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"You mean to tell me, in your darkest hour, they abandoned you? Injured and starving?"

The young boy nodded sadly, affirming what Allard said was true.

"What injustice... At the very least, I can mend your cuts and bruises, your broken foot as well. Stay still, this may take some time."

Though Allard was not one for being present among what people would dub the peasantry or slumdogs that scattered the majority of cities, including Varrock, but as a caring soul, the very least he could do was ease this boy's pain and allow him to physically capable to work. The wounds would not have killed him, but the debilitating effects caused by them would have prevented him from feeding himself.

"Just remember, even if you now are alone, cold and such, not every person in the world is as cruel as your parents, there are some good people who will help those who are in need, you just have to find them.


Allard Kavahn is a Blue Order Wizard at the Wizards' Tower, he is 48 (As of the 4th year of the 6th age) and acts as a practitioner of Lunar magicks primarily, alongside researching other less traditional, yet practical spells. accompanied by some herbalist tendancies, which he uses his lunar magics to share with others if and when it is needed.

As well as this, he uses this magic as a way to safely host duels in the tower with the advent of Allard being able to cast Disruption Shield upon multiple other people simultaneously.

Hosting duels and observing them act as a reminder of elemental, combat magic, wherein he does rarely practice this, usually in self defence. This love of duel hosting is very contradictory of his usual non-agressive nature and is practically the precise opposite of the magic he practices himself.

He also takes care of his family, using (NPC) Contact to stay in touch with his wife and child, even though they are on the other side of the kingdom. He also has a younger sister who runs a business on his behalf in Varrock, allowing most of the profits to go to his family, and enough for him to be able to afford runes and other necessities as needed.


Allard Kavahn was born to a pair of travelling merchants who had no traditional home. His home was a few caravans, which more often than not were filled with various goods.

Allard has experienced the hot sands of Al-Kharid to the Gnome Stronghold and then some, he’s no stranger to making fast friends, similarly to his parents, though obviously his parents did this for their business primarily.

Allard initially discovered his fascination with magic when an accompanying wizard of his caravan drove off a pack of wolves by casting bolts of fire at them, and once they had dispersed, Allard approached the wizard and asked him all kinds of questions about magic and how awe-inspiring the scene he witnessed was.

His parents, seeing him chatting for a long while with said wizard, told him not to harass the wizard with more questions and to let him rest, but said wizard dissuaded the notion of it being annoying nor being tired, and invited Allard to speak with him more, even giving him advice if and when he began to practice magic and a book based on the basics of magic as a gift before parting ways to assist elsewhere.

Around this time, his mother gave birth to his new sister, Anati. He enjoyed occasionally looking after her whilst his mother had to attend to business, and played with her as a form of entertainment to pass the time, both basic card games and other such things.

Eventually, after Allard and his family grew older, they eventually settled down in Varrock, enjoying the fruits of their collective labour. Originally, Allard’s parents had hoped he would go on to start some form of business as a store owner, but between his early years and late teens, he’d spent much of his spare money on buying literature relating to magic and other paraphernalia. He even spent time making friends with anyone who seemed somewhat magically inclined, inviting them to drink with him when he could. A social soul to say the least.

This love of magic cultivated the very basics of magic, being able to cast some basic elemental spells, as well as other magic found within the standard spellbook, but he knew he could only learn so much from books themselves, if he was going to become a truly amazing wizard, he’d need a formal education in the field, and thus set his eyes upon the Wizards’ Tower in Misthalin.


After growing to the age of 22, he finally put his all into becoming a student at the tower and to study magic further, and whilst his parents, now aged, were worried, mainly financially, they did not stop him, glad to see him pursue a field he was passionate in, that and they knew Anati, though 17 at the time, would be more than capable in hosting a business, rivaling both their parent's charisma. Both parents were both happy that they had raised a successful family in their eyes.

Seemingly due to his social, polite demeanor, other caring traits and his current capabilities, he was assigned to the blue order and spent a lot of time following the guidance of the various teachers in the order, perfecting his non-combative spells at a fast rate, though was slow to follow with more aggressive spells such as the elemental magicks and debilitating spells.

