I name you the Aeladi, the Holy Kin, may you go forth and shine my light unto the Darkness that covers my land.

–Lord Sarba, Book of the Dawn

The Aeladi are a race from the land of Manadras, which is on the planet Tornaer created by the user Callum Jones. Currently, the only known Aeladi on RuneScape is Draka Blaen , the Emperor of the Aeladi's homeland Manadras.

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The Aeladi are a tall, strong, fair and nearly ageless race. The men are generally well built, and the women slender and fair.


All Aeladi excel at magic, as magic runs through their homeland and through their blood. Aeladi magic is not the same as RuneScape magic, as the magical energy comes internally, not from the use of runes. They have their own language, Aeladi (see below [coming soon!]), with which they communicate and control their magic. They all worship the creator of Tornaer, Sarba, and are considered to be the patrons of Sarba, which has helped them conquer an Empire covering most of Tornaer.

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