Altair Jofter-Harlowe is the bastard child of De'Maria Jofter and Henrik Harlowe, born on the 7th of Raktuber, Year 186 of the Fifth Age. He is a human, male, adventuring ranger character who is religiously split between godlessness and Guthixianism. 

A man named Henrik, while on a vacation in his early life, met with a woman named De'Maria and begun a relationship with her, eventually getting her pregnant. However, due to Henrik's duties as a Praetor of the Vigilis Cruor, he could not see De'Maria often and did not get a chance to be part of his son, Altair's, young life. Then, when the child was three months old, was his father killed during the Gonzo Civil War conflict.

The boy grew up without knowledge of his paternity. The child's mother, De'Maria, decided not to tell Altair of his father, angry with the man for choosing military over family. It wasn't until later in Altair's life that he was told his father was a brave soldier who died for a good cause.

At the age of 13, Altair learned how to wield and shoot a bow. However, he is still intermediate with this skill. At the age of 14, he decided to set out to explore the world and possibily learn more of his father. Altair was formerly Guthixian, and although he may consider himself Guthixian still since he follows Guthix's teachings, he has decided to become part of the godless movement.

Altair is role-played by the user Aztarwyn.

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