Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.

–John Milton, Paradise Lost

Ardougne Tasks Aegidius Blackwood Ardougne Tasks
"One day I will see the end of war."

Full Name

Maximus "Aegidius" Aragon Blackwood-Le'Gaunt


Human Half Kandar and Half Northern


Old (Appears to be in his 40's)

Height and Weight

6'4, 290 pounds


General, Politician, Writer, Historian


Blackwood Ancestor Worship


True Neutral with Chaotic good leanings


Outskirts of Ardougne



Place of death

The Castle of Cardolan









Northern Camelot

Current Location:

Dead, Blackwood Castle


Blackwood Ancestor Worship




Maximus Aragon Blackwood-Le'Gaunt, or Aegidius, is the main character of Myles. Maximus have been played for almost 3 years  Out of Character time and over 120ish years In-Character time. He has served as the last Monvallis Consul, he is the last of the Sicarius Drudges, one of Domovoi Shield-Breaker's Polemistis, and served as the Field Marshal of the Ardougnian Armed Forces. He was named Duke of Sarimia and Southern Asgarnia for a time, before beciming the Stadtholder-General of Sarimia. He came back to his Home City of Ardougne leading their Armies again against the Elven Overlords, after wining him and his new wife, Zara Le'Gaunt, moved to Misthalin to teach at the Wizard's Tower. After teaching for a time, Maximus and Zara formally retired to the Blackwood Country Manor in the Kandarin countryside. He returned once more to Kandarin to serve as it's Lord Protector and assist the High Queen in governorship of the Kingdom. He was betreayd by Rorric Dae which lead Maximus to lead a rebellion agasint the Dae Family, that ended in a ceasefire. Maximus passed away peacefully surrounded by his Family and loved ones, a rightful end to a man who was broken for so long.

Azuk, is the Spirit that lays inside of Maximus. Placed there in a dark ritual by Ausar Dae, Azuk is bounded to Maximus in all forms. The Spirit has been the silent watcher from the date to the ritual to present day. It is also a part of the source of Maximus's power. The two, after years of waging a mental war against each other, have become friends of sorts. After which the spirit was finally banished from Maximus's form, silence in his mind after decades of companionship.

Maximus will be addressed as either Maximus or Aegidius in this page, it is the same person.



Aegidius is a large black haired man with a short full beard. At the moment in Ardounge, he is 46 years of age. He stands at over 6'4 height and weighs over 290 pounds. From his time in Sicarius he put on weight and muscle, making himself a tank to be used in combat. Aegidius wore his coal black hair long for a number of years, in recent days he has cut it short alongside his full stubble. He has a pair of dark grey eyes which seem to look past your appearanc

e and judges you on your actions.


An example of Aegidius's burns.

His left side of his face was badly burnt by a fire mage during one of the Sicarius trips over the Salve. Whilst his right and everywhere else on his face was badly beaten in by a mug by the Lord Marshal of the Sicarius Family, and was never healed. Leaving Aegidius with a burnt and beaten in face.

He wears at almost all times, a steel-mithril alloy breastplate a

nd steel-mithril alloy skirt, and a number of other Sicarius Era items, alongside his trademark large round spiked shield and hasta or sword. He also wears the dark pelt of a slain werewolf on his shoulders, a prize from one of his missions across the Salve.

If he goes to the rare ball, he wears a pair of knee high black leather riding boots, with a fancy black and gold trim tunic, and simple black leather trousers. He wears his dark werewolf cloak which hangs from his shoulder by a golden eagle brooch.


Azuk's spiritual form is much like how one would think a spirit look. Appearing with a mist of black around him, he is a large and towering form. Due to his death, his face in the correct light, shows a number of scars and dead flesh. Though the rest of his body is usually always covered in that same black mist. He dressed in a full set of armor long forgotten to the sands of time, with a black crown on his head.

Through broken memories, Maximus was shown what Azuk looked like before his death. Having shoulder length blonde hair and a pair of icy blue eyes, he looked much like a regular human unlike the races he was with during the Zaroian Empire. With high cheekbones, Azuk seemed to be the prefect mix of Human blood, generations of perfect breeding to ensure that only the very best survived.


Duty and Honor above all else

–-The Blackwood Motto


Before joining the Sicarius, Aegidius or Maximus was a very "charming" person. Always smiling and using his words to get him in or out of situations. During his time in the Sicarius he was numbed by the actions we did. From killing to looting, Aegidius began to lose all feeling, and for a good amount of time and no memory of who he was. Aegidius is prone to violent outbursts when mad, and in combat sees only red.

Aegidius, being a common blood, as a strong disliking to anyone that calls them self by any title of Nobility or Royalty. No matter who you are, he will stare down at you for wearing a crown.
Knight by chevsy-d4a6t75

An example of Aegidus wearing his armor.

Due to his years of serving a number of Noble Houses, he found that they all carry the same idea of corruption and greed. Using their money and power to insure that they keep said money and power, the Vekon Family he hates the most, them being the prime example of greed. He in all senses, is the shield and sword of the common men, and in the end, serves them. He also started what he calls, "The Common Cause.", an idea that everyman and women is born the same. Your blood does not matter, your blood does not give you the right to wear a crown or call yourself a Lord.

Aegidius has a number of mental illness ranging from detachment to anger issues. These all come from the hand of either the Sicarius or his Father. He has a difficult time understanding most emotions and struggle to keep a normal conversation without his anger rising. He has also shown the slight control issues in the smallest of things, making him a rather detail oriented person when he is not having one of his mental breakdowns, which ends up in a killing spree. He also seems to have an obsession with killing, his trait paired with his anger is a dangerous combination. This trait was most likely formed at the hands of the Sicarius who changed the very being of Aegidius.

In his later years, Aegidius has calm down quite a bit, taking up to pipe smoking and writing to calm his thoughts. Having seven children and a wife, he lives a happy life now, something that he never thought he would have, in his own way he is actually quite thankful for what he had been given.

In recent days, Aegidius has slowly affected the fact that he is a self-made noble, raising his Family up from nothing and becoming one of the most powerful Families in Ardougne, he understands that him and his way of life has been changed. Though, he has not forgotten where he came from, and often walks with the common folk, spending days at a time along them, assisting as a farmhand or a planner. Though that he has accepted that fact, he will still ever preach about earning one's way in life, that it is the sweat off of your brow that should make your glory.

A well and long kept secret from everyone he has ever known, baring Ausar, the spirit of Azuk that rests in his mind also bleeds through in Maximus's personality. Both being rather dry in humor, it has been a number of times that it is Azuk speaking, by the allowance of Maximus.

It was pain that bounded us together. That is our weapon, Maximus.



Azuk in some senses is much similar to Maximus. Azuk, during the days of the Empire, was a well known and liked mage that knew the game of climbing the ranks of the Imperial social ladders. Azuk was born into what would be nobility in the Empire, being a powerful mage, he was gifted almost everything. While those without magical abilities were no better than slaves, he thought all those without magical ability were meant to serve those with them. Magic was made to rule over man, only those who had the natural ability to use it should be chosen to rule.

Azuk was in all senses was a cult leader. Forming the magical group called The Black Eye, this group of mages were bounded and seal to Azuk's will. Some were tricked into his service while others came to Azuk wanting protection in return for servantiude.

It was in that arrogance that he found his downfall. When it became clear Zamorak was going to win the war, Azuk and his group of mages and nonmagick alike, turned coat to Zamorak's side. Thinking that he would find a higher rank in Zamorak's service, he turned in all information he could on the Zaros's troops.

Finding himself casted aside by Zamorak's Generals, Azuk and his Cult wandered into the Wilderness and deep underground where would be their final resting places.

Now as a spirit bounded to Maximus, he is rather dry in his humor, making small comments in the back of Maximus's mind on the situation. Both though have extreme anger and emotions issues, where they could swing either way, if one was to get mad, the other would also, doubling the force of power they could be.

Skills and Abilities

This section deals with the abilities, skill sets and weakness of Aegidius. From his early life to present day at the Wizard's Tower.


Though for half of his life, he had zero magical power, even with an endless supplies of rune, Aegidius was not able to use magic. In turn, he started to hate Magic and Mages in general. It was not until he made his life altering deal with Ausar that whatever was blocking his magic was freed, and ever since then he had thrown himself into studying everything and anything about Magic. Though, he had only been doing it for the past 40 years he had come miles in his skill simply do to the raw magical power he had. He could rival a Mahajarrat in power.

Metal Magics and Spiritual Magics

Aegidius's breed of Metnal Magics is somewhat different that the normal. In the first days after his raising in power, he found himself being able to use his mind to move items and in time, was able to use it to lift people, rocks, anything. His mind became his weapon. In doing so, his mental walls became strong, throwing out anyone that would try to invade his mind. Similar to mental magics, Aegidius seemed to be a natural at everything Spirit. As he became quite advance in the art, he is now able to summon a spirit blade of sorts to use during combat that shreds through creatures and people alike. The spirit of Azuk assisted in his fast learning of all magic, teaching him the ancient ways of Zarosian Battlemages.

Black Magic

Learned from the Spirit of Azuk, 'Black' magics refer to such fields as Shadow magic and necromancy. A well kept secret only used in the highest moments of privacy where he trains the skill under the watchful idea of Azuk.

