Alyssa "Fleur" Orlean is a seventeen year old girl who currently live in an abandoned chapel in port sarim, her occupation is an assasin for hire, she has a kind hearted yet curious personality.


Alyssa stands at 5'6 her skin is a light pale shade, she has a set of mahogany brown eyes and mahogany brown hair in a long fringe, she is a bit skinny, she has a scar on her side after stabbing herself in the stomach when she was younger and had split personality problems, she wears the gear of a seductress from falador ((oocly its silver athletes gear with vyre boots, void knight gloves and a saradomin stole)), she has her signature steel/silver knife "Fleur De Saint Jeanne" a knife which can be changed into a bladed fan when a bolt is turned clockwise, she also has a long crozier on her back named "Via Infinito" which can be used like a halberd or a scythe if the symbol is turned counter-clockwise.


When Alyssa was 3, her sister Thespia, had taken her away from her home after her parents were killed in a fire, she was taken to the Abbey of Saint Elspeth, there she was raised by Sister Judania, a nun living at the abbey who died of desert fever, then at the age of 6 she learned of her abilities of nature, judania before her untimely death had trained alyssa to grow Beautiful blooms , the rarest flower alyssa had spawned was one that could only be found at the site of destruction and ruin, A Black Rose. Later and at the age of 9 she was selling Roses for a living, her sister became an assasin for hire, only providing her with a few coins to keep her living, one day she sold a batch of black roses to a man named Captain James C. Bay, who then she had started to live with in port sarim. Then she had met one of James's friends Cinis Baxoje, a werewolf, at first she wasnt afraid, she thought he was a summoner who trained wolves, One day Alyssa was attacked by an elderly man, luckily for her she had cut him badly with "Fleur De Saint Jeanne" on his arms and face, she came home to james who was sleeping and she woke him up all bloodied, so he took her to the swimming shore nearby and started to play with her, after their trip she was curious about boys, so embaressingly she asked him what was the difference and if he could show her some time. He just chuckled at her and said "When you get older", at the age of 16 Alyssa ran away from home to follow the path of her sister, the way of the assassin, she left to the abbey where her sister was, she taught her in the art of seducing her targets and killing them, she was given a dwarven long crossbow rifle when she completed her training, at the age of 17 she returned to port sarim and started to live in the abandoned chapel, she was given an assignment from Cinis who wanted her to track his son, Sedric down and bring him back, she went to find him in the place where he told her he should be at, Burthropes Cavern of the Trolls, she found him in his wolf form, she had shot him two times on the shoulder with the bolts containing knockout serum on the tip, he fell knocked out and she felt allured by how he looked, she was curious about him and decided not to bring him back, she left the decision for him to go back.

Several Months Later.....

Alyssa was captured by demonic men who took her to another dimension and enslaved her as a guardian due to her ability to control essences of nature, she was abused and tortured if she didnt obey, the leader of the men who had been enslaved also tatooed her arm with liquified pure onyx and crystal, to amplify her powers and summon living creatures at her will even if it may kill her, she then fought along with the enslaved men and killed the leader of the Demonic group, alyssa had killed him with thorns of onyx and pure lava crystal, all of them impaling the leader in the chest and head, after she had defeated them a portal had opened and the men had then given her a onyx wing trinket and the title, "The Siren of Nature", she then went into the portal and she was teleported to mudskipper point, where Sedric and a fellow werewolf named Warpath were conversing about matters, she was unconcious for a few moments and thats when she opened her eyes and saw Sedric once more, but he was no longer the man she once knew..... he became a fully pledged zamorakian, not only that but also with him being unaware that she was pregnant with his son.


 Alyssa had given birth to her son Vladimir A. Zarcofski/Orlean, he inherited his fathers brute strength yet never received the ability of transformation yet, he gained Alyssa's ability to summon beasts, his preference, Demons,However the gift gained from his mother, he can fuse his body with the being summoned. When he was an evoker he made a pact with Daemon of the Underworld, which in exchange can be gifted with Demonic powers and Fascinating speed, Vlad had a slim body and the other boys made fun of his girlish looks, Alyssa worried for him so she decided to have him make a new friend,an eastern Demoness Sakura-Hime of the North-Wind, she granted him self esteem and knowledge of a sage. But one day on his 11th birthday, the demons from the realm where Alyssa was taken to after being kidnapped decided to go for her son instead, seeing his ability growing stronger and stronger everyday, they attacked Alyssa's home in Taverley but failed in capturing her son, she created a sealing spell to prevent him from being touched by them but in exchange she and the other demons had turned to stone, she remains awake in her soul but her body was set in stone. Angered by this in a Vindictive action, Vladimir shattered the demons statues and placed his stone bound mother beneath Lumbridge Catacombs, with the assistance of Pikupstix and the other villagers, she left him a note on the day of his birthday, revealing that Sedric was his father and that he should be careful on finding him, she had left him a rapier that belonged to her and the saber that belonged to his father, whom Vladimir renames Anima and Animus.

