Adrian Sergade is a human character roleplayed by RsWolfie. He is sixteen years of age and was recently founded as an orphan. With no where left to go, he has trusted his life to the Academy of Heroes, where he currently trains his heart away.

More into Depth

Adrian is a calm and collected kid. He has looked up to his father since he was young and always thought about being a fighter, though after watching war several times, he decided he didn't want to be a solider, but rather an adventurer. His dreams were cut short when his father lost his job and, since then, his luck has gone downhill. Nowadays, he is resourceful to whatever he is given, and even though things are starting to look up for him, he remains pessimistic due to his recent past. He carries around a pebble and has grown very fond of it. Day by day, he's getting more strong-minded, however. He realizes deep inside that there is a certain anger that has been bugging him and begging for release, yet he knows he can't release it just yet. Not yet.

He is currently training in archery, swordsmanship, and air magic, though archery has definitely shown a better stroke of skill for him. Being much too weak, for now, to hold a proper sword and too emotionally unstable for magic, he finds archery to be best suited for himself. Preferring to wear darker, looser, yet non-restricting clothing, if he was to be described in one word, it would be rogue.

Adrian's Past

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