Amaris Rajas

(Uh-Mar-Is Rah-Jas)

Amaris during the Third Age.


~12,900 years




Chaotic Neutral, but will not hesitate to kill if necessary. Can be absolutely ruthless sometimes.


Considers himself loosely aligned to Zaros, but for all intents and purposes he is not religious.


Jet black, wispy and smooth. A bit on the long side, and oftentimes sort of messy. He is cleanly shaven.


A piercing greyish-white.


6'1" as a human, 9'4" in his Mahjarrat form, although he rarely takes it. 7'3" in his Angel of Silence form.

Areas of specialty

Enchantment, invention and tinkering, close combat, the dark arts, unconventional forms of magic


Amaris is generally respected (albeit out of love or fear) among Zarosians and feared and loathed among Zamorakians. Neutral Mahjarrat tend to like him. Some view him as too peaceful, some see him as a coward, and others simply view him as incredibly wise and cunning.


Generally described as sophisticated, cryptic, emotionally numb, and silver-tonged. He is also extremely arrogant. More peaceful than your average Mahjarrat. Unlike many of his race, he prefers careful orchestration and planning to strength and brute force.


Amaris Ko'Sharran Spirodelis Rajas, otherwise known as Draconis Icaria or Cipher, is a Mahjarrat character roleplayed by Drac Attack. Certainly one of the most cunning, innovative, and intelligent Mahjarrat in the Gielinorian plane, Amaris is one of the last surviving members of the Rajas clan, a group of once powerful Mahjarrat that is feared and hated by most of the other former inhabitants of Freneskae. He is admired and envied by some and considered a coward by others.  He is viewed as extremely dangerous by his fellow Mahjarrat, mainly due to his cunning, and the fact there are few individuals who may be considered more powerful than him.

A natural-born tinkerer, his mastery and knowledge of enchantment is absolutely unrivaled. His abilities as an enchanter have enabled him to learn and master the art of spellcrafting and create everything from absurdly powerful pieces of weaponry to unimaginably complex magical devices. Like many of the others in the Spirodelis family of the Rajas, he is also very skilled in the art of shadow magicks.

Most Mahjarrat believe him to be dead, as he was supposed to have been captured and slain by Zamorakians during the Third Age.  However, he managed to survive and remain undetected by most thanks to an elaborate ruse. Since he released himself from the Manifold Cube in the Fifth Age, he has worked extremely hard to keep his identity a secret in order to protect himself from his own kin. Only his most trusted acquaintances know of his true identity and association with the Rajas.

Instead of showing himself in public, Amaris gets his followers to do his bidding for him. On rare occasions, he can be spotted in major cities. He often only travels to human settlements if he has necessary business to take care of. Otherwise, he spends most of his time away from major human populations and is quite reclusive.


Birth and Life in Freneskae

Family Background

Amaris was born into a once powerful clan of Mahjarrat that was known as the Rajas. They were a group of closely related Mahjarrat families that were more intellectually gifted and civilized than the rest of the Mahjarrat. The Rajas once controlled a vast swath of land in the plane of Freneskae and had a heavy influence on the politics of early rituals, even though they only comprised about a tenth or so of the total population of Mahjarrat on their home plane. Their use of enchanted weaponry to enhance their already powerful magical abilities put them a rung above everyone else, and their craftiness and intelligence made it easy for them to sway the other Dreams of Mah and pit them against each other. Oftentimes, the Rajas would have the final say as to who the Ritual sacrifice was due to their incredible might and political sway. Their strength made them feared and reviled by the rest of the Dreams of Mah, but thanks to their cunning they were able to prevent the others from uniting against them during the Rituals so that they could maintain their power.

The leader of the Rajas himself, who was known only as the Patriarch, was a Mahjarrat who was gifted with incredible blacksmithing and enchanting skills. He was also one of the bearers of the sword Eraazimoth, an incredibly powerful second cycle artifact. His possession of this artifact was what had allowed him to come into power in the first place, and its prodigious strength made the Patriarch nearly invincible and thus ensured that the rest of the Rajas remained loyal to him. See the section on Eraazimoth for more details as to what sorts of powers this sword confers unto its wielder.

Birth and Early Life

Amaris is the eleventh son of the Patriarch. His mother is Llyana Rajas, who was one of the Patriarch's several wives and is also the last known surviving female member of the Rajas clan (although her current activities and whereabouts are unknown). As a child, Amaris was quiet and socially awkward, and would rather get lost in his thoughts than interact with his peers. Because of this, many of his siblings, including his twin brother Akash, thought he was strange, but his father suspected that his introverted tendencies were not a disorder but rather a sign of a brilliant mind.

Amaris has experimented with enchantment since he could walk. He would often try to take seemingly ordinary items like daggers and swords (which were considered quite "ordinary" in the land of Freneskae) and try to imbue magical energy in them. His first successful creation was a dagger that sent a minor shock into someone when it cut them. Although in the realm of enchanted weapons, this isn't considered much, it was the fact that he had invented this at around three years of age in Mahjarrat years that really caught his father's attention. As such, the Patriarch put Amaris on his list of potential successors and decided to take him up as his apprentice when he became old enough. This is what really kickstarted Amaris' career as an enchanter. At the age of eight in Mahjarrat years, he designed a weapon, a bow that shot arrows laced with shadow magic, that was actually used by the Rajas to combat the other, uncivilized Dreams of Mah who inhabited Freneskae. He continued to help design many innovative weapons, and items for everyday use.

Amaris also had begun experimenting with forms of more conventional magic at an early age. It quickly became clear that Amaris had a knack for shadow magic, and would grow up to have profound magical abilities. The Patriarch enlisted his half sister, Jizaran, to train Amaris in shadow magicks. Jizaran was incredibly gifted in the art of shadow magicks, and was one of the Rajas' most valuable assets thanks to her unmatchable powers over the shadows. Amaris quickly became very adept in shadow magic thanks to the training he received from her, oftentimes outdoing his peers in friendly duels despite his deficits in physical strength.

When Amaris was in his late teens in Mahjarrat years, Jizaran decided that she had taken a liking to the maturing young Mahjarrat that was more than just platonic. Amaris was a prodigy when it came to magic, and she found this to be a very attractive trait because it played upon her power-oriented Mahjarrat mating instincts. After Jizaran seduced him and stole his innocence, the two of them became embroiled in a romantic relationship. The immature Amaris didn't know exactly what he had gotten himself into, but Jizaran told him that he had to keep their relationship secret, otherwise the both of them would face a severe punishment from the Patriarch. The Rajas was a very socially conservative clan, and sexual relations between clan members outside matrimony or concubinage were strictly prohibited. Because Jizaran was much older than Amaris and technically a part of his extended family within the clan (the Spirodelis lineage), they were ineligible to be mates to begin with, making their relationship even more illicit than it would be otherwise. They managed to keep their relationship secret for a while.

At around the same time, Amaris began to blossom a bit socially. He slowly transformed from a quiet, reclusive young Mahjarrat who constantly daydreamed to a more socially active person with a decent sized circle of close friends and acquaintances within the Rajas clan. Eventually, he began training in swordsplay, and joined the Fracas, a clan-wide duel tournament that was an important cultural event for the Rajas. His participation in the Fracas gained him a lot of notoriety, and on some occasions he was even crowned victor. In the meantime, he was still contributing to the technological advancement of the Rajas by building weapons and machines infused with magic that helped protect it from the other Mahjarrat. Eventually, at about the age of 19 in Mahjarrat years, he helped his father design a new and more efficient ritual stone, which would allow rituals to only take place every 1,000 years instead of every 500. Unfortunately, this stone was destroyed during the fall of the Rajas.

The Fall of the Rajas and Escape to Gielinor

When Amaris was about 3,600 years old in human years, the tribes of Mahjarrat formed a temporary alliance, and began organizing themselves against the Rajas. The others easily outnumbered the Rajas, but the Rajas had far superior weaponry and magical capabilities, which initially gave them an edge. The war that ensued lasted for nearly three hundred years. At around the midpoint of this conflict, Amaris and Jizaran began to have problems with their secret relationship when Amaris found that Jizaran was also having relations with one of the opposition leaders, a Mahjarrat named Zyrichon who was close to Amaris in age, and the two of them eventually got into an altercation. Indeed, Amaris had been cheating on Jizaran as well with another Mahjarrat named Korasa, who was another one of Jizaran's apprentices. The Patriarch himself had to step in in order to keep the two from killing each other, and ordered that the two be separated from one another. Not soon after, Amaris blew the lid off of their relationship, and told the Patriarch everything, with the hunch that he would be given a less severe punishment than her because he was the Patriarch's most probable successor. His hunch was correct, and he was let off with only a relatively minor corporal punishment. Jizaran, on the other hand, was given the harshest and most feared form of punishment that could be prescribed, a form of physical and psychic punishment called the Scourging. However, since she was such an asset to him and the Rajas, the Patriarch did not banish Jizaran. A fatal mistake.

A major turning point occured when the rather crafty Zyrichon managed to steal Eraazimoth from the Patriarch with the help of Jizaran, who sought revenge against Amaris and the Patriarch. With Eraazimoth in his possession, the opposition was able to recruit even more Mahjarrat to its cause, and even some of the other Dreams of Mah. Despite a series of major defeats following this, the Rajas held strong for around a hundred or so more years, when internal conflict caused it to split into first two factions and then several. The last faction, which the Patriarch still presided over, finally fell, and their base of operations was razed to the ground, destroying millennia of technological and societal achievements. Zyrichon challenged the Patriarch to a duel, and after a battle that lasted days, was able to subdue the Patriarch and slay him with Eraazimoth. Most of the rest of the Rajas were rounded up and killed on the spot. However, there were a few survivors, including Amaris, his brother Akash, Korasa, and his mother Llyana. Jizaran also survived, but cut off all contact with Amaris after this transpired, their paths only crossing occasionally at rituals. During the God Wars she aligned herself with Zamorak, and became one of the most powerful Zamorakian Mahjarrat, being on a level similar to Zemouregal. She disappeared sometime during the Fourth Age, and although she was not sacrificed, her current whereabouts are unknown. All of the other survivors were forced into hiding until World Gate was opened up to Gielinor, allowing them to escape into this new plane.

Life in the Second Age

Servitude under Iclatharin and the Mahjarrats' Rebellion

By the time Amaris, along with his mother and twin brother Akash, managed to escape into Gielinor near the start of the Second Age, the rest of the Mahjarrat that were already there had already been serving Iclatharin.  The three of them decided to join the others in order to blend in with the crowd, despite the fact that they had not taken the Oath of Obedience like the others.  Even though the Rajas, non-Rajas Mahjarrat still had a very intense hatred of surviving Rajas (and even more of a hatred of any surviving members of the actual Spirodelis lineage).  As a result, Amaris, his mother, and his brother had to conceal their true identities, covering their distinctive back markings at all times.  Korasa had faked her own death and assumed a completely new identity, taking up the name Sakora. Amaris was able to morph his aura into shadow magic around the markings to make them appear as if they were not there whenever they were not covered by any clothes, armor, or the like.

Amaris quickly became one of Iclatharin's most valuable soldiers despite his relatively young age in comparison to some of the other Mahjarrat who were alive at the time.  Amaris won many battles for Iclatharin, and gained high ranks among the other Stern Judges.  Meanwhile, some of the other survivors of the fall of the Rajas were quickly identified and killed by the other Mahjarrat once their alignment was revealed.  Amaris, Akash, and his mother were even forced to participate in the killings of these survivors in order to conceal their own lineage.  Eventually, however, Amaris' mother was discovered and was going to be put to death.  She narrowly managed to escape, but was pursued by some of the more peristent Mahjarrat (excluding Amaris and Akash, who were busy fighting in a minor war for Iclatharin at this time), who she managed to fight off.  She lived in seclusion until the Mahjarrat left to join Zaros.

One day, Iclatharin and Tumeken caught Amaris sleeping with one of Iclatharin's concubines, a human.  It was against the law for a Mahjarrat to engage in sexual relations with humans, and the concubine, fearing that she would be executed, immediately pushed Amaris away and tried to kill him, to no avail.  Iclatharin and Tumeken, both outraged, joined in and tried to kill Amaris, also to no avail.  Amaris managed to narrowly escape, but not before killing the concubine and casting a curse on her spirit that would cause her to live out her last moments for all of eternity.  Tumeken branded Amaris a criminal and declared that he should be executed if he was to be captured, and ordered the rest of the Mahjarrat to turn him in.  However, because Amaris was generally well-liked among the Mahjarrat, the Stern Judges did not receive this well, and refused.  At this point, tension was already beginning to get thick between the Menaphite deities and the Mahjarrat (mainly because the Mahjarrat were not enjoying enough war under the Menaphite gods to satisfy their lust for bloodshed), and this incident only made the situation worse.

Amaris, along with a few of the other Mahjarrat, caught wind of the emerging Zarosian empire in the north, and at this point being a virtual exile, he invited his brother and a few others to take a trip with him to the empire to scout it out as a possible place of refuge for himself.  Amaris liked the empire and Zaros a lot, who received them well and treated him and the others as if they were kings, giving them the best hospitality the empire had to offer (a smart move by the cunning and diplomatic Zaros).  Amaris, Akash, and the others brought news of Zaros' emerging empire back to the rest of the Mahjarrat (as part of a deal they cut with Zaros), promising them riches and glory in battle beyond their wildest dreams.  As a result, word spread among the Stern Judges, and the Mahjarrat quickly obliged and deserted the Menaphite gods in a moment's notice to follow Zaros.

Life under Zaros

Amaris and Akash were quick to gain Zaros' favor thanks to the deal they cut with him earlier, which resulted in all of the Mahjarrat joining Zaros in his conquests.  Akash was eventually made Zaros' chief "executioner," using his mind-warping abilities to terrorize and torture criminals, while sometimes occasionally appearing on the battlefield, where he wreaked havoc with his illusion magic.  Meanwhile, in return for his help, Zaros gave Amaris something that he absolutely craved: knowledge.  Amaris was immediately given complete and full access to Zaros' personal library, the Great Library of Senntisten, which was the largest collection of knowledge ever to exist on the face of Gielinor.  Additionally, Amaris was given complementary enrollment into the University of Senntisten, the most prestigious educational institution that had ever existed in Gielinor up to this point.  As well as this, he was given priority enrollment to any class that he wanted to take.  He expanded his knowledge of magic beyond what most Mahjarrat knew and became one of the most powerful mages Zaros' empire had ever seen.

Perhaps the most important decision Amaris made during his years as a student was to take the Advanced Magical Theory class taught by Arvikan Asgard, a human wizard.  Despite the fact that Amaris was a Mahjarrat and Arvikan was a human, they quickly took a liking to each other thanks to the long intellectual conversations they would have after class. One day after class, Amaris stayed to discuss magical theory with Asgard, who revealed to Amaris that he was developing a completely new magical theory that could explain everything.  Amaris, intrigued, decided to help Asgard with his research into the theory, which had been in the making for three decades at this point and ridiculed by Asgards' peers for its "outlandishness."  Amaris helped Asgard write papers on his theory that covered experiments that they performed, which incidentally seemed to point to the theory being plausible.  However, it was not until Asgard himself, with the help of Amaris, managed to actually find what they were looking for, which was the element Aether, that the theory was proven correct once and for all.  This opened the doorway to Aether magic for Amaris, who was quick to explore the properties of this new element and twist it and mould it into a completely new set of spells.  At the same time, the theory, which evolved into what we now know as Quantum Matrix Theory, paved the way for massive amounts of innovation in the Zarosian empire that made it the most technologically advanced society ever to exist on Gielinor.

Amaris made three major accomplishments with the use of Aether magic: the invention of his Manifold Cube (see this section for a detailed explanation of what it is and what it does; I will not be explaining it here), the development of a new set of Aetheric spells based around magical code, and the creation of his army of automatons.  Amaris used an enchantment that he created with the assistance of Aether magic to bring figures made of witchwood to life, which he called automatons.  Zaros was very impressed by Amaris' invention, and commissioned the building of an army of them, which would be under Amaris' command.  Over two million witchwood automatons were produced, which resulted, ironically, in the extinction of the Forinthrian Witchwood tree (Amaris later felt regretful about this; witchwood was a very useful material).  Amaris commanded the army for a large portion of the Second Age, and helped Zaros' empire expand at a nearly exponential rate.  What made the automatons so versatile is that they had the ability to regenerate themselves and had superhuman strength.  They were seven feet tall, and monsters on the battlefield that, according to rumor, could kick a fully grown ork to the ground and crush the bones of a fire giant.

Eventually, however, near the end of the Second Age, the expansion of Zaros' empire came to a standstill, and Amaris' army was put on hold for use as a reserve force.  At this point, Amaris returned to the now burgeoning University of Senntisten as a professor, where he taught Advanced Magical Theory just like Arvikan had (he was entirely commited to research and had no time to teach).  One day, one of his brightest students, a female Mahjarrat named Sakora, approached him and asked to retake a midterm exam, which she had gotten a C on.  Amaris took a look at the test, and realized that she had gotten answers wrong that she could have easily gotten right.  Despite this, Amaris allowed her to retake the exam, mainly because he quickly was developing feelings for her (a rare thing for the extremely picky Amaris, who normally just slept around!).  They arranged to meet in the park, where Amaris gave her the exam and she scored 100%.  Amaris was quick to figure out that she had gotten the answers wrong on purpose, because she too had feelings for him and wanted an excuse to get closer to him so that she could make her move.  She did end up making her move, and things escalated between them very quickly, and they ended up making love under a tree.  While they were doing so, Amaris noticed that she had the marks of a Rajas on her lower back, and he revealed to her that he was one of the last surviving members of the Spirodelis lineage, and he showed her his markings.  She revealed to him that she was actually Korasa and that she had been in hiding for the past few thousand years. They embraced and Amaris promised her that they'd be together forever.