--Wake of the God Wars--

 Though sealed within the stone, Alyssa attempted to break free but the magic constricting her caused her to break free in two forms, her normal body stayed but a dark Alyssa which resembles a cruel looking old woman, carrying her scythe,  and a light Alyssa resembling when she was a child, carrying Fleur de saint jeanne, her dagger. When they both meet back at her statue only one may survive and bring her back to life.

--Seeing Sedric once more-- When Alyssa had returned to falador, she had rested in the alley where she kept her spare tools when she was a mere apprentice, when she woke up, the curse from the stone transformation slowly grew out a little, forming a mask on theleft side of her face, she saw sedric, looking at her as she awoke, she didn't know it was him, so she withdrew her new totem, Lè Grimoírè and summoned glyphs to her side, but then, sedric told her that it was him, that he smelled the scent of black roses emitting from the alley from where she slept in, shocked by this she ran to embrace sedric, telling him about the months she spent trapped in the seal, but he told her that nineteen years had passed, shocked by this, Alyssa was crying tears, sedric tried to calm her down but her Grimoírè had given an ominous glow towards him, as a warning not to touch her unless if she allowed him, once she stopped crying she told sedric about their son, Vladimir, he never knew that he had impregnated Alyssa to begin with, she saw sedric go on his knees and beginning to bawl about how he failed her, using her abilities from her Grimoírè Alyssa had reviewed memories from him and saw that he had married to a woman, when she stopped viewing the memory, sedric had tried to explain to her that he always checked her home in port Sarim every day, but no luck, so he decided to marry a woman who he truly loved, angered by this, Alyssa had then told him the harsh truth about their son, becoming a demonic practitioner, able to summon demons and create contracts with many due to his summoner bloodline tainted by demonic contracts set by Alyssa's ancestors, and how he hunts werewolves for assassination targets, his specialty in explosives, and his shattered life all in spite of his father being absent who he had presumed to have abandoned Alyssa not killed, sedric had cried heavily to try to apologize to Alyssa and how he will try to fix it, in hatred but lovingly, Alyssa had told him "it's too late" and she deeply kissed sedric one last time, before she had placed a black rose curse mark on his body,and teleported away, leaving her prized hat, now in shambles, for him to have, little did she know, sedric went off to try to find Vladimir and consult him. But little known to sedric that the black rose symbol was a Horcrux set by her to keep him alive but kill a part of her in his place.

--The God Wars-- An exerpt from a traveler seeing Alyssa murdering a zamorakian recruiter in Falador: "It was frightening, all those thorns coming out of that "Cloaked Thing" it choked the recruiter to death and it grew these wierd flowers out of his eyes and mouth, as if he was a plant growing, then that Thing ran away into the forest, it looked like a woman, 5'6 and blonde hair, I don't know what was going on, but I fear for the civilians in Falador, that this "Monster" is lurking in their streets."

Alyssa had become weary, after losing sedric she wanted nothing more but to die she had tried to commit suicide but knew that even if she tried, she'd set off a Horcrux, so she then decided to seal herself away, inside of a cave beneath Falador, awaiting for death to claim her, but then one night, a bright light burst into the cavern and she woke up, she had opened Lè Grímoiré but the light had slammed it shut, she was frightened by this, when the light dimmed to a humble glow, she saw a woman with white bright wings, an iceyne, she was on her knees, praying to see if she was death, but then the iceyne had touched Alyssa's face and said " Do not fear me, for I am a servant of Lord Saradomin, I am Alarune." Alyssa asked "What do you want with me?" The iceyne had replied "Our lord has grown some interest in you Summoner, our lord wishes for you to act as a servant to him, your powers are above for our foes and we wish for you to join our ranks." "Sorry, I'm not interested in war." Alyssa had replied rudely, "Name your price, we'll happily provide you with anything you want." "You think I'm some sort've Object for you to use? Like I said, NO." She had replied, "Very well then, how about I bring back someone you loved, someone dear, someone close? Perhaps that werewolf scum you call Sedric?" Said Alarune. "HOW DARE YOU SAY HIS NAME?! He is not werewolf scum, he is a happily married man and I'm proud of his choice to abandon me!" Yelled Alyssa "Ah... So you do still have feelings for him, well that's the price, if you aid us, I will return him to you, sound fair?" Said Alarune. Alyssa had a hard choice, she didn't want to disturb sedric or his new "family" but she thought of him returning and loving her and Vladimir, so she replied "If what you say is true and will be fulfilled, then I will agree to fight with you." "Very well, I, Iceyene Alarune, General of Lord saradomins army, dub thee, summoner Alyssa as "Arch-Mage of the saradomian army, and will hereby fulfill our contract." As of now, Alyssa kills and defeats those who oppose saradomins will, in order for her, Sedric and Vladimir to become a true family.


