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Amelia Pond
Amelia Pond


Wintumber 24, 146 , 5th Age










220 lbs

Eye Color

Dark brown

Hair Color





Lawful Good

Amelia Pond Is a former Saradominst woman who attended in the Battle of Lumbridge. Once it was over, she aligned her self to The Godless Faction.


Early life


Amelia as a Child

Amelia as a young girl was raised in a wealthy and rich family in Falador. She had an easy life, but even if it was easy, she would at time escape it and train her self in combat, ranging, and magic. Amelia was told that she was gifted to be in the white knight by her grandfather, who was also a knight. He started training her in the 3 basic combat style. At the age of 15 she was enlisted as a guard of Falador, with her grandfather asking the white knights to look after her before he died. She was being watched, and tested in her skills. At the age of 19, she was recruited as a White knight, and was grateful for it, as she was ready to serve Saradomin.

Battle of Lumbridge.

A year after being in the white knights, Amelia was ranked as initiate. Soon after Saradomin returned, with the death of Guthix, Amelia joined Saradomin to battle against Zamorak. a day before the end of the battle, Amelia was wounded, and kept in a tent to heal. Though after the battle, and the camp were empty, she, with a pride-leader was left behind. Still wounded the two, they were rescued by a group of Godless men. After finding out Saradomin, and her men left her, she picked to align her self with the Godless.

Finding Amelia

The Godless finding Amelia.

Current activity

Amelia still remained with the White knights, but is no longer Saradominist, being part of the Godless, she would help them with information if needed. She is so far investigating the souls of the dead, who aren't leaving their body. So far she is informing the Godless, and also the White Knights of what she knows.


Amelia in uniform and combat would have a White plate body and legs, most time a full helmet. Amelia would have a custom of normal clothing. She would have short hair. She would have a White sword (not long) With a kite-shield when fighting or in uniform.


  • This character name is based off the T.V show called "Doctor Who."
  • Amelia ironically being Godless, Still despise Black Knights and Zamorakian more than her former religion.
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