The Conflict with Zyrichon

Zyrichon was indeed still alive, and he had grown jealous of Amaris' cunning, wit, inventiveness, and most of all, of the position of power he once held.  As for Amaris, he had not been there to witness his father's slaying at Zyrichon's hands, but he had naturally developed an intense hatred of Zyrichon. He promised himself he would get revenge on Zyrichon someday for murdering his father. Although at this point the most Amaris had managed to do was best him and humiliate him during one of the Rituals.  

Zyrichon was also still in possession of Eraazimoth. It had allowed him to unlock some of the secrets of Primal Darkness. He was able to mold it into a form of magic he could use to control the minds of others. It had also began to corrupt him, causing him to become even more reckless and power-hungry. Years later, Zyrichon saw an opportunity to get revenge on Amaris by corrupting and bending the will of Korasa with the power of Primal Shadow.  Although it took a great deal of effort for Zyrichon to break her will (it involved him kidnapping her, temporarily extinguishing her Mahjarrat aura, putting her under the influence of narcotics, chaining her to a wall, and refusing to provide her food and drink until she finally succumbed), he succeeded, and caused her to abandon Amaris and fall in love with him.  Once she was in Zyrichon's grip, she could not escape no matter how hard her last remaining fragment of free will tried.

Amaris caught wind of their "relationship" very quickly, and was heartbroken, as well as furious.  Knowing Zyrichon, however, he thought something fishy was going on, and he managed to overpower and capture Korasa, who he imprisoned temporarily in his fortress.  He then enlisted the help of his brother, Akash, to cure her of the mind control spell that Zyrichon had put on her.  Akash was unsuccessful in removing the spell completely from her, but he lessened it to a point where she had some degree of control over her thoughts and actions.  Akash, being an expert in all mind-related magic, told her that if she wanted to remove the spell completely, she had to draw Zyrichon's blood.  Korasa took it upon herself to do this, and met Zyrichon on the outskirts of Senntisten.  Zyrichon sensed that the spell was weakened, and he tried to cast it on her again, but she managed to resist it.  A battle ensued in which Korasa fought against both Zyrichon and herself.  The fight itself lasted for days, and on the third day, both of them were drained and exhausted.  Korasa was about to give up when the thought of Amaris entered her mind, and she managed to muster up all of her remaining free will and power to suppress what was left of the spell and make one last stand against Zyrichon.  Amaris arrived on the scene right as Korasa plunged her sword into Zyrichon's heart.  His blood was drawn, and the spell was broken.  Amaris and Korasa were finally reunited after an ordeal that lasted for months.

Happily Ever After......Or Not!

Settling Down for a Bit

It seemed that as time passed on, the more they grew on each other.  Korasa was the type that enjoyed to fight, so Amaris quit his job as a professor so that he could join her in fighting for Zaros in Morytania.  They were almost unstoppable when fighting together in battle.  They worked together seamlessly, weaving shadow magic into devastating and perfectly synchronized spells.  Because they were so powerful, they even caught the eye of King Ascertes, who declared that they were the biggest threat to the Kingdom of Hallowvale, and that they should be killed on sight.  Unfortunately, things got cut short when it was discovered that Korasa was pregnant.  The two of them took the vow to be mates for life, and then settled down at Amaris' fortress near Annakarl.  Eventually, Korasa gave birth to their first child, a boy that Amaris named Rhodelion.  It quickly became apparent that he was adept at blood magic as he continued to grow up, just like his grandmother.  At this point, Llyana was believed to be dead, so she couldn't train him.  Amaris did know a thing or two about blood magic, though, and he helped to train the young boy, teaching him all that he could grasp at this very young age.  By the time he was an adolescent, he was quite proficient in blood magic.  At this point, Korasa had become pregnant again, but something was about to happen that would ruin everything for them.

The Third Age

The Fall

Amaris was actually in Senntisten for business when Zamorak defeated Zaros.  He had just completed a research project for the University that involved the practical applications of Aether magic and its possible use in advanced weaponry.  After word got to him that Zamorak had "killed" Zaros, he and Korasa joined a party of fervent Zarosians that had assembled to hunt him down.  Unfortunately, before they were able to catch him, the other gods caught up to him and banished him.  With Zaros gone, a council was formed go govern the empire, and Amaris was on it. He was given command of half of the empire's armies and named Chief Magic Advisor.  His forces helped keep the Zamorakian rebellion at bay while the Empire struggled to maintain itself.  It was able to hold until Zamorak's return, and that's when all hell broke lose and it completely crumbled and fractured into different states, which the other gods conquered one by one.  Amaris and Korasa commanded a massive battalion of soldiers that finally met with Zamorak's army near Amaris' own fortress.  The army consisted mostly of Amaris' regenerating automatons, and it was utterly crushed by Zamorak's superior forces, who managed to set them all on fire with powerful magic.  Zamorak and his army then went on to raze Amaris' stronghold completely to the ground, destroying hundreds of years worth of knowledge and magical equipment, as well as killing their son who they had left there to be guarded by the automatons.  At this point, the both of them were completely broken, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Mayhem and Mischief

It is quite remarkable how long Korasa and Amaris were able to survive during the God Wars, especially given how much they interfered with the efforts of every single side except those still loyal to Zaros.  Nobody from a battalion of Saradominist forces suspected anything when they stepped back into their camp one time early on in the God Wars after returning from a hunt in the [still] fertile plains of Forinthry.  It didn't appear that anyone had been in their camp while they were gone.  Little did they know, while they were out hunting, Amaris and Korasa sneaked into the camp and placed magical seals on their weapons that would detonate once they were unsheathed. When activated, the seals would send a magical jolt through the body of the wielder that was the equivalent of being struck by lightning five times.  When the Saradominist battalion went to do battle against a horde of Bandosians the next day, they were all fried in their own suits of armor the moment they unsheathed their weapons.

Not much long after, they happened upon a Zamorakian camp in the center of what Amaris knew to be an inactive caldera volcano.  Both disguised as demons, they snuck into the camp and placed a magical device that would send a powerful downward blast into the ground once it detonated an hour after being activated.  It caused the volcano to erupt when it went off, killing everyone within a radius of several miles except for a handfull of Mahjarrat and an elder demon. They even made many assassination attempts on Zamorak, but due to his newfound godly might, all failed.

The Second Child and the Development of To'Khanna

Something interrupted their reign of terror across the plains of Forinthry, and this was the birth of their daughter Xeris.  From an early age, it was clear that her area of specialty would be ice magic.  Amaris and Korasa temporarily moved to a frigid island in the north of Gielinor that was mainly inhabited by penguins.  Here, the both of them honed their magic skills while raising Xeris and training her in ice magic.  It is here, in the solitude of one of the icy caverns of the isle, that Amaris developed his magical code language, which he called To'Khanna (meaning "boundless" or "without end" in the Freneskaean language).  The language is derived from 42 characters that he saw floating around his head in a vivid hallucination that he had while meditating.  After all of these years, he had finally made Aether magic useful for other things than just brute force spells to be used in combat.  He achieved this by synchronizing the spins of the individual particles that composed the magic, achieving an effect called quantum entanglement.  Along with the perfecting of the mechanics of the language, he developed the ability to sculpt it into forms similar to the states of matter: a solid, crystalline substance and a liquid similar to water that was unbound by the force of gravity; as well as the plasma-like form that he was already able to control.  He used his newfound abiltiies to craft magical weapons for him and Korasa, including a magical staff that became known as the Staff of Amaris, which he designed specifically to channel Aether magic and help him use it more efficiently.

After their location was discovered by Zamorakian scouts, they fled and made the extremely tough decision to send Xeris to the Eastern Lands at the ripe young age of 304.  This way, she would be safe from both other Mahjarrat and the terrible destruction of the God Wars.  She hasn't been heard from since.

Back to Work!

It was not long after this that they returned to wreaking havoc on the gods' forces.  Soon enough, their names had become infamous, and their heads were one of the most sought after prizes by bounty hunters that were hired by God Wars generals.  Yet every time the people that were sent after them either disappeared mysteriously, were found dead, or somehow managed to survive and returned insane.  Zamorak even sent an elder demon named Ng'aarth after the two of them after being fed up with their mischief for what was then around fifteen hundred years.  The results of this would only make the two of them even more notorious.

Ng'aarth was massive, over 150 feet tall, with skin as black as the void and eyes as red as the heart of a volcano.  And this time Zamorak had decided to fight fire with fire, the demon was a shadow demon of all things.  It ended up being a fatal mistake.  Ng'aarth was quite the famous demon.  He participated in the siege of Senntisten, and was one of the most feared and hated elder demons of all time, as well as being among the most powerful.  Rumor had it that one would fall into a trance and have nightmarish hallucinations just from looking at him for too long.  He was said to be able to open portals to the shadow realm and cause living creatures to be corrupted into thralls just by touching them.

This didn't stop our deadly duo though.  The battle was rumored to have lasted for weeks, with plenty of close calls for both Amaris and Korasa.  Amaris was even injured by a massive wave of shadow magic from the demon and he was hallucinating and seizing on the ground for days before he finally managed to get back in action.  Finally, Korasa managed to distract the demon by shapeshifting as an Icyene.  Amaris took the opportunity, and switched his staff's element to light magic.  He impaled the staff through the demon's back, and it destabilized the demon's energy and caused it to explode in a burst of light within seconds.  The resulting flash could be seen for miles, and a rain of the sparkling demon remains fell within a 10 mile radius.   Korasa managed to salvage some of the demon's energy and imbue it into a silken cloak, which became the Cloak of Ng'aarth.

Word quickly got out that the notorious pair had slain an Elder demon, and their heads became THE most pricy in Gielinor, especially for bounty hunters that worked for Zamorak.  The bounty hunters either suffered the same fate as before, or the two managed to escape.  In the meantime, they were still spreading destruction; destroying army camps, sabotaging operations, and even participating in battles.  They were described as being extremely graceful together on the battlefield, and were said to be able to work together and weave their individual magicks into one seamlessly.  They once took out an entire legion of temple knights, thousands strong, by combining their energy to summon a massive wave of shadow creatures that swarmed and crashed onto them like a giant tsunami before they tore each and every one of the knights' souls out.

A Terrible Tragedy

After failed attempt upon failed attempt, Zamorak was convinced that he would have to deal with the two of them himself.  By then, it was year 2402 of the Third Age, well into the God Wars.  This time, he only sent a bounty hunter to track the two of them.  Despite the havoc that they caused, they were surprisingly difficult to find; it took the bounty hunter several weeks.  Once their location had been pinpointed, Zamorak set up a trap for them, and they were led straight into a valley where one of Zamorak's most powerful legions was awaiting them in ambush.  He was aiming to captur ethem alive so that he could torture them both before killing them as a punishment for causing so much trouble for him.

Another epic battle ensued.  The two of them managed to wipe out 70% of Zamorak's forces before they finally managed to capture Korasa.  Zamorak, fearing that he would lose more of his troops to Amaris if he tried to take him as well, decided to retreat back to his headquarters.  He knew that Amaris would probably follow and try to rescue Korasa given how attached he was to her.

Not surprisingly, he did.  Although Amaris destroyed a good portion of Zamorak's guard, and leveled an entire section of his fortress, he was captured.  Korasa was there, alive, and in horrible condition.  By then, she had already been tortured for several days, and it was really taking a toll on her.  Amaris was kept there, with her, and they were tortured one at a time so that the other could watch.  For two years straight.  At this point, the combination of torture and watching each other suffer was driving both of them to insanity, and both were physical wrecks.  Since Zamorak loathed Amaris more, he decided to put Korasa out of her misery first.  He came into her cell himself, and did the deed, defiling and brutally murdering Korasa while Amaris was magically bound and forced to watch. This is what broke him.  He erupted into a violent, screaming, teary fit of rage that lasted for four days straight.  His screaming was said to have resonated throughout Zamorak's entire fortress, and the few humans and lower-tier demons that he had there were deafened by it.  Reportedly, Amaris' guards collapsed onto the floor, muscles seizing, blood pouring out of their ears, after having to deal with his Mahjarrat scream for four days straight.  Incidentally, the scream had also weakened the magical bonds that held him in the cell, and he was able to break out.  This is one thing that Zamorak forgot about.  The power of the bellows of an enraged Mahjarrat.  Nobody had suspected anything since he had been screaming for days, and the sound of it completely drowned out the sounds of him escaping.  He clawed through the walls of Zamorak's fortress with his bare hands, and eventually escaped, taking the form of a jet black vyre and flying off into the night.

Amaris didn't last long on his own outside.  He was emaciated and weakened after two years of being tortured and being given just enough sustenance to keep him alive.  The screams attracted the attention of someone he had not seen in a long time: his mother.  Although she was not aligned with any god in particular and was in general a self-reliant individual that had somehow managed to ride out the God Wars thus far, she couldn't say no to helping her ailing son despite how twisted her own mind was.  She used her knowledge of haemalchemy to nurse him back to health, but she was unable to cure the insanity he had developed; she tried pretty much everything.  Akash would have been an asset in this situation, but at this point he was missing in action.  After several weeks, given a diet of specially formulated nutrient serum that Llyana created using haemalchemy, Amaris had regained full health.  In fact, he looked even healthier than the last time she saw him.  One morning, Llyana discovered that he was gone.  At least she had the satisfaction of bringing him back to full health.  Yet, she had no idea that he was about to go on a rampage that would last for nearly a millenium.

The Transformation and The Angel of Silence

After leaving his mother, Amaris went back to the remains of his fortress.  Even though the above-ground fortress was completely destroyed, the basement, which he used for storage, was still intact.  He resided in here, absolutely mad, for several years, living off disgustingly acidified rain water and the few creatures that inhabited the desolate Wilderness.  His mental stability had improved a little bit, but he was still obessive and all he could think about was getting revenge on Zamorak.  He felt as if Zaros had betrayed him, even though Zaros could have done nothing about what happened anyways.  His madness somehow translated into a wave of immense creativity, and he began working on a new weapon that he intended to use to kill Zamorak.

The Creation of the Manifold Cube

Amaris originally intended the Cube to be an add-on to his staff.  There were plenty active volcanones nearby that he could use to forge the crystal, but he knew that he had to choose one that was out of the way and probably close to becoming dormant or extinct.  He chose one in an undisclosed location in the vast plains of the Wilderness, and took a large lump of the purest coal he could find there.  Using the immense heat of the volcano, he burned off all of the impurities and heated and compressed the coal down into a cube-shaped diamond, and enchanted it just before he removed it from the lava.  This way, the only possible way to destroy the Cube was to throw it into the same volcano that it was forged out of.  After that, he needed to find a way to use it to store massive amounts of energy.  He tried for nearly a decade to increase the natural energy storage capacity of the diamond crystal, but was unsuccessful until he had a dream.  He dreamed about an old lecture that Arvikan gave his class about the structure of the Gielinorian plane and the spatial dimensions that composed it.  That's it!  Dimensions!  If he could somehow warp the dimensions of space and time within the cube so much that it created a number of extra dimensions within it, the energy storage capacity would be increased by many orders of magnitude.  The result would be a structure called an n-dimensional space-time manifold.  After many unsuccessful attempts, he managed to create an extra dimension.  But he wouldn't stop there.  He kept working at it until the space within the Cube had 3 extra dimensions, creating a increasing the Cube's energy storage capacity by 1,000 times.  After he was finished with it, he modified his staff and attached it to it, and imbued the Cube with the ability to siphon energy from the Quantum Matrix so that it could recharge itself when it was not in use.  Amaris knew that this new weapon is what he would use to get his revenge, and he was determined to be successful at it. This weapon he had created would later become known as the Scepter of Silence.

A New Identity

Amaris was supposed to be dead, and he knew it.  Llyana made a smart move by sneaking into Zamorak's fortress and creating fake Mahjarrat remains so that everyone would think that he was dead.  Her original intent was to protect her favorite son, because she knew he was alive.  Even though his Mahjarrat aura had already weakened significantly at this point because of his overuse of Aether magic, she could still feel him.  She did a pretty good job too, because the trick worked.  Now his challenge was to make a new identity.  Fortunately for him, a perfect opportunity came his way.  A Saradominist raiding party happened to be passing through that was led by a young Icyene named Ari.  He killed everyone in the party, and then decided to assume the identity of the Icyene, except in a corrupted form.  Even then, he knew he had to somehow keep himself mysterious.  It was all the more fitting.  He donned his usual shadow armor and changed the appearance a bit so that it would look fresh, and wore a simple yet creepy looking mask that was as white as snow.  His magical cloak expanded to fit his new form.

The Angel is Born

Amaris' pent up anger had festered for long enough.  He traveled across Forinthry, leaving a path of chaos and destruction in his wake.  It turned out that the new weapon he created was incredibly powerful; it had all the capabilities of the previous staff plus the ability to channel, release, and store massive amounts of energy.  The result was a weapon that he could use to create any element of magic, thus allowing him to exploit the weaknesses of just about anyone he fought against.  Oftentimes, after he killed someone powerful, he would use the staff to suck their aura dry, only increasing its power.