Alyssa's special talent of summoning, dark and light magic have kept her safe from harms way in many of her contracts to kill, Alyssa's personal favorite skill was seduction.

Nature:The first type of magic Alyssa has learned to command, she uses the nature spells to her advantage, her favored attack strategy is thorn whips, when she can summon thorn roots to attack and bind her enemies, A black rose or Blooms of Ruin are a beautiful yet very dangerous type of magically used plant, allowing the user to boost their natural magic abilities, if misused the user will transfigurate into a petrified form of themselves, this effect can be reversed by placing a white rose petal on the users hand, slowly reversing the effects but it will be painful, a mark would be left on the users body, Alyssa can summon insects at her will, by creating a gust of pollen and petals to attract them, her favored amongst all are locusts and bees, to sting and heavily damage her target.

Glyphs: As a replacement for her use of shadow and blood magic combined, Alyssa resorts to use these glyphs to take their place instead, from creating barriers and sealing spells to warping and torturing hexes.

Summoning: Alyssa's main tactic, summoning entities to do her bidding, her favored entity is the spirit of Sister Judania, the nun who took care of Alyssa, now reborn as a entity tied to her soul, whenever Alyssa is summoning, a circular glyph would appear in the shape of a black rose, Alyssa would slash or lunge at it to complete her summoning sequence.

Mark of the Rose: Alyssa's new liking for glyphic spells had caused her to create a new type of curse, the mark of the rose, which allows Alyssa to split her soul and create a Horcrux of herself or mark her victims bloodline to be cursed by tragedy.

Memory charms: Alyssa has minor power In this subject, but with her Grimoírè boosting her magical capabilities, she is strengthened enough to erase, rewrite or review memories of her targets.

Lè Grimoírè: The tome which Alyssa had created from ancient texts she had found in her captivity, each page containing ancient spell incantations and circle drawings to improve her specialization in dark and light magic alike.

Crystal ink tattoos: these were painted on Alyssa's arms after defeating the head of the demonic clan where she was held captive, as a reward, she was tattooed with crystal ink, allowing her to amplify her powers further, but taking in a painful feeling, to balance the effects, the leader had given her a crystal and obsidian book, meant to carry her pages, the offsenive abilities from the obsidian and protective properties from the crystals on the book, this was named Lè Grimoírè.

Weapons Fleur dè Sánt Jeanne- A steel/silver dagger which can be converted into a bladed fan, by turning a bolt on the hilt clock wise.

Via Infintio- a crozier that can be used as a halberd or scythe if the gear on the staff is turned counter clock wise.

Tome of the damned- Alyssa's original tome, carrying hexes and curses, the book was presumed to be destroyed when she was on assignment, the cover was a finely made dark red leather with silver trimmings and rubies to amplify the books infernal properties.

Sages Lexicon- Alyssa's second book, it was quite large, but still easy to carry, the book was destroyed by her, she felt the books magical aura was strong enough to attract the attention of dark wizards and witches, the book was made of a white leather, having a gray silk page saver,the corners of the book was trimmed with black and silver trimmings, with sapphires in the center to increase its power immensely.

Wrath of Saradomin- This was Alyssa's favored book, the same size as Lexicon, the book was hidden by Alyssa, due to her being attacked by overly religious saradominists, the book was made of silver, an had black trimmings with a blue silk wrap on it, there was a saradomin symbol on the center of the book, it had diamonds to decorate it.

Les Trois Textes du Destin : Le grimoire du Lexique et la Tome- this set of magical texts and spells are forged from special materials, words and spell empowering gems.

Lè Grimoírè- This is one of Alyssa's current books, one of the three texts of fate, made from the most pure crystals and obsidian stones, this book was given to Alyssa from the leader of the rebels in the demonic dimension she was held Captive.

Dú Lexique- One of Alyssa's current books, second of the three texts of fate, made from the finest magic embedded wood and blood trees, this book focuses on the ancient arts.

La Tomé- One of Alyssa's current books, the last of the three texts of fate, made from moonstone and encrusted with diamond dust and comet stones. This book focuses on the lunar arts.

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