was married - and not to his mother. When the knews of his birth came, his father's wife wanted his mother and him killed. His father gave his mother his old family heirlooms-- a set of ancient and powerful robes, a powerful enchanted staff, and a longsword with his family name engraved in it. While him and his mother were fleeing, his father's wife went into a rage and killed his father but he didn't learn of that until he was 15, when he was given his inheritence, which was a large sum. His mother settled in Yanille, working as a shop-owner while he studied medicine, magic, and herbs. One day, while walking home from taking a walk in the woods when he was 14, he was stopped by a gang hanging around the outskirts of Yanille; they sliced down his left eye, and brutally beat and took his money. He no longer has full sight out of his left eye. When he turned 24, he set off for Ardougne, leaving his mother behind. After arriving into Ardougne, he was met by his Knight Commander, Daniel Torlow. Daniel Torlow soon left to form the order "The Verus Knights" and Andrew followed. Daniel Torlow soon disappeared, leaving Andrew in charge of Ecteria. He soon disbanded the Verus Knights, and gave the island to Ardougne. He then joined their ranks for a few months, before leaving, setting his eyes on the Sarimian Empire.

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