The scariest thing was that Amaris was completely silent when he fought.  He didn't yell, scream, or even say a word.  He just killed, ruthlessly.  That, coupled with the fact that he appeared to be a corrupted Icyene, earned him the name "The Angel of Silence."  Rumors about this mysterious figure's identity spread like wildfire.  Some said that he was an Icyene that had been possessed by a rogue shadow demon.  Others thought that it had something to do with the weapon he wielded (many mistook it for a god weapon because it was so powerful), and that he was corrupted by its power into a twisted, terrible monster.  Still other believed that he was Death himself, having come in person to Gielinor to collect souls.  Whatever the case, as Amaris continued to cause mayhem across the war-torn world of Gielinor, he descended deeper into insanity.  He became less discriminatory when it came to who he targeted.  He began attacking innocent people, and destroying things just for the hell of it.  He began to lose sight of his goal to get revenge on Zamorak.  He once snuck into an extremely well-guarded fortress city, planted magical bombs in several locations around it (they are essentially pieces of rune essence or crystal that have been charged with so much magic that they have become unstable), and then detonated them, the whole city being blown to bits.  As the entire thing went up in a massive series of explosions, he simply watched from a safe distance and enjoyed the sight.  And everywhere he struck, and on every important individual he killed, he left his mark.  A circular seal with a series of To'Khanna glyphs encircling the edge that was the equivalent of a death rune.

Another Day, Another Demon

Once again, Amaris was causing massive amounts of trouble for Zamorak.  And although Zamorak didn't know that it was Amaris who was behind the mask of the Angel of Silence, he knew that it would take a really powerful creature to take him down.  Zamorak sent in Gunung, an extremely powerful elder demon from the Infernal Dimensions.  The demon's skin was said to be as hot as a blast furnace, and its eyes brighter than the Sun.  When Amaris got word that Gunung had been sent after him, he was overjoyed.  What an excellent challenge!  He knew of this particular demon beforehand, and he knew that, as an infernal demon, its only weakness would be holy magic.  He had to act quickly, for he knew it was only a matter of time before the demon found him.  He singlehandedly laid siege to the Temple Knights headquarters and stole a Saradomin staff.  Retreating to one of his many hiding places throughout Forinthry, he used his Cube to reverse engineer it and give his staff holy magic capabilities.  It took him several days to successfully crack the code that made holy magic so powerful against demons and other dark creatures.  This new, reverse engineered magic was slightly less powerful than Saradomin-driven holy magic, but it was still enough for the battle.  After a fight that lasted an entire week, the demon was finally subdued, and Amaris impaled it with his staff and drained it of all of its power, leaving only a lifeless shell, which promptly crumbled to ashes. Amaris burned the ashes into the ground in the shape of his seal.  Zamorak's plan backfired; by enlisting one of his most powerful demons to attempt to get rid of Amaris, Amaris killed it and only became more powerful.

The Reign of Terror Continues

At this point, Amaris' intellect and creativity were preserved perfectly, but everything else in his head had gone to hell.  He had descended into an insane, psychopathic state.  He had also become very reckless, and was getting himself into situations that he probably shouldn't have.  For example, planting a bunch of magical bombs around Zamorak's fortress to destroy its walls was probably a bad idea, even though there were no enemy forces nearby.  He just did it because at this point he enjoyed destroying things.  Bounty hunters and even entire armies were sent to kill him, and each and every one failed.  Their bodies would be discovered completely intact, but with the Mark on them.  Along with that, Amaris would cast an enchantment on their bodies that would cause them to explode if any necromancy was attempted.  This resulted in the deaths of plenty of Zamorakian necromancers.  Saradomin himself even attempted to confront Amaris, and he ended up luring Saradomin directly to Bandos, and the two fought.  Amaris slipped through the cracks, and watched the fight disguised as a black butterfly from afar.

Amaris' Last Stand

Amaris' rampage couldn't last forever.  In Year 3667 of the Third Age, Zamorak finally decided to confront the Angel of Silence himself.  At last, unbeknownst to Zamorak, he would once again have the chance to take down one of his biggest rivals and nuisances.  Amaris quickly got word that Zamorak was after him, and he had every intention to kill him if possible.  He lured Zamorak to a peninsula with the ruins of an ancient castle on it.  This would make it difficult for Zamorak to escape, yet easy for the much smaller Amaris to make his getaway if need be.  It also offered plenty of hiding places for Amaris that he could use to his advantage.

Zamorak didn't want to let Amaris get away either.  He placed a ring of 300 foot high flames embedded in a magical seal around the entire peninsula that ensured he couldn't escape.  He even teleblocked the entire area.  Still, this wouldn't stop Amaris from attempting to bring down the god.  In an effort to weaken him, Amaris prepared a phage spell, a small bit of magical code that engorges itself on magic and self-replicates.  The result is what is often described as a magical virus, and it is extremely difficult to stop once unleashed.  Amaris casted it at Zamorak, and the god, seeing that it just appeared to be a little jolt of energy, didn't bother to block it.  A nearly fatal mistake.  The spell quickly bound itself to Zamorak's godly aura and began to devour it.  Zamorak struggled to break the spell, but to no avail.  While Zamorak's power was being devoured, Amaris came out of hiding and began to blast Zamorak with spells.  But the spells did next to nothing.  Eventually, Zamorak managed to break the phage spell, but by that time he was significantly weakened.  The playing field was at least a bit more level now, and the real fighting begun.  Amaris was able to dodge most of Zamorak's spells due to how agile he is in his Angel of Silence form.  Finally, Amaris was able to cause Zamorak to trip on some fortress remains, and Amaris went to plunge his staff into Zamorak's heart.  Upon contact with Zamorak's body, however, the staff broke into two pieces, for it was not powerful enough to harm a god, and the Cube fell out.  Zamorak quickly recovered from the near fall, and swatted Amaris with his hand.  He hit the ground hard in an open area, with Zamorak standing right over him.  Amaris quickly opened his hand, and his cube flew back into it just as Zamorak was charging a massive jet of godly energy.  Amaris knew he was toast.  Just before the jet of energy hit, Amaris activated the "Bailout" function of his cube, and his body was instantly converted into magical energy and stored in the cube.  The cube was hit with the jet, but was completely unharmed because of the enchantment on it.  Zamorak's jet of energy reflected right off of it.  It was all that remained of Amaris.  Not a body, not even ashes.

The Imprisonment (Late Third Age through early Fifth Age)

The Aftermath

Zamorak simply abandoned the battle site after that.  The tiny, transparent Cube remained there on the ground.  Zamorak didn't even notice it because it was so small and the energy signature that it gives off is so weak.  Not long after, the news soon spread like wildfire that the Third Age's biggest nuisance had finally been done away with.  Tales of Zamorak's glorious defeat of this enemy spread throughout the ranks of Zamorakian forces.  Nonetheless, Zamorak did not escape without wounds.  It took him hundreds of years to fully recover from the energy-draining effects of the phage spell, and Zamorak did suffer minor physical wounds from Amaris' spells.  But it was not enough for his progress in the God Wars to be halted.  Only the return of Guthix and the passage of the Edicts finally brought things to an end.

Allek Discovers the Cube

The Cube was first discovered in the year 3701 by a young Zamorakian mage named Allek, who had displayed a profound interest in the tales told about the Angel of Silence and how much chaos and destruction the mysterious figure spread across the land.  He was often ridiculed by his peers for likening the Angel of Silence to Zamorak himself.  He had heard about the staff that the Angel had used, and how powerful it was, and how it was once used to bring down entire armies.  Allek was sure that it was a god weapon of some sort because he was utterly dumbfounded by the stories he had been told about it.  He managed to make his way to the peninsula where the face-off between the two occurred, 34 years after it happened.  Allek searched the site for days, finding nothing.  Then, on the dusk of his fifth day there, he found a strange object buried in the soil as he was digging a new fire pit.  It was a hard, crystalline, perfectly transparent cube about two inches across on all sides.  What a strange discovery.  He examined it by the fire, and noticed that when he looked at the flames through it, they appeared to be white instead of the normal orangey-yellow color of fire.  At this point, he was convinced it had some sort of magical properties.

Allek was curious as to what would happen if he threw it into the flames, and did so.  Almost immediately, the fire erupted into a massive, swirling beam of white light that shot through the clouds and even caused them to disperse in a circular pattern.  It only lasted for several seconds before it simply stopped.  There was an energy in the air that felt sort of like static electricity, and absolutely nothing remained where the fire was except for a shallow, dish-shaped indentation in the ground.  In the center of it was the Cube, glowing faintly with an iridescent white glow that seemed to light it up.  Allek picked up the Cube, and as he did so, he felt something very strange.  He was a mage, so obviously he knew what it felt like to have magic running through his body.  But this was completely different.  He could feel pure, freebase magic coursing through his veins, and it made him feel like a god.  This had to be some sort of godly artifact, he thought to himself. He also knew that the Cube was happy that someone had finally found It.

Within months, Allek had become one of the most powerful mages in Zamorak's ranks.  And he was still so young, only 22 at this point.  Nobody knew how he managed it, he always kept what made him so powerful a secret.  In reality, it was the Cube that had made him so powerful.  However, Amaris was slowly gaining control over Allek's mind in the process, and Allek's access to so much power corrupted him.  At the same time, his possession of the Cube made him immortal, and it corrupted him for nearly a hundred years.  He began to take risks and put himself in unreasonably dangerous situations.  For example, he tried to raid the Temple Knight headquarters and only narrowly managed to escape.  The Temple Knights then passed an edict that demanded Allek be captured, dead or alive.

Eventually,  in the year 3822, Allek was killed by a bounty hunter that was sent after him by the Temple Knights.  At this point, the Cube had become like a drug to Allek.  He would constantly play around with it, and let small amounts of magic from it into his body to induce a euphoric high.  This is what Allek was doing when he was shot in the back of the head by a crossbow bolt from the bounty hunter.  The bounty hunter discovered the Cube, and decided to bring it back to the Temple Knights, selling it to them for a measly 86 gold pieces.

In the Hands of the Temple Knights

The Temple Knights' magic experts were quick to figure out that the Cube was a magical artifact of some sort.  After spending several months painstakingly experimenting with it and examining it, they were able to determine that it was some sort of magic storage device. The confusing thing was that the crystal seemed to use magical technology that was completely foreign to the Temple Knights. They also concluded that it was locked by some sort of magical code that they were unable to break.  The Temple Knights' top authorities on magic spent years attempting to crack the Cube's code, to no avail.  Through the entire thing, the consciousness of Amaris laid dormant within the Cube, waiting for the perfect opportunity.  Eventually, the Temple Knights stored it in their archives for safekeeping, locked in a mithril box.  It sat there until the year 6 of the Fourth Age, when an apprentice to the Senior Magical Researcher discovered the box while looking through the Archives for a document on rune stones.  He took the box to the S.M.R. and asked what was inside of it.  The box was labeled "Mysterious Cube" and had a documentation number on it.  The S.M.R. looked up relevant documents on the box, and told the apprentice that it was suspected to be a catalytic storage crystal that the Temple Knights' magical researchers were unable to make work nearly a hundred years ago.  The Apprentice, whose name was Jakob, asked the S.M.R. if he could take a look at it, and the S.M.R. opened the box for him.  The Cube intrigued Jakob.  According to documentation, it had been found in the hands of a powerful Zamorakian mage, who appeared to use it as a power source.  He laid a finger on it, and felt a light tingle.  This made him feel convinced that he could somehow make the Cube work, and he asked the S.M.R. if he could attempt to activate it.  The S.M.R., knowing that it is unlikely that Jakob would ever crack the code given the description of it, agreed, but told him that once he was able to activate it he must return it immediately so that it could be studied.  Jakob agreed.  Little did they know, Jakob's touch had awakened the spirit of Amaris, who had been lying dormant in the Cube for nearly 100 years.

Jakob's Research

Amaris decided that he'd have a little fun with the apprentice.  The reality was is that Amaris was the only one who was able to activate the Cube, and he decided to use this to his advantage.  Jakob experimented with the Cube for weeks.  He tried casting spells on it, threw it into portals, and even put it atop of a lightning rod and had lightning strike it.  Nothing seemed to work.  Eventually, after a month or so, it became nothing more than a paperweight for the young apprentice.  Then, a few months after he received it, something finally happened.  Jakob was fast asleep at exactly 2:22 in the morning when something awoke him.  Something was illuminating his room with a soft white glow, and the glow was coming from his desk.  Jakob got up, and went to his desk, and soon discovered that it was the Cube that was glowing.  He was a bit afraid, but quite curious as well.  It was his curiosity that led him to touch it.  Suddenly, he saw To'Khanna glyphs floating in front of his eyes, and felt massive amounts of the Cube's power course through is body.  That's when the connection formed, and Jakob became the Cube's second bearer.

Within a few years, Jakob had become a powerful mage.  He had modified a Temple Knight staff and placed the Cube in it, turning it into an extremely powerful magical weapon.  He soon became one of the Temple Knights' most valuable soldiers, wreaking havoc against Zamorakian forces on the battlefield.  That's not to say that Amaris wasn't beginning to gain influence over him, however.  He caused Jakob to become arrogant, demanding, and belligerent, especially towards his superiors.  The S.M.R. took note of this, and wondered if the Cube was somehow influencing him, and causing his ego to inflate.  It was a good hunch.  Eventually, things began to get out of hand.  After returning from a battle, Jakob demanded an immediate promotion to the highest rank possible for his division.  Knowing that he wasn't qualified, his superior refused.  Jakob quickly got violent, and blasted his superior with a near lethal jet of Aether magic before he was restrained.  The Cube was confiscated from him, and it was deemed to dangerous for anyone, especially an amateur, to handle.  So it was stored and locked away into the Temple Knights' archives.  But not before being noted how powerful of a weapon it could be.

In the Hands of St. Weatherby

The Cube remained in the Temple Knight archives for another few decades, until the year 198, when the S.M.R. decided to take it out for reevaluation.  After evaluating a large number of candidates to give the Cube to as a weapon, they settled on the renowned paladin hero known as St. Weatherby.  The moment the Cube was placed in Weatherby's hands, Amaris knew that this would be a fun and interesting challenge.  And he made it known to Weatherby that this was a very powerful object.  In the several years that Weatherby possessed it, it made him even more powerful.  It seemed to complement his natural Icyenic magic perfectly, and made him one of the most destructive forces on the battlefield.  It only served to cement his reputation as one of Saradomin's greatest heroes.

Amaris' attempts to manipulate Weatherby for the most part were in vain.  He did succeed in fooling Weatherby into thinking that he was possessed by a demon once, however.  Eventually, Amaris got bored, and decided it was time to pull the plug.  The Cube suddenly became unresponsive to Weatherby mid-battle, and Weatherby was nearly slain.  After the battle, Weatherby tried over and over again to get it to work, to no avail.

The Alliance Days, pt. 1

The First Encounter

St. Weatherby decided to take the Cube back to the the new S.M.R., who was an Icyene named Cysan. Cysan was a very magically gifted individual, and was probably the most adept and knowledgable S.M.R. that the Temple Knights had to date. He was intrigued by this object, and decided to run a series of tests on it. His initial hunches told him that it was more than just a reservoir for immense amounts of magical power, it must have been a machine of some sort.

Using a spectroscope, Cysan was able to determine that the Cube was made of solid diamond, but that the presence of a large amount of magic had changed the optical properties of the crystal. The magic seemed to be stored in a very ordered manner within the crystal, and this fascinated him. He wanted to learn more. When he examined the Cube under a microscope, he noticed something incredibly strange. The crystal lattice seemed to be warped and distorted in a sort of geometric fractal pattern, with a large amount of dynamically changing structures made of what seemed to be a form of omni-magic lining the fractal. It almost seemed to be alive.

Cysan decided to run another test. Using a device called a thaumoscope, he injected a beam of cosmic magic into the Cube (because this is the type of magic that is normally used for enchantments). What he saw surprised him. Upon contact with the Cube, the tiny structures of magic within it clustered around the beam of magic and arranged themselves into a gate-shaped structure that took in the beam of magic and converted it into more of this strange omni-magic. The beam exited the structure and travelled throughout the entire Cube along the fractal matrix, causing the entire Cube to light up white.

Cysan had never seen anything like this before, and he was absolutely amazed and baffled. Not even the most advanced Zarosian technology from the Second Age was on par with something this sophisticated. He wondered what type of creature had managed to craft something like this. The thought was in his mind that this could be an artifact from a previous cycle, or perhaps even an elder artifact.

Cysan zoomed in with the microscope. Interestingly, when he did so, the pattern of the fractal matrix seemed to change and mutate, almost like a kaleidoscope. Then, droplets of magic began to pool at a vertex that was located directly at the center of his field of view, forming a floating blob of clear, iridescent liquid. The fascinated Cysan watched in awe as the blob formed itself into a face with blank features. The face opened its mouth to speak, and Cysan heard a calm, masculine voice within his head:

Cube: Greetings, Cysan. It seems that you are trying a great deal to learn about me.

Cysan: Who are you and how do you know my name?

Cube: My name is not important, but I am the one who created this device, and I am ever present and ever vigilant within it. I can see and hear what is going on in the world around me. It wasn't hard for me to glean what your name was given some of the conversations you had with your apprentices. Now if I may ask, why are you so interested in me?

Cysan: I was just interested in this object. I sought to discover more about it and what powers it had, and why it seemed to corrupt those who tried to harness its power. I had no idea that there was a consciousness residing within it.

Under Construction!

The Formation of the Ancient Alliance

Under Construction!

The Desert Crusades

Several hundred years later, the well was located in the bustling center of the city of Avarrocka.  The Cube was at the bottom, and it had been untouched since then.  All of that was about to change.  One evening, two street urchins by the name of Silas and Jon were throwing rocks down into the well.  Then, some light caught upon something shiny at the bottom of the well.  Thinking it was a coin, Silas had Jon lower him down into the well to retrieve the object.  It was no coin at all, merely a Cube made out of what looked like glass that could fit in the palm of Silas' hand.  What an interesting object.  He brought it up and showed it to Jon.  Jon thought that he should sell it.  But Silas had somehow grown attached to it.  The Cube had bound itself to Silas' aura already.  The two eventually began to fight over it.  Suddenly, after they were fighting for only a few minutes, the Cube activated in Silas' hands.  Aether magic coursed through his veins, and his eyes lit up white.  He shot a bolt of Aether magic at Jon that killed him instantly.  Then, the magic wore off.  Silas, terrified of what he had done, ran away from the scene with the Cube in his hand.

