Admir "Brahim" Rutovich
Admir Rutovich
Admir in his common outfit.

Birth Name

Admir "Brahim" Rutovich

Date of Birth

Iyre of Phyrrys 38


Kiyo Fukeda


4.5 feet








Lights, Bustling Cities, Playful Magic, Being cheeky in a battle, Music, Reading, and Expensive clothing


Idiots, Zamorakians, People who ask strange questions, people who hate magic, and most importantly: JERKS

Admir Rutocivh is a 13 year old scholar from a country south of Gilenor. Due to his oriental eastern clothing, people often can't tell where he is from. However, he'll usually answer in his native tongue. He moreover uses magic as his own defence choice. Since he isn't such of a physical fighter, most people who challenge him solemnly fail. He is also an anti-social, which is why his companions are limited to family.


From birth, Admir always shown a gift in intelligence. Although he has a social fault, he has always prefered books over activity. From age 5, he had shown a talent for battle tactics, as well as academic talents. At the age of 7, he began reading books on magic, and decided to try it out himself. He's been building up from there ever since.

AdmirRutovich3 3

Admir in his home in Catherby.

Family History

Since most of his family is either dead or far away, his social contact is limited to his father, Eldin Rutovich, and his mother, Elmira Rutovich. Well, his mother, because his father is usually out drinking or gambeling. He doesn't really like to talk much about his family, so don't bother asking.


Admir usually has blunt and serious expression. His clothes are often extremely expensive, due to his many betting battles. He especially likes to wear his eastern robes. His hair is a strange shade of deep blue. He is often carrying his beloved staff, and flaunting off his magic.


Admir Rutovich 2

Admir in a mellow place.

He doesn't like to speak much, however, when he does, it's usually something smart-alec-ish. He doesn't usually intend to be rude, he is just trying to point something out. If you're in need, he'll at least attempt to help you, but with no promises of success. People are usually very light on him outside of a fight, and don't often piss him off.


Surley you must be joking. Have you heard what I've done to other people? I don't want to hurt you too...

–- When Challenged to a fight

...Quifsha te naunen, berchet. Un nuk jam te tuxjan.

–When retorted at.

You really like me in the slightest? I don't really have any friends, let alone acquaintances...

–When asked to be your friend

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