Not being deterred by his weakness, he practiced and practiced to make up for his short-comings, though his attention was always brought back to less aggressive spells.

Naturally, as a caring soul, Allard by his sheer nature was drawn to magic that either restored a person’s wellbeing or protected them to begin with. This is when he also discovered the use of wards, and began researching and attempting to create magical wards to protect people. He even spent time developing a ward for the red order in which enveloped the person it was cast upon, and if the ward was hit by a spell, would negate the damage and make it blatantly obvious that they had taken a hit.

Finding his Calling

Allard was not particularly different when put besides his peers, he fitted in well and worked alongside his fellow apprentices, but he still felt a yearning, but couldn't quite figure out exactly what that yearning was for. Allard, - trying to discover more about magic that he had yet to discover himself - once asked a teacher about other kinds of magics, beyond the basics he had been learning, and was briefly told he could find another kind of magic, native to the Lunar isles, and he immediately headed to the Tower's expansive library.

He took this as his chance to find out even more about the world of the arcane and eventually became fascinated by the magicks that the inhabitants of the Lunar Isle used, especially the healing aspect and just how they treated magic overall; a convenience to perform daily chores, as well as more therapeutic uses.

He, with the approval of the Tower, after years of requesting and fulfilling requirements, was allowed to take a sabbatical to the isle to learn more about the inhabitants and their application of magic.

Tales of the Lunar Isle

Travelling to the Lunar Isles would not be an easy feat. It would take a lot of preparation. Besides contacting the Oneiromancer and Relleka's Jarl for permission for a year-long sabbatical. He would also need to travel to Relleka to sail to the Isles.

This was done by him being teleported to Northern Ardougne, wherein a small party was awaiting him, ready to escort him to Relleka, which was uneventful, though reminded Allard about his childhood in the method of travel and the strange wariness as they went.

After arriving in Relleka early in the morning, he met with a sailor whom was able to escort him to the isle, and so, giving thanks to the caravan whom brought him here and collecting all his belongings, he hopped on the ship and set sail.


Docking in the late evening, Allard was greeted by a couple of the island's inhabitants. Though he knew they more often than not floated instead of walking, it was still a strange sight to behold indeed.

He was quickly introduced and ushered into the Moonclan's town, for fear the Suqah would potentially assault Allard and was further greeted by members of the Moonclan. By this point all of the names were beginning to blur together, but eventually after some discussion, Allard was assigned an escort to teach him more about the town, her name being Alnitak Novax.

Alnitak was a slim girl, small in fact, who brushed her long, blonde hair out the way of her face. soft features, soft skin and soft in nature. at the time she was only 25. So this would likely be how she appear for the rest of her life.

He was assigned sleeping quarters, as well as the a small chest to store his provisions in terms of runes, clothing and whatever else was needed at the time


Getting use to being around people floating besides him made him feel a little left out, and those present, reading his mind, sympathized with him, occasionally helping him float (though not in control) and generally feeling more included, often asking about the outside world and what it's like currently.


  • Alnitak Novax - Allard's Wife, residing at the family home
  • Lyra Kavahn - Allard's Daughter, residing at the family home
  • Anati Kavahn - Allard's Younger sister (41 as of year 4 of the 6th age). Runs the Trader's Respite in Allard's stead. Also lives in the same family home as Alnitak and Lyra

Possessions & Assets

A short list detailing some of Allard's belongings

  • Family home: Though his parents now are dead and gone, he still owns the somewhat small home which they eventually purchased. Allard's partner, Alnitak and their child, Lyra, reside there.
  • Trader's Respite: A Business located in west Varrock which caters as, as the name suggests, a place for travelling merchants to rest, replenish their supplies and prepare for further financial ventures. There are also rooms catered to one or two people. Essentially a specialized inn. This generates a passive income for Allard, enough to pay employees and other outgoings such as the aforementioned family home.

Apparel and Equipment


  • The name Allard and Anati are loose puns referring to ducks, Allard being almost Mallard and Anati being the beginning of the family name of the scientific classification for the domestic duck, which is Anatidae.
  • Alnitak and Lyra's names are named after stars, Alnitak being Anitak and Lyra being Lyra.
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