Ashley "Ace" Lansing
Ace screen04

Date of Birth

Wintumber 26th

Place of Birth

Seers' Village, Kandarin




Human (Seer)


Prince of Misthalin


Alive and Active


Traditional Armadyleanism ArmaSymbol


Lawful Good

Current Residence

Varrock, Misthalin

Ashley "Ace" Lansing (née Tyrelen), is a blacksmith, based in Varrock, Misthalin.  

The character was made originally in an attempt to bring more humble, day-to-day realism into role-play, and provide an opportunity for development for a character.

Created in November 2011, Ace's life has seen rapid changes, both good and bad, to lead him where he is today. Born into knight House Tyrelen, Ace's early life was an unhappy one due to the marital strain of his parents. Despite being doted on by his father, Ace had never grasped basic fundamentals in reading and writing. The death of his father when he was nine caused Ace to shy away further, being a shy anti-social child. At the age of fifteen, he fled from his home in Seers' and found his way into the city of Varrock.

Through the last decade, Ace has climbed both the economic and social ladder of both Varrock and Misthalin, harnessing his natural finesse and skill for metallurgy to become one of the most renowned blacksmiths of the Kingdom. His flourishing relationship and eventual marriage to then Queen of Misthalin, Kylara Lansing, secured his place as a member of the Misthalite Royal Family.

All of what life has thrown at Ace has only been coped and handled by his strong will and perseverence. His optimism giving the needed strength to push on through hard times.

The character is played by Jim.



Upon first glance the most striking feature of Ace is his sleek, deep scarlet hair which Ace keeps grown out slightly, often spiked and styled - as though he ran a hand through it.  Below the crimson locks, sit a pair of inquisitive, wide eyes, blue and cold like a frozen-over country lake of a mid-winter's day. Though so cold, his eyes seem to contradict themselves by having a warming look to them.

Ace's facial shape is square, his jawline and chin are chiseled and defined, though a neatly-kept beard and moustache now covers it. Asides from his high cheek bones and straight nose, the only other noticeable trait of Ace would be his deep, embellished dimples, always accentuated when his thin, pale lips, which are usually found curled into a smile or grin of some kind.

On the back of Ace's neck sits a small dark red dragon tattoo.


Ace stands to a modest height of 6'0", slightly above average for his age. His complexion is lightly tanned, as is common of those of Northern Kandar descent. Ace possesses a labour-enduced burly frame; built well in muscle in his torso and arms. This is owed due to both the labourous work Ace performs at his forge, dutifully each day as well as the personal fitness regime Ace undergoes. His hands are large and caloused from metalwork, with his left arm being somewhat more muscular than the left.

Ace's right pectoral is covered by a star-shaped burn which was branded into him, along with various smaller burn scars and cuts over the rest of his upper torso, shoulders and upper arms.

On Ace's right arm, he bears a black tattoo, a joint symbol of Guthix and Armadyl, as a show of his devotion to his religion.

Worn Clothing

Ace's attire often changes styles to suit the occasion and his own preference. He has a rather eccentric sense of fashion and this is reflected in what he wears. Whilst Ace can often be found in simple and casual attire, he is not affraid to step outside the norm and wear mismatching, oddly coloured clothing, Whenever he is at work in his forge, he will don a bright orange and brown smithing kurta.

Ace will always be found with a thickened dark leather glove over his left hand, hiding a hideous scar from an incident when he was a child. Around his neck hangs a small crystal pendant, wrapped around with gold design. The string is made of simple woven flax. To those familiar, it would be noted as an Armadylean pendant, which Ace wears to show his faith to the God of Justice.

On Ace's right hand, one would find on the middle finger a rather intricate and detailed silver ring, with periodic dragonstone gems found throughout. On the ring would be an emblem, one detailing the crest of the Xear House.

On the ring finger of his right hand, is a found a simple golden matrimonial ring, a symbol of his marriage to Kylara.