Silas eventually became a powerful mage, and was drafted into the Avarrockian army, and sent on a mission to the Kharidian desert.  His particular regimen was heading towards Enakhra's temple.  Unfortunately, he fell behind after Amaris influenced him to raid and destroy a camp of Bedabin nomads before going back on course.  When he arrived at Enakhra's temple, he was quite late, and everyone except Pentyn was already dead.  He actually lasted quite long against Enakhra thanks to the Cube, but he was finally subdued and killed.  Enakhra picked up the Cube, and as she did, she heard a familiar voice from it.  It belonged to Amaris, that Mahjarrat who she had a one night stand with that one time before she fell in love with Zamorak.  She had come to hate him after seeing him sleep around and become embroiled in a rivalry with Zamorak.  After hearing his voice, she yelled at it, and the Cube shocked her (Amaris' voice had reportedly told her to bite him).  She had one of her bone guards take the Cube outside and throw it into the ocean.

The Morytanian Battles and Residence in Morytania

In the year 1142 of the Fourth Age, a Misthalinian fisherman who was hired by the King of Avarrocka himself to catch fish for a banquet caught a very large sailfish near the mouth of the River Lum.  That was quite strange, because sailfish don't usually stray into shallow waters, especially the brackish water near the mouth of the river.  When the fish was butchered, to the butchers' surprise, they found a strange object in its stomach; a transparent, crystalline cube that was small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand.  They showed it to the King, and the King, not knowing what it was, had it taken to the Archmage of Avarrocka.  It soon became clear to the Archmage that this was a magical artifact of some sort, quite possibly, he hypothesized, the piece of a very powerful weapon from the Third Age.

The Archmage was somehow able to activate the Cube (with the okay of Amaris, of course), and it soon became clear to him just how powerful it was.  The Archmage suggested to the King that it be put to use in the ongoing Morytania campaign.  The King agreed, and gave the Archmage the task of making a weapon out of the Cube.  What the Archmage eventually came up with was a long staff that resembled a crozier; it had to be really long so that it could better channel the Cube's immense energy and protect the user from it if they were to misuse the Cube and have an accident.

The new staff was to be given to a very carefully selected person; someone who was both strong in morals and very adept with magic.  The Archmage felt that someone holding this kind of power could easily be corrupted by it, and thus it was decided that the bearer of it would be chosen very carefully.  The chosen person was a female Guthixian seer by the name of Meilyn.  She was sent in to Morytania in the year 1144 after training with the staff, and she became immensely powerful through using it.  She even was able to kill a few vyrelords with it.  She was soon given command over an entire division of soldiers, and often fought alongside the Seven Priestly Warriors.  Thanks to her efforts, combined with that of the Seven Priestly Warriors, the Morytanian hordes were pushed back.  The River Salve was blessed in the year 1200, but Meilyn, being corrupted by the Cube, had no intention of stopping.  Meilyn took her army deeper into Morytania, wreaking havoc, against the orders of her superiors.  Her army managed to last a few months before it was crushed by a horde of vyres sent in by Drakan himself.  Meilyn herself managed to escape to the swamps of Mort Myre, where she lived in seclusion in a grotto for 243 years, being corrupted by the Cube's magic and eventually descending into psychosis.  It is rumored that Amaris' consciousness toyed with her mind in rather....unusual ways.  She was eventually discovered by a vyrewatch, who she managed to kill, but not before the vyrewatch sent out a distress signal that attracted a large swarm of vyres.  She was overwhelmed by them and taken to Lord Drakan, dropping the Cube in the swamps along the way.  Amaris suspects that she still lives in Darkmeyer today as a vyrelady after being turned.

Changing Hands and Dropping In on Drakan

The Cube was eventually discovered by a vampyre juvenile, who wandered around with it for several years before losing it.  The Cube somehow interrupted its vampyric maturation process, and caused the juvenile to go insane.  It eventually lost the Cube.  It changed hands several times again before falling into the hands of a vyrewatch.  Amaris took this as an opportunity to mess with Drakan, and he "purified" the vyrewatch, causing its skin and aura to be bleached white.  Amaris took control of its mind through the Cube, and caused it to walk staggering into Darkmeyer like a drunken buffoon.  Eventually, the Vyrewatch staggered into Drakan's castle after killing all of the guards, and confronted Lord Drakan himself.  According to Vanescula's account, the vyrewatch flipped off Drakan and called him a pansy, and then proceeded to dance around the room screaming profanities in Vyre tongue, shooting beams of magic everywhere with the Cube.  Drakan called in reinforcements to pin the vyre down.  It took several hours to restrain the vyrewatch, and then Drakan proceeded to bash its skull in with his foot.  The vyrewatch dropped the Cube, and the white color drained out of its skin and the corpse once again looked like a normal vyrewatch.  Drakan picked up the Cube, and then heard Amaris' voice:

Amaris: "Hey, Lowie [it really used to annoy Drakan when Amaris called him this]!  My old buddy!  It's been a while, hasn't it?"
Drakan: " pathetic little sebum stain.  What are you doing in my castle?  In my city?  In my land?!"
Amaris: "Oh, you know me.  I thought I'd just drop in to say hello.  Being trapped in a piece of crystal gets boring sometimes.  And, oh!  Have you noticed the work of art I did on your little statue?"
Drakan turns his head to the wall behind him, and notices that the vyrewatch, while under Amaris' spell, had drawn male genitalia all over the statue of Drakan in vyre form that sat above his throne with beams of magical energy.  The damage is irreversible.  He becomes absolutely livid.
Drakan: "Was...that...necessary?  Now I have to have my meat-slaves carve a new one!  With their level of intellect, it will take months!"
Amaris: "I don't know, was it?  I mean, you've always had this self-important attitude that annoyed me.  Besides, it's probably fitting given how many times you've blown Ranis over there." [Hopefully Amaris intended that as a sarcastic joke and was not being serious.]
Drakan looks to Ranis, and then back at the Cube, which is glowing dimly in his palm.  He charges a blast of vampyric magic and shoots it at the Cube, which absorbs it as if nothing had even touched it.  Drakan growls, and the Cube emits a shock of Aether magic that courses through Drakan's body, not causing any serious damage but still immense pain.  He howls and clutches the Cube in his hand.
Amaris: "Silly Lowie.  You really think you can hurt me?  Even after all of the times you tried during the God Wars and failed?  You must be one dense motherf***er if you think you can even scratch me.  I'm a piece of enchanted crystal, for Zaros' sake!  And I'm gods-damned indestructible like this!"
Drakan: "Stop calling me that name or I'll wipe you off the face of this pathetic realm.  And I don't care what you think.  I will find a way to destroy you."
Amaris: "And how will you manage that?  Will you try throwing me off the walls of your castle?  Because I know your blood-slurping f***wits will eventually resort to something as desperate as that.  And I will have you know that it won't even leave a damn mark."
Drakan: "I have an entire army of vyrelords with superior intelligence that are up to the challenge.  I will make you pay dearly for all of the damage you have done to the efforts of both me and Lord Zamorak's armies."
Amaris' psychotic, mocking laughter rang throughout Drakan's head.  He groaned as if he was in pain, it was that annoying to him.
Amaris: "You mean that pathetic excuse for a Mahjarrat that you call a 'god?'  The one whose testicles are twice the size of his brain?  The one who managed to harm an actual god because of a mere stroke of luck?  The one I had on his knees, his very godhood slipping out of his grasp as my magic raised hell inside of his aura?  You're just as hilarious now as you were a few millenia ago when I last saw you, Lowie.  Maybe you're better fit to be a shitty comedian than the lazy-ass ruler of a kingdom full of blood-sucking, gigantic sky rats."
Drakan: "I have had enough of you.  Each time I hear your voice I feel like I'm being defiled by abyssal demons.  Good riddance to you and your idiotic ramblings."
Drakan calls over a vyre guard, who brings a special magic-proof box to store the Cube in as Drakan's most intelligent vyres try to find a way to destroy it.  But, of course, just as the Cube is about to be plucked out of Drakan's hands, Amaris gets the last word.
Amaris: "Oh, and by the way.  I know that your sister wants me to plow her like a corn field.  Over and over again.  She really seemed to enjoy that one night stand we had that one time.  Do me a favor and tell her that I'm not sticking my meat into that ice box of hers ever again."
Drakan howls in anger as Amaris' voice fades and the Cube is taken from him.  He is not sure whether Amaris is lying to him about that to try and anger him or he really did sleep with his sister.  Knowing Amaris, it's completely possible.  The Cube is hauled away, but it wouldn't be in Darkmeyer for much longer.

Drakan thought that a specially built box could contain the energy of the Cube, but he was wrong.  The Cube began to heat up, and it got so hot that it melted a hole through the bottom of the box.  The moment the vyre who was carrying it picked up the Cube, he had an irresistable urge to throw it off of the Drakan Castle walls.  Despite the strong mind of the vyre, Amaris was able to manipulate its motor cortex, making it impossible to resist.  The Cube plunged down hundreds of feet and landed in a small pool of water in the Mort Myre marsh.

Discovered by Settlers

The Cube was found a few months later by one of the weakened vampryes that roams the Haunted Woods.  After the vampyre held onto the mysterious trinket for several years, Amaris eventually decided to kill it, sending a powerful surge of magic through its body that caused all of its internal organs to explode.  After being found by a werewolf, it changed hands again several times over the course of a few years.  One of its bearers lost it near present day Fenkenstrain Castle, where it remained until the year 1776.  At this time, a young boy who was travelling with a group of Misthalinian settlers discovered it.  Not knowing what it was, the boy took it to the elder who was leading the group through the Morytanian swamps, and he determined after carefully studying it that it was a magical artifact of great power.  The elder gave it to a wizard named Phasmys, who they thought might be able to make use of it.  Amaris, on the other hand, decided that he would make use of Phasmys.  The Cube activated soon after Phasmys gained possession of it, and it allowed him to become so powerful as to be able to almost singlehandedly fend off the vyrewatch that were attacking the group of settlers.  Within a year, the group settled in northeastern Morytania, founding Port Phasmatys.  Phasmys quickly became the town's most valuable defense against the vampyric hordes; it seemed as if vampyres were weak to the magic that he was able to extract from the Cube.

It was not long before Phasmys' mental stability began to slowly deteriorate thanks to the Cube's magic.  He became belligerent in person, and attempted to gain more powerful and influence within Port Phasmatys' government.  When Necrovarus arrived, the unstable and [rightfully] paranoid Phasmys saw him as a threat, and attempted to do away with him.  At this point, however, because of his insanity, Phasmys had gone out of favor and become hated by most of Port Phasmatys' citizens.  Phasmys attempted to kill Necrovarus, but the Cube suddenly became inactive as he was about to deal the finishing blow.  He was captured and ostracized by the citizens of the Port, and he lived in the Morytanian swamps for over 200 years, descending further into insanity.

The Fifth Age: Release and Reestablishment

The Release

The year was 97 of the Fifth Age.  Phasmys, now utterly insane at this point, encountered an extremely powerful vamprye in the Haunted Woods that he had not seen before.  This vampyre turned out to be Alucard Draculea, a then-insane Ancient vampyre.  Frantic and terrified, yet so aggressive and rabid at this point that he was driven by the Cube to attempt to kill Alucard, Phasmys actually managed to hold his own in a duel against him before the Cube suddenly stopped working.  Alucard had figured out at this point that the Cube was the source of the human's power, and knocked it out of his hand with a quick and easy spell.  Phasmys was a sitting duck now, and he was subdued by Alucard in a matter of seconds.  Alucard killed him and drank all of his blood, quite a satisfying meal.

Alucard went to pick up the strange object that he had knocked out of the man's hands.  He did so, and his powerful vampyric aura caused it to activate.  Amaris, despite the malfuncitoning in the Cube's backup function code, decided that he had to release himself despite the risks.  He used the Cube to hijack some of Alucard's auric energy and use it to release himself.  It only felt like a mild energy draining shock to the vampyre, which caused him to drop the Cube.  But the results of it were immediate.  A figure suddenly materialized out of white light in front of him, the Cube in hand.  It was tall, dark, and had wings as dark as the night.  It appeared to be some sort of Icyene-like creature to Alucard, who was rather puzzled by the sight that he saw.  Amaris, whose brain had been completely addled by his release from the Cube, did not have the capacity to interact with Alucard at the moment, and was rather startled.  The two only made eye contact for a couple seconds before the creature leaped into the air and flew off into the gloomy Morytanian night.

A Strange New World

It took Amaris several hours to regain most of his brain's normal functioning.  He was extremely nauseous from his body being reassembled atom by atom, and he had to land by the Salve River mid flight to vomit in it.  Most of his long-term memories were also scrambled thanks to the glitch in the reconstruction code, making them completely inaccessible to his conscious mind.  He quickly realized that in most of Gielinor humans were the dominant species, and although he did not know he was a Mahjarrat at this point, he knew that he was not human and figured that he had to blend in.

Residency in Varrock and Career in the Nightlarks

Amaris travelled to the city of Varrock, where he assumed the identity of an economically troubled human enchanter named Draconis.  He joined one of Varrock's resident gangs, the Nightlark Gang, using his manufactured bad fortune as well as his skills in magic as his tickets to get in.  Clad in black, this was a gang of thieves, extortionists, pimps, and assassins that had already been terrorizing West Varrock for several decades.  Amaris figured that joining them would help him get to know mid-Fifth Age Gielinor better.  Known to them as Drac, he quickly became one of the gang's most valuable assets.  His skills in magic and enchanting proved to be extremely useful, along with his inventiveness.  He designed custom magical devices and weaponry for them to use, and trained gang members in the art of using magic with charged weapons instead of rune stones, which freed them from dependence on the underground rune trade.  Their innovation eventually led to their dominance of the entire Varrockian crime scene.

Amaris quickly developed a rivalry with one of the major gang bosses, Jacques Enroy, known among the Nightlarks as Phoenix.  Their rivalry escalated in the year 103 when Phoenix discovered that Amaris had been seducing and sleeping with his off-duty prostitutes, as well as his girlfriend.  Phoenix challenged Amaris to a duel, and Phoenix mandated that no magic be used.  Amaris mandated that it was to be hand to hand combat, because he knew that Phoenix was adept with daggers and crossbows.  The two of them faced off just outside the headquarters in West Varrock, and the fight was said to have lasted for over an hour before Phoenix withdrew a hidden blade and stabbed Amaris in the gut.  It was only a moderate injury, not enough to kill.  Everyone began to boo and hiss, because this was a breach of the duel's agreed upon rules.  Phoenix began to shout at the crowd, distracted.  Amaris suppressed the pain, and landed a hook square on Phoenix's temple.  Amaris got up, grasping his wound, and kicked Phoenix in the gut, causing him to fall over on his back.  He then curb-stompted him, leaving a massive wound on his face that would scar him for life.  He then declared, his wrapped hand over his wound to slow the bleeding, to the cheering crowd:

"Let that be a lesson to the insolent bastards among you who want to try fucking with Drac."

From this point on, Amaris became one of the most feared, respected, and loathed members of the Nightlark Gang.  He both had a loyal following and a group of sworn enemies, which were headed by the disgruntled Phoenix.

In the year 105, the gang's leader, Slim, was captured and hanged by Varrockian authorities as part of their effort to crack down on the widespread crime problem Varrock was having at this time.  Between then and Amaris' victory, there were severeal assassination attempts on him by both law enforcement and Phoenix's cronies.  All failed.  Amaris was voted to be the new leader of the gang by a narrow margin, and he completely revamped the gang's structure, streamlining it and making it much more efficient.  He mandated the assassination of important Varrockian law enforcement officers, and the infiltration and corruption of the Varrockian guard.  However, not all were pleased with his changes, particularly Phoenix and his group of loyal followers.  They split off from the Nightlark Gang, forming the Phoenix Gang, which quickly became a rival gang.  For two years, the two gangs fought for dominance over Varrock before the Phoenix Gang decided to employ a new strategy: collaborating with Varrockian law enforcement.  Thanks to a tip from Phoenix himself, Varrockian law enforcement managed to locate and destroy the Nightlarks' main weapon storage facility, dealing a blow to the Nightlark Gang that would eventually prove to be lethal.  After a series of victories by the Phoenix Gang, the Nightlark Gang began to collapse and members began to defect.  Amaris watched in horror as the whole operation fell apart in front of his eyes, and he decided to take matters into his own hands.  He broke into Phoenix's upscale residence in North Varrock and murdered him and everyone in his family except for his teenaged son Jethro Enroy (the future father of Straven Enroy, the current leader of the Phoenix Gang), who happened to escape narrowly.  A few months after that and a few close calls, Amaris gave up on the whole operation, and decided to flee westward to Falador.  The Nightlark Gang collapsed within weeks of his desertion.

Residency in Rimmington

The city of Falador was unlike anywhere Amaris ever set foot in.  It was white, everywhere, and controlled by Saradominists and Zamorakians.  And he couldn't stand it, because for some reason he had an intense hatred of these two religious groups, especially Zamorakians.  He didn't stay there for more than a few days before finally settling down in Rimmington, where he purchased a house with some of the money he brought back from his ventures in the now defunct Nightlark Gang.  He still wore his old Nightlark outfit, as a memory of the "good times," loose-fitting, dark clothing with a hood and his Cloak of Ng'aarth, which he knew to have magical properties.