Body Magic

Though he picked up on the lower level of Body Magics easy, it has taken him over 30 years to get to the point where he is now. Aegidius has the ability to use his raw magical power to strengthen his own body. Allowing him to move faster, hit harder, and to a degree ignore some pain to allow himself to push onwards. But do to it being an active magical ability, if used for long periods of times, it can drain him of energy. But used in quick moments alongside other magics, it can be powerful for a combo.


In a rather odd twist, do to the amount of wounds Aegidius has gotten over the years, he studied deeply into Healing Magics to heal himself and fellow troops. Healing magic did not come easy to him and he is still learning, but he has become quite proficient in healing. Even using it to heal the burn scaring on his face.


Due to being the Right-Hand to Ausar, who is of course, a powerful Mahjarret like being. Or at least that is what Aegidius assumes, Ausar taught Aegidius mostly Ancient magics. Though really, Aegidius is only skilled in Shadow Magics. Though he does have a fair understanding of both Blood and Smoke magic, though he only uses either in rare cases and in quite basic shows. Overall, he does not use Ancient Magics often, and only in private if he does. Azuk taught him most what he knows about Shadow Magics, and when he is summoned onto the field, that is all he uses against the enemies faced.


Though Aegiidus had studied the idea behind the four basic elements, he only uses Earth Magics personally.


Aegidius for his entire life, have set on mastering the way of the sword. He is known to be one of the fiercest fighters ever seen.


Something usually only Nobles are skilled in. Aegidius started out with using swords at a very young age, his Father, Eric, having enough buy to afford one as a Sellsword. During his time in the Sicarius, his knowledge in using a sword alongside other weapons were increased ten fold. The Sword is the way of life for Aegidius, a part of his soul.For over 70 years he has trained with swords, he is to be feared with sword in hand.

Weapon and Shield

It was not until his time in the Sicarius until Aegidius started training with a shield. And over the course of the next 60 years Aegidius was trained and trained himself in using a large metal round shield and regular round shields alongside a one handed spear or sword. Fitting the place of a front line soldier, the art of the Shield and weapon became like breathing to Aegidius.


Due to the rage built inside of Aegidius and the Makhai Sicarius training, he was built into much like a Berserker for most of his life, only in recent years leaving that art all but behind. During battle, he was trained to let go of his anger and use it as his weapon against the enemy, forgetting pain and fear alike. The sight of the front line berserker Makhai was something that always caused the enemies of the Sicarius to flee in terror.


Aegidius was given lessons in the Sicarius about thrown weapons, through he only ever uses a throwing axe due to the stopping power, he is some what out of practice with using them.


Aegidius is an mastermind strategist to put in simple terms. Though not always the smartest in appearance, Aegidius is most likely one of the best military minds Gileanor as seen, from his writings on the Sicarius Family to the Asgarniaian Knight Orders, Aegidius is one of the first Military Theorist. Though his mind is not sole made for military matters, from his ten years in the Sicarius and being a General for over 40 years now, Aegidius understands people, studying, watching them. How their minds work. AS a General to be successful, ones has to the head of their enemy, that is something Aegidius had always prided himself on.


Common - Mastery*

Northern (Fremennik) - Mastery*

Infernal - Mastery* (Due to Azuk)

  • Same for written*



Aegidius has next to zero idea what those are.


Aegidius was so bad at archery in the Sicarius that he was instead given a sword and shield thinking that he would die quickly. He has not picked up a bow in over 50 years.

Blunt Weaponary

Aegidius has never been one for war hammers, mauls, and most axes. He is not that skilled with them as he is with the sword and spear.


Something Aegidius had never took the time to study or learn, he is interested in it.


As a General, he had to distanced himself away from the troops under him. He understood as the commanding officer, he had to think with a clear head and without allowing his emotions to cloud him. In doing so he became very stoic, though in private he is much more filled with emotions, it is always a struggle with him to allow himself to feel. In recent years, that stoicism has fallen away, even in public, but paired with his depression

Mental Stability (Guilt)

Due to his time in the Sicarius and the horrors he did there, one of the main ones being that he killed an entire family of five, children and all, Aegidius is has a short fuse and lived as a crazy person for most years of his life. He sleeps little, hears voices in his head of those children he had killed. It was not until he placed his madness into an Orb and locked it away, he lived in his own little world. Now, what kills him slowly, is the Guilt of every crime he had ever done. Living with the choices he did all those years ago. In a way, he battles with depression and often can go days without speaking. It has not been until recent years, with the help of his Family, he has been making the slow climb out of that deep dark hole.

The Blackwood Family and Friends

Father: Eric Blackwood

Mother: Unkown

Brothers and Sisters: Unknown

Uncles: Unknown

Aunts: Unknown

Wife(ves): Natalia Tyrelen - Maximus first wife, Natalia was the first woman to ever get passed the harden armor of Maximus. they were married for over 25 years, with her passing during childbirth with their last child. When Natalia died, a part of him died with her. Though he simple wished to walked into the Wilderness and never to be seen again, he stayed to take care of his family and his childern. During the time after her death, Maximus was thrown into depression, his mental issues from years past started to resurface, it was until until a conversation with his son, that Maximus finally understood that Natalia and him were not truly in love, it was only a matter of forcced events that paried them together and neither of them had the strength to tell the other they were unhappy. Natalia, though, would forever be a close friend in Maximus's heart, but she would never own it, in that Maximus found his peace to carry on.

Zara Cerria Le'Gaunt - Though they first met when Maximus was named Duke of Sarimia, they lost contact over the years, it was not until the Elves sacking Ardougne, where Maximus made his presence known throughout the region. Meeting again on a battle field in Moselle, they striked a surprising friendship, both of them being almost opposite in thought. That friendship swiftly turned into a relationship, sending their days and time with eachother, they shared their first kiss in an inn that lead to them spending the night with each other. Through the 10 year conflict with the Elves, that bond between Zara and Maximus grew as they fell deeper in love. Maximus found himself finding someone that he could truly spend the rest of his life with, the first woman he ever truly loved.


Aetius Blackwood - The eldest from his childern from Natalie, currently living in Sinclair

Elizabeth Blackwood - To be married to Garrus Dae, dead

Kaitlyn Blackwood - Holds strong magical abilities, Lady Imperator of Kandarin

Evelyn Blackwood - She seems to be always sick, and is very small for her age, killed by Eric

Natalie Blackwood - Killed by Eric

Maric Blackwood

Marissa Blackwood


Faolin - Perhaps the oldest of Maximus's friends, Faolin was only a young wolf pup when his first wife gave Faolin to Maximus. Since that day, Faolin had been the never waving force next to the man's side.

Azuk - The spirit that had long walked inisde of Maximus's mind and body, Azuk and Maximus formed an odd friendship of sorts. Though it was broken once the truth came out that Azuk was not what he said he was.
Melkor by Sarah AS

Azuk in his spiritual form.

Ausar, bounded to him one way or another, they wish for the same goal, to be freed from Ausar's control. Though for a number of years they raged a never ending battle over the control of Maximus's mind and body, it finally ended during some time while he was in Sarmia, where they agreed they could get more done while working together. Azuk gifted the knowledge of 'Black' Magics to Maximus alongside thousands of years of magic.

Peter - A long time friend from his days in the Sicarius, Peter and Aegidius have been friends for most of their lives, serving in Ardougne just as long as each other

Ausar Dae - Similar to Peter, he has a close working and friendship with the old-King

Alexander Aerendyl - Though they have not always seen idea to idea, both of them agree on the need of a Voice for the People

Maela Aerendyl-Mathrafal - One of his many Army Captains, they have a close friendship, Aegidius looking at her as his eldest daughter, and a close family friend

Logan Courval - Fellow Kandarian General, both of them have fought side by side in a number of conflicts, if he was to ask for help, Aegidius would answer


  • A set of Mithril alloy armor, with a single breastplate though he wears a set of Black Dragon Hide chaps instead of mithril chain skirt
  • A set of Armored robes usually worn by Battlemages mixed also with his set of Black Dragon hide
  • An oddly metal looking staff thath as a bladed end most like a spear or poleaxe, that has a Red Orb in the middle
    • Aegidius in Regular melee gear, Mithril/Dragon Hide Mix
    • Aegidius in a set of Armored Robes mix with Dragon Hide
    • Aegidius in his older full Mithril Armor
    • Aegidius metal and leather round shield
    • Aegidius Mithril Longsword
  • He wears a set of Black Dragon Hide underneath his armor instead of his old harden leather
  • A large steel spiked shield
  • Mithril hasta
  • Mithril longsword named "Lazaryth"
  • The broken hilt of his old Sicarius sword
  • Steel gladius
  • A number of iron daggers in his boots and sword belt
  • Two steel throwing axes
  • Iron spiked gloves that go over his leather ones

Titles and Aliases

A list of all of Maximus titles and jobs held through his lifetime alongside the different names he may of took during them.

