You can't hope to defeat your enemies if you don't fight with conviction.

–Evgeni Avencianci

"Human""Dream of Mah"
Evgeni D. Avencianci








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Evgeni is a Godless Dream of Mah roleplayed by Derp on World 42.

He is currently the owner and bar manager of The Jade Kalphite pub in Menaphos.

Evgeni's aliases are Baas, Dazhbog The Destroyer, Mito Ithell, Blood Hand, Eli Evans, Jal-Kih-Mej, Sulivan Archer, Tachibana H. Takashi, and The Bloody Mist of Misthalin.


Human Form

Physically, Evgeni's human body is of tall, stocky stature; both hard and naturally strong.  His face is square and defined, often sporting a neatly trimmed beard, and his dark green eyes are as equally stern as they are full of wisdom and friendliness.  The greying, black hair on his head is usually cut shoulder length and swept back or tied in a ponytail.


  • He has a Zarosian Cross tattooed over his left pectoral muscle, much like the one on the inside of the Senntisten Temple.
  • There's a Seren Diamond on his left forearm, and on his wrist, the symbol of Amascut.
  • On the back of his lower neck, is the symbol of the Desert Wraiths; a Zarosian Cross with wyvern wings extending from it (The wings representing the freedom of a bird; relating to the freedom of the Zarosians).
  • On his right hand, ancient letters are tattooed across his knuckles, forming an unrecognizable word.
  • The symbol of Tumeken is tattooed around the front part of his lower neck, like necklace.
  • On the right side of his neck, is a medium sized Menaphite Pantheon Symbol.
  • On the left side of his neck is the Drogokishuun Clan symbol.

Natural Form

As a Dream of Mah, Evgeni is colossal in stature and visibly strong like his human form, boasting even more massive muscles, however. His skin is the colour of ash and black streaks run up along the large, bony ridges on his head, contrasting his bright red eyes. Some of Evgeni's more distinguishing features are the piece of Lapis Lazuli bound into his sternum and the large Zarosian Cross scarred in to his back. He has also been described as having a fair complexion for a Dream, much like Sliske and  Kharshai. Like them he also has a small amount of neatly trimmed facial hair on his chin; black in colour like the hair of his human form.


As you live on, I'm sure others will come to love you as much as I have. You have every characteristic that makes a great man, and I don't have any doubts that you'll be alone for long. Just remember me when we meet again one day, my love.

–Praskovya's last words to Evgeni before passing away.

Evgeni is a complex, unique individual that stands out as a gem among others of his kind.  Over the ages, he has changed from a simple-minded being of pure destruction and violence, to one of rationality and philosophical caliber.  The things Evgeni has experienced in his life have given him a profound understanding of how to navigate through the journey of life; a knowledge that he's always eager to share with those close to him.  Evgeni takes relationships very seriously, and holds his loved ones close, as his most prized treasures.  When his friends are in need of help, he will do anything to his ability to help them; if he doesn't succeed, he sees it as a personal weakness on his part, and lets it inspire him to train harder and go further.  Through his friends and loved ones, Evgeni has become extremely powerful, and a dangerous foe to face in a personal conflict.  Evgeni likes to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.  Despite his vast knowledge and life experience, he often presents himself in a laid-back manner, even crudely sometimes; behaviour which is very peculiar and rarely seen in his kind.  His character, however, makes him very inviting and well-liked among the people he knows, especially other Dreams; some have even gone as far to say he's a father-like figure for them.  Coincidentally, Evgeni sees himself as a father-like figure anyways.

Despite his unique character, Evgeni still has a lust for power like the rest of his kind, and views himself as being highly important in everyone's' lives; he hates being alienated, and enjoys fitting in.  He is also very competitive.


Over the millennia, Evgeni has accumulated an expansive collection of rare and valuable arms and armour. While some simply remain in his personal vault or are on display as decorations in his bar, some of them see frequent use.

Dragon Metal Katana (Shio Hōseki)

The vyre carried two katana on the right side of its belt; both of the saya and hilts were finely decorated in gold, white, red, black and purple. Golden tassels hung from the bottoms of the magnificent blades like the tail of a lion.

–The Push in to Silvarea

Shio Hōseki was a weapon used by the vyre Commander Valentina Tsuruta.  It was taken from her after Evgeni killed her in combat during the Misthalin-Morytania War.  The blade of this sword is just under 2' long, shorter than its Wolfbane counterpart, and made from pure dragon metal.

Wolfbane Katana (Torikabuto)

Torikabuto was a weapon used by the vyre Commander Valentina Tsuruta.  It was taken from her after Evgeni killed her in combat during the Misthalin-Morytania War.  The blade of this sword is 2'2" long.

Praetorian Sword

Evgeni's Zarosian-era sword was specifically forged for him as a reward for his service to the Empire. Resembling a real-word gladius, this sword is much longer, with a blade reaching nearly 3' in length, and a lengthened handle that facilitates a two-handed grip. The metal used to make the sword is unknown.

Bakriminel Staff

While it doesn't appear to be special, Evgeni's 7' long quarterstaff is made from the coveted wood of a Bloodwood Tree; it is able to withstand repeated blows from bladed weapons and can dent plate armour with a strong enough blow. When Evgeni is in his natural form, the staff takes on a more sinister appearance.

Magic and Techniques

Other Dreams of Mah have their armies of minions. As for me? I've spent my life training to be my own army.


Evgeni demonstrating an energy-enhanced punch.

Evgeni is a talented combatant that relies solely on his own power in fighting.  He is known for being a feared combatant in medium to close range encounters using magic and an expert in lightning-fast melee combat.  He's particularly known for being a user of Serenian Magic, usually only known by elves.  He's also capable of using many devastating forms to push his power further than nature intended, like "Blood Elemental", "Transcendence Technique", and "Primal State."


Evgeni is trained in nearly every form of magic. These are the types he knows, and how trained he is in that area. Ratings from highest to lowest are: Grandmaster, Mastery, Semi-Mastery, Adept, Journeyman, Novice.  His knowledge of magic is mainly combat based, and he doesn't really do experiments with it like other Dreams.

  • Grandmaster in Primal Magic
  • Grandmaster in Blood Magick
  • Mastery in Miasmic Magick
  • Mastery in Serenian Magic
  • Semi-Mastery in Water/Ice Magic(k)
  • Semi-Mastery in Bloodfire/Fire/Lava/Smoke Magic(k)
  • Adept in Curses
  • Adept in Illusionary Magic
  • Adept in Necromancy
  • Adept in Earth/Sand/Rock Magic(k)
  • Adept in Wind/Gale Magic(k)
  • Journeyman in Nature Magic
  • Journeyman in Telekinesis
  • Journeyman in Shadow Magick
  • Novice in Electricity Manipulation
  • Novice in Summoning
  • Novice in Astropathy
  • Varying Skill in Half of the Lunar Spellbook.

Transcendence Technique

The circulatory system.

The Transcendence Technique is a form of exceeding one's natural abilities using magical energy.  It was invented by Elodorael Utanos before the Dreams of Mah came to Gielinor and was learned by Evgeni in the early 4th Age, when Jayce taught it to him.

Evgeni does the Transcendence Technique by bringing magical energy in to his body, and channeling it through his circulatory system.  Through his blood, the energy is absorbed in to his muscles and brain, which are subsequently pushed past operating at their natural limits.  While in this state, Evgeni's strength and speed vastly improve, and due to the presence of manifested energy in his body, he is able to create spells in only a fraction of the time that they normally take to create.  As of Year 1 of the 6th Age, Evgeni is able to maintain the Transcendence Technique for 15 minutes of combat, and twice as long in non-combat.  Using the Transcendence Technique more than once a day leaves Evgeni fatigued for 24 hours.

While using the Transcendence Technique, Evgeni's entire circulatory system glows through his skin; including his heart which can be seen beating inside him.



The exact year of Evgeni's creation is unknown, although it can be approximated to the closing years of the First Age, up to the first few decades of the Second Age.  Evgeni's birth name is Baas, the same as his father's; when the first God War broke out he changed it to Dazhbog. 

Growing up on Freneskae, Evgeni was the 9th eldest of 17 offspring in the Kova-Mah tribe, and the only one to be a direct copy of his father, Baas. The Kova-Mah tribe, unlike others, was fiercely devoted each other and the patriarch respectively, giving them more of a fighting chance in a world wrought with death and betrayal.  Despite this, Evgeni found friendship and camaraderie among his mother's former tribe, the Mahtanos, more so than his own.  Among his closest allies and teachers were Zola, a direct copy of his mother, and her extremely powerful brother, Elodorael.  Between the two and his eldest real brother, Jhakaurd, Evgeni nearly mastered the entirety of Ancient Magick before coming to Gielinor.

Arrival and Life in the Zarosian Empire

A millennium in to his life, Evgeni was plucked from the war torn wasteland of Freneskae by Icthlarin, along with most of his kind.  However, a few of Evgeni's allies remained behind, most notably Zola.  On Gielinor, Evgeni fought with the Menaphites to purge Zaros' forces in the desert, only to later switch sides when Zaros offered the Dreams of Mah everything the Menaphites couldn't.  Evgeni enjoyed the greatest luxuries that Zaros' empire had to offer and temporarily resigned from combat duty.  Until Zaros' untimely demise, Evgeni served the empire as both a judge in the government courts and a teacher at the university in Senntisten; eventually he rose from his teaching position and became part of the administrative body. 

The night Zaros was killed I was at home, just blocks away from the temple. I was in my study when I saw the flash of light and felt his presence disappear.

–Evgeni Avencianci, Evgeni's Journal

After Zaros' death at the hands of Zamorak and his followers, Evgeni was forced to return to the military as the weakened empire came under attack from every side.  He spent most of the God Wars in Senntisten, defending its borders, but when it fell near the end of the 3rd Age, Evgeni rallied a small force of guerilla combatants, many of whom were his former students, and retreated deep within the desert.  This unit became known as the Desert Wraiths; fearsome warriors known for riding tamed Kalphites in to battle.

The first time we were hit by the Desert Wraiths, we were taken completely by surprise. I was near the front of our convoy, and all I saw was the lead camel disappear into an explosion of sand, followed by the horrid screeching of a kalphite soldier. Before we had time to react, pockets of sand began exploding all around us, and blasts from various forms of magic began raining out of the debris from all sides. In a matter of seconds, most of my company had been either killed or wounded; in my case, a kalphite burst from the ground in front of my camel, and killed it, throwing me backwards. I hit my head on a rock, and as I laid in the sand, dazed, I looked through the clearing sand and smoke. I saw that the kalphites which had attacked us were saddled, and carried riders and supplies on saddlebags. I passed out shortly after.

–Anonymous, Journal from the God Wars

The Desert Wraiths fought for hundreds of years, slowly making their way in to modern day Misthalin as territory kept getting taken by Saradominist forces.  Eventually, near the war's end, The Desert Wraiths linked up with survivors at Forinthry, but they were promptly slaughtered by Zamorak and his army.  Evgeni was one among a dozen survivors of his group.


The three comrades sailed to the south-west towards the Ape Atoll where they dropped off Aema, then changed their course north and sailed until they landed on the shores of what was to be Witchaven. Evgeni and the last man, Xenjikzi, said their goodbyes here, and they parted ways. Evgeni travelled west in the form of a wolf, until he reached Arandar where he buried his belongings and took the form of a young Elven child. He hiked his way through the mountains and forests of Tirannwn until he reached the crystal city of Priffdinas.

Upon arriving at the gates of Priffdinas, Evgeni met a young couple from the Ithell clan. Evgeni took his chances and allowed himself to be adopted into the clan, while passing himself off as an orphan.

While living amongst the Ithell, and the other elven clans, Evgeni was taught the ways of their kind. His violent nature calmed to a certain extent, and he learned that there were rewarding things in life other than killing and power. In the time he was taught various forms of crafting clothes and weaponry, cooking, crystal chanting, and in his spare time he also studied languages and history further, as well as medicine and things that his blood magic couldn't fix. Most importantly, however was that he was able to almost master nature manipulation and light magic in his time here, and even developed a few of his own techniques based on his learnings.

