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Amduscias is an elder demon from the Infernal Dimensions. He has long been in charge of conducting the infernal music that is played in the halls of the demonic lords.

His compositions are regarded by many as being amongst the most beautiful and hypnotising sounds in Gielinor (and beyond).

Despite posessing immense powers he was greatly weakened and enslaved in the early Fourth Age by the vyrelord Gabriel de Gardien du Nuit. To this day he serves as the vampyre's personal escort and musician.

He was created by User:Midwyn.


Being the main conductor of the infernal orchestras Amduscias has the power to summon entire symphonies and disembodied choirs out of nowhere. When in his own realm he is said to be able to perform a piece so beautiful that it is lethal to any mortal who hears it.

With his demonic tenor voice he can invoke thunderstorms and the wails of the dead to accompany him in his unholy performances.

Apart from his musical abilities Amduscias is also able to travel through the Abyss to almost any location in Gielinor at will.


  • In Ars Goetia, King Amdusias is the demon in charge of the cacophonous music that sounds in Hell.
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