Titles Holding/Held

  • Consul of the Monvallian Republic(Ex.)
  • Servus of the Sicarius Family(Ex.)
  • Drudge of the Sicarius Family(Ex.)
  • Primus Strategos of the Ardougnian Republic/City-State(Ret.)
  • Imperial Field Marshal of the Agrevian Empire(Ret.)
  • Prince-Elector of the Agrevian Empire(Ret.)
  • Royal Field Marshal of the Ardougnian Armed Forces(Ret. x2)
  • Duke of Sarimia and Southern Asgarnia(Ret.)
  • Stadtholder-General of the Republic of Sarimia (Ret.)
  • Imperator of the City-State of Ardgoune (Ret.)
  • Duke of Hemenster and Baxtorian (Ret.)
  • Teacher of the Red Order at the Wizard's Tower(Ret.)
  • Archduke and Nordkonungr of the Northern Reaches (Ret.)
  • Jarl of the Fremennik People (Ret.)
  • Count of Draynor (Ret.)
  • Lord Protector of the High Kingdom of Kandarin (Ret.)
  • Commander and Chief of the Kandarin Grand Royal Legion (Ret.)
  • Grand Prince of Cardolan (Ret.)
  • Duke of Sinclair(Ret.)
  • Lord of the Blackwood Family(Ret.)
  • Knight of Ardougne (x3)
  • "Shield of Ardougne"
  • "Stonewall"
  • "Iron Duke"
  • "Hero of Ardougne"


  • Maximus Hariden Blackwood - Birthname, named he used as one of the Monvallis Counsels
  • "Sketch" - Nickname given to Maximus during his early years of the Sicarius
  • Aegidius - Name chosen by himself during his middle and later years of the Sicarius
  • Aesir Shield-Breaker - Chosen Northern name during his time as a Polesmistic
  • Aegidius Blackwood-Le'Gaunt - Name used following his leaving of the Sicarius, the name he has used for the past 40-50 odd years. He took the last name Le'Gaunt after marrying Zara, a sign of respect between the two as she took his last name also.


Commander & Chief His Royal Highness the Grand Prince Maximus of Cardolan, Duke of Sinclair, Lord Protector of the High Kingdom of Kandarin, Hero of Ardougne


When they write of me, tell them to spare no detail of my past. Every mistake, every sin, every moment of darkness. Every moment of greatness, every moment of kindness. And let History decided what type of man I was.

Early Life (Pre-Rp)

Maximus was the first born of Eric Blackwood and an unnamed women. Born in the City of Ardounge, Aegidius was born into a common family, and lived on a small farm out of the outskirts of the City. His Father through his strength of his arm, learn how to read and write and had a small collection of books that were worth more than their farm. From a young age, Maximus was taught the basic history of the land and taught the rules of the Blackwood Family. His father, being a cold and rough man, drilled into Maximus's mind that Duty must always come first. And when Maximus would try and fight against that rule, he was beaten by Eric. This lead to a divide between Father and Son that lasts to present day. At around the age of 12, his Father took him and his best friend and dog, Rover behind their small home. There his Father took a axe and ensuring that Maximus was staring at him, killing Rover in cold blood, to further push Maximus not to have attachments of love.


Knight by kaji02-d5ntbv2
After turning the age of seventeen or eighteen, Maximus left that small farm and traveled that land. His Father left years before hand, being called to serve for a far off Lord, leaving the farm in care of their cousin Teddy Roosvelt. For years Maximus went his own way, learning more about the way of the sword and manners. Serving from a bodyguard to a servant in Noble houses. Then one night a letter arrived for Maximus by raven, a letter from his Father. While Maximus was traveling the world, his Father became the Praetorian Commander for  Chancellor Eden Syvain, a elite group of men who protected the Chancellor. The letter was short, and said bluntly that he was too come to Monvallis and rule in the stead of the Chancellor next side Senator Arven.

It seems in a bit of humor, his Father was made a noble under Chancellor Syvain, making the House Blackwood under the Monvallis Republic. Going against all the teachings of before. Though after the fall of the Republic, the Blackwoods gave up all titles and went back to what they truly were, common blood. When Maximus arrived in the City, his Father, the Praetorian, and the Chancellor was gone, the city was in turmoil. He met his fellow Consul and as a team worked upon fixing the mistakes of past leadership.

Maximus, though, had a number of Order's plan, one in which was named "Order 66", which called for the Legion to wipe out all government officials and restart the Republic with the public voting in the next Chancellor. This information was leaked and he was ran out of the city.


I live to serve.

After fleeing from Monvallis, Maximus or Aegidius, came to the slums of Falador and started on the quest of searching for a contact towards the Sicarius. After days of searching, Aegidius was able to send a message out saying that he wanted to be taken in. The very same night in the small house he was staying in, the Lord Marshal and Head Servant broke in, knocked him out, and dragged him off to the outskirts of the city, where he was teleported away.
Assassin by shenfeic-d7adqas

Aegidius in the Sicarius.

Waking up sometime later, he and a group of men were forced to their knees with their hands tied behind their backs. In front of them stood bloodied members of the Sicarius Family in a Mountain Camp high up North. There he was invited to the Family and started his life as a Servant. At this point he was given the name Sketch by one of the over Servus, for a great deal of time he would go by this, making the picture of him be a very afraid and weak Servus. During one of the first nights when the Bloodied were sleeping, Aegidius help start a small riot between the Servants, which lead to the Lord Marshal waking up and bashing Aegidius's face in with a mug.

After what seemed like weeks in the Camp, the Family were on the move again, to their Keep deep in the Wildness. Trekking through the wasteland, the Family took on a dragon face to face and after days of walking came to the Keep.

What followed was months of training from the Lord Marshal and the Abbas, starting out as one of the worst fighters in the Sicarius, he soon was able to hold himself against his fellow Servus. He went on a number of missions with the Family from meeting Varis Grey to chasing after the LongClaws. After sometime, the Lord Marshal invited Aegidius to join the Makhai, a small group of Elite warriors, hand picked and trained by the Lord Marshal himself.

He earned the rank of Drudge, who were the personal special forces of the Abbas and Lord Marshal. To earn the rank you had to fight off waves of enemies with a small group of fellow Servus. After hours of fighting, Aegidius and another two Servus became the first of the Drudges.

The same night of the him becoming a Makhai a new Era started in the


Maximus in the Drudge uniform and mount.

Sicarius, the mark gone and Kel Sicarius sent fleeing from the Keep, the Family were bounded not by fear, but loyalty. Soon afterwards the North felt the flames of War, and the Lord Marshal being a native of the land, sent out on retaking his land from the Magic wielders.

Taking his Makhai or Polemistes, they each were adpoted into his Clan of Shield-Breaker and given names of the North. Aegidius or now Aesir, spent the next months in the ice fields assisting the Lord Marshal in retaking the North. The Magic wielders though, simply gave the North over into his hands, and as quickly as they came the Polemistes faded back into the snow.

Aegidius, so far in the Family, formed connections with all of his fellow Servus and some of the bloodied members. He became unwavering loyal to the Lord Marshal, and the higher ranks. One of the reasons why he was never killed by the bloodied members.

Leaving the Keep again, the Family started the trek across the Salve and into the Haunted lands, or their second homes. There they started on finding the ruins of a old ship to take them to the lands behind the sea. It was also there where his left side of his face was burnt, but also killed his first werewolf, skinning it later on that night in camp, and using the fur as his cloak.

After this point, it is unknown what happened to the Family, through soon the members drifted off to their own ways, though a large group staying under the command of the Lord-Marshal. His entire time of him being in the Sicarius would reach almost ten years.

Mortem Humanitiatis

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..."

–John Milton, Paradise Lost

During the ten years Maximus served in the Sicarius, he was known to be one of the most bloodthirsty Drudges. Though he was unlike Peter or Lance who were brutal in their tendencies, Maximus enjoyed seeing the fear in their eyes as he took their lives, while the others simply enjoyed the thrill, though overtime both of those feelings blended together to form one emotionless machine.

The night that burns the most into Maximus's mind, the one that will never leave him, started as any other for one of the many Drudges in the Scarii. Their target was a village on the southern border of Sarim, the usual goal was the burning and looting of the town stead, though it was this time they had much different orders. Instead of simply burning and looting, the Drudges were too wiped out the village to the last man, woman and child, a test of loyalty to the Family of sorts.

Though others may of had issues, Maximus took the order as it was another one, and was one of the first to lead the charge in the village. The village had over a 150 people in it, men, woman and children, for the Drudges of the Sicarius though, it was just another target.

As their carbon steel spears made quick work of the local militia and their outriders of any that would dare to flee, the Drudges were sent house to house, to drag out the Families and kill them in the town square. Most though did not make it even that far. Hut after hut, Maximus broke down the door, slaughtering mother and child alike, ripping babies from their mother's arms and smashing their skulls with his boot.

A battlefield by artcobain-d34e30q

The ruins of the Village.

While the others laughed in their killing, Maximus worked in an almost odd silence, as he slit the throats, ran through, or in anyway, eliminated the enemy. Babies from the breast of their mother, children hugging to the dead body of their father, he killed all the same.

At dawn, the bodies of the fallen village were dragged to the center, those who were saved for sport had been used up and killed just like the same. Babies who were just learning the world, children learning how to read and write, and those so old that their teeth were falling out, no one was saved from the slaughter. And as they burned the bodies, heads were put on pikes. With their loot in hand, they disappeared back into the shadows.

It is funny, they say that Scarii never die, it finally made sense for Maximus, they were already dead inside.

It would not be until years later, he traced his steps back to the village while he was Duke of Sarmia, and whatever remains he could fine, he'd buried each their own grave, the least they deserved.


One of the very last missions that Maximus and the rest of the Sicarius Family took was across the Salve. As a Drudge the information about the mission was rather unknown to him, only a few in the higher rankings knew what they were on. Though finally the news came; it seemed that one of the many other Sicarius groups this one an seaFaoling Archipelago group of Sicarius escaped from a war torn sect, the Abbas had decided that it was time to move to the East and regain control of these lesser Sects.