Ace is an optimistic individual, always trying to look to the bright side of life. Often this puts him to odds to people who tend to be more realistic. Though he will never discuss it. His optimistic attitude comes from the many tragic events in his life. Having seen so much disaster and grief, he looks to the bright side of all things, for his own sanity usually.

Ace is a recovering borderline alcoholic, often turning to it when he is stressed at situations. He refrains from drinking beyond the occasional ale or glass of wine, for fear of sinking back into his former state.

While it may not show, Ace is somewhat cocky and overconfident in his abilities as a smith. This has been undoubtedly caused by the constant appraisal he gets for his work leading him to proclaim himself as the "best smith in Misthalin." Ace is also somewhat vain, though this again is not shown. He takes great pride in his appearance, such as the showing of his arms regardless of the weather or situation.

He has slowly matured over the past couple of years, losing that childhood innocence and naivity. He now bears the responsibility and attitude of a man well into his prime, still confident and easy-going as always. He considers himself hard working and believes that you need to put in the effort in order to reap the rewards that life may bring. He oftens uses himself as an example of how hard work pays off.

Ace isn't an aggressive person and considers himself to be a pacifist. He values life above all and will resort to incapacitating an opponent at most. This is also seen in his ways of trying to help others less fortunate than himself.

His beliefs are mainly that of a mix of Armadyleanism and Guthixianism, owing to being brought up his Seer mother and Guardian of Armadyl father. Guthixian beliefs are mostly prevailant in his day-to-day life and he's openly spirutual about it and his ideas of balance.

Skills and Abilities


As a seer, Ace is able to perceive visions of the future. These visions can either be random or chosen to occur. The random visions can happen at any timel and are usually based on environment or setting, these tend to be the most vivid, and can foretell an event minutes away, to even years. The visions that Ace seeks to occur are often more blurred and contain very little information asides from one or two details. He has mastered this enough that he can utilise in accordance with his smithing profession to see what items customers will make, before they arrive. Though he is not able to identify when, or who the item is for, until the arrive requesting it. He can then give them the item, without them having to wait.

Seers are also able to "sense" when darkness is afoot, such as necromancy or demonic magicks.

Another ability of Ace's is that he is able to gain a feel for magical auras around him. This is often a passive ability, and when someone around him possesses a particularly powerful aura, or they channel up powerful magic, it causes him to gain a headache, which lasts until said magic is dispersed.

A recent extension of his abilities is experiencing 'visions' of the future through his other senses, other than vision. This might be smelling smoke from a fire that is yet to happen, or hearing a bang before an explosion occurs.


With his profession being a blacksmith, it is no surprise that Ace is well versed and knowledged in various kinds of metals and ores. He is currently able to smith metals up to adamant.


Despite primarily being a blacksmith, Ace is a notable craftsman, and is able to work with wood, gems and other materials well enough that he offers this in addition to his metallurgy.

Herblore and Medicine

Ace has over time learnt basic knowledge in herbs and human anatomy, owing it all to a book he found. While no where near a master or expert on the subject, he is competent enough to treat burns, small wounds and other minor injuries. Morgan Lansing further helped Ace with this, as he became a pupil of hers to learn medicine and healing.


  • Ace is extremely skilled in enchantments, wards and barriers.
  • Ace is capable of performing all elements to a basic degree, but water and ice is his forté.
  • Ace can teleport and perform basic telekinesis with runes.


Whilst it is rarely ever displayed because of his pacifism Ace is in fact a skilled swordsman with many years experience.