Amaris opened up a magical items shop in his house in Rimmington, which, after a few years, became renowned throughout Asgarnia and Misthalin for selling interesting and powerful magical items.  Every once and a while he would stop by Falador and Taverley to advertise and sell some of his items himself.  Most of the items Amaris had designed himself.  One day in the year 116, a powerful Guthixian druidess from Taverley named Circe stopped by his shop looking for a staff that could be switched to channel different rune stones.  Amaris happened to be bathing when she stopped by the shop, and hearing the door open (there was one of those bells attached to it), he quickly got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around his waist and went to see the customer.  Although Amaris apologized for the situation and explained it, as soon as the druidess got sight of the half-naked Amaris in all of his glory, she was lovestruck.  She could barely speak, but she was able to communicate across that she wanted an omni-elemental staff, much like the Mindspike, except one that could handle catalyctic runes as well.  Amaris did indeed find her attractive, and hinted at her a bit.  He told her that he'd have it ready in a week, and to come back then.  He wasn't surprised that she started making rather timid advances on him when he saw her a week earlier.  Amaris figured that she was probably a virgin, and not used to having sexual relations with someone, she only appeared to be in her early twenties.  So he asked her if she wanted to have a drink in town, and they went off to Rimmington's local pub and grabbed a tea and talked over it.  With a little bit of advances on Amaris' part, they were able to hit it off.  It was only a matter of time before they made love at Amaris' place.

What is Love?

After a few years, the two of them ended up getting married.  Although, at this point, Amaris had more questions than answers.  He was still in the dark about his past, he had no idea how old he was.  He had already gathered that for some reason he did not appear to be aging.  He also did not feel towards Circe what the humans referred to as "love," although he did not tell her this.  He was capable of feeling a sort of lukewarm affection towards her, but other than that he found himself unable to love her.  It seems as if his capacity for affection towards others had been dulled somehow.

Amaris had told Circe that he did not believe he was human, and that's why he was not aging.  Her first suspicion was that Amaris could have had elven blood in him, and this extended his life span significantly.  It did not explain his shape-shifting abilities, however, or his memory loss.  And then, something else began to happen.  Amaris began to have flashbacks.  Most of them were memories from traumatic events that he suffered during the Third Age, such as the loss of Kotomi, or deeds that he did when he was the Angel of Silence.  He was terrified of them, they seemed to evoke emotions in him that he had never remembered experiencing.  Amaris did not tell Circe of the flashbacks, he was afraid that he would scare her.

Finally, after nearly a decade, Circe became pregnant.  The term was a lot longer than usual, she was pregnant for several years.  She told him that this was not normal; the gestation period of humans is normally nine months.  After 52 months, suddenly, she went into labor in the middle of the night.  It came quite literally out of nowhere.  She was in labor for days, and was utterly exhausted by it.  Amaris did everything he could to keep her well through the process; he gave her as much water and food as she could hold down, but she threw up most of it.  By the time the baby finally came out, it was clear that it was no normal baby.  Its skin was a greyish purple, and it had strange markings all over it.  A female.  Stillborn.  The four day long labor was so intense and overbearing that Circe died on the spot out of exhaustion after she was finished.  She only caught a glimpse of the strange child before she took her last breath.

Amaris was confused, sad, and broken.  The baby looked like some sort of feral creature to him, almost like a demon of some sort.  Was this what he was?  Some sort of monster?  He was more terrified than sad.  He was questioning his entire life at this point.  He knew that he should have been more sad than he was.  For some reason, he was unable to develop a deep emotional connection with Circe.  And he had no idea why.  Perhaps it had something to do with what happened to him in the past?  The flashbacks.  He remembered seeing a woman in the flashbacks, a woman who he had some sort of deep connection with.  And in some of them, he remembered her being tortured and killed by a terrible figure of some sort.  Or maybe his race, whatever it was, was somehow unable to feel profound emotions?

Who Am I?

The year was 134.  Amaris decided to close his magic shop.  He felt like it was putting too much pressure on him; he was already becoming rather unstable due to the death of Circe, the flashbacks, and because so many questions remained unanswered.

One thing that always intrigued him was the Cube that he always possessed.  He knew he had some sort of intimate connection to it, and knew that it was an extremely powerful object.  He eventually discovered that he had the ability to "activate" it, but all he saw were a bunch of strange-looking glyphs in front of his eyes whenever he did so.  He was also able to discover that it emitted some sort of energy field, and he thought that this energy field was what was keeping him from aging.  Several years past, and he began to discover more about this mysterious object.  He created a quarterstaff, and placed the Cube on top of it, creating an extremely powerful weapon.  He designed the staff in such a way that it allowed him to siphon energy from the Cube.  This energy was unlike anything he had ever seen before; certainly not like the shadow magic and enchanting that he was used to doing.  It seemed to be pure, unadulterated magic.  It was extremely powerful and unstable, and as he discovered, one good hit was capable of killing a living being instantly.

In the year 139, the dragon Elvarg awoke, and eventually made its way to the mainland, where it attacked the coastline near Rimmington.  Amaris took the call to action, and fought with a local Asgarnian militia against the dragon with his Staff.  The dragon seemed to be terrified of the energy that his staff emitted, and it flew away in fear before Amaris and the militia were able to kill it.  Amaris was hailed as a hero by the locals, and word reached the King of Asgarnia, who wished to see Amaris himself.  The King offered the position of Archmage to Amaris, but he would have none of it.  Amaris declared that he does not want to associate himself with Saradominists and Zamorakians, and promptly marched out of the castle.

As it turned out, Amaris did not like the publicity of being hailed as a hero.  He decided to move back to Varrock, where he reopened his magical equipment shop.  At this point, he still wore attire similar to the Nightlark Gang uniform, and it was not long before his presence became known to the Phoenix Gang.  Gang members reported the situation back to Jethro Enroy, who realized that this was probably one of the few surviving former Nightlark Gang members.  Jethro wanted to see the man for himself, and he quickly recognized him as Drac, the man who had killed his family.  Jethro wanted him killed.  One night, in the year 141, as Amaris was closing up shop, five Phoenix gang members with crossbows ambushed him.  Although caught off guard, he used shadow magic to confuse and evade them, while the Aether magic from his Staff sealed the deal.  He killed all five of them, and piled their bodies in the alleyway outisde the shop.  He knew who was responsible at this point.  He left a hand-written note on top of them written in fancy calligraphic script:

My dear friend Jethro:
It has been quite a long time since I have spoken to you.  How are things going?  Is all running smoothly with that pathetic little game of cops and robbers you like to play?  Does your position as head of the Phoenix Gang make you feel like more of a man than you actually are?  Have you finally managed to escape the curse known as virginity yet?  Do all of your little peons think that you're the bee's knees because your family is dead and you are just intelligent enough to load and fire a crossbow at an unmoving target?  What would your father think of you, sending in your friends to deal with me instead of growing some balls and coming to face me yourself like he did?  Were you afraid that you were going to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter by Yours Truly?  Or did you just have other issues to concern yourself with, like beating your meat to the idea of actually going out and killing someone yourself?  You have always been a coward, Jethro Enroy.  You were the only one who ran from me when I came to serve a nice, warm slice of revenge to that pathetic excuse of a father you had.  It's quite a shame, actually.  Everyone else in your family had the guts to stand up to me while you climbed out the window and ran for dear life.  In fact, given your level of cowardice, I'm actually quite surprised that you sent anyone in to confront me in the first place.  Is there something you want to prove, Jethro?  If so, then come and get me.  You know where to find me.

Your Old Friend,


Amaris was asking for trouble at this point, and that's exactly what he had intended.  He utilized his shapeshiftng powers to disguise himself as a Phoenix gang member, and got informed on their plot to kill him.  He manged to get an exact date and time: midnight on the 28th of the Ire of Phyrrys, which was in just a few weeks.  Amaris took time to prepare.  He moved all of his merchandise into the shop's basement and locked it up, and placed incendiary devices in several locations around the building.  On all of the shop's doors and windows, he placed magical seals that he could activate from a distance, causing all of the doors and windows to become magically locked.  It was ready.  On the night of the raid, Amaris left the door of the shop unlocked and some candles lit to make it appear that it was open and he was home.  In reality, he was actually disguised as a stray dog, watching from across the street.  Over a dozen Phoenix Gang members broke into the shop, which they found to be empty.  Amaris then re-assumed his human form, and activated the charm, causing all of the doors and windows to be locked.  He peered in from the windows, and gave the gang members a cheeky taunt before activating the incendiary devices, causing his shop to go up in flames immediately.  All of them perished.  When Jethro heard nothing from the gang members he sent, he decided to visit the site himself, and what he saw terrified him.  Amaris was gone, but his shop was completely burned down.  He discovered the charred remains of the Phoenix Gang among the rubble and ashes.  Jethro became absolutely livid.  Amaris, in the meantime, had already purchased another residence in the nicer side of town in North Varrock, where he lived quietly for a year until the Phoenix Gang robbed the Varrock Museum and stole the Shield of Arrav.  Not long after this, Amaris reopened his magic shop, and began to do his own investigations, discovering that tension was rising in the Phoenix Gang after the theft.  He took this as an opportunity to perform some sabotage operations to increase tensions between the two different factions of the gang.  Eventually, things boiled over, and the gang split.  Amaris quickly acquainted himself with the Black Arm Gang, and allowed them to use his shop as a safehouse for supplies, and also sold them equipment at heavy discounts.  He became so valuable to them that they swore to protect him and hunt down anyone who tried to kill him.  This allowed him to run his shop in relative peace until one day, something completely unexpected happened that changed everything.

Coming to Terms

In the year 154, Varrock was suddenly attacked by hordes of undead and necromancers.  Amaris himself participated in the battle, which resulted in a decisive victory for Varrockian forces.  However, this attack was unlike anything Amaris had remembered seeing before.  Hordes and hordes of undead raised back to life by magic?  He had to find out who was behind this.  He disguised himself as a necromancer, and followed the survivors back into the Wilderness, where they reported back to an extremely terrifying and strange creature.  It turned out to be none other than the Mahjarrat Lucien.  At this point, Amaris' Mahjarrat aura was still powerful enough to be detected by Lucien, and he declared to the group of necromancers (which included Solus Dellagar), that "one of his kin" was among them.  Solus immediately pointed out that he did not recognize Amaris.  Lucien used telekinesis to prevent Amaris from moving, and then casted a spell on him that forced him into his lich form.  Amaris was absolutely confused and terrified.  So this is what he was.  Lucien immediately recognized Amaris, and told him to give him one good reason why he shouldn't kill him.  Amaris admittedly didn't know what he was talking about, but he assumed it had something to do with his past.  He telepathically activated his staff, jamming Lucien's spell, and shot a blast of Aether magic at him, scoring a damaging but not lethal hit.  He then promptly teleported.

So this was what he was.  A lich creature of some sort.  He soon came encountered others of this race, including a now deceased Mahjarrat named Dhameer, who confirmed Amaris to be a Mahjarrat, and a very powerful one to boot.  In 156 he decided to close his magical equipment shop once again and then move to Taverley to hide among the Guthixians.  He frequently travelled to Falador to sell some of the equipment he made on his own in his residence in Taverley.

Amaris' realization that he was a Mahjarrat triggered a small flood of memories.  He regained his memories of Zaros, and began practicing Zarosian religion again.  He wondered if there were any other Zarosians around, his secondary agenda for travelling to town was to search for them.  He ended up encountering a few others besides Dhameer, and learned that their kind were loathed and hated.  Amaris also met a female Zarosian Mahjarrat named Kotomi in the year 157, who he had a relationship with for several years. They soon bore a child named Aurora.

After a few close calls with those that loathed Zarosians, he decided that it was best to keep his newfound religious beliefs to himself.  He also began to regain some fragments of his knowledge of Aether magic and the To'Khanna code language, and he was able to begin deciphering the code in the Cube that he had mounted on his staff.  He soon developed a rudimentary knowledge of Aether magic, and began experimenting with it to create magical seals that he could use for basic spell coding.  The pieces of the puzzle began to fall together, finally.

The Awakening

The year was 161, and Amaris came across a man on the outskirts of Falador who introduced himself as Cysan.  They were both impressed by each others' abilities, and quickly became acquainted.  They both explained their current situations to each other.  Amaris revealed that he was a Mahjarrat suffering from memory loss, and Cysan revealed that he was an Icyene that had been bound to Saradomin against his will.  Cysan told Amaris that he could fix the memory problem, and took him to a spot in the woods where he could perform the spell in solitude.  As soon as the spell was cast on Amaris, his mind was unlocked, and he was hit with a flood of memories that overwhelmed him.  He was psychotic for days, as even an extremely strong mind like his couldn't handle the sudden influx of memories.  It all came back to him.  Everything.  The knowledge, the memories, both painful and happy.  After he recovered, he emerged a completely different person.  He was determined to reestablish himself as one of Gielinor's most powerful Mahjarrats, and retreated to the Wilderness where his fortress once stood, and began work on a small army of stone automatons that would act as his guards and servants.  He kept in contact with Cysan telepathically during this phase, and told him that he had decided to build himself a new home fit for a Mahjarrat.  The automatons dug out a maze of underground tunnels underneath the ruins of his fortress, and he enchanted them to make them constantly shifting like the floors of Daemonheim.  By the middle of the year 162, the project was complete.

The Nexus

Amaris started The Nexus project in the year 165.  He originally intended it as a project to gather followers to accelerate and prepare for the return of Zaros.  He crafted a spell using Aether magic called the Nexus seal, which created a tattoo on the initiate's back with their consent.  The "tattoo" created a telepathic bond between Nexus members, and also allowed Amaris to look into their thoughts and manipulate their emotions if necessary. If a member defected, it also allowed him to wipe all memories of the Nexus from them, which occurred once the tattoo was removed.  The group was open to all races, and it was disguised as a new age religious movement that worshipped a central figure known as the "Enlightened One."  The purported goal was to reach "enlightenment," or the surpression of all negative emotions and thoughts.  In reality, however, it was to allow Amaris to manipulate them into helping Zaros return to Gielinor.

The Nexus consisted of only two heirarchies, the Inner Nexus and the Outer Nexus.  The Inner Nexus consisted of those who knew what the actual goal of the Nexus was and that they were Zarosians.  The Outer Nexus consisted of those who didn't know what the Nexus' goal was, and believed they were worshipping this imaginary god who was actually Zaros.  Amaris incorporated Zarosian philosophy into the Nexus' teachings, and the Nexus' religious text consisted mostly of translations from an old Zarosian religious book that Amaris had saved on his Cube.

After gathering resources, Amaris began a project with the help of the Nexus.  This project was to build a gigantic obelisk that would siphon power to Zaros.  He began construction with the help of Inner Nexus members and automatons, and worked on it for several months.  Then, he had Outer Nexus members begin gathering energy by carrying these special rings around with them that both absorbed excess magic dissipated from spells around them and absorbed the life forces of those that they killed.  The energy would then be taken to the obelisk and stored into it. Kotomi thought that the project was a terrible idea, fearing that it could attract the attention of other Mahjarrat, or worse, damage the fabric of the Gielinorian plane. Furthermore, she complained that Amaris had not been the same since Cysan had unlocked his memories. His fond memories of Korasa were causing him to become emotionally distant from Kotomi. These factors created a rift between the two of them, and their relationship slowly became toxic and began to fall apart.

The obelisk was completed in 168, and they began to store energy within it.  Amaris then attempted to open a rift to Zaros' plane to siphon energy into it, but he was unable to enter into the plane.  After several attempts, he opened a rift to an area of the plane where excess energy was accumulated.  The energy blasted out of the plane, and destroyed the obelisk.  It also scrambled Amaris' Nexus seal spell, and all of the Nexus seals were deactivated.  Most former Nexus members lost their memory of ever even being in the Nexus, and Amaris decided to give up on the entire venture. This was the last nail in the coffin for Amaris and Kotomi's relationship, and Kotomi challenged him to a duel. Amaris gained the upper hand relatively quickly since he knew how to counter Kotomi's shadow magic with his staff, and she was nearly killed before she conceded defeat. She left him, taking the young Aurora with her.


A New Headquarters

The horrible end to Amaris' relationship with Kotomi and the resurgence of painful memories from his past had left him slightly emotionally scarred, and he retreated to the Wilderness for a while to meditate and build up a layer of mental and emotional barriers that allowed him to suppress his most traumatic memories. This meditation left him emotionally numb, and he began to care less and less about many of the things he had once been passionate about, including his loyalty to Zaros. At this point, he had decided that it was probably not worth attempting to bring back Zaros anyways even though he still considered Zaros a powerful ally, and that he would return eventually when the time was right. Therefore, he decided to focus his efforts elsewhere.

One day, while exploring the Wilderness, he discovered a huge chasm that was 9 miles long and several miles deep.  It turned out that it was the evacuated caldera of an extinct supervolcano.  It was a miracle that most of it managed to stay intact.  Amaris decided that it would be an excellent place to construct a new base.  He had a new idea for a base design anyways.  He directed his leftover automatons (about 20 of them) to construct large bricks, about 3 feet wide and 1 foot tall, out of the basaltic rock that existed in abundance around the chasm. He then devised an enchantment spell that established a magical connection with them gave them the ability to self-assemble.  In addition, the bricks exert a field that prevents anyone from teleporting into the chasm using conventional techniques (rift-splitting still works).  They became "smart bricks," that Amaris could use to create a dynamically changing, custom base.  The enchantment also gave them the ability to levitate.  Within a year, the automatons had produced millions of bricks, and Amaris created a primary layout for the base, with rooms and dynamically changing hallways.  He dug a tunnel into the chasm, and lined it with the smart bricks.  The bricks sealed the tunnel shut and would only open to form a walkway if Amaris was present.  Amaris can create new rooms on command, and the hallways are self-rearranging.  He considers the idea ingenious, and so far, nobody has even been able to detect his base, let alone infiltrate it.

