Why is war such a thing of admiration to the younger?

–Aaron Estile, after recounting his experiences

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Basic look of Aaron except for the white hair.









Date of Birth:

Septober 20th

Hair Color:

Dark Auburn


Seer's Village


Neutral Good


Stealth Agent



Aaron Estile/Praven is a somewhat known warrior, assassin, and otherwise stealth expert throughout Gielinor. He is an extremely loyal man to whatever cause he joins, and avidly prefers not to lead for he does not wish to be glorified or the center of attention. He travels around the world as he pleases and knows of anything and everything through his vast network of friends and comrades he has picked up along the way. Despite his hardened mentality towards outsiders and unacquaintances, he has a sore spot for friends and loyalty.

Appearance & Equipment

  • (Combat) Dagannoth leather hide over riveted chain armor with chain mail tightly fitted around otherwise exposed areas
  • (Combat) Dagannoth hide pauldrons with interior sheathes for throwing knifes
  • (Combat) Dagannoth hide gauntlets
  • (Combat) Hard leather boots with metal on top side of the of the foot stopping before the ankle
  • (Common/Leisure) A casual fitted robe of molted black and grey for hiding, padded with dagannoth hide
  • (Common/Leisure) Grey soft leather boots
  • (Common/Leisure) Fur coating over shoulders covering throwing knife sheathes beneath
  • Utility belt consisting of a bolt quiver and a dagger sheath on each side
  • His eyes are now translucent black from a mysterious aura
  • Grey mask worn at almost all times
  • Hair color is mostly brown with a slight hint of red to it making a darker auburn color


Owned, not always worn

  • Two identical daggers with rune on the blade for a 1/4 inch followed by folded steel to reinforce
  • Sturdy two handed crossbow plated in steel strips with firm draw cord and string
  • Bolts consisting of bodkin, war, leaf, and silverthril heads
  • Three heavy throwing knifes to pierce armor and four more lighter ones
  • Reinforced folded steel longsword enchanted at the pommel with wind energy
  • Gauntlet mechanism consisting of three 6 inch adamant blades from on top of the wrist (Represented in game as daggerfist claws)

Skills and Abilities

  • Close Quarters Combat (CQB) - Often Aaron's last resort yet one of his strongest types of combat, in which he utilizes his dual daggers to their extent against any foe.
  • Poker Face - Aaron shows extremely little emotion and appears a cold and menacing person. On occasion he will display interest and some happiness, however it is anyone's guess whether he is pretending or not.
  • Espionage - Aaron has a specialty in infiltrating and gathering information. Even when not on the job he is always alert and aware of his surroundings.
  • Fencing - Ever since his early days, Aaron has become an avid learner in fencing both with rapier and long-sword.
  • Marksmanship - With the crossbow and throwing knifes, Aaron is quite apt with range weapons as it is often his first choice of attack.
  • Speed and light weight - Along with the use of stealth, Aaron uses medium and light weight armor allowing him to move more easily and swiftly. This grants him the ability to pull off certain stunts with the utmost haste.
  • Stealth and blending - As implied with his skill set, Aaron is an expert at ways in which to remain hidden. His usual cloths help blend with both natural and urban environments given their molted dull color. It has often been noted he will dissipate into any given crowd or range of shadows in an instant without warning.


Author's note: Aaron's adventures started back in early 2012 when some would say it was a much simpler time. The names of some people and memories of some events are slipping my mind which is why I decided to make this in the first place. Even important things during his life I'm sure I have forgotten... so bear with me for now.

Early Childhood

Aaron Estile was born into a family of seven on the outskirts of seer's village. Along with his parents, Richard and Emily Estile, he had three brothers and a sister, Elise, Alexander, Chase, and Hayden. Together, the family worked hard and did what they had to do to survive. One of the earliest lessons Aaron learned was that doing what is needed to survive will come at costs. His parents often did questionable things to keep an income and the family well off and soon, his siblings would follow.

During his childhood years, Aaron's father taught him and his brothers how to hunt which all of them quickly grasped. It soon became his favorite pastime along with trying to sneak up on animals before they scampered away or on his siblings. Aaron and Alexander in particular loved to fight with sticks as if they were swords, which resulted in far too many bruises. It was during this time in which he grew more ambitious, adventurous, and ultimately more curious to the world around him.

During his late teen years, Aaron and his brothers set off to find better jobs, leaving their parents and sister to only have to pay for themselves. They decided to all travel to Asgarnia to find jobs there but Hayden decided to go his own way once they reached Taverly. The rest of them continued on until they arrived at Falador. While there, the three found a band of knights apart from the white knights who eagerly took them under their wing. These knights would travel throughout Asgarnia, looking for jobs and favors to do for others and training those they worked with. Here, Aaron and his brothers learned the art of chivalry and fencing.