I always thought the Elves were weak for being peaceful; but now that I've seen what the power of nature and light magic can do, I'm not sure I'll ever think that again. While I spend my time among these people, learning these devastating forms of magic will be my top priority.

–Mito Ithell, Evgeni's Journal

People never suspected him of being a Dream of Mah, or so he thought, as his acting was well planned and performed. He even went as far as aging his physical appearance on a monthly basis.

He lived a happy life, and was married for a short time but never had any children. But as his persona's life drew to a close around the age of 1000 years from an "uncureable disease", he disappeared. Evgeni had heard the news of the God Wars heading west towards Trollheim, he decided that it was time for his revenge against Zamorak for what happened thousands of years ago. On his way to the battlefield of the gods, he met Xenjikzi in the lands of the Fremmenik, who was posing as an old seer. Evgeni convinced him to watch over him while he hibernated for 1 year, so that he could use most of his power in the coming battle. After a year, Evgeni was awoken and he continued his journey towards Forinthry. He came to a stop, however, near Trollheim, where he discovered The God Wars Dungeon, with all of the armies frozen inside by Nex's ice spell. With the God Wars over, Evgeni was beginning to question what else the world had to offer; with the knowledge that he gained from the Elves fresh in his mind, he set off to explore the rest of Gielinor.

What I have learned as an Ithell will never leave me. The knowledge they passed on to me is some of the greatest I've ever received, and the experiences were worth more than any treasure.

–Mito Ithell, Evgeni's Journal

End of the Third Age

Evgeni attended a rejuvination ritual at the end of the God Wars.  After this, he roamed the land for many years; he studied the Tzhaar people, learned to speak like a Gnome, and advanced his knowledge of shadow magick and illusions.  He also watched over his former Elven family and friends in his spare time. His life, began to grow boring again, and soon, in the first 100 years of the fourth age, he went into a 300 year long hibernation.

The Fourth Age

Upon waking up from his hibernation, Evgeni stepped into a new, thriving world. He witnessed the rise of humans first hand, as he helped build Avarrocka himself and explored the new kingdoms of man. As impressed as he was, not getting to fight in the last battle of the God Wars was beginning to get to him. His old, violent nature started to come back and he set off to fight in the proxy wars that still raged across the lands of Gielenor.

The first war that he participated in were the Ogre-Goblin Wars. He took the form of a goblin, and earned the name "Blood Hand" after he impressed the goblins with his show of blood magic in battle. He carried his identity with him to the Drogokishuun tribe, where he settled for a time.

Being forced to act like a child while I was with the Ithell was one thing; but being forced to act stupid as a grown-ass man among these green, inbred morons is just too much.

–Blood Hand, Evgeni's Journal

Eventually, duty called for the Drogokishuun tribe in the events leading up to The Battle of Mud Plain. Evgeni did fight along the goblins at the battle itself, and survived the many days for which it raged on. After the battle ended, and the politics were settled, Evgeni could no tolerate the goblin's moronic Bandosianism. He disappeared and went to Avarrocka, where he heard there trouble was brewing to the east in Morytania.

In Avarrocka, he joined the army and participated in the war with Morytania. Being loyal to Zaros, Evgeni fought in the war with great ferocity, taking the lives of hundreds of Zamorakians. His barbaric bloodthirstiness gained him a disturbing reputation among other soldiers, and many rumours were created around his actions. Some of them were true, some of them were not. But both alike, they were never recorded, and just remained as campfire stories.

Despite our histories, I have formed a solid alliance with the most unlikely of people; a Saradominist Icyene, a Werewolf, and another Saradominist; a Centaur mage. Due to my new method of vaporous transportation, they have started calling me the Bloody Mist of Misthalin. I don't like it, but its sort of got a nice ring to it. Ah well, it doesn't matter. Tomorrow we're supposed to be making the first huge offensive in the war, I'm sure I'll have much more interesting things to write in the coming weeks; epic tales of our band of "brothers" exploits against the wicked Zamorakians, perhaps.

–Eli Evans, Evgeni's Journal

The Push into Silvarea

(Note: Evgeni is refered to, in dialogue, as Eli.)

The sun was barely out on the horizon in the early hours of the freezing winter morning.  The clock struck six in the morning, and the thermometer read -10°c.  The time and temperature didn't seem to hinder the activities of the bustling military encampment on the outskirts of Silvarea; the soldiers couldn't afford to let them do so.

It was already many weeks into the war with Morytania, maybe even a few months.  In long stretches of combat, one seems to lose their sense of time; most often it passes faster that way, at least it seems like it does, when you aren't thinking about how many days it is until the winter holidays or when you'll see your loved ones again.  For the men and women that enjoyed fighting, the ones who had no family nor celebrated holidays, war was like heaven.  However, when there was a reason for war, an incentive to fight, war become something more than that.  For the men and women serving in the Royal Misthalin 2nd Army Vanguard (R.M.A.V.) detactchment, this was the case.  The fear of the Edicts of Guthix being broken was their reason to fight, and they had nothing to lose.

In the Vanguards, race, religion, and history didn't matter.  If one was willing to put their life on the line while taking on unspeakable odds, Misthalin would let you fight.  Zarosians, Saradominists, Guthixians, Serenists; they all fought against eachother to the death during the God Wars.  Yet, here they all stood together; huddled around a fire in the middle of winter, eating a meal before they were all thrown into the Hell that is war.  Every single one of them shared common goals; to become more powerful, and feed their lust for bloodshed in the process of saving the world from annihilation.  However, the only way to achieve these goals was to stay alive.  Often, staying alive in war is difficult, but it becomes easier when one is working as a part of a team.  Watching the back of fellow soldiers meant they would do the same in return, meaning that one would probably stay alive longer, in order to achieve their goals.  This was why Evgeni D. Avencianci, a Dream of Mah; Bolormaa Soun, a Centaur; Praskovya A. Zolnerowich, a werewolf; and Solheil Sokoll, an Icyene, all fought side by side without prejudice towards one another.

The bugle called out throughout the camp and everyone quickly finished their food and grabbed their gear; it was time for the final briefing before the assault on Silvarea began. Evgeni, and the rest of R.M.A.V. 11th Squad pushed their way through the jostle of quickly moving bodies to get to the R.M.A.V. briefing area.  They were only one of twenty independently operating R.M.A.V. squads participating in the assault that day, but their briefing was all done together.  The four squadmates of 11th squad finally arrived at the briefing area for R.M.A.V.  The eighty men and women that made up the twenty squads gathered in a massive semi-circle around a central podium where Commander Kirk Marban of R.M.A.V. stood; he was a tall, grizzled man of about forty years of age, his grey hair, battle scars, and eyepatch made him look a lot older and far more intimidating.  He spoke with a gruff Misthilan countryside accent, which immediately silenced everyone in the vicinity.

"Alright you bastards, quiet the hell down! We want to have Drakan's head on a spike and his ass on a platter before the goddamn snow piles up and makes it impossible to bloody fight!"

"Damn straight! We're freezing our asses off out here!" called a witty but enthusiastic sounding voice from the crowd.

"Aye, so am I. Calm your tits, son. If we get this done today, we'll all be going home soon. With that said, I'd like to get started. Squad leaders!  Pull out your maps and grab a pen!"

Evgeni, as squad leader, reached into his satchel and pulled out a map of Eastern Misthalin and North-West Morytania; the other squad leaders did the same.  Bolormaa, Praskovya, and Solheil gathered closer around him.

"Right! Here's how this is going down! The Royal Misthalin 1st Army is going to be marching straight up their vampyre asses, and as usual, R.M.A.V. has been assigned the pleasure of fucking 'em in the ass!"

The commander's vulgarity always got a kick out of the tired soldiers, especially the more simple minded bandosians. A giant somewhere behind Evgeni released a deep, obnoxious laugh.

"We're going to be hitting those Zamorakian necrophiliacs with amphibious assaults all along the Salve River! We're hoping that this will draw some of their forces away from the 1st Army, so that they can get a foothold on Silvarea. Intelligence also suggests that some high ranking vampyre officers are stationed along the river; ones that will possibly be carrying valuable information regarding their battle plan! So, the objective of this mission is two-fold: overrun and secure your designated position along the Salve River, gathering any intel you come across in the process, and then defend your position from enemy reinforcements! I'll now go over who is being deployed where, according to how close it is to the main battle!  First off, 11th Squad will be assigned to Landing Zone Cammora; as a note, the closer you are to the main battle, the harder your position will be to defend! Anyway, moving on to 17th Squad! You will be taking up the second position along the river, Landing Zone Robert! 4th Squad; you'll be heading to the third position, Landing Zone Arrav!"

Commander Marban continued on, listing all the squads and what position they would be securing along the Salve River.

"And finally we come to the last position, which 2nd Squad will be taking, Landing Zone Saradomin's Ass!"

A grin crept its way on to Evgeni's and Praskovya's faces as they looked at the two Saradominsts in the group, Bolormaa and Solheil. They both frowned and shrugged at the name of the last landing zone.

"Alright! Any questions? No? Good! Grab your gear and get ready to haul ass in five! And hey, whose gonna fuck 'em up?!"

The crowd screamed out in unison "We're gonna fuck 'em up, sir! Haaraah!" Evgeni smiled as he was reminded of the days he spent making similar speeches while leading the Desert Wraith. Evgeni marked down some final notes on his map as he walked off, gesturing for his squadmates to follow him.

"What do you think we'll be going up against on the other side of the river, Eli?" Asked Praskovya in her thick Canic accent.

"Well, if the previous skirmishes are a reliable source, then I'd say we're looking at maybe 75-100 juvinates, maybe 25-50 vyres, and a vyrelord commander.  For the four of us, I can't imagine it being too much of a problem."

"Serjeant, do we have a layout of the enemy compound?" Asked Bolormaa.

"Yeah, I was about to get to that part." Evgeni reached into his satchel and removed a map. "I don't know how accurate it is, since I have no idea who actually made it, but it's all we have to work with right now."

Everyone surrounded Evgeni to take a look at the map.

"As you can see, it's of a medium size, capable of housing a significant number of troops. It's made of wood, and reinforced with metal; probably iron. It doesn't look like breaking through will be too much of a problem. Are you all ready to depart?"

"Ready to fight, Eli." Said Praskovya, with a wide smile.

"I've been ready for a while now..." Replied Solheil in his usual bored tone.

"I've got everything I need." Bolormaa responded.

"Good. We're moving out, then. We need to get to the zone where they've placed our boat before nightfall." Said Evgeni as he began to walk out of the camp.  Solheil, Bolormaa and Praskovya quickly followed behind him.

They travelled south all day, from dawn until dusk, until they finally reached the stretch of the Salve River in the mountains, just north-east of the ruins of Senntisten. Across the river, all they could see was darkness; the enemy encampment appeared to be asleep. Nothing could be heard but the gentle sound of water flowing down the river, accompanied by the occasional croak from a frog or the chirp of a cricket. Everything seemed to be at peace.

Then, from the shadows of the rocky outcrop beside the river, emerged the dark figures of the 11th Squad. They dragged their landing craft through the dirt behind them, as they approached the edge of the river. Praskovya shot a mithril grappling hook from a longbow; it hit the other side of the river with a quiet "ting". She pulled the end of the rope to make sure that it caught on to something, but it was too dark to tell what it was. Evgeni signaled for Solheil and Bolormaa to begin pushing the boat in to the water, while Praskovya began securing a wooden post with a pulley attached to it, in to the ground.  As the boat hit the water's edge, Evgeni signaled for everyone to board the vessel. Onboard, Praskovya put the end of the rope through a system of pulleys on the boat, and threw the excess rope to Evgeni, who was on the shore. He looped and secured the final stretch of rope through the post that Praskovya had set up earlier; he then boarded the landing craft.

"Alright, this is the real deal; I know you've all fought in many battles, and that's why I know you won't fuck up. We don't know what we're going to be up against, that's why I want weapons drawn before we hit the other side, and I want everyone on their toes when we dismount, aye?" Evgeni whispered.