The Family were placed into two groups, one commanded by the Abbas himself and the other by Legend Tyrael. While the Tyrael went to a noble house to steal the blueprints to assist in the building of a ship, the Abbas group made their way to Varrock to steal a number of supplies to actually build the ship.

Being placed as one of the guards with the Abbas, Maximus stood in silence his eyes scanning the darken streets of Varrock when one of the Servus failed in picking the lock a number of alarms start to ring as the new security force of Varrock, a group called the Lion Corp Guard clashed down in the narrow streets. As Maximus and the front guard fought back the Lion Corp Guard,

After a short melee fight the Lion Corp Guard laid dead, the rest of the Drudges and Sicarius grabbed arms full of supplies as they made their way east out of the City to stay the night at the Jolly Boar Inn. Once there a number of other Sicarius moved from the Keep in the north and linked up with the Abbas Sicarius group.

After a night of resting, the group moved in mass through the swamps and found themselves at the outskirts of Canfis, unknown that a number of werewolves were stalking their every move. It was not until the group moved north through the village, that the werewolves sprung the trap, it was Maximus, the Sicarius Blade Orannis and Sicarius Drudge Richard that faced the onslaught of the werewolves. With Orannis being thrown into a building, Maximus unleashed his inner rage, and only seeing red, attacked one of the werewolves head on, beating it's head in with a rock, in which he jumped right up, drawing a short sword, stabbing the other werewolf in it's right leg as Richard stabbed it through the jaw. All three were wounded badly across their forms from the bites and marks from the werewolves but they had lived.

It was later that they found the ruins of the ship they were looking for and the Tyrael group reappered, blueprints in hand.


Now sometime later, with the Family breaking off to do their own missions, the Lord Marshal formed the Blackwater Company, a band of soldiers for hire. They could be seen in

Aegidius at the far left, acting as Blackwater's Combat Medic.

the Rising Sun bar making sure Law and Order was present. To the Poison Arrow Bar which acted as their HQ. One of their Missions took them to the House of Alexander Aerendyl, where they protected him from a group of Black Knights.

Aegidius during his time there, became the Company's combat medic alongside his years of Sicarius training, he learned more on the art of shield and sword from the Lord Marshal.


Rule by the Sword

After the Blackwater Company faded away, and the family went their other ways, Aegidius made his way too wherever someone needed killing. He alongside his close friend and Servus, Peter, came to the City of Ardounge and quickly became soldiers under the ruler Ausar Dae. And as the Union turned sides and attacked the Castle, Aegidius and Peter held off a large number of the Union's attacking forces, earning them glory from Ausar.
Polish husars by dugazm

Aegidius commanding men of the First Cohort.

It is unknown though of his past. To the people of Ardounge and the outside world, he was simply a merc from the Blackwater Company. And those who knew him from the Sicarius do not know of his time in Monvallis. And if he ever met anyone from Monvallis, they would not see the Consul, only a shadow of his past self.

For his help in claiming the City for Ausar, Ausar gave Aegidius the title of Primus Legate and Peter Legate. Knowing both of them could lead men into battle. 

When the Vekon threat came to his ears, he adopted his past rule of being a political leader and gave a number of speeches on the crimes of the Vekons and to a small part why having a King or Queen is the worst mistake. With the people crying for freedom, Ausar Dae or now Lord Chancellor formed the Republic of Kandarin keeping Aegidius as his Commander of Arimes.
Dark omen s morgan bernhardt by jonasjensenart-d4kl2et

Aegidius after his victory over the Warped Union

And now after a number of reforms, Aegidius holds the title of Primus Strategos, and is a close friend of the Chancellor.

After becoming a single City-State, Aegidius, in secret, rode North alongside Natalia Tyrelen, they went through the Trials of the Northern People and in return started on healing the wounds of the South and North. In one move, he almost had the North to rally behind Ardounge.

Once News came from coming into the Empire, Aegidius held his tongue having no love to deal with more and more nobles who will claim to be better than him due to a bloodline. Never the least, Aegidius commands the Ardounge Legion with loyalty and skill; Aegidius is starting to like this city.

Aegidius soon was named Prince-Elector of the Agervian Empire and the named Field Marshal. He would go on to lead Imperial forces in both the battle of the South and later became the master mind behind the plan to get rid of the Emperor and launch the Independce of all states.

Following 25 years as serving the City as the head military man, Aegidius stands down from his position giving his "End of Era" speech in front of the military high command at the Citadel. He would end his career, with a undefeated battle record, taking what was a group of farmers and hired swords into the single best fighting force in the land, took down a Empire, defended the City from all manner of creature and beast, and was the last original member of the Senate to still hold office.

The North, again

Being charged by the Archon to make a military alliance with the North, him and then Chief-Diplomat, Natalia Tyrelen, boarded a ship north to make this peace. Though along the way, the tension between the two broke, sharing each others beds each night and forming a secret relationship. Though the journey itself was long, the only break in the null was when a pirate ship tried boarding, which was swiftly fought back under the leadership of Aegidius.

Upon arriving in the North, the two were met by the then Chieftain of Rellekka and the northern islands. In return for the island of Jastizo, the North would come to the aid of Ardougne and have mining rights on the Jastizo. For the Chieftain to allow this, Kara, forced both Aegidius and Natalia to under go the Northern Trials, though she had agreed to the deal due to Aegidius's past as a Polmestic, Aegidius wished to move a hand out in trust and was allowed to do the trials again. Kara assigned these three to the pair; Kill a yeti and skin it, Bring a lunar staff back to her, and smith a blade in the northern art.


Battlement by sancient-d57k9bb

Aegidius facing down the yeti

Having geared up and leading Natalia alongside him into the far ice fields of the North. Though she complained along the way about it, Aegidius kept his thoughts to himself, he would carry the weight to win this day alliance that was needed. Having found a set of tracks not far from a known cave entrance. With Natalia behind him,

Aegidius kept a large warspear in hand, inside was an elder yeti with what was his family. Having gave Natalia a cross bolt with a few bolts, she accidentally fired one off, though hitting the child yeti in the back of the knee, the rest of the horde was awaken.

The next few moments were blurred pictures in Aegidius's mind, but with a roar and seeing red, he let go his anger and charged forward, stabbing the father all the way through with his warspear, pinning it to the ground, before drawing a hatchet and a sword, he jumped onto the mother, stabbing both into her chest, twisting and pouring, before tackling the baby and taking a rock to smash it's head open.

Standing, the white of the snow mixed with blood, as he stood there, covered in head to toe in fur and blood as Natalia stared fearfully at him. Drawing a large double headed axe and went to take the heads of the creatures as proof, before setting on skinning them, all as Natalia stood there, staring at the man who just took down three very large creatures as if it was nothing.

Returning to Kara, he presented her with the three skulls and a rich white cloak made of yeti fur.

Northern Blade

Nothern shortblade

The shortsword Aegidius still carries today.

The next task for the two were to forged a northern blade, made from all items of the land. First, Aegidius made friends with the old master blacksmith by the name of Hederick. In return for assisting him, Aegidius was to bring him a warm fur cloak, of any animal. Being in luck, Aegidius passed on one of the other yeti cloaks. Having the deal made, Hederick took Aegidius deep into the woods to a long ago mine, teaching him the proper ways to mine the ores from the ground. Once back in the city, Hederick first showed him the proper ways to forge northern steel, before allowing him to do it himself. Once the blade was forged, he presented it to Kara, and it passed her judgement.

The Lunar

The last and hardest task given by Kara was to steal a staff from the Moonclan, the ancient rivals of the northern peoples.The pair set sail to the island, surprising enough he was let on the island to speak terms with the Clan, though no amount of peddling or threats did the trick. All they gave him was a stick from the island to take back to Kara. An idea formed in his mind, his Father having been a master Fletcher and crafter, he edged the staff into a well done copy of a Lunar staff, having remembered that Ash Arven kept. He made a copy of one and in private gave it to Kara. Kara, knowing that it was not one, spoke to him about the power of appearances, he had returned with a staff that looked lunar enough and the people would not know the difference.

Later that day, the deal was forged and sign by Kara, Aegidius and Natalia, forming a pact between the two nations.


"Arise, the first of my Daeborn."

Following Ausar's gift of Princehood from the Empire, Aegidius became closer to the Archon of Ardougne. The two would talk on life and a range of complex issues. Through this bond Aegidius slowly became deathly loyal to the Archon, breaking the bonds held over him that were placed with Sicarius. Unknown to the Primus, the Archon came into a great deal of power, still unknown to the Primus himself. It was after that event, the City was thrown into 'darkness', suspenseful shadows lowered over the city, the people and soldiers walked with their heads down, hurrying along with their business.
Lord of dark by godbo6

Aegidius having the able to cast magic after his raising to power

For weeks Aegidius went along with Legion business as it always has been, until one night he was called to the Castle by the Archon. The Castle itself was almost shut down to everyone but a few select servants and the Council members. Assuming he was being called to speak on this Imperial Invasion Order, Aegidius hurried along to the Castle.

There, he made a deal with the Archon, Ausar showed himself to be a extremely powerful creature of sorts, in return for the loyalty Aegidius had already shown him, he would empower the Primus to become something much more than first thought. Infusing him with a massive amount of Divine energy and the soul of a Lich, Aegidius came into new found massive power, making him something very more than just human.