A New Mindset

Throughout the entire time he was building the base, Amaris began to develop even more of an apathy towards Zaros, and religion in general.  He often reminisced back to that latter part of the God Wars, when he was the Angel of Silence, and started to develop that mindset again.  He began to feel as if the other Zarosians had betrayed him during the God Wars, and his attachment with the memory of Korasa began to grow stronger thanks to his lack of an intimate emotional connection with someone.  Slowly, but surely, he began to descend into insanity despite the mental barriers he has put up to protect him from himself.  His ability to think rationally is slowly becoming clouded, he is spending more time to himself, and he is beginning to become delusional. The sword Eraazimoth may also be exerting its corrupting influence on him.

An Attempt to Play God (Sandbox RP and Backstory)

He reminisced back to those "perfect" years he spent on Freneskae under the Rajas, and wanted to find a way to replicate that somehow.  He began this "project" to create a new plane seperate from Gielinor to model into Freneskae, where he would become the new Creator-God.  The project is still in progress, and Amaris' efforts to expand the plane have resulted in some rather close calls.  He accidentally created dangerous rifts in Gielinor on several occasions.  But that isn't stopping him from this project.  He is still working on it intermittently to this day, although it is unlikely to succeed.

Reunited with Veikusu

One of Amaris' attempts to expand the plane he was working on created a ripple in space-time that emanated throughout Gielinor and caused a series of spatial imperfections scattered throughout the plane.  While searching for them, he found one that appeared quite large in a cave in central Kandarin.  It turned out that he had stumbled upon the lair of one of his old "friends," Veikusu (the Zamorakian Mahjarrat he had a few encounters with as the Angel of Silence).  He quickly learned that she had been able to create a proxy plane that she had complete control of; and she was the only other Mahjarrat besides him that he knew of who had been able to accomplish this.  He introduced himself as Amaris, and told her that he had met her previously, but she might not remember him.  It turned out that she didn't remember him, but she was rather impressed by his Aether magic.  It seemed familiar to her.  He asked if she was still Zamorakian, and she told him that she really did not care about religion anymore, much like him.  After having a little competition where they tried to outdo each other with displays of magical skill, Amaris finally managed to best her by casting a spell that hacked into her proxy plane, and he was able to hijack it and manipulate it.  Veikusu, thorougly impressed, wanted to learn more about him, and began to develop a romantic interest in him.

Amaris invited her back to his base, and she was rather interested by the fact that he choosed to site it in the middle of Forinthry, and wondered why.  It soon became clear to her as they entered into it.  Even though it wasn't in a proxy plane, she was very impressed by what she saw, and asked him how long it took for him to construct it.  To her surprise, he told her it took only about a year.  Amaris, wanting to impress her even more, showed her the plane he was working on.  She was awestruck, and also began to gather that Amaris might be a little bit insane, as it was probably a bad idea to attempt to create an entirely new plane.  Nonetheless, they began to connect emotionally, and eventually Amaris revealed to her that he was the Angel of Silence.  She was taken aback, and scared at first, but Amaris promised that he wouldn't hurt her, and he apologized for abusing her during the Third Age.  Veikusu forgave him, and admitted to him that not only had she developed an interest in him since they met again, but also that they had a son as a result of an unexpected pregnancy named Cornelius, but that she had lost him.  Amaris told her that he came across him a few years ago, and that he kept him in hibernation and trained him in magic from time to time.  He appeared to them in the plane as a child, and he developed an aversion to his mother because she wasn't nice to him.  To her, he represented the embodiment of the Angel of Silence's manipulation and abuse of her.

The two of them ended up getting into a relationship that lasted for two years.  It turned out that despite their initial feelings for each other and the fact that their intelligence made them connect well, things didn't work out for them.  They both were the controlling type, and Amaris wasn't able to get along with her the same way he got along with Kotomi.  In addition, she was oftentimes reluctant to have sex with him due to the fact that their previous relationship was very toxic.  Their son also became a point of contesting.  Veikusu wanted to kill him, but Amaris wouldn't allow that.  Eventually, things fell apart and Veikusu left, taking her son with him.  They have not spoken since, and the fate of their son is unknown.

Antics with Akura

An Encounter

One day in the year 172, while travelling through Karajma looking for imperfections in Gielinor's space-time fabric, he came across a very strange, young woman on Karamja's pristine beaches.  Despite her young age, she was radiating an energy that made Amaris think she had Mahjarrat blood in her.  He told her that he suspected she was half-Mahjarrat, and she confirmed this for him.  He also told her that her aura was extremely unstable, and that he could help her fix it.  At first, she was wary of his offer, but then he began to show off Aether magic to her.  She was utterly dumbfounded by it.  Amaris offered to train her in this as well, and she couldn't resist his offer, of course.  Amaris took her back to his headquarters, and made her into her apprentice.

The "Training"

Amaris knew that Akura had great potential because her aura was so powerful, even for a half-mahjarrat.  He intended to exploit it and turn her into a "living weapon" that he could use in combat.  His plan was to use his manipulative abilities to get her to do his bidding by any means neecssary, but he also decided that it would be necessary to hijack her aura just in case she decided to "misbehave."  This would allow him to use her own aura to harm her, and allow him to siphon energy off of it if he wished.  He intended to use this as a threat to "punish" her if she went against his will.  Eventually, it would allow him to have full control over her body, turning her into a living puppet.  He had several meditation sessions with her to stabilize her aura, but in addition to the stabilization, he also injected some code into it that allowed him to hijack it.

Eventually, her aura became stable enough for him to work with it and train her.  He began to teach her the basics of Aether magic using an arena that boosted her aura (because, after all, Aether magic puts immense strain on one's aura).  Thanks in partly to the arena, and her natural magic abilities, she picked it up extremely quickly.  In fact, she was audacious enough to challenge him to a duel during their first training session.  It was clear to him from the way she was acting that despite her young age, she was beginning to become infatuated with him.  He thought this would be an excellent tool for him to manipulate her with.  Although, their first duel ended rather uneventfully.

During their next training session, Amaris decided that it was time to challenge her.  He made himself a gigantic mecha suit made out of crystalline magic, and began to fight her with it.  He challenged her to defeat him using Aether magic only, and what he taught her about it.  She had a hard time maintaining focus, and eventually she pinned herself against the wall.  She prepared the type of spell that would have destroyed the suit of armor, an aetheric resonance spell, but she lost focus as Amaris was about to slam a magical mace down on her.

The Accident

Akura had convinced herself that Amaris wouldn't hurt her, but she was wrong.  Amaris didn't stop, and the mace came down on her and hit her.  The resulting jolt of energy that was sent through her body overloaded her aura and caused her to become unconscious.  She was on the brink of death for two days, and very weak for the rest of the time she was unconscious, which totaled four days.  Amaris carried her back to her quarters, and stood by her bedside for the entire time, maintaining her aura.  Eventually she woke up, and she was extremely weak.  She asked what happened, and Amaris explained everything to her.  He told her that it was meant to teach her a lesson, but that now he felt guilty about it.  He told her never to trust in anyone but yourself, because you never know what others' motives are, and what they intend to do (how ironic, isn't it?).  At this point, Akura's sexual interest in Amaris, on top of her deep admiration of him, prevented her from considering that he may have alterior motives.  Amaris' apparent kindness caused her to become more trustworthy of him, and their emotional bond strengthened.  Things quickly began to get romantic.

Lovers and Partners In Crime?  Or Master and Slave?

After a few days, Akura had recovered fully, and resumed training magic in the arena.  Amaris had given her stone automatons to fight against, and showed her how to control the arena and adjust the difficulty level of the automatons.  In the meantime, Amaris told her that he was working on a project of some sort (this was actually two projects, one was his new plane, which admittedly was not going well, and a plan to create an energy gathering device to hold the remnants of Guthix's divine energy in light of Guthix's recent death).  In the meantime, his automaton servants provided her with everything she needed to live a comfortable life when she was not training.  She saw him once about a week later, when he came to check up on her while she was training.  He complimented her on how well she was doing, and told her that he had been watching her from time to time.  She thanked him, and told him that she wanted to show him something the following day, and they arranged a meeting place and time within Amaris' base.

Akura's intent was to show off her newfound skills in Aether magic.  Amaris was very impressed, despite the fact that her skills were still very rudimentary at this point.  But to him, he saw it as accomplishing in a few weeks what would normally take years of training to do.  Her efforts to impress him worked another way too, and things began to get steamy very quickly.

Now, Amaris has been finding himself developing feelings for Akura.  The emotional void that had been left in his heart after Kotomi's death was once again filled by the bond he was sharing with Akura.  Now, he has decided that he would rather make her his sidekick than slave, that is, if she behaves herself and doesn't become disobedient to him.  So far, his tactics seem to be working very well.  The love that they share, as well as the fact that at this point Amaris seems like a god in Akura's eyes, is for the time being preventing her from straying out of Amaris' comfort zone.  So far, Amaris figures the minor disobedience she occasionally displays to him (oftentimes she is just a bit snide towards him) is a result of her naturally mischievious personality.  He even thinks that she reminds him of himself when he was a lot younger, except in a female form.  Powerful, intelligent, and extremely mischievious.  He has promised her that with the advent of the Sixth Age, that they would soon be having lots of fun together.  And frankly, he can't wait to have her fight alongside him in the Second God Wars.  He plans to have her help him spread trouble everywhere and hinder the war efforts of many of the gods, especially that of Zamorak.

The Sixth Age

The Moirai Syndicate

Around the beginning of the Sixth Age, Amaris, donning the title Cipher, launched an underground business venture and organized crime ring that he dubbed the Moirai Syndicate (the word "Moirai" derived from an extinct tongue that existed during the Second Age, it roughly translates to "fate" or "voyage"). With the help of his automatons, he constructed an underground manufacturing facility over the course of several months to produce weapons and chemicals for his new business. He also drafted an extensive infernal contract to serve as the constitution for the organization and a binding document that inductees sign. As he prefers not to meddle in the political and economic affairs of humans, heading an organization like the Syndicate is not typical of his character. It seems to be a sort of second attempt at the Nexus. He is clearly planning something very big with this venture of his, but it is apparent that he is not doing it for the glory of Zaros. His true motives with the Syndicate are unclear at this time.

Other Recent Events

These events have happened recenty in Roleplay.

An Incident Near Falador (Public)

Amaris was involved in a recent incident where two dragons began to attack the countryside near Falador, but were then stopped by a team of unlikely people, including a few local adventurers, Amaris, St. Weatherby, and the Mahjarrat Kuolema.  At the end of the battle, Amaris had his first encounter with Weatherby in thousands of years, and he met Kuolema for the first time.  Amaris was in his Angel of Silence form during the battle, and due to his weakened aura, Kuolema mistook him for some sort of corrupted Icyene rather than a Mahjarrat.  She attempted to "seduce" him, that is, get him to come back to her lair on the premise of having sex with him, but her actual intent was to kill him.  Amaris was clearly not phased by these attempts to perk his interest, leaving Kuolema in frustration.

A More Personal Encounter With Kuolema (Public)

Kuolema happened to come across Amaris in the Kharidian Desert near Sophanem when he was harvesting energy for his Pylon.  They had a "debate" where they showed off their powers to each other and argued whether total destruction or manipulation was best to achieve one's ends.  Amaris couldn't resist angering her after he got the feel that he was getting the best of her in the debate, and revealed to her that not only was he a Mahjarrat, but that he was a Rajas.  She was dumbfounded and livid that a Rajas was still alive.  When she began to display her anger, he began to crack nasty, insulting jokes, and inferred that he had seduced and slept with Amascut at one point, and that the goddess enjoyed it and begged for more.  He didn't really do this (although he got close to seducing her once); his intent was rather to set her off.  And it worked.  She was smart not to attack him, and rather teleported away in anger.

Unveiling the Pylon to Akura (Semi-Private)

Amaris has shown Akura his latest invention, an energy storing obelisk, or "pylon," that Amaris had built several years before and had originally intended to store Aether magic.  Now, he has retrofitted it to give it the capability to store the remains of Guthix' energy, which had been scattered across Gielinor after his death.  Akura guessed correctly when she asked Amaris if he intended to harness this energy to kill Zamorak.  (I doubt this will ever happen in public RP, we might RP it out in a sandbox just for fun and for character dev.)

Angry Young Women (Public)

Amaris decided to grab a tea at the Blue Moon Inn one night after spending two days straight gathering and experimenting with Guthix's residual energy not far from Varrock.  He ordered a tea, and drank it, and was about to prepare the crystalline orb that he had stored the energy in for teleporation back to Akura so that she could store it in the Pylon for him.  He took note of the two young women (probably teenage sisters) who were sitting at a table not far from him.  One of them was quite belligerent, and was insulting the bartender, while the other, younger one was attempting to keep her from being so aggressive.  Amaris told her to watch her mouth in a drinking establishment such as this, lest she start a bar fight.  In anger, the young woman grabbed an ale from the bartender and threw it at Amaris, who quickly picked up a salt shaker and threw it at the ale while it was still in midair.  They collided, and made a huge mess.  Amaris couldn't resist making a few snide remarks to her, and the woman tried to march forward and fight with him, but was restrained by her younger sister.  Just in case, Amaris prepared a nerve paralysis spell, which he stored on his hand.  The woman managed to break free of her sisters' grasp, and threw a punch at Amaris' face.  He blocked the punch by deflecting and grabbing her wrist, and he immediately introduced the spell into her body just fractions of a second after making contact with her wrist.  The spell paralyzed her motor nerve endings in her torso and limbs, and within seconds she slumped to the floor; terrified, enraged, and unable to move.  Amaris assured the terrified younger sister that it was temporary and that she would eventually regain control of her motor functions.  Her sister had to resort to dragging the paralyzed woman out of the bar, and Amaris remarked:

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood today.  I could have just as easily decided to kill you."

Just as they were leaving, they caught a glimpse of Amaris teleporting out of the bar in a rather brilliant display of his magical prowess.

Appearance and Attributes


AmarisChibiWiki gloryVA

Chibi Amaris is about to annihilate you with a powerful blast of Aether magic from one of his anima constructs and the overwhelming power of his kawaiiness. (Creds to go Glory_VA, thanks for drawing this for me!)

In his human form Draconis, Amaris is on the tall side, standing 6'1", and leanly built. Although he is quite muscular, he would not be considered "buff." He appears to be in his mid twenties in age, his skin a light color, and his face young-looking and handsome. His face is cleanly shaven. His hair is a jet black, and its texture is smooth and wispy, and a bit on the long side. He lets it hang down. His eyes have lost their color do to his abuse of Aether magic, and are now a silvery white. He generally wears loose, dark clothes, and often wears a hood over his head to conceal his eyes.


Amaris is easily distinguishable from most other Mahjarrat because of his build. He is tall and thin, standing at 9'4", and his muscles are a bit smaller than that of his bretheren. His skin is a light grey, and quite smooth. These traits are characteristic to some of the families within the Rajas, particularly the Spirodelis family. Amaris is also the only Mahjarrat with white eyes due to his use of magic. Additionally, has unique markings on his back that are specific to blood members of the Spirodelis family, and he often covers these up because there is still some hostility among other Mahjarrat towards the Rajas.

His aura is often described as incredibly powerful due to the fact that he is very adept at magic. Although, because of his abuse of Aether magic and his failure to attend rituals for the past few millenia, his Mahjarrat aura has shriveled away and been almost completely replaced by the proxy aura created by the Manifold Cube.  This makes it difficult for other Mahjarrat to detect him, and it also has dulled his innate race-awareness that all Mahjarrat have.  If a Mahjarrat were to come close to him, they would sense his presence, but it would be so weak that they would likely think that it is several miles away rather than right next to them.

His failure to attend rituals have also made him extremely frail in Mahjarrat form.  After he obtained the Cube and began using it for energy storage and aura enhancement, he simply didn't bother to attend rituals.  As a result, he is almost completely de-juvinated in lich form.  He is so weak, in fact, that if he were to be hit with a spell in this form, his bones would probably crumble to dust.  Consequently, he is almost never seen taking this form, not even when he is among other Mahjarrat.  He has yet to devise a way to rejuvinate himself, so it is likely that he will have to attend a ritual soon before his lich form breaks down completely.

Angel of Silence

His Angel of Silence form is the form he most often took when in combat, although he rarely uses it anymore.  He shapeshifted into a corrupted Icyene that stood over 7 feet tall, with massive, spreading wings of jet black feathers.  In this form, he wears light plate armor made of an extremely dark grey metal that is actually condensed shadow magic (See Shadow Armor).  It is accompanied by a flowing black cloak that is infused with shadow magic, almost giving its surface the appearance of flowing liquid (See Cloak of Ng'aarth).  His head is donned with a jet black hood, and his face covered with a stark white mask with only two holes for eyes and blank facial features.  When asked later about why he chose this design for his mask, he said that it was because it was almost completely blank; that's what he had become at that point.  He affixed his manifold cube into a staff that is often described as similar in appearance to Ahrim's Staff, creating an immensely powerful weapon that he could use to devastate entire armies.  It was so powerful that Saradominist generals once mistook it for a god weapon.  By taking this form, as mentioned before, he was both able to establish a good cover for his own identity while being able to interfere with the war efforts of all sides.

Skills and Abilities


Amaris is adept in many different kinds of magic, but most of his skills lie with Aether and Shadow magic, as well as enchantment.  Besides those, he excels in blood magic (thanks to training from his mother during his days in Freneskae), air magic, ice magic, and water magic.  He has dabbled in almost every form of magic, and is capable of fighting proficiently with almost any form of combat magic.  He once tried necromancy, but quickly decided that he didn't like it and that he preferred to animate objects rather than undead if he needed an army to fight for him.