"Aye." replied everyone in a loud whisper.

Evgeni continued, "We'll hit them with a pincer attack. When we get to the other side I want Solheil and Bolormaa to move to the left and attack the North gate.  Anna and I will attack from the south. You'll wait to begin the attack until I send a telepathic signal to begin. Bolormaa and I will start by bombarding the fort with magic for exactly 25 seconds, then we'll all charge in. Eliminate all hostiles within the fort with extreme prejudice, but if possible, capture their commander alive. Let me hear a haaraah from you guys."

"Haaraah!" they whispered in unison.

Praskovya began operating the crank that pulled their boat through the water, as the rope kept them on a straight path. Evgeni anxiously eyed his pocket watch, making sure they were on time with their assault. The time was 2:20am, and the attack was scheduled for 2:30am. They were certainly on time, but further south, down the river, the sounds of arcane explosions and the battle cry of a giant could be clearly heard in the silent darkness.

"Leave it to a Bandosian to screw up and attack early." whispered Solheil.

Evgeni frowned with intense dissatisfaction. "God dammit... Alright, I want you to sprint to your positions immediately after we land.  You will begin the attack right away; no sig-" Evgeni stopped talking as a vyre scout swooped above their boat and began screaming out their position.

"Oh shit! We've been spotted! Bolormaa... shield! Now!" yelled Evgeni.

His wand and Bolormaa's staff burst to life, pulsing with energy, as a transparent ward formed around the exposed portions of the boat, and not a moment too soon; dozens of arrows, some flaming, pierced through the darkness and rained down on the barrier and the outside of the boat. A flaming arrow ignited the wooden panels on the boat's exterior.

"Well, that sure went to Hell in a handbasket, as you westerners say..." muttered Praskovya.

"Not if we complete our objective." responded Evgeni, in a calm tone. He looked through the slit in the folded loading ramp on the front of the boat. They were only meters away from hitting the bank.

"We're sticking to the same plan, but we're going to use arcane wards as cover while we cross no-man's land.  So, Solheil and Anna, I want you both to stick close to Bolormaa and I respectively... may your god be with you, haraah!"

The landing craft slammed against the shoreline and tossed up dirt, snow and grass as it scraped along the ground. Evgeni moved his energy barrier forward as he kicked the loading ramp down. The vampyre camp now bustled with life and was lit up with torches like a Wintumber tree. Dozens of vampyres were already on the bank and more followed from the camp, while archers on the fort's walls rained down arrows on the 11th Squad.

"For Gielinor!" the whole squad yelled as they sprinted off of the ship. Praskovya ran behind Evgeni on all fours as they bolted towards the south gate of the fort. Dozens of arrows were deflected by Evgeni's shield as he blasted holes through countless juvinates and juveniles that charged towards him, with grapeshot-like flurries of ice projectiles. In the darkness of cloudy night, every blast of magic that was discharged from Evgeni's palm lit up the battlefield in glorious shades of red, blue, and green. Gallons of black, shiny blood and metallic scraps of armour exploded out of the backs of his vampyre enemies. The grisly, vivid display of gory fireworks was a sight to behold, as the vampyres charged towards their instantaneous demise. From the corner of his eye, Evgeni noticed Praskovya licking her canine lips.

"All this meat is getting me fired up!" she yelled, "I'm going to run ahead and clear the way!"

"Take care of yourself! I'll be right behind you!" he yelled back.

They locked eyes in the darkness and gave eachother small grins.  Praskovya released a primal howl at the night sky before she charged off towards the fort.  As she galloped forward on all fours, she tore at the vampyres' bellies with her claws and masticated their throats with her steel jaws. There was an unusual display of grace in the way she disembowelled her foes, while maintaining her pace.  Evgeni dropped his energy shield and focused its power in to his palms, as he began to sprint down the clearing that Praskovya had made for him.  Everything seemed to move in slow motion in the eyes of Evgeni; he was in his zone, everything around him could be seen with ease, and sound itself was only a hollow, echoing drone. Vampyres reached out to slash at him with claws and swords, but they were all met with powerful, searing concussive punches. Their bones were ground to dust and their flesh was burned from their bones; the mangled bodies were sent flying backwards upon being stricken. Across the camp, Evgeni could see Solheil's white wings soaring against the black sky. He swooped down and impaled his enemies on his trident with ease. Bolormaa followed on the ground, and trampled over the vampyres' bodies with her powerful hooves. Evgeni looked forward again; there was nothing between him and Praskovya, who awaited his arrival at the south gate.  He smirked to himself; mostly with an uncontrollable bloodlust. For him, this was a perfect battle; he and his comrades taking on unknown odds, with no fear of death or remorse for the enemy. The only thing that mattered was becoming stronger and defeating the enemy; for Evgeni, this was the way it should've always been.  As he approached the gate of the compound, he yelled out to Praskovya.'

"Move, Anna! I'm taking the gate down!"

She scampered to the side as Evgeni took a mighty leap forward. He thrusted his palms forward and fired two blasts of energy at the center of the gate. The projectiles blasted through the iron doors and bent their hinges. As Evgeni's airborne feet made contact with the doors, they were blown off their hinges completely. He coasted across the ground on top of one of the doors, and Praskovya followed behind him. On the other side of the compound, Evgeni saw the doors explode off their hinges in a similar fashion. Bolormaa and Solheil walked through the smoke and debris created by the explosion. In the center of the fort's courtyard stood fifteen elite vyres; they formed an unorganized perimeter around one vyre that was adorned in black and blue daeyalt tatami gusoku, with a Morytanian styled full helmet. The vyre carried two katana on the right side of its belt; both of the saya and hilts were finely decorated in gold, white, red, black and purple. Golden tassels hung from the bottoms of the magnificent blades like the tail of a lion. Evgeni assumed the one in the middle was their leader. Its golden eyes shone intimidatingly through the eye holes of its helmet as it turned in a circle, looking at each of the members of the 11th Squad. Evgeni drew Drev from its scabbard; the curved, purple blade shone majestically in the moonlight that now poured between the breaks in the clouds.

He spoke in a commanding voice, "By the order of the King of Misthalin, we demand that you surrender your arms in order to be spared your lives as prisoners of war."

The whole squad was taken by surprise when the voice that replied to them from under the intimidating armour was that of a woman, with an Eastern accent.

"If we were to surrender now, we would be shown no mercy from Lord Drakan when we're released. We will take our chances fighting you."

"Such modesty from a Vyre?" whispered Bolormaa, to Solheil.

The vyre's ears twitched and she turned to Bolormaa, "We are Umbră Squad of the 217th Langstrecken-Korps, one of Lord Drakan's most elite units. I am not displaying modesty, rather, confidence in our own abilities. We look down on you and see you as weak; the enemies you killed to get in here were nothing."

Evgeni smirked and said "You're the kind of person that I like to fight. Tell me, what's your name?"

"If you must know, I am Commander Valentina Tsuruta."

"And I'm Eli Evans. That's all I needed to know from you."

Without further instruction, some vyres took to the sky, as did Solheil.  The rest of the vyres charged at Bolormaa, Praskovya and Evgeni. Valentina flew slightly above the ground towards Evgeni; she drew her katana and made a double sweep at Evgeni's head as she passed over him. Evgeni blocked the blades, but the force of the strikes was so great that he almost had Drev torn from his grasp.  Erratically, she flew on, not even bothering to look back at Evgeni. She kept moving towards Praskovya, who was occupied with strangling a vyre while she tore another's throat out with her jaws. The vyre being strangled drew a wolfbane dagger from a sheath on the back of its waist and lunged out at Praskovya's torso. Her heightened werewolf senses allowed her to dodge the stab with ease. She released her hold on the vyre's neck as she rolled to the side, and on to her back; she saw Valentina flying towards her. The vyre with the dagger dived at Praskovya, and she lifted her legs, catching its chest in her clawed feet; it still tried to stab at her chest, and she grabbed both of its arms, and pulled them forward while she extended her legs. The vyre's arms were torn from its torso and as Valentina swung her Katana down at Praskovya's head, she rotated her hips and torso, putting the wounded vyre between her and the katana. The acuate blade of the dragon metal katana sliced through the vyre's head and spine, and carved deep in to its chest. A slather of thick blood and the two halves of the vyre's brain gushed out on to Praskovya's chest as she pushed its corpse forward. She scrambled backwards and got to her feet as Valentina removed her sword from the grisly carcass, spilling even more blood on to the snowy ground. Praskovya slid her hand in to her adamant claws that were strapped to her thigh armour; she spat all of the blood and pieces of guts that had collected in her mouth on to the ground and looked up at Valentina.

"Charming..." she said, sarcastically.

"Davayte sdelayem eto, suka." replied Praskovya, with a wide grin.

Valentina lunged forward, swinging only the katana in her right hand at Praskovya. She dodged the wildly controlled cuts, moving swiftly from side to side; every attempt she made at trying to jab one of her claws in was met with failure, as the attacks were blocked by Valentina's off-hand katana. Evgeni watched the lighting-fast exchange of attacks from the corner of his eye as he grappled with a vyre on the ground. He was confident with Praskovya's abilities, and he had always taken a liking to her; as Evgeni rammed the onyx pommel of Drev through the eye socket of the vyre in front of him, he felt prouder than ever before to have Praskovya with him. He directed his attention to a vyre that had come up behind him with a spear, and was about to impale him. He rolled off the limp corpse of the vyre that he had killed as he tore Drev from his gory eye socket and swung its purple blade through the attacker's spear shaft, and across its mail-covered belly. The vyre's organs spilled out of the large gash in its upper abdomen and it fell to the ground, dead. Evgeni quickly got to his feet and surveyed the battlefield. Valentina and Praskovya were still fighting hard and fast; their movements looked like blurs from afar. On the other side of the fortress, Evgeni saw Bolormaa redirecting a barrage of shadow magick with a beam of light that caused the attacker's arm to burst in to flames. Above her, Solheil impaled a vyre with his golden trident and dive-bombed it in to the ground, tossing up snow, dirt and blood. A moonstruck grin crept its way on to Evgeni's face as he watched his friends tear their enemies limb from limb; the burdens that being a leader put on him were lifted as he saw that the battle was mostly in 11th Squad's favour. The feeling didn't last long, however, as the burdens quickly came crashing back to reality as he heard Praskovya let out a cry of pain like a maimed animal. He turned around and gazed upon the heart-wrenching sight of Praskovya falling to the ground with a splash of blood flowing from her chest. He began running towards her in a jog, but quickly broke out in to a full sprint after his mind had processed the fact that she could possibly be dead. Valentina turned around slowly and the fiendish teeth of the decorative face on her helmet gave Evgeni a mocking, skeletal grin. As he engaged Valentina, he faked a strike aimed at her head; taking her partially off-guard, he swung an uppercut up the center of the mocking helmet.  The powerful strike tore the helmet completely off of her head and launched it in to the air. Her war paint covered face sneered with maliciousness as she lunged forward with her off-hand katana. Evgeni dodged and blocked her strikes as she quickly pushed him back. He desperately tried to find an opening to attack, but no such opening existed. He gathered that her dual wielding style didn't allow an attacker to make a strike without driving their body in to her other sword; one was always in a defensive position, waiting for someone to make a foolish mistake.  Evgeni's strategizing got the better of him and he was caught off-guard as one of her blades sliced through his long brigandine coat and lacerated his shoulder, breaking his clavicle. As he pulled away, blood began pouring out of the open wound.  He tried to lift his left arm, but the pain in his shoulder was far too great for him to fight with it; he let his arm fall limp at his side as he tightened his grip on Drev, in his right hand.

"I see you fight for your nakama." said Valentina.

"My what?" Evgeni replied.

"Your comrades, companions, your crew... friends.  It is a word we use in the far east."

"I'm more concerned about killing y-"

"Bullshit!" she interrupted, "I saw the conviction in your eyes when I struck your bitch down."

"Don't... call her that."