The Curse of Ausar

The Curse itself followed after the gaining of power from Ausar. In return for near immortality and power, Maximus was bounded to the power of Ausar, making him nothing more than a mindless servant. Under the direct control of Ausar, his form changed, his skin became pale, his eyes glowed an unnatural yellow and red color, he was formed into the Leader of Ausar private forces, one of his powerful tools. The mind of Maximus, though, was not easily defeated, he locked and block a part of his mind, there he met the soul of the Lich that was infused into him, Azuk, the spirit of an ancient Lich that was placed inside of him during Ausar’s ritual. The two, were bound together one way or another, an relationship of reliance was formed. Azuk was bound to Ausar as Maximus was to him. Both had the same goal, to be freed from the bonds of Ausar.

Azuk was an ancient human numbering from the days of the Zaros's Empire, where he rose to power in the depths of the Imperial Army to become one of their many battlemages.

He also made his very own cult called the Black Eye, a group of mages and warriors alike that either turned themselves over to the rule of Azuk or were tricked into being his servent. No matter how they came, in time they slowly would become his most loyal men and women.

Near or at the fall of the Empire, he turned coat from Zaros, serving in Zamorak's Army.,turning into the depths of the Wilderness while the Empire he once served died. There he spent decades in the deep dark reaches of the earth, finding the secrets long forgotten there. Azuk taught Maximus lessons in both Black Magics and Mental Magics, to use against Ausar to slowly block him out of his mind. Over the years, with the assistance of Azuk, his body started to change back to what it was before, as the connection with Ausar was slowly erased away. Now, with the link all but gone, Azuk has the chance to take Maximus’s mind and body for his, a worthy host to use, or that is what Maximus’s assumes he would do.

The Battle of Karamja and Faldaor

I only have one rule; everyone fights and no one quits. If you run, I'll kill you myself. Move out."

–Aegidius Blackwood

Before the Battle of Karamja, Aegidius is named as the acting Imperial Field Marshal, being the single best General the Empire had to offer, Aegidius takes direct command of a Anglo-Kandar Force and sets sail to Karamja. The battle against the Orcs and goblins was quick and bloody, Ardougneian Legate Peter leading the charge, and killed the group to the last man in return for Camelot's burnt Ports.

It is after this that what came to known to a few inside of the Inner-Circles of the Empire, Operation Valkyire or the 'Emergency Wargames Operations' which at it's root was the Imperial Plan to talk control of key checkpoints along the border with Misthalin and take the City of Falador itself, the Queen done away with.

Now Aegidius, growing tired of the Inner politics of the Empire, and wished to be free from the bonds of Imperial Rule, told Archon Ausar Dae the Emperor's Plan weeks before it was to go into effect. The Field Marshal quickly formed a plan that called for the Imperial Army, mainly Kandar Troops at that point, to follow the Emperor's Orders until they reached the City, where Ardounge would arrest the Emperor for Treason, Corruption, and Crimes against the State. The City of Falador was to be placed under a martial law of sorts alongside the White Knights until both parites agreed to a new ruler for Falador.

Though the plans shifted slightly, with the White Knights taking the fight to the Queen personally after her disappearance, inside of the White Castle the Queensguard and other Queen Loyalists fought against the White Knights holding out for any kind of help. A letter would arrive to the Field Marshal in the Imperial HQ in Port Sarim, hearing of the political takeover, he moved the Imperial Army and put in place the 'Emergency Wargames Operations'.


Aegidius before landing in Port Sarim.

Getting a message from Ausar and a letter, Aegidius and Peter teleported into the City, and under covered as a White Knight and Temple Knight walked into the Caslte, through the chaos and right to the Queensguard Commander and handed him personally a signed letter from the Archon telling the Commander a few of Ardougne's plans. Aegidius and Peter then assisted the Queensguard in a quick fight against the Temple Knight Team, before disappearing again into the mist.

As the Army marched through the night, the Field Marshal himself teleported off back towards Ardougne and had a emergency meeting with Ausar, with a few troops, they quickly marched to Camelot where both the Archon and the Primus Straetgos told Camelot everything, a last ditch effort to gain support before they took the leap into the darkness. Camelot agreed that it was time for Kandar to rise again and for the Emperor to answer for his crimes. With only four people knowing of the plot to get rid of the Emperor the Kandarish Forces put everything on the line, teleporting a few select officers back to the main Imperial Army and started on the last leg of the march.

Standing in neat rows, the Imperial Kandar Army, stood shoulder to shoulder, the dark red and gold of the City-State and the lighter red and white of the Kingdom of Camelot. The air was
Knight cover artwork by raymondminnaar-d66b64r

Aegidius in Falador

tense as both Field Marshal Blackwood and General Courval gave short speeches to their men, the Army was told a few details on what to come, Ausar spoke only once, "Remeber what you are fighting for Kandar."

The Joint-Northern Kandar Army fell on the City, securing the few key points with zero fighting, it seems the main chunk of the fighting was happening inside of the Castle itself. On the steps of the bridge to bridge it became the point of no return, Aegidius sent a nod towards Ausar, the arrest was a go. With a fast teleblock both the Earl of Sarim and the Emperor were teleblocked and two arrows striking into the Earl's knees, forcing him to the ground as Kandar soldiers held him down and arrested him. The Emperor simply stared at Ausar, before he was taken down by a group of soldiers, knocking him out and cuffing him.

Now, with the Emperor bagged, the only rough issue was the White Knights, there was some battlefield 'fog' and both sides assumed each other were there to kill them. The battle for Falador's Castle was a short one, the White Knights holding the line against the much smaller Kandar Force, the main chunk of what was the Imperial Army was still busy securing other points in the City.  With his soldiers dropping and the outlook grim, a hole appeared in the White Knight Line, a massive titian moving its way forward blocking the way into the castle, giving a battle cry, Aegidius infused his right arm with his dark magic and leaped forward bringing his hasta into the beast, at the same time the Queensguard took control of the cannons on the roof, and started firing into the lines of White Knights, one of the cannons hitting the backside of the titian as Aegidius thrust his hasta into it, both of which did the trick, but the blast of the cannon and the titian's death sent the Marshal flying backwards against the castle wall.

Fighting through his shell shock, he saw the line starting to break in the White Knights, bleeding from shards of the titian, and his ears ringing, he lifted his shield and gave out another war-cry, leading the rest of his men through the hole, alongside the help of cannons and mages on the roof, the breaking of the White Knights were fast, this earned him the nickname from his men 'Stonewall'. With their Lord-Commander captured and the main chunk of their forces captured, the rest of the White Knights put down their arms, thinking this was the end.

After a number of meetings, both sides found out that the entire battle was a misunderstanding, helping the White Knight Order get back onto their feet and restoring peace in the City, the Kandar Troops did what they thought impossible, they freed themselves from the Imperial bonds, had the Emperor captured and his crown broken. They had won.

Battle of Fort Aegis

Aegidius, alongside Peter, were doing their Military Command duties, coming to Fort Aegis, a key Fort in the line of defense on the border, to run a number of drills. While there, a rouge Camelot Noble Family, wishing to overall the Ardougneian government attacks the stone Fort. Though they were unpepered to find the Primus Straetgos himself there, and a number of old friends from Aeg's and Peter Sicarius days catching up. Aegidius also brought along a small party of skilled warriors with him, Edi, a Sicarius Reaver, sticking out the most. It was in days before
The enemy village was too stro by pervandr-d3a7h6o

The enemy in full retreat from Fort Aegis

the battle, Aegidius allowed a number of dog doors to be made along the walls. It was when the first sighting of a large force marching down the Northern road that Aegidius knew something was very wrong. Standing on the front of the battlements, the Primus commanded the score of cannon teams, breaking their formations, as he called for Edi to unleash the special created Reaver hounds onto the already shocked rouge force. Alongside the hammering of the cannons and Reaver hounds the lines of the 'noble' forces broke, the commanders of the enemy force sounded for the full retreat of their forces. They broke with out any direction or form, moving out in the hills at random times.

It was only then did he allow the cannon fire to pause and the gates to be opened, his about 1,000 man force sweeping out over the burning landscape, with orders to kill every single last one of them, and only bring the commander to the Primus. While only a few got away, almost the entire enemy force was slain, butchered by Legion Vakts as they tried to flee back towards Camelot.

It was one of the cleanest battles in Aegidius's military command, with not a single one of his soldiers dying, and most of the enemy force being killed in the field around Fort Aegis. With the enemy command before him, he was about to kill the man by his own hand, a Knight from Camelot appeared claiming to be the voice of the King. Near the same time, Ausar appeared also, and within minutes a Trial by Combat is started. Within a few moves, the enemy commander laded dead in the middle of the Fort, with his body being carried off by the same Camelot Knight. It was at that point General Courvs of Camelot came riding to the Fort, having a hushed talk with Aegidius about the State of Camelot politics and inner affairs. Not even the government knew of the attack, though Aegidius wishes to believe his friend.

It later came out that Aegidius during that battle had almost wiped out an entire Camelot noble family, leaving only one survivor.

Strategic Order 59

Following almost 20 years under the same basic Army organization, Aegidius reforms the Military away from the Royal Legion, into the Royal Ardougnian Armed Forces with the Royal Ardougnian Army Corps and the Royal Ardougnian Navy. This was a sign of a shift in his military policy making, wish for a more modern, and centralized military.