  • The Right Honourable Lord Ashley Tyrelen, Baron of Talonére (former)
  • Honorary Sergeant of Imperial Guards (former)
  • Knight of the Order of the Talon (former)
  • Royal Blacksmith of Misthalin
  • His Royal Highness, Ace, Prince of Misthalin
  • Member of the Legends' Guild




  • Sir Konar Tyrelen - Father (deceased)
  • Helynna Tyrelen - Mother (deceased)
  • Adrik Xear - Adoptive Father
  • Lumiel Elendion - Adoptive Mother (deceased)
  • Reiya Elendion - Mother-figure


  • Alyssa Tyrelen - Sister
  • Nicholas Elendion - Adoptive Brother


  • Kylara Lansing - Wife


  • Alasdair Lansing - Son
  • Lavinia Lansing - Daughter


  • Kane Tyrelen - Cousin (deceased)
  • Lysia Tyrelen - Cousin-in-law (deceased)
  • Natalia Blackwood - Cousin
  • Aegidius Blackwood - Cousin-in-law
  • Aaron Lansing - Nephew
  • Elrina Lansing - Great-Niece
  • Lumina Lansing - Great-Niece
  • Aaron II Lansing - Great-Nephew
  • Aarwyn Lansng - Great-Nephew




On one of later years of the Fifth Age, on Wintumber 26th, to most residents of Seers' Village it would have been just another day. To the young couple, Konar and Helena Tyrelen however, it was marked for celebration. As under the full moon, of the Winter Solstice, their first child, Ashley, was born.

Ashley's birth was a joyous occasion for the couple, as they had long tried for a child for a few years, finally to be successful, after many miscarriages. It was short-lived however, as Konar, being a Guardian of Armadyl was constantly sent out on missions, which he was sworn to secrecy, unable to even tell his wife. This caused somewhat of a divide between the two, and as such Ashley, or "Ace" as he was nicknamed by his dad, grew up without much of a father figure in his life. As well as this his mother, Helena, was an esteemed "Elder" of the village, even in her youth, owing to her family's heritage. This often meant she wasn't around to care for Ace, taking more pride in her religious and political duties of the village. Then, with the birth of Ace's younger sister, Alyssa two years later, Helena's time became focused on her.

Lacking in much support and care from his mother, this has an impact on his education, as Helena wished Ace to be home-schooled, but she never bothered much, simply leaving him with the tools to learn himself. Infact, he never learnt how to read or write. Ashamed by this, Ace hid it from everyone, though it went noted by the other children of the village, whom would often taunt, tease and bully him for this and his crimson hair, which they deemed him as the "Spawn of Zamorak".

Around Ace's nineth birthday, his father had returned from another mission and took Ace on a trip far south to the glorious city of Ardougne. Whilst there, Ace would constantly hang around the market and (without his father knowing) would play with some kids, whom would later be revealed to be thieves. Though he never stole anything, he did pick up a few tips and tricks, which he has retained, even later in life. After spending the two weeks in Ardougne and on their way home, Konar and Ace were ambushed. The assailants were a group of Zamorakian Rogues, intending to do nothing more than spread chaos in the name of their deity. Though Konar fought them off unscathed, and scared them away. Ace wasn't so lucky. A fire strike from one of the mages left Ace was a permanently scarred and disfigured hand, which he has since worn a thick leather glove to hide. It was after this that Konar was shorly called away on another mission. Little did Ace know, this'd be the last time he'd see or hear from his father.

The years passed and Ace continued to grow. Despite the obstacles he faced, Ace always maintained a positive, optimistic outlook on life.

One time when Ace was eleven, he curiously approached the local blacksmith, Symond, after witnessing him crafting a steel blade. Ace immediately fell in love with the trade and became an apprentice under Symond. Though this only lasted for just over a year before Symond moved with his family south to Yanille. Ace continued to practice what he could and revealed himself to have a natural skill at the smithing.

A New Start

Eventually, when he turned fifteen, Ace upon a chance meeting wandered far to the north of Seers, where upon hearing the distress call of someone, ran forth and dived into the river, saving her. The girl, a Fremennik, was named Nymeria and quickly the two became friends. They both shared their stories about how they felt unwelcome and unwanted in their towns and families then it was decided. The two decided they would travel east, over the mountains to make start a new life. There was one problem, Ace was terrified of wolves, this meant the only other option was traversing over Troll Country.