"What is she to you, then?  A friend, or maybe even something more?  A potential lover, perhaps?"

"Shut up, god dammit."

Valentina laughed, "It appears I've found the answer I was looking for.  You know, in all my years of fighting, I've found that men who fight for their loved ones are far more dangerous than men who are only in it for themselves."

"I'm in it for both... I guess that makes me the most dangerous son of bitch around."

"Hmph.  Prove it." she concluded, as she stepped forward, throwing a cut at Evgeni's head.

He dodged to the side as his entire circulatory system began glowing, illuminating the outside of his skin, as he pumped the physical manifestation of his energy through his blood and in to his muscles.  As he powered up, he saw Praskovya lying on the ground in her human form; thick, dark blood ran down the side of her pale, white chest and pooled beneath her.  In Evgeni's mind, his resolve was clear.  He would finish the fight in less than half a minute, and if he couldn't, he wouldn't be worthy of being among his comrades and Praskovya.  As his energy-pumped body reached its limit, he stepped forward, throwing a weak overhead cut at Valentina.  She blocked it with her main katana, and Evgeni used the momentum of their clashing blades to help rotate his own under Valentina's arm as he took a passing step outside of her reach.  Evgeni's core muscles and arm rotated with herculean strength and staggering speed, far superior to that of a vyre lord.  He sliced upwards in to the bottom of Valentina's lightly covered underarm; a stream of blood followed Drev's blade as it lacerated the tendons in her arm and cut through most of her humerus.  Valentina's arm fell limp at her side as she turned to cut Evgeni with her other sword, but he was too fast.  He stepped behind her and pivoted with her movement as he cut through the nerves on the back of her leg, causing her to stumble and fall to the ground.  She still tried to turn on her knees to attack him, but Evgeni kicked his foot in to her wrist as she threw her cut, causing the sword to be thrown to the ground.  Hesitation was an afterthought as Evgeni's conviction dominated his resolve; in a single blow, he cut through her wings and neck.  Valentina's body fell forward and the life faded from her eyes as her head rolled off her neck and landed in the snow by Evgeni's boots.  Evgeni flicked his sword through the air, causing the blood to slide off its highly polished blade; he smoothly put it back in the scabbard on his back as he ran over to Praskovya.  He saw the remaining vyres retreat in to the night as they saw their leader being decapitated.  Evgeni dived in to the snow and slid up next to Praskovya as Bolormaa and Solheil came running up behind him, looking on with concern.

"Anna..." he said.

Praskovya's tired gaze locked with his own; she smiled weakly and spoke in a hushed tone.

"Eli, I knew... you would come through."

Evgeni could see the moonlight reflecting off of the tears forming in her light hazel eyes, as her mouth trembled.

"It wouldn't have happened any other way." he said.

"I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough... like you, and your conviction... your... your will to succeed." she burst out in to tears.

"Don't say shit like that..." Evgeni replied, as he stroked her long, red hair.  "You're strong... you've surpassed my expectations."

She raised her arm to pat Evgeni on the head.  "You're an amazing leader... and an even more amazing man." she said, quietly.

Evgeni looked back at Bolormaa and Solheil.  "I want you two, to search the inside of the keep."

"We're on it, Serjeant." said Solheil, as they both hurried off.

Evgeni looked back at Praskovya's chest wound; it was lethal, but it could be healed.  He brought his blood magick to bear, as he kept her wound from bleeding more.  At the same time, he placed both of his hands over the laceration and began repairing the torn flesh, muscle, and organ tissue with an advanced healing spell.  Praskovya smiled and closed her eyes.  The healing process took a little over an hour, and when it was done, Evgeni felt like his brain stem was in a vice, and his arms were made of rubber.  The whole operation had taken a toll on his body, especially using his Transcendence Technique in the fight with Valentina; he had to practice with it more, as his brother, Elodorael had only taught it to him recently.

Praskovya slowly opened her eyes.  "It's cold out here."  She said.

Evgeni hadn't realized until that moment, that she had nothing covering her upper torso, and the rest of her garments and armour were almost falling off of her body due to them being tailored and forged for her werewolf form.

"Here... take my sweater." he said, as he pulled his scabbard off his back and started removing his long brigandine coat and wool underlayer.  Praskovya blinked a few times and gasped.

"Eli, your shoulder..." she whispered.

He had completely forgotten about his broken clavicle and lacerated shoulder.

"It's nothing.  I can't even notice it." he reassured her.

Evgeni was only fooling himself.  As he sat there in his blood-stained undershirt, his smashed clavicle was completely visible beneath his shredded flesh.  He leaned over Praskovya.

"That's going to leave a nasty scar..." she said.

"Yeah."  He replied, as he lifted her head and pulled his wool sweater over her naked body.

"...I like men with scars..." she said, seductively, in her canic accent.

Evgeni's eyes widened as he looked down at her.  "I, uh..." he mubled, as he got caught in her gorgeous gaze.

"Kiss me, Eli...." she put her hand around the back of his head and pulled it closer hers, so that their foreheads touched.

Off in the distance, Solheil stopped his patrol on the wall and almost broke his neck as he twisted around to get a look at what he had just heard.  Evgeni and Praskovya tenderly locked their lips together, as they rolled around in the soft, blood-soaked snow, expressing their love for eachother in front of Solheil's prying eyes.  Evgeni slowly pulled his lips away from Praskovya's.

"I love you, Anna." he whispered.

"And I love you, Serjeant Evans." she replied.

"It's a little cold out here... how 'bout we head in to the keep and kick Bolormaa out?" He said, suggestively.

"That's a little mean, but this is a... desperate, situation." she said, as a smile came to her face.

They both got to their feet and began walking towards the keep, but Evgeni stopped in his tracks.  He turned around and looked at the corpse of Valentina.

"Hang on, Anna..." he said, "I'll be right there."

He jogged over to her body and removed the saya from her belt, and picked the katana up from the ground.  The dragon metal katana had a wooden tag hanging off of its hilt that read, "Shio hōseki" and the light grey katana with the hook on the end had a similar tag that read "Torikabuto."  He sheathed the expertly crafted weapons in their apropriate saya as he got to his feet and ran back to the keep.  He picked up Drev and his armour where he had left it, by the door, and barged inside.  Praskovya lay on one of the beds in the barracks; she was spread out in a suggestive pose.

"There you are..." she said, in a seductive tone, as she twirled her hair around the end of her finger.

"Sorry, I just had to something to take care of."  He walked forward, dropping his gear on the floor and hopping as he removed his boots and leg armour.  "Where were we, again?"  He said, as he kicked his boots off in to a far corner of the room.

"Somewhere wonderful." said Praskoviya, as she blew out the only candle in the room.

The following morning, around the middle of the day, reinforcements from Drakan's army arrived to assault the fort that 11th Squad had captured.  They fought bravely, but Evgeni, Praskovya, Bolormaa and Solheil were forced to retreat due to their injuries.  The war raged on for years to come, with neither side gaining an advantage over another for too long.  The 11th Squad saw many successes over the course of 10 years, until Evgeni and Praskovya were allowed to leave the army with an honourable discharge for their service.  Solheil took leadership over 11th squad, and remained there until the end of the war.  Bolormaa was killed in action during the final years of the war while 11th Squad was on a deep recon insertion in the Morytania swamps.  Evgeni and Praskovya lived in Avarrocka until a few years after the war ended, when Praskovya died from complications from a wound she recieved in battle.  Due to another wound, she was unable to conceive children, which brought much sorrow to the couple.  Evgeni, now beginning a new stretch of life with a new respect for the races that he fought against in the God Wars, set off in to the world again; in search of adventure and excitement.


End of the Fourth Age

After the end of the conflict between Misthalin and Morytania, Evgeni went to hibernate in the depths of what is now known as Eagles' Peak.

Due to Eagles' Peak being out of the way, Evgeni wasn't woken until approximately 1900, Fourth Age. He was discovered by traders who were exploring the cave while en route to the recently rediscovered Gnomish lands. Since he was so close to Tiranwnn, he decided that he wished to see how his Elven family was doing. Upon arriving outside Prifddinas, Evgeni discovered that the Iorwerth clan had taken over the city, and were ruthlessly reigning over it with an iron fist. He went to Kandarin and waited until news of possible action surfaced. Evgeni joined Baxtorian's forces in the 5 year campaign to retake Prifddinas. He was saddened by the losses sustained during the campaign, including many members of the Ithell clan, which had taken his Elven form to live amongst them during the God Wars.  Near the end of this age, Evgeni also took part in another Rejuvination Ritual.

The Fifth Age

In the first years of the Fifth Age, Evgeni moved to the quiet, peaceful town of Lumbridge and took on the form of a human that looked a little like his current form. While living here, he became an instructor of magic at a local school, and wrote a few informational books on the topics of the God Wars, magic, Elven crafting, and a few cook books. All of the books were published under the name Evgeni Avencianci; a simplified version of his Freneskae name.

Pan-fried lamb with a salad of sauteed Wushanko tatsoi and cranberries. Served with fruit brandy and Kharidian lavash, with butter.

–Evgeni Avencianci, 25 Unique Eats

While living in Lumbridge, he fell in love with a local woman, Lidia, and the two of them got married. Lidia was aware of what Evgeni was, and what it meant for their child; although, she wasn't concerned because their love for eachother was something genuine.  Within a few months, Lidia gave birth to the couple's daughter, Miranda, and life picked up a little more. Evgeni learned things about family that living with the Elves could never teach him, such as parenting, and the loving bond that forms between parent and offspring; another reference to what Kazglu told him about experience many years ago. Evgeni continued teaching, but the couple raised Miranda in private, her only friends were her cousins, Rochal and Tsagan, who were both Ulaghai's children.  Evgeni gave Miranda private schooling in the evenings, including lessons in magic.

One day, when Evgeni arrived home early from teaching, he walked in to find Lidia and Miranda dead and three men dressed in black and red robes trying to escape from his house. For the first time since the 4th Age, Evgeni used his natural form because of the blood rage disease taking over his mind.  It worked out well, because the three murderers happened to be Dreams of Mah as well.  Ferociously, Evgeni dispatched the first Dream by ramming his fist through his abdomen, and ripping his spine out through his stomach. The woman who stabbed Miranda and Lidia, then lashed out at Evgeni with her blade. In response Evgeni grabbed the her, digging his fingers through the flesh and muscle; he lifted her up, slammed her head through the roof and proceeded to rip the Dream's arm off with his bare hands. He then pried the dagger from the severed arm, and stabbed the wounded assailant through the heart, before he ripped her lower jaw from the rest of his skull. The final Zamorakian was the stronger of the three, as he was rejuvinated. Driven by rage, Evgeni still won the fight easily when he burned the Dream's eyes out with Light Magic, teleported behind him, knocked him down by blasting his spine full of ice chunks, and used his fists to punch his head into the ground. By the end of the fight, people were gathered outside the house after hearing the many pained screams coming from the house. Evgeni started the house on fire, and fled the scene with the bodies of his loved ones.  A few eyewitnesses reported seeing a large creature with glowing red eyes fleeing the scene with two dead bodies.

I tore their bodies limb from limb, and I fucking liked it. It felt good.

–Evgeni Avencianci, Evgeni's Journal

Evgeni was depressed and unsatisfied with his power; seeing as he failed to prevent the deaths of his wife and daughter.  Being given enough reason to hate violence, the God Wars and himself more than anyone else alive, Evgeni wished to never again be concious in the realm of Geilenor. He travelled to the far north of Gielinor, and entered hibernation in the north pole.

The Wushanko Isles

In the late 5th Age, Evgeni was awoken from his hibernation by Fremmenik explorers.  He fled to the Wushanko Isles, where he began living a peaceful life in Falling Blossom.  During this period, Evgeni trained heavily, increasing his skills in every area of fighting to prevent losing more loved ones in the way that he had in Lumbridge.  He met up with many old friends and family members during this period of his life, and got in to many shenanigans.  At the end of his time in the East, he was convinced by his brother to become a teacher again, like he had been in the Senntisten and Lumbridge.

