Aezar is a young male character Crandorian descendant, who once lived a life of relative peace, had since been placed into slavery.

He is played by Jim.



Aezar contains a rather rounded head, with his jaw slightly oblong and jutting out slightly. With hollowed cheekbones, full lips and a straight nose, Aezar could be considered comely. His warming wisteria gaze and golden blonde hair, which is kept short, though his fringe falls over his face, may further add to his appearance. He may appear as someone in their late teens.


Aezar is barely a man grown, at only seventeen, reaching a height of 5'9". His complexion is lightly tanned, and his build is ordinary, if not lacking in any visible muscle definition; lanky and stringy. Around his wrists and ankles can be found the scars and marking of where the shackles he once wore were too tightly attached to him. Thin scars are also visible along his back, from being whipped.

Compared to many other slaves, Aezar was dressed well, and given clothing to fit, comfortably and keep warm. The colours tended to be mainly blacks and whites, though some purple for the crest of the family who owned him.


"Serve and obey, no matter what."

Once, Aezar was a kind, out-going young boy, with an admiration for nature, and people as a whole. Though with the murder of his father before his eyes, and being forced into slavery, soon this side of him quickly disappeared.

Aezar became reserved, albeit curious, and a mute as a result of the encounter. Whilst not a talker, he is very much a listener, and utilises his senses to take in whatever is happening in the environment around him. He has a strong memory and is able to recall memories that otherwise are unimportant.

Being a slave, forced Aezar to take a docile, submissive approach to life, with his personal rule being "serve and obey, no matter what," He has suffered punishment in the past for failing to do as told, and fears punishment, so will follow orders religiously.

Aezar worships no god, serving only his masters. He has no time for worship of other idols and scarcely believes in their existence.

Skills and Abilities


Having been born in relative nobility, Aezar was taught to read and write. Being a rare trait among slaves, this allowed him to act as a scribe for his masters, able to record and note down things at a fast pace.


Aezar, from his time in slavery, is able to write fluently in Common, Kharidian and some Karamjan.

Observational Skills

Unable to speak, Aezar became a listener, and relied more upon his other senses. Over the years, he is now to the point where he analyses and accesses every environment he is placed into; for both amusement and purpose.


Aezar boasts a strong memory, able to recall many things from long past, even unimportant details.

Harp Playing

Aezar is skilled at playing stringed instruments, primarily the harp and lyre, where he was forced to learn to play to entertain his masters.


Whilst a mute, it is not too uncommon to hear Aezar break his silence when in song. He sings only when told to, but will in privacy on occasion. His voice is generally pleasant and sweet, and has a strong vocal range from a baritone, to a tenor.



Born some seventeen years ago to a Crandorian survivor, and a lesser Misthalinian noble, Aezar was brought into the world, though his mother died due to the stresses of childbirth.

For the first eight years of his life, they were as ordinary as could be for a noble child of Varrock. He was taught to read and write by various scholars, taught basic swordsmanship, horse riding and education. He had a few friends, other noble children whom he would regularly play with.

On his first outing from Misthalin with his lord father, they boarded a merchant ship in Port Sarim and ventured south to the Southern Seas. The journey proved difficult for Aezar as he struggled to overcome seasickness, and a fever he had caught from one of the crew.

The ship eventually caught into a storm, during which several members of the crew were washed overboard by the turbulant seas. After the calm, the ship found itself on an island, stranded, somewhere far to the south of Karamja. It was only a matter of time before another ship passed by; a slavers' galley. The slavers killedmost of the crew who rebelled and tried to fight back, including Aezar's father, but took young Aezar and two other sailors as slaves,.

The death of his father and sudden slavery proved too much to Aezar, the traumatic event causing him to be unable to speak. The shackles on his wrists and ankles were tight and his health deteriorated further in the flea-infested cells of the galley. Aezar's luck seemed to improve eventually as he found himself on another island, this one heavily populated by people not to dissimilar to Karamjans. Upon discovering Aezar could read and write, he was sold to a rather rich nobleman of the city-island as a scribe.

Years passed, and Aezar's life both improved and worsened. His master, Hizdan Oz Helar, proved to both be a harsh and cruel man, yet caring. He provided Aezar with shelter, food, water and clothing, and had his other scribes improve Aezar's reading abilities, yet he would lash out at him at other times for simple mistakes, depending on his mood.

As Aezar grew, so did Rizdan's rage and appreciation for the boy. Mainly verbal, the punishments became more and more physical overtime, only for Aezar's master summon the healers to fix him up. But, as the punishment became physical, so did the love Rizdan had for him, to the point of forcing himself upon him. Aezar refused, yet after a lashing of the whip, he soon gave into his master's wishes.

This went on until sometime when Aezar was seventeen, he walked in on Rizdan with another of his slaves and something in him just snapped. Using the same whip Rizdan had used to punish his slaves with, Aezar coiled it around his master's neck whilst he slept, until Rizdan was no longer living. He sneakt out, and made his way to the harbour, ready to escape where he found himself caught by another slaver group, this time he was shuffled onto the ship that made it's way to the mainland, where he was eventually sold to yet another slaver..

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