And so they did. After the many days of scaling over the various rocky outcrops and hills, they finally reached the bottom of Trollheim. At which point they were attacked by bandits. Ace quickly panicked and crippled one of them, whilst Nymeria galliantly soared into battle defeating the two.. There on after they came across a strange shadow-like being, whom promised them riches if they were to work in his service. Ace refused and the two continued on their journey, where Ace got knocked unconscious, though Nymeria carried him until they arrived in Burthorpe.

Ace's time in Burthorpe was short-lived however, as he awoke at an Inn to discover Nymeria was gone. Regardless, he pressed onwards, spending a week in Taverley with the druids, picking up very basic skills in herblore and healing, nothing more than how to treat burns and cuts. After this, he continued on his journey where after a further week of walking. He found himself in the city of Varrock.

Immediately upon Arriving, a young woman enticed Ace, offering to show him to a local Inn. Ace, assuming the woman to be nothing more than friendly kindly accepted, however the tides soon turned as he found out. The woman, after leading Ace into an alley, forced him against the wall where she removed a dagger, before making him hand over his money, otherwise she'd kill him. Ace, in a panic simply threw the coin pouch which smacked the thief in the face, giving Ace the opportunity to escape. He fled through the slums, seeking shelter in the rune shop. Hiding under a table. He waited until the woman was gone... or rather, killed by a strange man whom had followed them both. Still seeking refuge in the shop. It wasn't until a mage approached. The mage, introducing himself as Nicholas Elendion.

Nicholas, or Nic as he's known, took pity on Ace after discovering his predicament. With no money, no job and no where to turn, Nic took Ace to the Blue Moon Inn and purchased him a room for a few nights. After this, he further helped out Ace, by gaining him an apprenticeship at a local smithy, after hearing of his passion and enjoyment of the trade. Nic ended his helpings to Ace, by providing the tools necessary for him to begin to learn to read and write.

Morytanian Mishap

After a short while, Ace had soon proven himself and been offered permanent partnership of the smithy, to which he happily accepted. Nic approached him at the smithy one day, asking if he was interested in taking a short trip to the digsite to learn further about it's rich history. Ace jumped at the chance, closing the smithy to join Nic on the  expedition. After the short journey there, they found themselves venturing into a temple. Nic seemed to react to a strange Unknown Power. It crippled him to the ground, overwhelming his senses as Ace stood there helpless. In a state of panic, Nic summoned what magic he could as the duo found themselves warped into the middle of Morytania.

Panic overwhelmed them as they came to realise where they were. Ace managed to fend off an attack from a ravenous vampyre and distract it long enough for Nic to regain enough strength to teleport to back to Varrock and to safety.


Feeling useless and unable to help in situations, Ace took a break from the smithy and headed back to Burthorpe. There he quickly proved himself to be a useful soldier, having volunteered for the Imperial Guard. 

He only kept at this for a couple of weeks, before returning to Varrock, along with his new pet baby troll, Ruby.

Crowning Glory

A few weeks passed before a carriage, along with several armed guards, pulled out outside the forge. From the carriage stepped a man, whom introduced himself as Oliver Cleeves, King of Kandarin. Oliver, having heard of Ace's work, offered him a job to which Ace accepted, albeit reluctantly. The task in question was to craft a new Royal Crown for Kandarin, by tomorrow night, for Oliver's coronation.

Ace immediately got to work on it after Oliver left. He spent the entire day, and night, and day again, working on it in order to get it done. Finally, after 26 hours of continual work and no sleep, the crown was crafted. With no time to spare Ace crushed one of the Ardougne teleport tablets he was given and landed in Ardougne square. He was initially confused at where he was, having not visited the city before.

After stumbling around, Ace eventually found his way into the Castle, handing the crown over just in time. Ace was shown to a room in the castle to rest, and a thank you for the fine craftsmen ship of the crown, Oliver awarded him the title of Royal Smith of Ardougne.