From Tokoko With Love

New Heritage: a thriving coastal city with a size and population unrivaled by any other city among the Wushanko Isles.  For seaborne merchants and traders, New Heritage is the only place to go; the docks and seafront act as one of the largest markets in Gielinor, and undeniably the largest in the Eastern Lands.  Nowhere else would one find as many culturally diverse customers, looking for foreign and rare goods, than in New Heritage.  People from all walks of life crowded the streets; Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Mermaids, Werewolves, and in the shadows, Dreams of Mah.  With such a large, diverse population in a sprawling city like New Heritage, organized crime and illegal or shady professions becomes commonplace in society.  Pirates, bounty hunters, assassins, prostitutes, and mobsters; these people made their living doing business among the tough crowd.  New people were always coming and going from the ports, so their opportunities were endless.

For three years, Evgeni had called Falling Blossom home.  But now, wandering the streets of New Heritage, he found himself feeling like a stranger.  He dressed like a local, talked like a local, and looked like a local; however, among the people of New Heritage, he felt lost.  He was used to the calm, quiet atmosphere of Falling Blossom, and New Heritage was the complete opposite.

As he walked around a group of gamblers yelling and throwing dice in the street, his nose picked up a strong scent that stood out from the rest of the uncountable aromas.  Evgeni wasn't sure what the smell was, but he knew it was food, and he had not eaten for over ten hours.  His stomach grumbled as he searched for the source of the powerful smell.  His nose led him down a side street and up to a small opening in a wall.  All around it were signs in multiple languages that read "The Rising Moon Tavern."  He pushed through the beads that hung over the entrance and stepped in to a small bar.  It was a cozy place with a bar counter and a couple of tables; the dim lights and delicious aroma only added to the atmosphere.  Evgeni, alone in the bar, took a seat at the counter; removing his two katana from his belt and resting them beside him.

A young, cheerful voice spoke to him, "Hello mister..."

Evgeni looked around but didn't see anyone.  Suddenly, a little mermaid pulled herself on to a stool behind the bar counter; she didn't look older than ten.

"Oh, hello there, miss." Evgeni said politely.

The girl smiled, revealing two missing front teeth.  "Can I get you someding?" She asked between her giggling.

For a moment, Evgeni was taken by surprise that a little girl was working at a bar.  He spoke slowly and suspiciously, "Yeah... what are you making in the back?  It smells good."

"Oh, dat's da yakitori." she replied.

"I'll have three of those, and some sake."

"Okay!  Da yakitori will be ready in a shew minutes, but I'll get you your sake right now."

Evgeni watched the child climb off the stool and push it around as she used it to reach the high places where the sake and dishes were kept.  He removed his sugegasa and let it rest on his back, hanging from a cord around his neck.

"Aren't you a little young to be working at a bar?" he asked.

"I'm already seben!" Her missing front teeth made Evgeni chuckle a bit to himself as she spoke to him.  "I can handle anything!"

"Is that so?"

"Yeah!  But sometimes mommy and daddy help me too."

The little girl's confidence and pride reminded Evgeni of how Miranda acted at that age.  The young mermaid stepped on the tips of her toes as she reached up to place Evgeni's sake in front of him.

"Oi, thank you, young lady." He said with a wink, before taking a sip.

The little girl climbed on to the stool again, and leaned on the counter, watching him with great curiosity.  Evgeni raised an inquisitive eyebrow at her.

"What's your name?" she asked quietly.

"Takashi." Evgeni replied, as he took another sip.

"My name is Kiku."

"Oi, nice to meet you Kiku-chan." he said.

Two violent, pirate-looking types entered the tavern and sat down at the far end of the counter, to Evgeni's right.  He watched them casually as they entered.

"Where are you from Takashi-san?  You sound like you're from furder inland." said Kiku.

She was referring to the higher-class dialect of Wushanko that Evgeni spoke in.  Most people in New Heritage spoke in a louder, faster, and often broken or slang filled dialect of the same language.

"I'm from Falling Blossom." he replied, casually.

The thugs that had sat down a few moments ago snickered and whispered to each other.  Evgeni ignored them until one got up and sat down next to him.

"My friend doesn't like you." the thug said.

"Okay." Evgeni replied, as he slightly turned away from the man to drink is sake.

The thug grabbed Evgeni by the shoulder and turned him around.

"I don't like you either." he whispered.

Evgeni shrugged and turned around again.  "That's nice." he said.

The thug became frustrated and he roughly slapped the sake out of Evgeni's hand.

"I'm fuckin' talking to you, asshole!"

Evgeni slowly turned around to face the thug, glaring at him with annoyance.  "You trying to impress your boyfriend over there?" he said tauntingly, nodding to the other thug.

"That's it!  I'm going to teach you a goddamn lesson, you upper-class son of a bitch!" the thug yelled, as he got up to throw a wild punch at Evgeni's head.

Evgeni raised his arm to deflect the punch past his head; in a fluid motion, he put the thug's arm in a lock and threw him to the floor.  The thug yelled out in pain as his arm was disconnected from his shoulder but his cry was silenced as Evgeni slammed his fist in to the man's upper-chest, rendering him unconscious.  The second thug quickly jumped up from his stool and charged at Evgeni with a captured navy cutlass.  Evgeni's body moved like a feather in the wind as he dodged the man's blows from side to side; with ease, Evgeni rapidly jabbed the pressure points along the man's sword arm, causing him to lose his grip on the weapon.

"Chikushō!" he swore, as he stepped back, clutching his throbbing arm.

"Get the fuck out of here, and take your goddamn butt-buddy with you." Evgeni said as he kicked the unconscious man's foot.

"You'll pay for this, bastard!" he said, as he pulled his partner away by his feet.

"Whatever you say, busu." replied Evgeni, with a mocking grin.

The thug stopped in the doorway and turned around.  "You're messing with the fucking Death Lotus, ossan!  Your days are numbered!"  with that, he angrily stepped outside.

Evgeni sat back down at the bar and looked at Kiku; she was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, hugging the leg of another mermaid, who he assumed was her mother.

"Wow!  You're pretty good, Takashi-san." Kiku said, excitedly.

Evgeni rubbed the back of his head, unsure of what to say.  "Sorry about the mess," he finally said "I can clean it up if you want."

Kiku's mother spoke, "No, you should probably get going.  Those men were from the Black Morning pirates; they have an alliance with the Death Lotus assassins.  We don't want any trouble here."

"I understand, but can I get that yakitori to go?" Evgeni asked; he was getting extremely hungry.

Kuki's mother nodded and went back in to the kitchen.  She returned a few moments later with the yakitori, wrapped in bamboo leaves.  Evgeni put his katana back in his belt and took the food.  He bowed respectfully and put a couple chimes down on the counter before leaving.

As Evgeni stepped out of the dark alley and in to the sea of moving bodies, he raised his arm to block the blinding sunlight; only until a dark shadow fell over him.  Before he could turn to see what caused the light to be blocked out, he was blindsided by an incredible, violent force that felt like a slab of concrete hitting him.  He was thrown like a rag doll down the street and in to the crowd; taking a few innocent bystanders down with him.  Surprisingly, he maintained his grasp on his wrapped up food the whole time.  His head throbbed with pain, as he pushed himself up from the dirt road, and turned to face what had hit him.  Twenty feet away, stood a massive cyclops, a little more than twice Evgeni's size in every aspect.  On either side of it were the thugs that Evgeni had beaten up in the tavern; they cheered and yelled for the Cyclops to keep attacking him.

Evgeni cursed them in his head as he began charging energy in to his body; he felt it surge through his veins and in to his muscles, making the pain from the punch go away.  He felt stronger, as his circulatory system began glowing red from beneath his flesh.

"Kill that kusojijii, Bron!" yelled one of the thugs.

Evgeni smiled as he cracked his knuckles.  Bron charged at Evgeni as all the citizens around him fled to the side-streets or in to shops.  Bron threw a massive haymaker, only to have his fist collide with Evgeni's; he released a burst of highly compressed air from his fist, shattering or breaking most of the bones in Bron's hand.  The Cyclops reeled back, clutching its hand as Evgeni unwrapped his yakitori, quickly eating one, while holding another in his other hand, and the third in his mouth.  While Bron still jumped around, cursing his smashed up hand, Evgeni took a running jump at him, and used his knee to boost himself up to his head; he plunged the yakitori skewer, from the one that he just ate, deep in to the center of the Cyclops' eye.  Bron released a deafening scream of agony that echoed throughout the city, as he thrashed about, blinded.  Blood oozed from between his fingers in long, thick streams.

"Chikushō!  Let's get the hell outta here!  This guy's fucking nuts!" yelled one of the thugs as they both turned and started sprinting away.

The whole time, Evgeni had been charging an orb of energy in his hand; he silenced Bron's screams as he fired the energy off in a beam that pierced the center of his ribcage and spine.  Bron fell to the ground with a thundering boom, tossing up dirt and debris.  Snarfing down his yakitori, Evgeni hopped over Bron's corpse and began sprinting after the thugs.  With no effort, due to his Transcendence, Evgeni caught up with them; he drew his dragon metal katana, and sliced horizontally through the torso of the thug that had initiated the original fight, in one fluid motion.  The thug released a quick gasp before his pieces separated, spilling his guts and a waterfall of blood on to the street.  The other man urinated in his pants as he dropped to his knees, crying.  Evgeni grabbed him by the throat and hurled him in to the wall of a store.

"D-Dammit, ossan!  You're a fucking monster!  I... I swear I didn't want any of this to happen!  Please don't kill me!  I've got a wife and daughter!" the man said, between sobs.

"You're lucky I just ate; I'm in a good mood.  I want a question answered, and I'll let you go."

"Anything you want!  I'll answer anything."

"I'm looking for a man named Jayce; a westerner."

The man's eyes widened as Evgeni dropped the name.  "Yeah, I know him.  Gambled with him last night.  Since that westerner has come to town he's been taking everyone's chimes and screwing their wives.  The locals are getting real upset.  Are you here to kill him?"

"No.  Why would I be here to kill him?" Evgeni said as the energy in his body drained away.

"Well, besides screwing every woman that moves, everyone's saying he's a cheater.  He hasn't lost a bet since he's arrived."

"Sounds like him." muttered Evgeni.

"Huh?" the confused man replied.

"Nothing.  Do you know where I can find this guy?"

"He's staying at this real sleazy place called The Rainbow Dragon Inn.  It's at the end of this street, and to the right.  There's a huge sign; you can't miss it.... are you going to let me go now?"

Evgeni stepped back and slid his katana in to its saya.  "If you cause me trouble again, I'll kill you.  Get out of here." he said sternly.

Without a word, the man scrambled away.  People were beginning to slowly return to the streets, and Evgeni quickly turned in to a back alley to discard his hat and shapeshift in to his western appearance.  He calmly walked out in to the street and kept his head low as he walked in the direction of The Rainbow Dragon.  He felt around for any outstanding auras; without effort, he picked out Jayce's like a sore thumb.  Evgeni reached the end of the street and turned the corner.  Sure enough, he spotted the large sign that the man had mentioned.  He quickly walked up to the front of the building and opened the door.  The lobby was a mess of drunken gamblers yelling and groping prostitutes of various races.  He pushed his way through the disgusting mob and approached the front counter, which was apparently doubling as a bar.

"Oi, ossan!" yelled Evgeni, as he waved the dirty, old pirate-looking man behind the counter down.

"Aye, what can I get ye?" he said, approaching Evgeni.

"Where's Jayce the Gambler staying?"

"What's that information worth to you?" the man said, as a sly grin stretched across his aged face.

"Only your other eye, kusottare." Evgeni replied, threateningly.

The old man scratched his eye patch.  "Room three, upstairs." he said calmly.

Evgeni thanked him and pushed his way through the crowd, over to the stairs.  He climbed them with haste, and walked down the hall to room three.  Hesitating a moment, Evgeni looked around for any patrons before quickly knocking and throwing the cheap sliding door open.

