Alissa Menthol is a witch played by KingJohnRocks/Icriulis on W42. Sister of a fortune teller, Alissa took a much different path than her sister and instead of studying omens and other forms of divinitation, she dwelved into the mystical arts. Overtime she became skilled in all of the elements, but specialized in one and one specifically - earth. With a wide range of spells at her disposal and a summoned minion by her side, Alissa wanders Gielinor, looking for a coven to eventually belong to.



In the Coven:

RP history:

Investigating the Lumbridge Swamps: (RP history)

Alissa, hearing of a resurgence of giant rats within the swamps and growing nexus's, decided to travel to the swamps to investigate this for herself. At the swamps she witnessed multiple nexuses growing and sprawling as if they were natural flora, and she was attacked by multiple rats, which she burned with enchanted purple fire. She then met a Temple Knight, who also said he was here on a similar mission. After a bit of chit chat she had to go tend to others matters, and de-materalized.

Meeting a Bounty Hunter:

One day in one of her travels across she Salve, she found herself in Canifis. While in Canifis she met a "bounty hunter" and his trusty assistant who began to ask her strange questions concerning where she was at a particular time. She let them in a bit, telling them about her ventures in the Lumbridge swamps, in which they continued to inquire.

Eventually she teleported away, leaving them to their own devices.

Fighting the Wight of Paterdomous:

Fighting a Culianromancer:

Meeting a beauty in the Fremennik lands:

Mayor of Port Sarim:

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