Shadow Magic

Thanks to millenia of training, Amaris has developed a mastery over shadow magic. Not only can he create devastating spells that far surpass anything that can be done by even some of his fellow Mahjarrat, he can infest peoples' auras with darkness and turn shadow into solid and liquid form. He can also use shadow magic to create and control demon-like creatures that he unleashes on his opponents en masse.

His ability to turn shadow into solid form has allowed him to create armor made out of pure, condensed shadow magic.  He occasionally uses weapons made out of condensed shadow magic as well.

Aether Magic*

Amaris uses an extremely powerful kind of magic called Aether magic. Aether is an element, or rather, the lack of an element.  Its form is ambiguous, and it consists of magic in the rawest, purest form achievable by a non-divine creature.  It most commonly takes the form of an energetic white plasma, but it can also be transmuted into an iridescent and slightly viscous liquid that is unbound by gravity and a glasslike, glowing white, crystalline solid. The easiest way to create Aether magic is to combine energy from every single rune stone at once in equal proportions.  Although, the resulting energy is extremely unstable, and achieving this feat alone requires an extremely focued effort by an incredibly experienced mage.  Keeping the magic stable for more than a few seconds before it explodes in one's face requires a skill level that most mortal creatures cannot achieve without assistance from an outside source.  Although some, such as Amaris, may be skilled enough to keep it stable enough to manipulate it, it puts massive amounts of stress on the user's aura.  Thus, if one wants to do anything productive with it, they require the assistance of a stabilizing energy such as a powerful electromagnetic field.  Originally, Amaris used his Staff to take care of this, and now his Cube performs that function for him.  Before he had the Staff, he was only capable of using Aether magic in relatively small amounts before having to take a rest from it.

Because Aether magic is formless and its energy is unpolarized, it is extremely easy to manipulate if the spellcaster manages to keep it stable.  Amaris has sculpted this it to his will to form a kind of magic that is created using code instead of rune stones. Basically, he has created an alphabet of magical glyphs comprised of Aether magic that can be formed into commands that perform certain functions. The result is an extremely flexible platform for crafting spells that he can use to create spells for just about anything. Additionally, this form of magic can be used to code for enchantments. He used it to create what is perhaps his most ingenious invention, the Manifold Cube, which has the ability to store and release massive amounts of magical energy and serves as a magical information storage device. He has created some very powerful and dangerous spells using this kind of magic, including one that uses the target's own aura to harm them, and another that can can cause an object to not only come to life, but have artificial intelligence. It's also the kind of magic he used to craft the Nexus seal and encode the mortally binding Eclipse Contract.

When unleashed on someone in its pure form, Aether magic does massive amounts of damage, overloading the target's aura and wreaking havoc on their bodily tissue. The highly energetic magic causes an extremely powerful electric charge on the phospholipid bilayers of the cell membranes as it travels through the target's tissue.  This charge causes the cell membranes to rupture within a matter of microseconds.  The result of this, on the affected area on the body, is the destruction of soft tissue and blood vessels, resulting in massive internal bleeding.  The charge also travels across the extracellular matrix, causing it to shatter.  The area of impact is essentially turned into a stew of blood, protein, and the evacuated contents of cells.  It is quite common for a non-lethal wound inflicted by Aether magic to get infected, and if left untreated, the infection can spread to the bloodstream and cause sepsis.  A powerful, well-directed Aether spell could spell death within seconds for any creature that does not have natural magic resistance, and in the case of a target in full armor, even a moderate or indirect blast of Aether magic could prove to be lethal within seconds to minutes.

Enchantment, Animation and Weapon-Crafting

As mentioned in his character history, one of the first things magic-related that Amaris did was begin enchanting weapons.  He developed his enchantment skills over the course of thousands of years, and is currently able to use any element he wishes to enchant an object.  This skill served him well throughout his entire life, as it has enabled him to uncover the secrets of Aether magic and create his Manifold Cube. However, he would make a rather unexpected use of it in the Fifth Age when he opened up his magical weapons shop.  During his career in the Nightlark Gang, and when he had the deal with the Black Arm Gang, he mainly enchanted weapons with shadow, blood, ice, and fire magic.  They proved to be extremely useful to both of the gangs.  Unfortunately, the weapons caches of both gangs that contained the enchanted weapons were eventually destroyed.

Amaris is also capable of enchanting jewelry.  The necklace that he wears he enchanted himself; it was originally enchanted to be a phylactery for his aura and memories as well as a teleportation necklace that he could calibrate to teleport to a few dozen different locations.  Now, however, it's obsolete, and nothing more than a fancy piece of enchanted jewelry.  Nowadays, he often combines his enchanting skills with Aether magic to perform extraordinary enchantments, like the one he did on the Nexus rings, his staff, and his Manifold Cube.

He has been able to bring inanimate objects to life for thousands of years with the powers of enchantment.  This is how he was able to create his automaton army during the Second Age.  However, with the help of Aether magic and its computing capabilities, he can create automatons with artificial intelligence comparable to that of the average human being.  His current automatons, which are made of heat-treated basalt, are even capable of rudimentary social interaction and are geniuses when it comes to solving problems based on quantitative or qualitative information.

Recently, his countless hours of experimentation have allowed him to develop a new ability. Amaris has coded an incredibly complicated spell that allows him to create an artificial consciousness and tie it to his own consciousness with telepathy. This anima core, as it is called, becomes a being called an anima construct when encased in a shell of magic (typically Aether magic, but this theoretically works for any element). The result of this is a being that is essentially a tulpa. These anima constructs usually take the form of small animals, such as butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and sparrows. His current anima core build is only robust enough to support the exoskeletons of smaller creatures; but in the future he may be able to create ones in size and strength comparable to that of his automatons. At the moment, he has found them to be excellent delivery mechanisms for spells and and counter-spells.


Amaris is quite adept at close combat.  He uses weapons made out of magic that has been condensed so tightly that it has crystallized into solid form.  He has the ability to change the forms of these weapons dynamically during combat, and they are capable of cutting through mithril and damaging rune and adamant.  He is also capable of causing them to break form, and convert them into pure magic, which he can use against his target as a spell.  Sometimes, he pre-programs a spell into a weapon formed out of magic that he can release it on contact with the person's body.  Normally, it takes a couple of seconds to form these weapons out of the energy he draws from the Cube.

Amaris usually prefers to dual wield his weapons, but he is capable of transforming his weapon into shields if necessary as well.  If using a shield, he prefers to use a buckler because it allows him to retain mobility in combat.  His agility is his major strength, and he is not quite as strong physically as other Mahjarrat.

He is quite adept at martial arts as well.  Over the years, he has picked them up and will use it in combat in the event he is unarmed.  He also has Eraazimoth, but he rarely uses it for reasons mentioned previously.

Rift-Splitting and Shadow Realm Access

In most cases, Amaris uses an alternative method of teleportation that is similar to portal magic.  It involves creating a "rift" in the fabric of the plane of Gielinor that can lead to any location Amaris desires.  This allows him to travel to any location he wishes, in most cases conventional teleportation spells don't allow this.  It also allows him to circumvent most teleblocks.

There are a few catches to this, however.  Rift-splitting is very energy-intensive compared to teleportation and requires more concentration, and creating a rift takes several seconds.  If he doesn't close the rift in time, it is also possible that he could be followed through the rift.  Even if he closes the rift, someone else who is adept in rift-splitting can reopen it and follow him.

Amaris, like Sliske, is capable of reaching into the Shadow Realm, and is even able to warp himself into it.  While there, he is invisible and those in Gielinor cannot interact with him.  However, he also cannot interact with the world of Gielinor while in the Shadow Realm, he can only peer into it.

*I rarely use this in public rp.  Even if I do, I nerf it heavily.  In public, it's mainly used as a spellcrafting and enchantment tool.


Eraazimoth, the Dark Judgement*

The blade Eraazimoth is a Legendary Item that was given to Amaris by Avon during the Fifth Age. It is an incredibly powerful weapon that grants the user an ability to harness the power of the second-cycle permutation of the element of shadow, which is known as Primal Darkness. As such, the magic of the blade is different from and much more powerful than conventional shadow magic.

Background and Lore

As one of the Legendary Items, it was forged by a god-like being many cycles ago, and has somehow survived the successive creation and destruction of many planes and found its way to Gielinor. One of several extremely powerful swords known as the Blades of Xuqwu (or Legendary Swords), it was smithed and enchanted during the Second Cycle by a being named Metacephalos, a deity-like figure who was the most skilled blacksmith in the universe during that cycle. As mentioned above, it is infused with a form of ancient and powerful shadow magic known as Primal Darkness.  When wielded, it courses through the user's veins, and grants them access to all of its power and secrets.  Primal Darkness, unlike conventional shadow magic, is not derived from actual shadows, but is rather a form of taint that can affect matter. In its pure form, it is a viscous, black liquid or solid (in its base form it is a liquid but it can solidify) that is readily absorbed into matter. It can be used to "animate" objects, turn living beings into thralls, corrupt and transmute the surrounding environment, and transmute one's own body into Primal Darkness, among other things. The sword also has the ability to transmute itself and break form. The dark magic that Eraazimoth gives off can be felt for miles and is recognized by many Mahjarrat, and Amaris usually wants to remain covert. This is one reason as to why he doesn't use it often.

The sword made its presence known on the plane of Freneskae, where it was used by the Patriarch, its last worthy bearer, and Zyrichon (although it is of course much older than that).  It had gone missing for many cycles prior to its appearance on Freneskae. It changed hands many times during its residence there. Zyrichon smuggled the sword to Gielinor after using it to slay the Patriarch, and wielded it for many years. With the aid of the Primal Darkness from the sword, he was able to master the art of mind-bending magic, and gained the ability to bend the wills of his victims. The corrupting influence it exerted on him led him on a reckless path towards destruction, even though he lost the sword before his fateful encounter with Korasa.

Amaris was gifted Eraazimoth by Avon during his earlier days in the Alliance, as Avon had a hunch that Amaris may be the one of the worthy ones who was destined to be the bearer of the sword. It is unclear whether this is true yet, as Amaris has been showing minute but notable signs of mental instability lately. Whether these instabilities are the result of the sword's influence or something else is not known.

Physical Description

The sword itself is short, with a blade that is just under two feet long.  However, with the aid of Primal Darkness, the blade can change size, shape, and form. The entire sword is made of a lightweight, nearly black metallic material that is said to be aeionium, an extremely rare metal from the second cycle.  The blade is thin, and slightly curved, with a hooked end that points outward.  The backside of it is embellished with sharpened, jagged "teeth" that point inward.  The cutting edge is sharpened down to the last atom, and is incapable of dulling.  Along the outside of the cutting edge are characters in Aether script that spell out "Judgement."  The hilt is molded into the shape of the head of some strange, dragon-like creature with a black gem inlaid on its forehead.  The handle is wrapped in a dark, leather-like material and the pommel sports a curved dagger and a gem inlay.  It is a very fierce-looking weapon, despite its size, and yet is even more dangerous than it looks.

The Taint

Most mortals are too weak minded to handle the corrupting influence Eraazimioth exerts on the wielder. In exchange for extending one's lifespan proportionally to how frequently one uses it, the blade corrupts the mind and body of its wielder. The blade slowly erodes away at the mind, and exploits the mental and emotional weaknesses of the one who bears it. Slowly but surely, the bearer first descends into delusion and psychosis before the taint goes to work on their memories, erasing their identity and their life experiences bit by bit. This is the result of the sword itself slowly consuming the soul of the one who wields it. An unworthy wielder becomes but a shell of their former selves that is hell bent on spreading death, darkness, and destruction. Eventually, once their soul has been fully consumed by the sword, the wielder's body, which has been corrupted beyond recognition, is consumed by the sword. The more an unworthy wielder uses the sword, the more rapidly the gradual corruption of their mind and body progresses. This is another reason Amaris has refrained from using the sword frequently. It has claimed the souls of countless humans, elves, vampyres, and Icyene, among other races. Even some of Amaris' fellow Mahjarrat have fallen victim to the sword's taint. Thus, the sword has earned the title the "Dark Judgement." Eraazimoth itself judges its wielder to determine if they are both strong and wise enough to harness its unbridled power. So far, the only individual who has been known to have passed the sword's tests has been the Patriarch.

The sword is also home to a Grudge-like consciousness, and capable of communicating telepathically with the wielder.  This consciousness is a twisted, corrupted conglomeration of all of the souls of those who have been killed by the sword over the years, as well as the souls of previous wielders who failed the sword's testing. Indeed, a fragment of the Patriarch's consciousness is embedded within the sword. Although, it is likely that Amaris is not aware of this.  

The Manifold Cube

The Manifold Cube is perhaps one of the most powerful magical devices ever to exist on the face of Gielinor.  It is certainly second only to the Stone of Jas in terms of ingenuity.  It was created by Amaris himself during the Third Age from a single crystal of diamond.


The Manifold Cube is a perfectly transparent, perfectly smooth, perfectly cubical crystal made of monocrystalline diamond 1.5 by 1.5 by 1.5 inches across.  The edges are slightly rounded so that the person who is handling it doesn't cut themselves on the hard crystal.  To the untrained observer, it doesn't appear magical at all, and even novice and intermediate mages would only think that it's an ordinary crystal due to the fact that its magical signature is extremely weak.  It would take an extremely experienced mage to even detect the slightest trace of a magical signature from this.  This is because the energy stored inside of it is locked up so tight that only trace amounts can escape and be detected.  The approximate energy loss rate of the cube is equivalent to that of one wind strike spell per thousand years.  When activated, it lights up with an iridescent white glow that illuminates the entire cube; the glow does not seem to originate from any particular point in it. If one looks extremely closely, they will be able to see a dynamically changing array of fractals made of very thin lines of white light. These fractals are actually the visible representation of the hypertesseract or n-dimensional manifold inside of the Cube, which is what makes it such a powerful object.  The glow may be dim enough so that the cube remains transparent or so bright that it causes the entire Cube to glow like a white hot coal, depending on how much energy is being siphoned through it.


The Cube was extremely difficult for Amaris to forge.  It was created out of a single piece of anthracitic coal of extremely high purity inside of a volcano in the Wilderness.  First, Amaris heated the coal to very high temperatures inside the lava, submerging it, so that all of the impurities would leach out or be burned off.  The oxygen-free environment of the lava prevented the coal from catching on fire.  Then, once the coal was purified, it was crushed under extremely high pressures and temperatures; so high that the carbon atoms in the coal crystallized into a single chunk of diamond.  Then, Amaris removed the irregularly shaped edges and trimmed the crystal into a cube with beams of concentrated Aether magic.  Then, he submerged the Cube in the lava again, and casted an enchantment on it.

The Enchantment

The Cube's enchantment performed several functions.  The first and most important function was to increase the psionic conductivity of the cube so that it became a superconductor of magical energy.  This way, when magic was channeled through it, the energy would flow freely and none of it would be lost in the process.  The second function of the enchantment was to bind the Cube to Amaris' aura.  This way, as long as Amaris was not imprisoned inside of the Cube, he was the only person capable of using it.  The Cube would only respond and become active if the aura of the person who was channeling it belonged to Amaris.  If Amaris was imprisoned inside of the Cube, since his aura would be stored in it as well, the Cube could be used by anyone as long as Amaris doesn't consciously prevent them from doing so by deactivating it.  The third function of the enchantment allowed the Cube to siphon energy from the magical energy field that encompasses Gielinor, and also to pick up and store excess energy that is radiated out from spells cast within several miles of it.  This allows the Cube to recharge itself when not in use.  The fourth function of the enchantment was to make the Cube virtually indestructible.  Amaris performed a type of enchantment called a chemopsionic polarization, which recorded the exact location and chemical composition of the lava within every subatomic particle that comprised the Cube.  Then, he layered an eternity code on top of the entire enchantment, which is essentailly an infinite loop of magical code with a keyhole in it.  These two different enchantments, when bound together, made the cube indestructible; that is, except by the volcano's lava, which is the key that unlocks the eternity code.  An eternity code works so that the more energy is put into it, the faster and more powerfully the code loops, only increasing its strength.  Theoretically, the Cube could be destroyed if it is ripped apart by a singularity (i.e. the center of a black hole), but this is highly unlikely.  Thus, the only feasible way to destroy the Cube is to throw it into the very volcano it was forged in.

Creation of the Manifold

A false color representation of the hypertesseract manifold fractal that can be seen if one looks very closely at the Cube when it's siphoning magic. Amaris has recently extended the dimensionality of the manifold to an n value of 15.

What allows the Cube to store so much energy is the n-dimensional manifold, or hypertesseract, that exists inside of it.  It is essentially a region of space-time within the Cube that is warped into extra dimensions, increasing its energy storage capacity by many orders of magnitude.  The manifold's shape is also such a shape that maximizes the surface area of the extra dimensions that are created, allowing massive amounts of information to be stored within it.

In order to create the manifold, Amaris programmed a spell that allowed him to create massive gravitational fields in small spaces.  Using this spell, he created extremely powerful gravitational fields on the quantum level and used them to pull and warp the fabric of space and time within the Cube.  This drained massive amounts of energy from his aura, and after performing this spell he had to rest for months.  It was wildly successful, however; his careful manipulation of the space-time within the crystal gave the Cube more energy and information storage that he would probably ever use.


Energy Storage and Siphoning

As mentioned before, the Cube is able to store massive amounts of magic, and this is accomplished by the n-dimensional manifold that is embedded within the Cube itself.  The internal volume of the maniflold serves as the space where the energy is stored, the magic itself being stored in an extremely dense, pure, liquid form within the Cube.  The exact energy storage capacity of the Cube is extremely hard to calculate.  Amaris himself estimated that it could possibly hold enough energy to allow him to slice Gielinor in half with a beam of Aether magic, or even knock Gielinor off of its orbital path and send it flying towards the sun.  However, he estimates he currently has several millionths of the required energy stored in the Cube to accomplish either of these feats.  The reason why the exact storage capacity is so hard to calculate is because the manifold encompasses multiple dimensions, and the way energy becomes wrapped up in these extra dimensions is extremely hard to predict.