The Academy of Heroes

After Evgeni's depression from the loss of his loved ones passed, following the fight against Takeo Kuroshima, he travelled back to the mainland to begin a new chapter in his life.  While Evgeni scouted out various schools that he could teach at, he temporarily stayed with his brother, Eziak, and his family.  He trained his skills in all areas immensly, as Jayce and Lucci had taught him during this time, and  after a month of searching, Evgeni finally found a place suitable for teaching at; The Academy of Heroes.  At the Academy, Evgeni found what he had been searching for, since the death of  Miranda and Lidia; a place where he would be accepted by people, who he, would in turn, protect with the power that he gained from them.  With a purpose in life, Evgeni's nightmares faded away, and he became much happier.  Evgeni considers his time at the Academy one of the turning points in his life. 

Evgeni at the beginning of his time at the Academy.


Evgeni thought his father, Baas, was dead ever since the end of the God Wars. He just assumed that Baas perished with the rest of Zaros' followers. Little did Evgeni know, that his father had actually sworn alliegance to Zamorak long before and had been plotting against Zaros for many years.

On the night of Zaros' betrayal, Baas was part of the group in charge of making sure that no backup from Zaros' followers were able to get inside the palace once the attack had begun.  This is the reason why Evgeni didn't see Baas during the attack.

After the God Wars had broken out, Baas was tasked with searching all of Gielenor for any Zarosians that may have escaped.  Baas made it his top priority to make sure that Evgeni, who was the bearer of his personal spellbook and dark family secrets, was found and killed.  Of course, this never became the case, and when he was called to the edge of Forinthry to make the final push for the Zamorakian Army, he was frozen by Nex, along with everyone else.

In 169 when the God Wars Dungeon was awoken once more, Baas escaped to see what had become of his son.  He followed a long and very faint trail of clues that eventually led him to Al Kharid.  Baas purposely unmasked his aura so that Evgeni would be drawn to him, and it worked.  On a cold summer night, Evgeni was drawn out into the desert to see if his father was actually there.  Sure enough, Baas was waiting there for him.  The battle went something like this:

  Evgeni's breath stood out in the pale blue night sky and silky smooth sand like a diamond reflecting off of the sun.  His whole body trembles as he approaches the massive stranger, silhouetted against the night sky.  As he comes within a few meters of him, the stranger lifts his hooded head, revealing two piercing orange eyes and a skeletal sneer that's enough to scare one to death.  A lump rises in Evgeni's throat as his eyes lock with the stranger, with who he is now sure about the identity of; Baas.  Evgeni finds the courage to speak, but is cut short by his father.

"Ahvgaeni... I see you've taken on a pathetic human form to mask your identity."

"After all this time, Baas, this how you greet me, eh?  No demands, no punishments, no training to do?"

"Aww, you're just as unwelcoming, Ahvaegni.  You don't even have the decency to call me lord, master, or at least father.  Even after all I've done for you?"

"You're a traitor to Zaros.  You don't deserve those titles; and I've been better off without you, anyway."

"So I see.  You've hidden yourself well.  It took me a good half a year to find you.  It would've taken longer too, if it wasn't for the massive lead that I got from your false relatives in the Ithell clan."

  Evgeni's voice reflects his anger as he speaks.  "What did you do to them?" With a sinister chuckle, Baas responds, "I made them a little more... open minded.  It turns out a few of them knew who you really were."

"I'll fucking kill you."

"Defiant as always, just like that whore, Masozi.  You know, you really took after her."

"If you so much as laid a finger on her, I'll-"

"I wasn't able to find her.  In fact, you're the first one I've met.  It's such a shame that you're the first one to go.  You had so much potential."

"I'm not going to let you hurt any of our family."

  Behind Evgeni, the sand begins to silently stir, as the real Baas rises from the ground, charging a ball of energy in his hand.  He places his other arm around Evgeni's neck and presses his face right against his ear. 

"You had so much to learn."  Baas throws his hand forward, using the energy to effortlessly push his hand through Evgeni's body like a hot knife cutting butter.  As he lets go, Evgeni's limp body begins to fall to the ground, but disappears before it hits.  The real Evgeni comes out of invisibility behind Baas, and begins manipulating the sand into orbit around him.  Baas turns around; chuckling to himself he says, "Just as I expected from my prodigy."  He releases the ball of energy in his hand at Evgeni, in the form of a beam.  Evgeni quickly uses the sand around him to form a massive, sandstone shield, that barely stops the energy beam from hitting him.  Using his few free seconds, Evgeni begins charging a massive ball of fire, using both his hands.  Baas laughs maniaclly as he charges more energy into both of his hands. 

"I'm still going to kill you, Ahvaegni!"

  Just as he releases two more energy beams at his shield, Evgeni rolls out from behind it and releases a massive jet of white and blue fire at Baas.  He throws himself out of the way just in time, but the flames still ignite his cloak.  Evgeni begins charging four balls of energy in front of him, which bubble and glow a bright shade of blue against the darkness.  Baas removes his flaming cloak, and throws it forward at Evgeni, with a bit of extra help from a wind spell, and he begins to charge at him, pulling his battleaxe out of the sheath on his back.  Evgeni wastes no time in firing the first ball of energy off, in the form of a beam that annhialates the cloak, and continues on.  Baas jumps out of the way of the first beam, and keeps on coming.  Evgeni releases two more of the energy balls in the same fashion, causing Baas to dodge them as well, jumping and ducking into the air so that one passes over his head, and the other under his feet.  Evgeni releases the final ball of energy at Baas, and hits him right in the center of the chest, since he was in the air and unable to dodge.  It creates a large hole in his armour, but is stopped by his magically reinforced weave that lies beneath.  Evgeni removes his sword from his back and charges forward, sending an overhead swing down, horizontally at the recovering Baas.  He swings his battleaxe upwards to counter the blow, and he quickly hops up, and sends a powerful kick to Evgeni's right side, cracking his ribs and sending him flying closer to the edge of the waterfall.  Evgeni rises to his feet, wincing in pain, and gets ready for Baas to continue his deadly assault.  Baas runs forward and swings his axe down at Evgeni's left side.  Evgeni is able to parry the blow with his sword but he is knocked off balance because of the Dream's strength.  Baas brings his axe back the other way and strikes Evgeni on the side of his head with the axe's handle, sending a rush of pain through Evgeni with a sickening crack from his skull fracturing.  Evgeni, now on his knees, sends a blind swing towards Baas' legs, which he easily jumps over; Baas then kicks Evgeni in the gut with a powerful blow that sends him towards the very edge of the waterfall, and throws Evgeni's sword over the edge.  Baas looms over him, menacingly.

"See, boy, you can't defeat me.  I'm the one that fucking made you what you are.  I am the master!"

  Evgeni painfully raises his head to look Baas right in his orange, glowing eyes.  "Fuck you."  Now angered, Baas sweeps his axe upwards towards Evgeni's chest, and strikes him head on, his underlying chainmail blocks a bit of the cutting, but the blunt force from the Dream's blow sends him flying over the edge of the waterfall.  As Evgeni falls, time seems to pass in slow motion.  Every little memory that Evgeni had in his mind seemed to come back to him in full clarity, and arouse his emotions.  A tear comes to his eye as the faces of his daughter, Miranda, Eshebi, Katrina, and Holden fly though his mind.  He remembers the many great moments that he had shared with all of them.  Finally, as he reaches the surface of the water, he lets out a scream of desperation, fear, anger, and suffering before he is silenced by the loud crashing of his body hitting the water.  As he sinks deep into the lake below, Evgeni is kept alive by sheer will alone, and he conjures up the strength to turn the battle back in his favour.  His body begins to glow red, signifying his shapeshifting transformation back into his natural form.  Baas begins to hop down to the bottom of the waterfall, by this time, Evgeni has completed his transformation and finds himself sitting at the bottom of the lake.  The moon silhouettes Baas against the night sky, allowing Evgeni to easily see him from the bottom of the lake.  He simutaneously begins to charge a water spell beneath him, while he grabs his sword which had also sunk, and charges an armour curse in his other hand.  After a few moments, Evgeni releases the water spell, causing him to be thrown violently upwards.  As he exits the lake, he sends and upwards stab towards the bottom of Baas' jaw.  He is able to barely dodge it by leaning back on his heels, but the blade still carves a line down the center of his chin.  While still in the air, being kept up by a jet of water, Evgeni releases the armour curse and hits the off balance Baas head on.  The armour begins to crack in places, and the underlying weave loses its glow.  Baas sneers. 

"I suspected that you wouldn't give up so easily."

  Now filled with even more rage and hatred than before, Evgeni screams into the night, "BAAAAAASSS, I FUCKING TOLD YOU!  YOU... WILL... DIE!"  He sinks into the jet of water, and it takes on the form of a dragon, which doesn't waste time in lunging towards Baas.  The size of it makes it impossible to dodge and Baas gets hit by it, like being thrown into a concrete wall.  The dragon continues to splash against him, until Evgeni is launched out of it and comes down from the sky with an aerial attack from his sword.  Evgeni lands on both of Baas' legs, crushing the armor beneath the weight of his heels; he then sends his sword down at Baas' head to cleave it in two.  Baas blocks the cut with his axe, and uses it to throw Evgeni off of his legs; he stands up to face him.

"Nice move." 

  Evgeni comes charging in, wasting no time, and throws a horizontal cut at Baas' eye with incredible speed.  Baas hops backwards but is unable to dodge it completely, and Evgeni's sword carves a clean cut from his forehead, through his left eye, slicing it in half, and down on to his chin.  Baas shuts his eye, as blood pours profusely from between the eyelid.  With a startling scream, Baas grips his battleaxe with both hands and charges at Evgeni, swinging cuts left and right at high speeds.  Evgeni walks backwards while dodging or blocking each blow, and at every chance he gets, attempts to get his own stab or slash in, but to no avail.  Baas' and Evgeni's skills are evenly matched, and a constant game of blocking ensues between the two.  Becoming frustrated, Baas jumps backwards, as does Evgeni.

"Ahvgaeni, you truly are the perfect replication of me.  I hope you understand that it will be a great honour for me to kill you.  After all, you're the carrier of most of my knowledge, which can't be left to fall into my enemy's hands."

"It already has.  In fact, I teach it.  I teach it to HUMANS, ever single day."

  Baas' mouth twists from a cocky smile into a raging frown.  He screams, "You dare pass off Dream of Mah knowledge to beings unworthy of even being in our presence?!  You truly are lost, Ahvgaeni!"

"You're the one that's lost!"

  The two charge it each other.  Baas swings his axe in an upwards arc from below, and Evgeni swings his sword with one hand in a downward arc from above at exactly the same time.  Baas, however, is moving faster, and the only thing that hits him is Evgeni's forearm, which his axe is still heading for.  With a sickening, wet crunch, the axe passes through Evgeni's right arm, severing it completely and launching it, along with his sword, off to the side.  Evgeni hits the ground hard, splattering blood from his arm stump across the hard packed sand.  He lets out a short but loud yell of pain and he grips the stump.  Baas kicks Evgeni in the face, sending his head crashing into the ground; his foot then lowers on to his throat.  He speaks in a low, particularly snarly voice.  "I thought you were something special. But you're just a useless tool, not worthy of being a Dream of Mah."  Baas spits in his face, and swings his axe down towards Evgeni's head to deliver the final blow.  At the last second, Evgeni's body disappears and Baas' axe is sent right into his own foot, slicing it in half, also pinning him to the ground.  Behind Baas, Evgeni comes out of invisibility blood dripping from his severed arm, and a glowing ball of magical energy in his hand.  Without hessitation, Evgeni punches through Baas' chest, grabbing his heart as his hand passes out the other side of his chest.  The heart remains connected to his body and still beats; Baas coughs up a large amount of blood, that runs down his face when he speaks.  "Ahv-Ahvgaeni... y-you..."

"Yeah, you were so blinded by rage that you didn't even notice me set an illusion and invisibility combo.  It's basic strategy... I'm surprised you didn't see it; or I have surpassed you, perhaps?"

"Y-you... son of a bitch... I-I'll kill you."