After spending some time in Ardougne, Ace eventually returned to Varrock, as he felt it was his home. On his first day back at work, he was approached by a tall tanned man who introduced himself as Vengeance. Vengeance requested Ace to repair his visor, and for Ace to craft him a set of armour. Ace, of course, agreed and got to work. Given the designs and specifications on what was required, he immediately went to work on it. Within days the armour was completed and Vengeance returned to collect it. Vengeance was impressed with Ace's work and offered to teach him some lessons in swordsmanship. Ace leapt at the chance, and so the training began.

The Thing

After a few weeks into training, Vengeance took Ace on his first trip north into the Wilderness. There they spotted a strange amulet which seemed to radiate some kind of energy upon Vengeance's touch. Ace hadn't noticed this however and soon after they returned to Varrock.

Ace kept the amulet and placed it on the dresser in his house. As he slept at night, he heard a strange noise coming from outside, as he turned over and opened his eyes, he glanced out the window and caught sight of what appeared to be a large, hideous tentacled creature, with a large maw and several eyes. The creature didn't move, just standing at the window, as though waiting. Ace panicked, tightening his eyes shut and pulling his covers over his head. He didn't sleep the rest of the night, but when morning came, the creature was gone.

At the smithy, Ace told Vengeance of what he saw. Vengeance informed Ace of the Mahjarrat, and how the creature seemed to resemble a feared creature from their folklore. Vengeance then told Ace that the creature would return every night for the amulet, unless it was destroyed, and would eventually find Ace. He spoke of a way to destroy it, but it involved travelling far into the mountains north of Asgarnia.

And so they travelled. After the long arduous journey into the mountains, they eventually came across an abandoned Zarosian military camp. The camp had long been deserted, after an apparent raid it seems, since the Third Age. After trailing through the camp, Ace's eyes were immediately drawn to a large, vicious curved red metal blade which lay on the wall. He recognised it instantly as Dragon metal, as told in stories and such. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to pry it from the wall. With a scowl travelled around the lakefront and into a hidden underground cavern. The cavern opened itself up and was revealed to be an ancient forge.

Stumbling in the darkness, Ace tripped over something large and metallic. After the forge was relit and activated, the light from it filled the rest of the cavern. Ace realised what he had tripped over, a smithing hammer, made of Dragon metal. With permission from Vengeance, he was permitted to keep it. Using the furnace to heat the amulet, they proceeded to supercool it, making the metal brittle, before Ace smashed it under the force of the hammer. That seemed to do the trick as a harsh screech filled the cavern and the Creature formed into view, ready to attack.

After a harsh battle with the Creature, it dropped dead with a final combined attack of Ace and Vengeance. Ace seemed to go into a kind of disbelief and shock. After calming down, the two left, this time out another exit at the end of the cavern which somehow brought them just southwest of Rellekka.

As they departed, a longship with armed Fremennik sailed down the coast. Ace attempted to run but Vengeance told him to hold his ground. The Fremennik unboarded from the ship and surrounded the two. They questioned them but before they could answer, the Fremennik attacked. Ace done well, using his tomahawk to slice through the ligaments in 2 Fremennik and knocking another 3 unconscious with the flat side of it. Though eventually one hit him over the back of the head and he blacked out.

Ace groggily awoke, tied to a post in the centre of Rellekka. Still dazed he didn't see much asides from what he thought was a large 9'0" being casting a large tsunami of blood at several Fremennik. He tried to stay away only to fall back into unconsciousness again.

When he finally came to, he found himself in Vengeance's arms, whom was walking southbound out of the town.

After a quick chase from another group of Fremennik, and hiding under a bridge to lose their trail. Vengeance teleported the two back to Varrock. Ace said thanks for the hammer, and went off to bed. It was a long couple of days.


At the behest of Vengeance, Ace became a servant for the notorious Sicarius family. He was entirely unaware of what the family truly were and what evil acts they had committed in the past.

While he seemed to quickly gain friends with the children and higher ranks, the other servants hated him and were jealous because of the positive treatment the "newbie" was being given.

