Alexandru Pythov.


Alexandru Pythov is the eldest brother and leader of the Pythov family, along side his demon brother and lacky, Deumos and his human brother, the late Vetis Pythov. Alexandru is a lurker and meddler, loving nothing more than to watch suffering and war.

Known Life

Alexandru has been in the realm of Gielinor for as long as any other Mahjarrat. His exact age is unknown but as he came through the portal from Fereneskae, he is at least Ages old. Although the eldest Pythov controls vast wealth and incredible magical power, he only ever gets into combat when he is attacked. The Mahjarrat prefers to watch fights and wars, rather than partake in them.

The few who know of the Mahjarrat know him as a meddler, by changing his shape and appearance, he causes all sorts of problems for anybody he can find. He has given himself a reputation as a womanizer along with everything else, using his ability to change his appearance to give him the perfect appearance. 

Alexandru was blooded into the family within the last few centuries, after Valentin Pythov,the father of Vetis and the rescuer of Deumos, saved Alex's life from an assassin the Mahjarrat failed to notice. As an act of gratitude, the Mahjarrat let himself be blooded into the pure Zamorakian family and promised to carry the name untill he died. He was the lone Heir of the Pyhtov family for a while, until Vetis was born and Deumos was released from the Abyss by Valentin.


One of Alex's more intimidating forms.

Once Valentin died and Vetis grew of age, the three brothers moved away from their father home and split themselves across the lands. The three brothers came together once move as Russia took the city of Ardougne in Zamorak's name, and since then Deumos has been a general of sorts to Alexandru. Whilst Alexandru stayed out of Russia's wars and watched the carnage from afar, Vetis dived right in, and was ended by Eden Syvian in Yanille.

Throne room.

Alex's throne.

Throughout most of known history, every war or conflict, Alexandru was there, whether standing on a roof top or wandering through the battle, he is always there. The Mahjarrat comes into very little contact with humans these days, bar one solitary girl, Eleanor Traveth. Whilst Alex does not love, his relationship with Eleanor is about as close as he will get. He respects and likes her, a thing that he can say for very few people.


  • Alexandru is a chef in his spare time.
  • The name Alexandru comes from the character Alexandru Rusmanov from the Department 19 book,
  • Alex's favourite food is gnome food.
  • His favourite colour is yellow.
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