  Evgeni frowns, and puts his face right against his ear, much like Bass had done to him before.  "This is for Zaros, you traitor."  With that, Evgeni crushes Baas' heart in his hand, sending blood and matter splattering all over the ground and on to Baas' armor.  Baas' eye widens for a moment, and he coughs up blood, before it starts to darken and his body becomes limp.  Evgeni rips his hand out of the hole in his chest, and kicks the body over.  Evgeni pulls Baas' staff off of his back and throws it aside, before he charges a new ball of energy to a point where he can no longer contain it due to fatigue, and releases it at Baas' body, incinerating it, along with the rest of the ground around it.  All that remained was a charred crater.  Evgeni grabs the staff, his sword, and severed arm; he walks into the pit and lies down in it.  He presses his severed arm against the stump, and places his good hand over the gem in his sternum.  His hand begins to glow an icy blue, which causes the gem to do so as well.  He removes his hand, and his body begins to freeze over from the toe up.  Before he's frozen completely, Evgeni uses the last of his strength to push all the displaced sand back overtop of himself, using magic.  Then, everything went dark.  He was now in hibernation.


Return to the Academy


The Foundation


The Azulra Altercation

After coming back from his imprisonment, Evgeni began reaching out to his fellow Dreams, in an attempt to get accustom to his previous way of life in Freneskae; all in order to help him build his organization called "The Foundation".

Coincidentally, Evgeni met the Dream of Mah named Azulra on a seaside rock on the coast of Morytania while he was on an evening walk.  If he had known what kind of situation she was going to place him in, he would've walked away from her in a heartbeat.  However, this was not the case.  The two became allies, sort of; the kind of allies that simply team up to kill the bad guy and then start talking trash to eachother after and bitch about who was stronger.  Azulra subtly taunted Evgeni and he convinced her to go to a remote location so that they could spar with eachother.  They teleported to a snow covered field in Relleka, and began their fight.  The fight was long and gruelling; the victor was ultimately Evgeni, as he was able to impale Azulra's legs with ice javelins after she came out of her smoke form.  She teleported immediatly after taking the hit, possibly because she believed Evgeni would take the opportunity to slay her.

Evgeni's second meeting with Azulra was tainted by the stigma created by the result of their sparring session.  Azulra came to Evgeni demanding that he give her his blood to tune bane ore, so that she could use it to kill Ptolemos.  Evgeni disapproved of the idea, and argued that just having him fight alongside her would prove more benificial.  Azulra then threatened to kill Evgeni's cat, Mjinga, and set her Hellhounds upon him after Evgeni refused to hand over his blood.  Evgeni acted quickly by turning into his blood form; he killed the hounds in quick succession, but soon found himself in a battle with Azulra; this time, it was to the death.  Evgeni hopped around the battlefield, dodging the many spells that Azulra sent at him.  In the carnage, Mjinga was hit by a fire surge and incinerated.  Evgeni landed the first blow by stabbing Azulra between her heart and left shoulder, which caused her to turn into her fire form.  The fight raged on for a few more minutes, until Evgeni reasoned with Azulra to stop her madness.  She teleported away in a fit, leaving imps behind to deal with Evgeni while he was weak from maintaining his blood form for so long.  He dodged them and was able to teleport to safety.

The couple's third encounter was strangely calm, considering what had happened last time; at least it was for a while.  Azulra contacted Evgeni, to ask him if he was willing to help steal Ptolemos' mahjarratbane dagger, along with Thane.  Evgeni agreed, and the trio went to an abandoned Citadel so that they could spring their trap on Ptolemos without any interruptions.  Inside the citadel's keep, Evgeni created an illusion of himself, sitting down in the meeting hall, and hid up on the balcony overlooking it in an invisible state.  When Ptolemos arrived, Evgeni shot a beam of energy at Ptolemos while he was talking to Azulra.  The beam burned a hole right through him, and Thane put a paralysis spell over him.  Evgeni jumped down to make the killing blow on Ptolemos.  He swung his sword at Ptolemos' neck just as Azulra told him not to kill him.  He stopped his blade an inch away from his neck, but Azulra had launched a fire spell at him.  Evgeni inadvertantly used Ptolemos as a meat shield, which protected him from the spell, and badly scalded Ptolemos.  Azulra commanded Evgeni to hand the mahjarratbane dagger over to her, but him and Thane disagreed.  They believed that the dagger should be destroyed.  Evgeni started pouring his aura into the blade as it began to glow white hot in his hand.  Enraged, Azulra sent her demons on to Thane and Evgeni.  Evgeni slashed a few of them away with his sword in his right hand, and Thane finished off the rest.  Evgeni expanded the aura in the dagger, causing it to break into thousands of pieces.  Ptolemos' messed up corpse began to squirm around on the floor and it bursted into ants.  The voice of Ptolemos filled their heads.  He told them that the dagger was a fake, and that he'd use the real one to kill Zamorak after he went back in time using Dragonkin ruins.  Evgeni, Thane, and Azulra said he was full of nonsense, and he retreated into the void.

What came next took Evgeni by surprise.  Azulra exclaimed that it was time for him and Thane to die.  She teleported away, as did Thane, leaving Evgeni by himself.  Upon attempting to teleport, he found that the teleblock had been put back up.  He felt the magical field around the citadel diminishing, and he frantically thought of a way to escape.  He began turning into his blood form as the citadel began to fall.  He was able to launch himself through the cieling of the first floor, but became stuck on the second.  With milliseconds left to act, he burst himself into his blood mist form, dispersing his body mass.  The citadel crashed into the Northern Ocean, leaving Evgeni's aura and particles floating beneath the ocean.


Over the span of 20 hours, Evgeni was able to rematerialize himself on the wreckage of the citadel, but he lost some of his aura and particles in the ocean, leaving his right arm and left leg in a poor state. Eventually he gained enough strength to teleport to the outskirts of the Academy of Heroes.  By this time, 24 hours had past and he could feel his Blood Rage taking effect.  Wounded, Naked, and Humiliated, Evgeni stumbled towards the Academy, yelling and thrashing about the whole way.  When he arrived at the gates to the Academy, Elrond tried to calm him down, but Evgeni threw him aside.  Elrond punched Evgeni in the face; which he welcomed with great pleasure, and urged him to hurt him more.  Katrina stepped in, and shot an ice spike through Evgeni's right arm, severing it.  It ended his Blood Rage, and he fell to the ground, his left leg snapping off completely from his weight.  Elrond and Baldor carried Evgeni into the medical room, where he began healing himself.

Weeks passed, and Evgeni finally recovered the strength he needed to engage his foe, Azulra.  Coincidentally, Arachnea and Xolotl had brought Azulra within a few miles of the Academy, and were engaged in mortal combat with eachother.  Evgeni sensed the presences of the three, and he rushed over to their location, hoping to deliver the final blow to Azulra.  When he arrived, the battle was just about finished, and Azulra was being carried off by one of her Gargoyles.  Without asking questions, Evgeni released his blade's second form, and launched himself high into the air with his aura.  He cleaved the Gargoyle in half, and Azulra dropped to the ground.  Evgeni then proceeded to slice her head in half, right down the center, killing her instantly.

A Rising Hope, and a New Age (Evgeni and Arachnea)

Before Evgeni had fought Azulra for the last time, his life began to take a inconceivable turn off the beaten path when he confronted the mysterious Arachnea, in hopes of finding answers about Azulra.  Despite displaying distrust when originally confronting Arachnea, Evgeni had already started to develop strong feelings towards her; ones of intimacy, which deterred most of his negative thoughts about her.  While he still didn't trust her fully, he certainly took a liking to her.

Evgeni's post-Azulra appearance.

Evgeni crossed paths with Arachnea once more during their battle with Azulra; although this meeting had little meaning.  After Evgeni had killed Azulra, the two exchanged small talk and went their separate ways.  It was a few days later, however, that things really began to pick up in their personal relationship.  Evgeni was reading out in the courtyard of The Academy of Heroes, when Arachnea showed up at the front door.  She wanted to make sure that Evgeni had made everyone who witnessed their fight with Azulra swear to keep quiet about it.  Evgeni said that everything was all good, and he asked her if she wanted to attend a beach party with him; one that he was already planning on going to, making it a perfect disguise for a date.  She agreed and they both teleported off to Mudskipper Point.  Their afternoon at the party was one filled with much comedic value.  Evgeni beat a shark to death with his fists, he made a crystal dildo while he was drunk, and he even showed off magic skills while acting like a dork.  Through this, Evgeni was able to determine what kind of sense of humor Arachnea had, and if he had a chance at being with her.  His obnoxiousness didn't seem to bother her too much, so he took it as a good sign.

A week or so later, Evgeni spied on Arachnea all day, and followed her deep into the Grotworm Caves outside of Rimmington.  He took this opportunity to approach her while she was alone, and seduce her with his suaveness.  Apparently, Evgeni's smooth talking worked, as he was able to set up a beach date, which they went on later in the day after analyzing glyphs on the walls of the cavern.

At the beach, Evgeni brought a bottle of his Fourth Age wine from Silvarea for the two of them to share.  They sat on the beach, sitting close to each other, and sipped wine while watching the sunset.  The mood was most romantic, and Arachnea didn't seem to be repulsed by him, so he took the opportunity to admit his true feelings to her.  She responded by kissing him on the cheek and telling him that the relationship had the potential to go far.  Evgeni then dropped the L word, and Arachnea grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips for the longest time.  Things escalated quickly into multiple, long sessions of copulation.  In the morning, the option of them being mates was an obvious choice.  They went their separate ways and planned to meet again very soon.

Evgeni during the later part of Arachnea's pregnancy.

A day or two later, Kisbeth showed up at the Academy at night to speak with Evgeni about being in a fixed relationship with another Dream on Gielinor.  They discussed safety for both of them, pregnancy (mostly), and The Good Ol' Days over many cigarettes (which Evgeni had taken up smoking in his nervousness) and cups of tea early into the morning, with only a minor interruption from 2 Dreams of Mah, a Zamorakian, a band of Saradominist Crusaders, and an Icyene fighting in the Academy's courtyard.  Later, Evgeni found out from Kisbeth that she had already spoken with Arachnea, and told him that she said she was considering having children with him.  Evgeni expressed fierce loyalty towards Arachnea, swearing to protect her and a child if things worked out that way, with every bit of power that he had within himself, and then some.

The next day, around mid-day, Evgeni got Arachnea to come over for an Wushanko Isles themed lunch.  The two of them discussed minor things, but eventually reached the topic of their future together.  Arachnea gave subtle hints throughout the meal that she wished to "finalize" their status as mates that evening.  When they were finished, Evgeni swept Arachnea off her feet, literally, and carried her out into the desert to "finalize" their future together, while in their natural forms.  The two of them returned hours later and started making out in the kitchen, when Kisbeth popped in to say hello.  The two love birds and Kisbeth talked about serious subject matter for a long time again, and eventually reached the conclusion that Arachnea was most likely pregnant with a rare full blood Dream child.

A few months later, Evgeni and Arachnea were married by Kisbeth in a traditional Zarosian ceremony.  Evgeni's mother, Masozi and his brother Eziak were both in attendance.

The Search for Holden

What the fuck, Holden?! You're Katrina's husband, and one of my best friends! You gotta remember who you are! Come back to us, dammit!

–Evgeni, Pleading with a brainwashed Holden.

Unannounced, an old stranger shows up at the Academy of Heroes, rambling about complete nonsense to Evgeni and Katrina, whom patiently listen to him.  Evgeni and Katrina thought nothing of the man, and dismissed him, but not before he said he was going to send one of his "friends" over.  While Evgeni went in to Al Kharid, the mysterious man's "friend" showed up and tried to kill Katrina.  With her knowledge of magic and fighting, she killed the intruder just as Evgeni arrived.  Following Evgeni, was the mysterious man, whom Evgeni attacked instantly.  They fought using magic for a few minutes, until Evgeni punched the man's leg off partially, using Limited Transcendence; as he was about to kill him with Inkarna, Elrond showed up, and Evgeni resorted to knocking the man unconscious instead.