Ace's time in Sicarius proved to be short lived however, as upon Vengeance taking on Ace as an adopted son, he announced that they both were leaving. Ace couldn't have been happier at having a father, nor did he mind leaving the Sicarius.

Time Warp

It seems adventure always finds a way of getting to Ace and this time was no exception. After Nic approached him, and he helped identify the kind of gold the strange watch Nic found was made of, they soon became involved in a whirlwind of trouble and drama, along with Luna, Thea, and Tesni.

After utilising the watch to travel to various points in the past, dealing with a demented demon, and a fellow time-travelling troubadour, Damion, they seemed to have saved many peoples lives.

Dragonkin Worshippers

Life seemed to be getting back to normal for Ace; business was going well and the city was in full swing during the summer. Ace met a friend called Artemis, and soon the friendship bloosed into a relationship. This proved not to last, as soon the Worshippers of the Dragonkin fled into the city, and a battle took place for it's ownership. Artemis fled without a word, leaving Ace alone. Returning to his forge, he became involved in a scuffle with a Worshipper who ended up stealing Ruby. Angered and distraught, Ace armed himself with his sword and tomahawk. He stormed moved towards the centre where a worshipper jumped out at him. After fighting for his life, Ace accidently ended the life of the worshipper, something he will never forget. He took it hard, fleeing from the scene to his house. The day after the battle, Ace returned to the centre to assess the damage. Over half his forge had been destroyed in the battle. With little money and unable to pay it off, he took sold his house, in order to pay for it. He seemed to get off easy for the rest of the time, asides from being used by the worshippers in their constant need for workers. After helping assist in the building of their wall in South west Misthalin, Ace returned back to Varrock, only to hear news of his birth mother's death. Ace seemed unusually unphased by the news, though a deep part of him felt terrible that he hadn't spoken to her before her death. He refused to attend the funeral, though afterwards received what was left of the will, his inheritance.

Recovery and Purchase

With the inheritance, he was able to purchase a new house, having been renting in the Blue Moon Inn for some time. By now, the worshippers had retreated out of Misthalin and back to Daemonheim. This meant Ace could get back to work as he used to once more, now that all of his resources and time weren't being used up by them.

A few months passed, and after saving up some. Ace approached Brock Avery, the owner of the forge, with intent to purchase the forge from him. Brock agreed, lowering the price from 150,000 coins, to only 50,000 though with the intention that Ace would use Avery Enterprises as his main supplier. Ace happily agreed and the deal was passed. Ace was now a self-employed blacksmith with his own forge; he was ecstatic.

The Tattoo

In an odd sort of celebratory event, Ace sought out a tattoo artist, with intention to get a couple of tattoos. Unable to find any and nearly giving up, he found a notice telling of a man, newly established in the Slums of the city. Upon meeting the man, called Zhaden whom seemingly originated from the Wushanko Isles, Ace chose his tattoo. It would be a joint symbol of Guthix and Armadyl in black ink on his right arm. Zhaden agreed, and proceeded to give him the tattoo. He then made an offer to Ace, a new tattoo for free, anyone Ace wanted from what was on offer. Ace looked around the store, feeling a sort of pull towards that of a dragon tattoo. Zhaden nodded, and proceeded to give him the tattoo, this time using a strange dark red ink which seemed to glow lightly, placing it at the back of Ace's neck. Zhaden chanted a few words in Eastern, though when questioned, Zhaden claimed it to be an old nursery rhyme his father taught him. Satisfied with both tattoos, Ace offered and paid the man for both anyways, leaving the store.


With his need and desire to improve his smithing work getting the best of him, Ace gathered his belongings, closed the forge and left Varrock for Keldagrim, to learn from the dwarves themselves. Upon arriving, and staying at the Laughing Miner Inn, Ace soon came to befriend a miner called Revikk. Showing him about the city, Revikk used what connections he possessed and got Ace an apprenticeship at the Blast Furnace, and with various other smiths.