This only helped his standing along the military standings of Ardougne, making a more intelligent and centralized military. 

The End of a Era

Following his 25th year of serving as the General, Primus Strategos, Field Marshal of Ardougne, Aegidius decided to step to the side, giving up his position of power in Ardougne allowing a younger generation to take control. With his leaving, the last of the first Senate members of the Dae Dynasty, had officially ended. In front of the Military High Command, Aegidius gave one final speech, warning them of the ills of allowing a rich noble class rule over the military and the people. 

Though, in private, he had feared that if he stayed any longer, the military would try to overthrow the government in his name, sticking true to the Cult like following of him along all ranks of the military.

It is unknown where Aegidius will go next, rumors have spread that he will head East, looking for a quiet place to raise his family. 

Another new start

Following his leaving of Ardougne, the Queen and his niece, Lliara sends a letter to the Queen Regent Zara of Falador, asking for a spot for the old General. When Aegidius enters the City with his wife, he is given a meeting with the Queen, where he is given the title of Duke of the South, placing all the lands of Southern Asgarnia under his well keeping. Though it should be noted the mixed emotions of having a Kandarish General that segied the City and region while fighting Imperial rule, now leading a sovereign area. Aegidius also told Zara of his past experience as both a Sicarius member and the Consul of Monvallis, which only helped his position to be named a Duke.

Aegidius is travling South now, calling all nobility to his Court, to hold a public meeting, here he may strip the rank of Earls and Barons under him and do any other kind of bookeeping.

Aegidius was present at the crowning of King Andreas, giving him a fine but yet simple steel longsword, saying that every King needs a good sword. During this in Sarimia, Aegidius and the People's Court called the Church of Saradomin to stand before the Courts after news of them threatening to bring down the Salve came to ear. Four church officials are to stand before the Courts, ranging from all charges to corruption to theft.

Memories of the Black

It was in that hubris that I fell. Learn from my mistakes, Maximus. For both our sakes.


Azuk had finally reached out to Maximus formally. Though always there in the back of his mind, and assisting him in fighting, moreso out of the need for survival of his host. Having waged a slight war over the control of Maximus's mind, the two had formed an odd friendship of testing each other minds. Sending probes against their mental walls, and playing mental chess.

As his time being the Duke of the Southerlands, Azuk told Maximus of an very old hideout deep inside of the Wilderness from his days of living, the old base of the Black Eye. There he kept a strong magical seal vault that carried a number of dark magical items that should never again see the light of the day, the anicent wards have flared up, meaning that someone was trying to break into the vault. Having come to trust Azuk, Maximus ensured business would be taken care of in his Duchy, and he left in the night, moving through the shadow realm to teleport deep inside of the ruins of what Zaros's grand Empire was.

Being guided by Azuk, who appeared next to Maximus in his shadow form, they walked for miles as they traveled north to where the cave entrance to the location they were looking for laid. Approaching the entrance, they found that a large black dragon now rested there, making the cave has his own. With the help of Azuk, the two fought hard against the elder black dragon, Maximus being burn slightly from it, but was able to take it down, killing the dragon dead. Not wishing for their tracks to be followed, Azuk summoned from the earth a grand wall of stone, blocking the entrance and encasing them into darkness, their native environment.

Walking through the darkness, Azuk spoke about his days after he left the service of the Gods and found his way to this ancient temple that was used by the followers of Zaros. Butchering the old worshippers, they took the temple for their own. He explained that he felt wronged by how both his old masters threw him to the side and though him worthless, he was bred to be the prefect mage and in that aggorance he planned to ascend to godhood.

After fighting their way through the halls against all matters of undead, in the main room that seemed to be an old chapel, a powerful Lich used it as his ritual room. Azuk seemed to know this man, it was Victor, his faithful second in command, someone Azuk killed to ensure that no one knew his secret to ascend to godhood, it had seemed that Victor had become immortal in his own right.

Both Azuk and Maximus facing off against the ancient Lich, they were well match, the Lich using all matters of ancient magics, summoning forth masses of lesser wraiths and a powerful wright. While Azuk dueled Victor one on one, with flashes of dark red and blacks, Maximus dueled the Lich's wright, a being that was once as a great warrior as Maximus himself.


Victor, the Ancient Lich.

Maximus scored a well earned blow, sending the Wright to it's knees, stunned, as Azuk brought his hand open palm down on Victor, draining the magics and life matter from the Lick, in powering both Azuk and Maximus. The Wright was now turned under the command of Maximus and Azuk. From the hollwed halls, neat follows of zombies and skeletons came foward, all now being placed under the command of Maxximus and Azuk. Both of which agreed that something of this size must not be left to live, in one slice, all the beings but the wright were slain. Azuk charged the wright to protect this chapel from anyone else that may dare to hunt down the old items that laid sealed in Azuk's vault.

With Azu's wealth and ancient magical items once again protected, Azuk brought forth a small black gem handing it over to Maximus, explaining that it would assist them both in their magics.

With the help of the wright, Maximus tore the black dragon hide from the slain dragon taking enough to make him two full sets of the armor before leaving the corpse to rot. With the chapel once again protected and sealed, Maximus teleported off.

Back at home, Maximus and Azuk spoke with the former being in his shadow form, walking along the wooden paths, Azuk finally admitted that he was blinded in his days of living and while most he was dead, it was not until he was bounded to Ausar and the Dae's that he finally understood the gravity of what he had done, as long as he was still bounded and some what living, he would do as much as good to cleanse himself of his sins. Something that both of them would be forced to see in the coming years.

The Republic

Following the King Andras becoming rather sick, and leaving the Kingdom without leadership, Aegidius did what he always dreamed of doing. Following back from his days in Monvallis, he disbanded Sarimia as a Duchy, claiming Independence from the Crown and forming the Republic of Sarimia. Starting with disbanding the noble class and all class systems, Aegidius was named the Stadtholder-General until a time for proper elections to be have. He reformed the government, gave the people more than basic freedoms and rights; he gave them a voice in the Council of Aldermen.

After some time as the leader of the Republic, Maximus's heart wished for Kandar. He slowly distanced himself from the day to  day running of the Republic. He had done what was needed by making the ground work for the Republic. He gave up his office, allowing for early regular elections, and quite quietly moved back to the Blackwood Manor in Northern Kandarin.

The Return

Maximus return to Ardougne was a quiet one. Moving back to the Blackwood Manor, him and Natalia lived in a peaceful quiet. Slowly, Maximus under the guise of Colonel William Schwarzholz, he became the commander of the Citadel and the 1st & 2nd Royal Regiments. He did not wish to return as the Field Marshal, he simply wished to live in a quiet peace for a number of years. Though of course, peace never lasts. Though during this time, Natalia passed during childbirth of their final child, luckly the baby girl was able to saved, though Natalia was not able. A piece of Maximus died that day.

Fight for Freedom

From his position in the Citadel, the news of the Elvish invasion of Ardougne reached him late. Standing along the walls of the Citadel, he casted off his helm and dropped the spell that he held on his face, the soldiers around him, dropped to a knee and bowed their heads. Maximus quickly rallied the defense of the Citadel agasint the horde of Elves, and was sucessful in p
Charge of the utarians by robbiemcsweeney-d5fcliw

Maximus and Elijah leading the Ardougneians against the Elves

ushing them the back. The Citadel bacame the Captial of the gonverment-in-exiled, which was why it was built for. Maximus is renamed the Field Marshal of Ardougne, and placed into the Regency Council.

Battle of Moselle

Maximus and Elijah Le'Gaunt, the retired King Regent of Ardougne, lead the charge South to the Duchy of Moselle, leading the cavalry charge in front of the Le'Gaunt manor, they had down the unthinkable and marched an army in record time and surprised the attacking Elves, forcing them out of the Duchy and into the City. Now with the South and West held under the Regency, the Rebellion has a solid foothold to fight back against the Elves.

Battle of Fort Aegis

Following the capture and killing of the entire Army Garrison, thousands of men. Maximus leads a daring raid, crossing into Witchaven and under the cover of night, uses the magically sealed and hidden tunnel system that ran under the Fort, while his Daughter, Katitlyn and trusted Commanders launched a frontal assault on the Keep. The Battle was bloody, the Elves fighting for every inch of that stone, the Ardougnians though, fought with a zealous spirit, chanting and screaming, the soldiers of Ardougne embraced their animistic side, blood for blood. Finally, at dawn, the keep was taken under control again by the Resistance, forcing the retreat of the rest of the Elvish Forces back into the City. The first plan of encircling the City had finally came to pass, but at what cost?

Battle of Hemenster

Before Ardougne itself could be taken, the rest of the northern land surrounding the city must be took under control of, namely the town of Hemenster and smaller settlements the hug the northern


Unmounted Old Guard.

borders. Using the same hit and run tactics, Maximus lead a group of experienced light and heavy cavalry, that were expert marksmen and forest rangers. With men being on short supply and needing his more experienced soldiers in the south and East to hold the Elves at bay, he took new fresh faces and taught them how to fight as the Sicarius did, without mercy. Moving in and out of the forests that lined the northern lands of Ardougne, Aegidius launched a brute and bloody campaign against the Elvish holdings and all those who supported them. All along the northern roads, the bodies of Elven soldiers and their commanders hung from trees as the Elves started to understand and fear the humans they tried to rule.