Evgeni went in to a torture session with the man, restraining him with a shadow spell, and prodded his mind.  The man revealed that he was Reginald, Holden's father, and that Holden was in some sort of trouble.

After Katrina and Elrond began investigating, they gathered a number of leads that led them to Brimhaven; Evgeni joined them on their trip.  After investigating for many hours and threatening bar owners, Katrina and Elrond came across some clues that suggested Holden was in Edgeville.

The following day, Katrina and Evgeni travelled to Edgeville to investigate the dilapidated house that their clues led them to.  Inside, they found a trapdoor behind a wardrobe, that led to the basement.  They went down the stairs and discovered a pile of dead, mutilated corpses that had their hearts exploded from the inside and/or had their throats slit.  Their most significant find was Holden's signature blue hat.  As they wrapped up their search, they heard footsteps walking above them, and shortly after, the sound of flames eating away at wood.  Evgeni used a telekinetic surge to blast a hole through the floor and roof, allowing Evgeni and Katrina to escape.  From the roof, they spotted an old man fleeing the scene; Evgeni jumped down and beat the man up.  Much to his surprise, the man was as flexible as a child, and dodged most of his attacks.  After the man was subdued, he told them to meet him at the Blue Moon Inn.

Evgeni and Katrina went to the Blue Moon Inn, in Varrock, where they met with the man, who revealed himself as Carlye.  He said that he knew where Holden was, and that he would give him to them if they gave him Reginald in return.  Evgeni and Katrina agreed to hand him over, and Carlye gave them a location to meet at in the woods outside of Varrock the following day; everyone then parted ways.

Sure enough, Evgeni, Katrina, and Reginald met Carlye and his band of mercenaries outside of Varrock the next day; among Carlye's group was a mysterious man with a wolf fur hood, whom Reginald advised Evgeni not to fight.  After a heated discussion over if the man in which Evgeni and Katrina were receiving was actually Holden or not, Katrina handed Reginald over to them, much to Evgeni's displeasure.  The mercenaries and the man with the fur hood took Reginald away while Katrina unwrapped the bandaged face of the man that they had received.  Beneath the bandages was a man whose features were so horribly disfigured, he barely looked human.  Convinced that it was not Holden, Evgeni attacked Carlye in rage , using a distraction spell to catch him off guard and impale his arm with a sharp tree branch; as Carlye struggled, Evgeni cast a miasma spell that hit him in the leg and began eating away it.  By this time, the man in the wolf fur hood came back, and revealed his face; he appeared to be none other than Holden.  He sounded brainwashed, as he kept talking about Carlye like he was his father, not Reginald, and that he would protect him.  He used a complex nature spell to create a root arms that attacked Evgeni from the ground.  In response, Evgeni shifted in to his natural form, and held off the root arms while Katrina fought Holden.  Using the Transcendence Technique, Evgeni tore the root arms from the ground and surged towards Holden.  Just as he was about to reach him, Carlye fell out of the tree that Evgeni had impaled him with, right in front of his path; Evgeni slammed in to him with the force of a train, breaking every bone in his torso, killing him instantly.  Holden screamed out as he watched the man that he was brainwashed to like, died in front of him.  In rage, he used Carlye's body to make a human bomb, using blood magick, as Evgeni pleaded with him to snap out of his state of mind.  Holden launched Carlye's bloated body at Evgeni, and exploded it a few feet from him; fortunately, Evgeni had a barrier spell already charging, and was able to block the flying bits of bony shrapnel.  Exhausted by the complex spells he made, Holden fell unconscious, and Evgeni changed back in to his human form.

Far off in the distance, the pained screams of the mercenaries that had taken Reginald away filled the air.  Evgeni, taking Holden over his shoulder, ran towards the noise, as Katrina followed.  They came across the slaughtered corpses of the mercenaries just outside the east gate of Varrock; most of them had their heads bashed in with rocks or shot with a crossbow, and one had his throat ripped out by Reginald's teeth.  Following a trail of blood soaked, and muddy footsteps, Evgeni and Katrina trailed Reginald all across Misthalin, using the Lum River as a path, and Reginald's trail of chaos as their clues.  Despite their best efforts, Evgeni and Katrina lost him.  Fortunately, Holden began to wake up, and Evgeni set him down.  He seemed to be back to normal, and even embraced Katrina as they were reunited; Evgeni, however, wasn't convinced.  Sure enough, Holden had only been tricking them, and he took Katrina hostage, putting a knife at her throat.  Calmly, Evgeni created an illusion of himself, and went invisible as he snuck around Holden.  With all his might, he delivered a devastating blow to the side of Holden's neck, that knocked him unconscious and sent his head flying in to a rock.  Evgeni examined his injuries, and had to heal the extensive brain damage using necromancy.  After a lengthy, brutal treatment, Holden's head was fixed, and Evgeni carried him back to the Academy.

Once they arrived at the Academy, Evgeni chained Holden to one of the beds in the infirmary, and waited for him to wake up.  At first, Holden was confused as to where he was, and was convinced Evgeni and Katrina were only illusions created by Carlye.  After a lengthy process of proving who he was to Holden, Evgeni had a long, friendly chat with Holden about what happened.  Holden's mental state after the incident has proved to be mostly stable, although, Evgeni still gets suspicious every so often, that something is up, and he doesn't completely trust him still.


You're going to be the most talented, and powerful mage in all the realms. You'll be respected by those close to you, and feared by your enemies. You're destined for greatness, Halcyone... my daughter.

–Evgeni, Speaking to Halcyone

Fast-forward nine months from when Evgeni met Arachnea; Ptolemos is holding a meeting at the Rejuvenation Ritual Site in the far north.  Evgeni, and around 15 of his kind, including Arachnea, showed up to discuss the future of the Dreams of Mah once the 2nd God War broke out.  Ptolemos tried to rally the Dreams to abandon their gods, and fight alongside him in a godless faction, but Evgeni and most of his kin made it clear that they would much rather stay loyal to their gods.

Towards the end of the meeting, Halcyone, began awaking inside Arachnea; her pulsing aura attracted the attention of the other Dreams at the meeting.  As Arachnea went in to labour, Evgeni and Kisbeth teleported with her to the safe confines of her house.  With the help of Kisbeth's midwifery skills and Evgeni's support, Arachnea successfully gave birth to Halcyone, after many agonizing hours of labour.  Kisbeth left the new family to cuddle after Evgeni and Arachnea thanked her delightedly for all the help that she had given them over the past nine months.  Afterwards, Evgeni carried Halcyone to Arachnea's room, while a construct carried Arachnea; once everyone had been put to bed, Evgeni gave Halcyone her first material possessions: a fluffy, stuffed unicorn made by Masozi, and a Zaros blanket, that he made himself.  As he joined the sleeping Arachnea in bed, he became concerned with her low body temperature and slow heartbeat.  Upon asking the construct about her condition, Evgeni was presented with a book about Dream of Mah Pregnancy, and he found out that Arachnea was experiencing a rare case of post-birth hibernation.  Arachnea is set to awaken from her slumber at random intervals, but between those moments, Evgeni will have to care for his new daughter by himself.

The Second God War


The End of The Academy


The Jade Kalphite Saga


Maedalaane's Gambit


Recent Events

This section addresses events that are extremely recent and minor, or undeveloped plots (which will later get their own section).

  • Evgeni meets with Ptolemos and Strabach at the Academy of Heroes to discuss the new Godless Faction that Ptolemos has created.  While Evgeni remains on Zaros' side, he expressed that he has the Godless Faction on his mind, and will continue to consider it.
  • Evgeni is attacked by three hunters while travelling through Ardougne.  He left two of them dead, but the third attacker escaped.  Evgeni was only minorly injured.
  • A Wraith is lured to the Academy by unkown circumstances; perhaps, by the strong energy being given off by the teachers and students.  The Wraith attacked Katrina, Pandora, Xareas, and Andrew with its swordsmanship and ear-splitting screams.  Hearing the fighting, Evgeni came outside to find almost everyone, besides Pandora, defeated in some form or another.  He engaged the Wraith in combat, and pummeled the hell out of it with many attacks.  He was unable to kill it, and it ran away, leaving Evgeni deaf, and in a distraught state.
  • After hibernating temporarily to fix his hearing, Evgeni returns to the Academy.
  • Evgeni meets with Arachnea's construct and tells it about what him and Halcyone have been doing.
  • Preparations begin to make Leviat immortal.
  • As the Second God War begins, Evgeni and the staff of the Academy of Heroes begin making preparations to ensure low casualties when the war reaches them.
  • Evgeni makes Leviat a member of the Avencianci family.
  • A mysterious, giant jelly attacks the Academy, almost killing a number of its members.  After attacking it with little success, Evgeni finally destroys it with a massive release of primal energy.
  • Evgeni and a small team rescue Leviat, who was fatally wounded while trying to get to his girlfriend, Pandora, who is still struggling with controlling her wolf form.  Summer, a young girl from the Academy, gets her arm almost torn off, and Evgeni is forced to act fast, healing both Leviat and her in rapid succession.
  • Evgeni's skin begins degrading as the final stretch before The Ritual looms closer.
  • While on a walk on Ice Mountain, Evgeni and Kamuriel fall through a hole that brings them deep inside the mountain.  In the cave, they encounter a ripper demon that has been chasing Kamuriel for a long time, and they kill it in a battle in almost total darkness.
  • Evgeni transfers Leviat's soul to a Dream of Mah's body.
  • Evgeni, Marethyu, Strabach, and Scorpiana find Ptolemos and his army slaughtered inside of the Ghorrock fortress.  The four of them suspect that it was the work of multiple, powerful Auspah.
  • A small Avencianci Family reunion occurs in the Wushanko Isles.  Evgeni leaves mainland Gielinor for a few days.  Following the reunion, Evgeni, Jayce, Sekai, and Rocco train among the Teardrop Isles for a week.
  • Evgeni leaves Gielinor with Arachnea and Halcyone, temporarily.

Languages Known

Evgeni is fluent and semi-fluent, in speaking and writing, in the following languages:

  • Ancient
  • Canic
  • Common
  • Dwarven (Semi-fluent)
  • All the Wushanko Languages with varying fluency
  • Elven
  • Cat-speak
  • Fremennik (Semi-fluent)
  • Freneskaen
  • Kharidian
  • Menaphosian
  • Monkey-speak (Semi-fluent)
  • Dragonkin (Not Worshipper Tongue)
  • Old Gnomish (Semi-fluent)
  • TzHaar (Semi-fluent)

Family Tree

The link below is a work in progress, but his immediate family is complete.  His extended family is slowly being added.  Names that are faded are people that are no longer living.  (You will have to zoom in to about 400% to see the names and icons)

Evgeni's Family Tree

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Facts and Musical Inspiration

  • El_Dorado_-_Two_Steps_from_Hell

    El Dorado - Two Steps from Hell

    Evgeni's Old Theme

    The original concept for Evgeni was that he was going to be a Mahjarrat that only fought with Summoning and war hounds.  This Mahjarrat later became known as Ibson, one of Evgeni's brothers.
  • The name "Evgeni" came from a character that was only roleplayed by Derp once.  The original Evgeni was an old human pyromancer from Morytania that had immigrated to Misthalin.
  • His favorite kinds of liqour are 190 proof, distilled corn alcohol and pineapple rum.
  • Evgeni took up smoking cigarettes and cigars after he got engaged to Arachnea.  He rolled his own Spirit Weed cigarettes.  He quit (perhaps for good) when Halcyone was born.

    Two Steps From Hell - Caspia

    Evgeni's New Theme

  • Evgeni used to be bisexual for a period of time during the Fourth Age.
  • Evgeni is a brilliant chef, and has won many awards for his outstanding food.

    Thomas Bergersen - Promise (Final Version)

    What inspires me to write for Evgeni.


    Two Steps From Hell - Corruption

    The Foundation's theme.

  • Evgeni is known for getting wasted and partying too hard every so often.
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