Thus, two years passed, and Ace further increased his skills as a blacksmith, as well as learning new skills and techniques, though he eventually grew homesick of Varrock, and upon a hard decision, decided it was time to head home.

Death of a Brother

After many other adventures with his best friend, Nic, disaster eventually struck when it came to a final decision. Nicholas sacrificed his own life, in order to save those around him; his family, his friends.

Despite returning home and continuing life as normal, Ace never fully accepted or embraced Nic's death. He was far more negative, withdrawn and silent from his usual happy self. All he had now for company was himself and his pet wolf Zima.


Now 25, Ace's forced maturity came at a price on his happiness. He seemingly lost all fun on his life, with being forced to care Alyssa, due to her severe agoraphobia and anxiety. He continued to his work as a smith, and soon found himself capable of working at adamant.

Ace found himself in need of a break from city life, and so headed off west. His journey eventually brought him to Rellekka, where he wished to learn the smithing skills of the Fremennik. Then, then Jarl, Haakon invited Ace to complete a set of Fremennik Trials, at which point if he succeeded, he was permitted to become an honorary Fremennik.

After the many trials, such as swimming through the icy sea, and wrestling a dagannoth, Ace passed the tasks, and soon became his training in the ways of Barbarian and Fremennik smithing.

On his travels back from Rellekka, Zima disappeared into the woods, to which Ace followed. There, he found a wolf pup in the woods, abandoned and near dead. Feeling sorry for the pup, he took it with him, and nursed it as best he could, with Zima acting like a surrogate mother to him. Ace named the pup Léto and upon his return to Varrock, gifted Alyssa with it. She immediately bonded with it, and it strengthened her mood.

Princess, Princess

An unexpected visit from Princess Kylara to Ace's forge saw the two quickly forming a close bond. Initially friends, a romance blossomed between the two which was only strengthened by Ace comforting Kylara after the death of her mother. Queen Katrina.

Divination Disaster

Nic, in his ever seeking venture to further learn about the divination colonies, had his eyes set on the one on an island to the far east of Morytania. Inviting Ace along, the two ventured through Morytania, only to pause momentarily at the strange magical presence they could feel from the Slayer Tower.

Their traveling brought them to Port Phasmatys, though despite jokingly making a claim about stealing some of the food from one of the pirate ships docked there, the pirates took it serious and promptly knocked out the two. Ace and Nic awoke in Mos Le'Harmless, chained up. In slight panic, they eventually broke free of their chains and fought their way through the pirates. At the docks, they had no other way to escape, opting to fly themselves north to Dragontooth Isle.

Nic examined the divination colony only for a moment, before Ace's Seer sense kicked in and he felt the presence of Mahjarrat energy near by. Not wishing to remain for fear of attack, they left and through a series of journeys ended up in Piscatoris Woodland for hunting. Initially to allow their wolf companions to feed, the duo stumbled upon a large boar-like beast, an Airut. With the beast catching sight of them and attacking, the two had no choice to fight back, and through Ace pulling the waters from the ocean over it, he was able to drown the beast. Ace and Nic parted ways, before Ace returned back to Varrock, to catch up on what work he had missed.


The relationship between Ace and Kylara had blossomed enough that the two became engaged and eventually wed on Varrock Palace roof.

Vampyric Strife

Legends Guild

The Great Revision

Recent Events:


  • Ace was born on a full moon, on the Winter Solstice.
  • Ace was given the nickname "Ace" by his father as a child, often when he remarked he was the "number one" in his life.
  • Ace is left handed.
  • His favourite colour is blue.
  • Ace's favourite season is winter.
  • Ace did not learn to read or write until he was 16.
  • Ace had a pet; a baby troll named 'Ruby', which was taken from him by a Dragonkin Worshipper during their invasion of Varrock.
    • He now has a pet wolf called Zima, which is Czech for Winter.
  • Ace has only killed a single person, in self-defence, a Dragonkin Worshipper whom threatened to kill him.
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