With the brute rule of the Elves across the board, with those who had tried to survive under the rule of Elves, quickly turned sides back to their fellow humans as soon as they saw that the chance of victory was higher, and not wishing to met their end at the hands of the Iron Duke.

With Fort Aegis taken, and the outlaying smaller villages back under their control, Aegidius and what he named his, 'Old Guard', had successfully driven back the Elves into the town of Hemenster. Under their rulership, a large wooden wall was built around the city and the brush around the city cleared out, allowing them a clear view for a mile in every direction. With the main battalion of his Old Guard came up from the south, giving him his most veteran warriors. Though they had a number of cannons to use, the Elves were using the people of the town as human shields.


Maximus before the Battle of Hemenster

After watching the town for a number of days they found that the commander of the Elven forces sent out a large column of men to scout out the near by forest paths to connect with their supply lines from Ardougne. In a number of raids, Aegidius and his Old Guard troops attacked these supply lines and the columns, taking out a number of Elves and stopping the flow of supplies to the town. Though, knowing that the City itself would have a large supply of grain stored up, the Elves themselves were starting to drop off, with every column the commander sent out. Trusting Maela, one of his proven Elven Commanders, he sent her and her bang of Pro-Ardougnian Elves to steal the uniforms of the Ithellenen. With his loyal Elves now inside of the town, posing as forces from the City, under the cover of night, he ordered Maela to take down the commanders and in the chaos, his regular forces would assault the walls.

In most likely, the least bloodily battle of the war, Maximus and his men were able to take the City of Hemenster with a small lost of life, while most of the Elves were killed in their sleep, do to not a single alarm being raised. Hemenster was under control again of the Ardougnian Government, thanks to no small part of Maela and the loyal Elves of Ardougne.

For Death and Ruin (Battle of Ardougne)

I am glad it was you here with me, at the end of all things.

–Maximus to Zara before their duel with the Elven King and Prince

The final battle had finally came. With the City surrounded, and the final troops coming in. Is was the final fight, after ten years of non stop fighting, the Ardougnians would finally have their home back. The battle itself was days of intense street fighting. The one caged civilians raised their swords and whatever weapons they could find and helped their long lost Army to fighting against the Elven Overlords.The horrors of what the Elves did were found at the ruins of the Blackwood War College that was made into a death camp for anyone that questioned the rule of the Elves.

The issue became though, that though the Elves had been drained over the decade of fighting, Ardougne had become a stronghold, enchanted with strong magics. Though Maximus was the mastermind behind the defenses of the City, he had assumed over the decade that the Elves had made their own changes. Maximus had built the City to become a maze and force the invading force to fight in street to street combat, where the better trained Ardougnian soldiers would win. From what his spies told him, this at least reminded true, the Elves though, had laid a number of traps along the streets in perpetration for this final attack.

With the city surrounded and all flow of supplies cut off, the only way in or out was the sewer system that was a maze that ran underneath the City. Though over the course of conflict, Maximus's spy group that worked inside of the City alongside the Church of Saradomin used to smuggle supplies and people in and out of the City. It was there he decided that would be his way into the City. Bringing down barrels and barrels of gunpowder from Citadel and started to place them in the sewer system underneath key Elven military spots. The Elves could never control the sewer system that became the slums of the City where crime nested.

Encircled by jakewbullock-d62zyhx

Maximus dealing justice to the Gang Leaders.

It was not until Maximus, the "Iron Duke" met with the Gangs there that they came under control. Though his sense of bringing them under control was taking the fingertips of a few gang leaders or out right killing them, in front of their men, issuing that if they did not join in this fight that every single one of them would be burnt alive. Those who took issue with the Field Marshal were quickly taken care of, but the Sewers were fully under control of the Ardougnian Rebel Forces.

Now the Elves were drawn into a street war against the gangs who now were being assisted by Ardougnian Army Officers, causing chaos and fear to spread through the ranks of Elves before the actual invasion.

On the morning of the 20th day of surrounding the City, at dawn, the very ground of Ardougne shook as if a God was awakening from sleep. Cannonball after cannonball, before from sea and land hammered into the key Elven points in the City, most of the population had either been smuggled out or was already dead.

From a number of spots inside of the city, dressed in full battle armor and their faces painted black, civilians, soldiers, and gang members alike, sprung from holes in the streets and attacked the expecting Elven forces. Maximus and Zara lead the charge into the City after taking the main gates that hugged the city walls, both understood that they had to reach the Palace and put an end to this before too many died.

Cutting their way through the city, they finally made their way to the Palace, which was oddly quiet. Sharing one last private loving moment, the two broke the gates to the Palace, killing the guards there before entering the throne room.

There, before dueling King Threndael, Maximus and him held a small conversation, both having a mutual

Kingdom of Heaven The Dead by Reldur2

With a hole in the wall, Maximus turns back to his Army after leading the first wave into the City.

respect for each other, before facing off. During this, Zara and the Prince faced off also. The duel for the two of them brought forth their deep magical reserves, until finally Zara burnt the very insides of the Elven Prince, leaving him a burnt body on the floor, while Maximus dealt Threndael a mercy kill, sliding his broken blade into the Elf's neck.

Both of them nearing death, Maximus and Zara crawled to each other, embracing each other tightly as they tried to heal one another. It would of been a hour until the first group of fighters finally made their way to the throne room, finally the Iron Duke and Lady Le'Gaunt holding each other gently with the dead bodies of the Elven Royalty around them. With the throne room filling, they stood, but before either could speak, the hall fell to their knees, proclaiming Maximus as the Imperator of Ardougne and Hero of Ardougne. Something that Zara too gained in title.

A Teacher

I have spilled enough blood for three lifetimes. I longed for my own Elysium And I knew that was with her.


Aegidius at the Tower.

Following the bitter ten long years of war against the Elves, Maximus and Zara found themselves without a way to go, and a lot of free time on their hands. They had talked often during the war to settle down afterwards, go some where quiet to live out the rest of their lives. Finally with the chance to live their lives in privacy and peace, Maximus and Zara decided to go East, to the Kingdom of Misthalin where neither had spent time in. There, they started to work for the Wizard's Tower, both having earned glory for their magical might during the War, that had spread long and far. Being placed into the Red Order, and Zara the Blue Order, they started into a quiet life working and teaching at the Tower.

But both their minds and bodies are scarred from the 10 years of war, and life as peaceful teachers is something that will take both of them to get used to.

During one of his many lessons into combat training, Maximus with the assistance of Azuk, took over the minds of a number of Orks and Aruits for a more advance training course. They were swift to find out, that the control over the beasts were lost, some other beast, man, or being had control over their minds already and had tricked them. The lesson that was built into a small ruined fort, where the students had to defeat enemies to get items to turn into Maximus, as one Ork died, it's life form would transfer into another, until all the power and lifeforms of each slain enemy was gathered inside of the Ork captain. The Captain turned to be a powerful battlemage that took down one of the large ruined towers in the Fort. If it was not for Maximus who brought forth large rock stabs to stable the tower, it would of fallen and crushed a number of students. Maximus was forced to open a portal and hold the line agasint a horde of creatures of the deep that poured from a near by opening, one name on their blacken lips, Agandaûr.

The Archduke


Iron Crown of the Archduke/Jarl of the Fremennik

Following the taking of Ardougne, Maximus slipped away from public view, still being the Duke of Hemester and Baxotrian, he gave the title of Lady Steward to his Daugther, Katlyin. After this point, Maximus left for Misthalin alongside Zara. Following this, Kat forms a deal with the Crown of Ardougne, if the Blackwoods were to deliverer the North

into the Crown hands they shall be pushed forward into as royalty and shall rule the area. Masking a large fleet and army, Katlyin leads the army north, landing on the shores of Rellekka, followed by a swift duel with the current King of Rellekka. Maximus rides north not far afterwards, leaving Ardougne to make peace with his people. Being both of Northern blood, and had gone through the trials twice, the people had a deep respect for the man, who later to shown himself to be one of their liberators from times past. There, he met with the Elders and Peoples of the North, reforming the legacy of his Polemistic group, and bringing back the Fremennik Grunnloven. The people and Council of the North, with some minor edits, put it to a vote, which is later successful in passing. Maximus is crowned as Jarl of the Fremennik People and then names Katlyin to rule in his stead, wishing to retire with Zara, who hated the region. Only on the blood oath that she will take the trials to become a Northern woman.

Shadow of the Storm

Once returning from his time from the underworld and regaining what he had lost decades ago, Aegidius took to a quiet life back in his home. It was not until Augustus asked him personally to come out of retirement to hunt down Garrus that he returned to public view, armed with a fierce will to find the daughter he lost so long ago.

The Jungle

Maximus, though, took a different route that the main force that was being lead after Garrus's trail. As they set sail from Ardougne and then marching through the Jungle, Maximus teleported days ahead of them and started up scouting along the jungle paths. Finally the Temple they were looking for, he found also the horrors that Garrus did while under his leadership. Maximus did not show his face to the main tracking party until they were surrounded and about to be overran by Garru's crystallized creatures, that would later be known as Hunters, he appeared in a mist of blackness, taking out the creatures with ease and lead the group the rest of the way to the Temple.

The Temple

Leading the party through the upper levels of the Temple, finding what appeared to be a corrupted copy of the Dae sword that mind-controlled the members of the party until Maximus shattered it. After defeating their very first BroodFather and met Meredith Petreaus, Maximus disapperad, he had his own answers to seek.