Because the enchantment reduced the resistance to magical energy flow of the Cube to almost nothing, it is an extremely efficient and powerful magical siphon.  The manifold within the Cube can also be used quite efficiently to amplify any energy input and even convert it into different forms of magic with the preexisting conversion algorithms that Amaris pre-programmed into the Cube.

When in contact with Amaris' aura, the Cube releases stored energy with very little effort required on Amaris' part.  The Cube serves as a handy source of magical energy that Amaris can access at any time; thus he does not need to charge his spells per se.  However, he does need to form the raw energy from the Cube into the appropriate shape for the resultant spell before he casts it.  As a result, the time it takes for Amaris to prepare a spell for casting is cut significantly.

Information Storage and Computing

The two-dimensional surface of the manifold within the Cube serves as the place where information can be stored.  This separates it from the energy that the Cube stores, which has the potential to scramble any of the data contained within it.  Each individual subatomic particle stored on the manifold's surface is a single bit of information, and the information is stored via quantum computing.  The energy storage capacity is estimated to be larger than that of all of the brains of the human population of Gielinor combined.  This is because if flattened and laid out, the surface area of the manifold would be larger than the surface area of Gielinor itself.

Amaris uses the To'Khanna language for information storage.  The language consists of 42 individual possible bit values (while conventional binary code consists of only 2) allowing lots of information to be stored in a relatively small amount of code.  He uses his Cube to store things such as the code for spells, his memories and complete knowledge of magic, and countless other items.

The Cube is also capable of computing.  Amaris' most notable accomplishment in this area was the creation of an artificial intelligence that is capable of learning, performing basic social interaction, and combat.  He has also used it to create intelligent sentry creatures made out of magic, which are known as anima constructs.


Since Amaris uses code to craft his spells, he figured that he could use the Cube to craft them in a much less time consuming and more energy efficient way.  Before the advent of the Cube, he had to craft his spells by actually manipulating relatively large amounts of Aether magic, which was very energy intensive.  His solution was rather ingenius.  He created a partition within the Cube that was managed by a sort of program made of To'Khanna code.  This 'program' created a virtual coding environment that Amaris could use to manipulate 'virtual' glyphs made of infinitesimally small amounts of Aether magic.  It also enabled him to 'simulate' the effects of the spell within the virtual environment he created.  All of the spellcrafting is now done within the Cube.

Basically, Amaris projects his own consciousness into the Cube, causing him to enter a trance-like state.  He enters the coding environment, and everything is done there.  The amount of time it takes to code is lessened because the coding environment shuts down unecessary parts of Amaris' brain such as smell, touch, and motor functioning.  This allows the rest of his brain to quadruple its processing speed, slowing down his perception of time and allowing him to craft spells up to four times as fast.  Additionally, it consumes just a few trillionths of the energy that coding with actual glyphs would (most of the energy usage comes from running the 'program' itself, not from the actual spellcrafting), allowing him to craft spells without putting massive amounts of strain on his aura.

Psionic Stabilization of Aether Magic

The Aether magic that Amaris uses is extremely unstable, and very hard to perform.  Maintaining Aether spells can put immense strain on the aura of the user because of its instability, and this is much of what makes it very difficult.  If used consistently enough, it would have completely drained Amaris' Mahjarrat aura within a few decades.  Luckily, he came up with a solution.  His staff originally served as a device that emitted powerful electromagnetic fields that were used to stabilize the magic so that it was a lot easier to work with.  This lifted a huge amount of weight off of Amaris' shoulders when he was using the magic.  He gave his Cube this same functionality, but because of the properties of the crystal he was using he was able to make the effect much more powerful.

It basically works by emitting powerful fields of electromagnetic energy and projecting them out onto the spell.  Normally, this is what a person's aura does when they perform magic.  By using another external source of EMFs to stabilize and manipulate the magic, Amaris' aura has to do a lot less work to cast spells with Aether magic.  As a result, he is able to fully exploit this powerful form of magic while minimizing the damaging effects it could have on his aura.

Maintenance of Amaris' Aura

Even though the Cube helps stabilize the Aether magic that Amaris uses, it cannot fully prevent the inevitable draining of Amaris' aura due to overuse of the magic, it can only lessen it.  Thus, Amaris has come up with a solution for this.  The Cube pumps EMFs into Amaris' aura that amplify it and maintain its baseline strength.  Simply speaking, this allows him to stay extremely powerful while using as much Aether magic as he wants.  It also allows him to skip many Rituals if he so chooses, because his draining Mahjarrat aura is simply replaced by the proxy aura generated by the Cube.

There is a catch to this, however.  This, along with his skipping of Rituals and his overuse of Aether magic, has caused his aura to become "bleached."  His Mahjarrat aura has dwindled to only hundredths of its former strength and it has been almost completely replaced by an Aether-based aura.  As a consequence of this, his use of other forms of magic (that he does not indirectly derive from Aether magic), is severely impaired.  Additionally, it makes his auric signal extremely faint to other Mahjarrat; his aura would appear to be miles away to a Mahjarrat that is standing right next to him.  Although this may seem to be advantageous, on the flipside, he has almost entirely lost his innate Mahjarrat race-awareness.  He has an extremely difficult time sensing the auras of other Mahjarrat, and he cannot even know for sure which of his fellow Mahjarrat are alive and which are dead.  And on top of that all, his skipping of rituals has made his lich form unimaginably weak.  If he is hit with a single spell in this form he could crumble to dust.  Eventually, he realizes, this form would become so unstable that he would die instantly upon switching to it.

At this point, the only way for Amaris to cure himself of this induced disability would be for him to attend a Ritual; something he hasn't done for thousands of years.  He is currently preparing for this, and is making sure he will make his presence known to the other Mahjarrat (many whom believe him to be dead) in a very spectacular manner.

Telekinesis through Quantum Magnetism

The enchantment Amaris performed allows him to synchronize the spins of the individual atoms that make up the Cube with the flick of a telepathic switch, causing them to align along the interface that separates the hypertesseract from the three dimensional world, achieving an effect called quantum magnetism. This causes the energy stored within the hypertesseract to flow in a closed loop, generating an array of magnetic fields in a fractal pattern on its surface (at points called nodes) that reflects the geometry of the hypertesseract. As a result, the Cube becomes neutrally charged as an "electromagnetic bubble" is formed around it. The nodes are polarized to Amaris' aura through quantum entanglement, allowing him and only him to manipulate the Cube against the force of gravity. He achieves this by extending a field line from his aura and causing the Cube to become magnetically tethered to it at one of the nodes. The Cube then hitches a ride on the field line, allowing Amaris to control it telekinetically.

This mechanism allows Amaris to manipulate the Cube with both astounding force and speed and remarkable precision, at distances of up to two hundred or so meters. This effectively turns it into a ranged weapon of sorts. It is said that he can cause the Cube to strike with the accuracy of the most skilled Yanillian ranger and with a force comparable to that of an enraged maul-wielding ourg. He can also make the Cube stick to objects, particularly metallic objects, by repolarizing all of the nodes so that the entire Cube acquires a net magnetic charge. Alternatively, he could cause the Cube to stick to a nonmetallic object by passing the field line from his aura through the object at an angle that's normal to its surface (although this results in a less powerful attraction). This is one of his favorite methods of delivering spell payloads to his adversaries. He simply charges up the Cube with a spell, causes it to become magnetically attracted to its target, and then releases the payload spell on contact.

"Backup" Function

There is one last function that Amaris put in his Cube, and it is perhaps the most important.  He has only had to use it once; when he was defeated by Zamorak.  It basically allows his body and/or consciousness to be preserved in the event he is killed or about to be killed.  There are two potential ways that this could go.

Firstly, Amaris could activate the function himself if he fears he is about to die.  In this case, his body is deconstructed, atom by atom, and converted into pure energy.  The exact placement of the atoms in his body is recorded, and this is converted into a set of magical code instructions.  Amaris' own conscious soul, as well as his aura, is also absorbed into the Cube.  The Cube essentially becomes a vessel for his body, soul, and aura until the time comes for him to be released again.  Although Amaris could decide to release himself at any time, he decided to wait because he discovered a problem in the reconstruction code that could possibly lead to the deletion of much of his memories.  When he finally was released, most of his memories became locked into his subconscious and he was oblivious to his past and even his knowledge of Aether magic.

Secondly, the function would automatically activate if Amaris were to die.  In this case, Amaris' body would not be preserved within the Cube, and would actually be destroyed by it so that it could not be used for purposes he wouldn't have approved of.  Instead, just his aura, consciousness, and memories are absorbed into the Cube.  Essentially, the Cube is to become the vessel for his life force and consciousness, to exist indefinitely.  Amaris is full aware that if he were to die, he would become no more than a magical object with a consciousness that is at the mercy of fate.  But this is what he wants.  Amaris very much enjoyed manipulating people throughout the Fourth Age, so he encoded this second bit of the backup function after he regained his full memory and knowledge of Aether magic during the Fifth Age.  Now, rather than being afraid of death, Amaris views it as simply a passage to a different state of existence.  It has given him an excuse to take bigger risks as of late.

Condensed Shadow Armor

When in combat, Amaris clads himself in armor that is made out of shadow magic condensed into a solid, metallic form.


It appears to be made of a nearly pitch black, metallic substance that has a dull luster.  It appears similar to ranged armor, as it seems to be made out of interlocking metal plates that have been attached to leather or some sort of other backing.  It also appears to be extremely lightweight, probably similar in weight to chain mail.  In reality, due to the fact that it is made of solidified magic, it weighs nothing.


The armor itself is nearly weightless, and extremely resistant to magic, melee, and ranged attacks.  However, it is weak to holy and light magic, as well as weapons that have been enchanted with holy magic.  It is more vulnerable to bolts, arrows, and stab attacks than other forms of melee and ranged attacks.

Cloak of Ng'aarth**

The Cloak of Ng'aarth is a long, flowing black, hooded cloak that was made by Kotomi for Amaris out of the silk enchanted with the life force of the slain elder demon.  It was enchanted to retain all of the magical properties of the demon's hide.  Amaris can be seen wearing it at almost all times.


The Cloak itself is often described as being as black as the void itself, and extremely mesmerizing.  Its properties give it the appearance of being made out of a mix between a soft fabric and a liquid, and it seems to flow like the water in a river.  It has no markings of any kind, no imperfections, and it its edges are perfectly straight.  The Cloak is capable of expanding and contracting in size in response to Amaris' shapeshifting, but when he is in human form it is just under 6 feet long, and reaches down to his calves.


The Cloak has acquired many of the properties of the demon's skin itself.  It is said that the weak-minded often have an urge to stare into the Cloak if they make direct eye contact with it for more than a few seconds.  If one were to stare into it long enough, they would enter into a trance-like state that Amaris is capable of exploiting.  Stare into it longer, and one would begin to experience hallucinations that vary from nightmarish to enthralling to sexually arousing.  At this point, it would be extremely difficult for the person to resist the urge to keep staring at the Cloak, and they would have lost touch with reality.  In some cases, the person may be too enthralled by the hallucinations to even want to stop staring at it.  However, Amaris is capable of turning the entrancing abilities of the Cloak on and off, and he usually leaves it off because it wastes energy and requires focus to maintain.

The Cloak is very resistant to all forms of magic except for light magic and holy magic.  It is also quite durable, with a strength comparable to dragonhide.  It is weak to stabbing weapons and projectiles.  Crushing and slashing weapons are generally ineffective against it. It is capable of completely absorbing moderately strong spells that are not of these two aformentioned elements.  The Cloak offers no resistance to light and holy magic, however, and a well-directed spell is capable of blowing a hole clean through it.

The Cloak is capable of regenerating itself if it is damaged.  Although, Amaris has to make a conscious effort to regenerate it, and he does not regenerate it if he is in combat. 

*This is mainly used for private RP/character development. Amaris may be seen carrying Eraazimoth but that doesn't mean he intends to use it! Many a juicy plot has spawned around this sword.

**In public RP it's really nothing but a cosmetic piece. 

Personality and Temperament

When he is around humans and other lower races, Amaris tends to have a cool temperament and laid-back attitude, as well as the tendency to be cryptic while he is speaking. He is often described as very likeable and as being silver-tongued. Not only that, he is extremely manipulative. Amaris enjoys using words to twist the minds of people. Because of this, many people tend to take a liking to him very quickly and are very quick to trust him, even if he may have alterior motives. Amaris used this to his advantage to recruit both fellow Mahjarrat and many humans into the Nexus, and in doing so inadvertently made them Zarosian. He is now manipulating people yet again through the Syndicate, but this time for different purposes.

Amaris is very emotionally numb. He rarely outwardly shows any strong emotions, rarely raises his voice, and generally keeps a cool demeanor. He is often cited as having only a few emotions: satisfaction, smugness, annoyance, and fascination. Those who know him very well may be able to get a good gauge on his true emotions by looking at subtle clues, such as how fast he is talking, how rapidly he is blinking or his eyes are moving, if his tone of voice changes ever so slightly, or if he is not making as much eye contact with a person.

His lack of outward emotions is intentional, as in his subconscious mind his emotional state is very tumultuous; he has forced himself to suppress many of the painful memories from his past. Indeed, he does have post-traumatic stress disorder that stems from his experiences in the Third Age and during the latter part of his residence in Freneskae. He has been able to wrestle control over this disorder for the most part by suppressing his own memories, but it is possible for him to be triggered. It usually takes sensory rather than verbal stimuli to trigger him (i.e. he can be triggered by seeing the place where his mate was murdered, or seeing or hearing something that reminds him of an act he committed that he is very regretful about). Indeed, he can talk about many of his more painful experiences without losing control of his thoughts and memories. His episodes usually manifest themselves in the form of silent anxiety attacks where he has uncontrollable flashbacks and intrusive thoughts that repeat themselves over and over again. He becomes very quiet, tense, and spaced out, and if he is spoken to he may seem very on edge, upset, and have a delayed response. If the episode is particularly bad, he may have a meltdown where he goes on an incoherent tirade that makes no sense to anyone but himself in the moment. It often involves a lot of yelling, crying, and punching/blowing holes into things. However, these episodes are rare.

Amaris does have a temper, but it is quite hard to get him to snap. When he does snap, however, he becomes violent and reckless, and obsessively fixated on getting revenge with the person. It's not uncommon for him to kill someone who has pushed too many of his buttons. If the offender did something particularly bad, he may even get creative and come up with a punishment that is even worse than death. For example, he might place a spell on someone that prevents them from being physically injured by burning (but still able to feel all of the pain that accompanies it) and then throw them into a volcano. Or, he may cast a curse on someone that makes them immortal and then trap them within their own mind, forcing all of their worst memories to play on an infinite loop and even mutate themselves into ever more terrifying forms (a trick he learned from his brother Akash). His real Achilles heel is anything that might severely trigger him. Also, if someone harms his mate, he will pursue them to the ends of Gielinor.

Amaris is quite arrogant. He views himself as among the most intelligent of the Mahjarrat (if not the most intelligent), and will not hesitate to call people he doesn't like stupid if he feels like they aren't going to serve to benefit him at all. He really enjoys verbally assaulting people that tick him off until they either snap or give into him. This has gotten him into trouble before with many people, including his old rival Zyrichon.

For a Mahjarrat, Amaris isn't that violent, unless, of course, someone angers him. He's not a Jhallan type though, far from it in fact. Amaris believes that violence is a sort of tool that should be used only when necessary. However, some of his fellow Mahjarrat don't see it that way. His love of manipulating people to do his bidding is perceived by many of his peers (especially the Zamorakians) as cowardice. Yet, at the same time, many of those same Mahjarrat who believe him to be a coward are afraid to take him on themselves because of how powerful he is! Oh, how ironic.


These are either directly quoted or paraphrased from RSRP.

I don't like to be loud. The loudest people are the ones who are silenced first.

–Amaris Rajas

Confidence is only a drug that is taken by the incompetent to make them feel better about themselves, to make them feel like they are on the right course, and that they will succeed. In the end, the side effects can be potentially lethal.

–Amaris Rajas

The wills of men are nothing but assets that can be played much like musical instruments. When you get a lot of them and play them all together, the results can be quite harmonious.

–Amaris Rajas

I'm not like other Mahjarrat. I'm not a bloodthirsty killer that will waste their energy and time murdering innocent people for no purpose whatsoever. All of my actions are planned and calculated carefully, and each has a purpose. Most of my kin would not consider me much of a Mahjarrat at all, but they know better than to get in my way.

–Amaris Rajas

I honestly cannot believe I survived for that long. I lived on the edge. At that point, I still fought for the Great Lord. Heh, you should have seen me. I turned different factions that worshipped the same god against each other. I used my technical skills to sabotage entire operations on all sides. And my mate.....she was my partner in crime. We were so perfect together. So graceful. Nothing could stop us. And then finally she was captured by one of Zamorak's demon legions, and he killed her himself. Oh yeah, and I was there too. I watched him do it, in front of my very eyes. And really, that's what broke me. That's why I am in pieces right now.

–Amaris Rajas


  • Amaris is the only known Mahjarrat that possesses a Legendary Item.
  • The name "Rajas" is derived from the Indonesian word for "king."
  • Amaris is the only Mahjarrat with two auras. This is a consequence of his use of Aether magic.
  • Amaris once dabbled in necromancy, but it never really was his forte.
  • Amaris was once a professor at the University of Senntisten. He taught Advanced Magic.
  • Amaris is one of the few individuals that the legendary human wizard Arvikan Asgard taught Aether magic to. He uses it to this day.
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