Abyssal Triton is a Miscellanian exiled from his home when he was just a baby because he was cursed by an ancient mage. He lived on his own being raised by wolves until he grew into a young man.

Early Life

A baby born to his parents, he does not know their names. On the day after his birth an ancient mage knowing that he the son born was going to destroy him one day cursed Abyssal with a dark energy. His parents went to the council and asked them what to do. The council said send him away for a long time. The parents left their baby son in the woods near Rellekka and went back home. A mother wolf saw the baby and instead of killing him, brought it home with her and raised it like her own. At the age of fifteen Abyssal moved out of the wolves den and went to live on his own. Terrifed and afraid, Abyssal traveled alone not spending much time in one place. He usually did not spend nights in cities, spending nights in tents outside.

A chance meeting

When he was camping outside of Falador a woman came up to him and began to help him. The woman was from the city of Ardgoune, she helped him and became lovers. They broke up years later and Abyssal watched over her until the day she died. He now resides inside Ardougne helping the new queen and trying to find his family birth place.

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