Following Maximus and Zara's journey through the underworld to retrive Maximus's soul, the two took a much needed vacation to the far east for over 20 years. It was not until Maximus felt his homeland calling back to him that the two journey back to their home in northern Kandarin where they stayed for a time. That was until High King Augtusus Dae, grandson of Maximus, called upon Maximus to come to the Capital.

Once there, Augustus explained that Ausar had returned from the dead once more and was out for revenge. Fearing that his Grandfather would use him against the Kingdom, Augustus was stepping down from the throne, leaving Maximus to be Lord Protector of the Kingdom while he searched for a way to stop Ausar.

Once more, Maximus was leading the people of Kandarin through the darkness.


Et tu, Brute?

–Julius Caesar in "Julius Caesar"

Maximus threw himself into the work that laid before him. Nothing like the last time they had faced Ausar, he feared that Ausar, or this Orisis would try an all out assault on the Kingdom. As Lord Protector he set to the task of preparing the defenses of the Kingdom against the worst. He knew deep down though, it would be to him once more to strike down Ausar. After hearing rumors of a tower on the White Wolf Mountain that had been silent for ages coming to life once more with acitivity he sent out a small party lead by Lady-Commander Meredith Petreaus,not before he gave her a small necklace, explaining that in the worst of moments, rub it and she would be teleported to somewhere safe

Sir Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke of Wellington

Aegidius's official military and state portrait.


Maximus exchanged letters with his counterpart in Burthope to lay the groundwork of an alliance with the old servant of Kandarin. He even attended an official state visit to meet the Burthopeian Lord Protector, Kaeso Del'Vair and agreed to a military operation to retake the White Wolf Mountain from the trolls that had taken up living there.

It was a quiet evening in the throne room, when Elrina and the party he had first sent out finally returned. With Rorric there also, listening in silence. Elrina explained to Maximus what he already knew and feared, Osiris was trying to awaken his past Generals, which only meant one thing, an invasion of Kandarin. As he passed to Elrina a small gift from the Fields of Elysium, Rorric showed his true alliance. Drawing his sword and running through Maximus through the side, Maximus exploded into a flash of white, leaving only a small pile of ashes.

It lead many to who knew the man, it would take more than one stabbing to throw down the famed Field Marshal.

Return and Rebellion

Following the events of Rorric in Ardougne, the Army took control of the Kingdom, throwing all nobles into jail. Maximus hid away in his anestorl home of Cardolan, gathering his strength once more. Days before he was due to make his apperance and take the Kingdom of Rorric, the formoer Lord Commander sentenced his two childern, Katlyn and Aetius to death. The two Blackwood childern were in luck it seemed, the amluets that had worn since childhood had been echanted with a number of wards and failsafes. As soon as the ancient Blackwood magic knew that it's heirs were in danger, they teleported the two away, leaving large piles of ashes in it's wake.

Only furthering Aegidius new found hate for the Dae Family, he called and rallied his banner men, as the largest vessel to the King, his army out manned anything another noble could of gathered. Delcaring war agasint the Dae's for the slapto the face when the Blackwoods have given years of loyalty, his goal was simple. This was revenge. Letters sent by all number of folk begging him to give up this personal revenge, knowing that the former Lord Protector could bring the Kingdom to it's knees.

It was not until the letter from Octivian Dae, his favorite along Augustus's children, directly challenging everything that he once stood for. Maximus begun to understood just how far he had fallen from the days of being the Hero of Ardougne and the People.

Knowing he only had weeks to live before his body finally gave up, the payment for not dying from Rorric's stab wound. He sent a letter in secert to Augustus asking for a private meeting between the two. Maximus was a lot of things, but in the end he could never hurt his sown childern. Him and Augustus refound their bonds of Father and Son. Aegidius naming him Heir-Appoint to the Blackwood Family before riding together to Ardougne, stopping what would of been a bloody civil war.


I have defeated all scores of enemy, but in the end it is my old friend that kills me; death.

With his time short and support limited, perhaps Maximus knew that for the survival of the Family he had to stop it from becoming worse than it already was. Meeting with Augustus in secert, he forged a peace with the Dae ruler, allowing the Blackwoods to cancel their march. A few weeks later Maximus passed, surrounded by his Family.


The Common Cause Ideology

For your voices I have fought.

The Common Cause is the political ideology founded by Aegidius Blackwood, during his travels across the land. The basic theory behind the Common Cause is that every man and women is born the same. That blood does not give you the right to wear a crown, or rule over a group of people. Names mean nothing, you could be the highest lord or the lowest gutter rat, the Common Cause shall treat you the same. It is through the strength of your arm and the sweat of your brow is that you earn the right to rule.

The Common Cause holds a few things in common with Aerendyl Principality, the basic idea that the government serves the people, and when a ruler stops serving the people, that is when you lose the right to rule.

If one spent even a few seconds in the company of the Primus, one could tell his dislike for nobles, royalty, and non-military titles. Though of late he keeps it to himself, in the past he has been known to be get into debates on the theory of nobility. During he voting for the Republic he gave a number of speeches fighting for the 'common cause', that every man and women has the right to a voice.

Aegidius was the loudest when the Archon forsake the Republican ties and went to a monarchy in everything but name. He felt that he turned his back to his people, his roots.

Though it is unknown to everyone, Aegidius was there the day for the battle of Falador. He fought for the Free People of Falador, a group of farmers, low born nobles, and a few members of the Makhai. This could be looked as the first time Aegidius fought for the 'common cause', for the people's voices.

Aegidius has plans to write a book on his ideas and gather support from commoners and nobles who believe in the idea of earning your way and the other basic ideas of the Common Cause.

In his later years, Aegidius has become more radicial in his ideas of his Ideology, with his books becoming more common knowledge, political groups such as the Free People of Asgarnia and Free People of Lumbridge have come to birth, using his book as their plateform for their party.

Inside of his book named, "The Struggle of the Common Man", Aegidius highlights the use of money inside of governments, bribaly for positions, such in Ardougne where a certain Noble Family gave "donations" to the Crown, and in return, the family was raised higher in the social ranks, and would later come to rule the City. Or examples of Noble families controlling governments through the use of Banking Companies, such as the Grey's, who have tried to undercut and buyout all other banks to control the flow of currency and trade to further their own end goals. Aegidius also covers, the instability of the different Kingdoms; due to the selfish and corrupt actions of the Noble ruling class, the Kingdoms and People have suffered under one war over another, with Kings and Queens only wanting more land to boast their claim to make a Empire, as seen during the Grey Imperial Era, the Kingdoms, or States of the Empire, the lowest class was left to suffer as the noble and ruling classes reaped the benefits. The book also covers the need for a rebirth in the Age of Men, that the, "we", the Common People are the majority, and the Nobility is only ruling unless we allow it, a call to action against the Era of Emperors and Kings.

The "On Warfare" Papers

A planned set of small books covering Aegidius massive knowledge on warfare studying groups such as; The Sicarius, The Vekonic Military Rule, A History of Asgarnian Military Orders, The Ardougnian Armed Forces.

The Sicarius Papers - Focus more on Aegidius studying the terror like tactics and the early victories of the Family against much larger and professional Forces through the use of analyzing the Family unorthodox fighting tactics.

The Vekonic Military Rule - Analyzing the Rise of the Vekonic Family into Kandar Politics and their military victories and organization.

The Asgarnian Military Orders - Studying and analyzing Asgarnian Orders such as the Imperial Guard, the White Knight Order and the Temple Knight Order, showing their rise and decline of all three, also comparing the different tactics and organization of all three Orders in relation to each other.

The Ardougnian Armed Forces - Studying and analyzing the Dae Dynasty Ardougnian Military, their organization, tactics and study of leadership. This will also study the early days as the Royal Legion and analyze the need for change.


"The Shadow is only a passing thing." - Maximus to Elrina before his disappearance

"Simply amazing." -Thoughts on Zara

"He may not be my Brother by blood, but there is no one else I would rather fight and drink by." -Thoughts on Peter

"Never forgot, if there is good left in this world, it is worth fighting for." -Taken from his "End of a Era" speech

"And on the day where this golden age will come crashing down, that we met with the bashing of shields and the clinging of steel, the war cries of Ardougne on our bloodied lips." - Taken from his "End of a Ear" speech

"I only have one rule; everyone fights and no one quits. If you run, I'll kill you myself. Move out." -Aegidius's small speech before the Battle of Falador

"He was a worthly General and a good friend." -Thoughts on General Thessaly after his passing

"What of my eldest daughter?" - Aegidius when asked about Captain Maela

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Extra Stuff

Alan Rickman reads Shakespeare's sonnet 130

Alan Rickman reads Shakespeare's sonnet 130

Maximus's voice.

Fun Facts

  • Aegidius has a very deep ad dry voice modeled after Alan Rickmen in the movies of "Sweendy Todd" and "Harry Potter"
  • Aegidius holds a number of different names and titles from his time serving in the Sicarius
  • Due to his victory over the Warped Union, Aegidius was gifted the title of "The Shield of Ardougne"
  • He was given a nothern blade once he finished the Trials in the North
  • Aegidius has a large mug collection, going back from when the Lord Marshal beat his face in with one
  • Founder of the Common Cause political theory
  • Aegidius keeps count of his age simply to keep that Human feeling to him
  • He has a mug of tea every morning
  • The One Mug has been found
  • Aegidius's "theme song", is Time by Hans Zimmer
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