Upon one of the expeditions to southern Asgarnia, Aaron, his brothers, and several of his comrades were idly practicing by the beach when a group of firm Saradomist worshipers happened by, asking the men of their views on the god. None of them expressed any distaste nor did they declare themselves followers to Saradomin and thus the followers attempted to forcefully convert the group. It started off as insults which quickly, and inevitably, drew into combat. The worshipers were backed by a few white knights who went to fully engage the small group. Aaron only managed to injure a knight while he and his comrades gradually retreated. In the end, Aaron's brother, Chase, was killed and the band of knights as a whole slowly moved on and dispersed. Aaron traveled back to Kandarin with Alexander bearing the news of Chase's death and also plotting revenge.

The Nightshades and Pravens

After returning home, Aaron began looking for ways to improve his skills. He eventually found a guild of mercenaries and thieves that seemed experts of their skills in their own right. There, Aaron trained more in stealth and hiding to an extreme degree. While in this guild, he and his new comrades came to acquire a good flow of currency through various jobs done throughout Gielinor. For the time, Aaron devoted himself to the guild and those within it.

After a couple years had passed, the Nightshades were contacted by King Vectis of Ardougne to be enlisted in the war against the Sicarius. Several battles were fought and the Nightshades' success in these gained them some right of nobility. They were granted lordship over the March of Camelot in which started House Praven, led by Cralix Praven. Aaron became fully devoted to this new family as he felt accepted and wanted and his time with them lasted many years.

Journeys with the Pravens

Author's note: In no specific order, these are events that happened during Aaron's many years with the Pravens. Other than these events he would have been spending his time at Camelot, training, sparring (mostly), attending meetings, and organizing all sorts of things.

Campaigning into Morytania

It was during one of these years, the Pravens were contacted by a group of assassin/holy order mix that were traveling into Morytania intending to put down vampyre quells there. In the beginning, they were struggling and so Aaron began to explore new ways in countering the vyre's prediction ability. While blisterwood was near impossible to find and silverthril only worked so well with Aaron's tools, Aaron began experimenting with magic and its essence there. He was given some information, tips, and warnings by the groups' mages but he preferred to learn by trial.

Obviously this didn't end well as eventually the magic began to become uncontrollable and his opponents finally used this to their advantage. In a fight against some juveniles and mages, Aaron was struck by a spell that prevented him from using his newly found magic techniques. This was supposed to be temporary but he quickly lost control in attempts to dismiss it and the spell eventually turned into an extent of a curse. This also did him a favor, however. As it turned out, the curse blocked magic from his body, all magic. He could not use magic any longer, he could sense it though, as if it were food that he was always inches away from grabbing. Most importantly, any magic used to try to enter his mind would be blocked too, this meant the vyre's prediction ability wouldn't work too well on him anymore. And so, after Aaron returned to Camelot, he took appreciation of the whole mishap, learning there is benefits to everything.

Leaving and Investigating

It was during the end of their stay when they found a traitor among their midst by the name of Malice. This revealed a controversial plot against house Praven and Aaron's mentality and loyalties quickly became confused. Many started to disband and leave as did Aaron, regrettably.Aaron returned to Seer's Village for a while after the disband of the Pravens, having an adequate amount of wealth, he decided to stay there for about a year. During this time not much is known about him or what happened, he simply ebbed into society.

He was twenty five years old when he reappeared. At this time he attempted to reconnect with his past friends from the Nightshades. He had found out that several including Malice had traveled down to the Kharidian deserts. Intrigued by curiosity and wanting to find out more of the long standing controversy, Aaron began his trek down south east. After arriving to the deserts and some more investigating, Aaron instead stumbled across a rising sultanate. They were in need of men of Aaron's skills and were offering fine pay for it. At this point Aaron could not refuse and took the job.

Adventures in the Deserts

Aaron spent several years with The Kharidian Sultanate, headquartered in Pollinivneach under leadership of James Craven, as he aided them in spreading their influence and empire until they controlled everything between Menaphos and the Shantay Pass. After some dealings with the city of Al Kharid, the leaders set their focus on gaining allies in Morytania. Aaron left with them to attend several meetings and almost acting as a bodyguard. This time they were cooperating with the vyres that reigned over the land, getting rid of small threatening groups and striking deals. Aaron personally carried out several minor assassination and espionage missions in appeasing the local rulers.

Head Spymaster

While working in the empire, Aaron was appointed Head Spymaster and Commander of the stealth branch. Along with these new ranks, Aaron was awarded two pristine daggers, with rune making up the sharp edge of the blade and reinforced with folded steel. With these new privileges, Aaron trained the men placed under his command to the best of their abilities. This resulted in him and his team leading numerous successful reconnaissance, sabotage, and assassination missions throughout the eastern half of Gielinor. Aaron became a wanted man, having constantly harassed the Kharidian Sultanate's enemies and pushing them to their limits. Of those notable, Aaron was an especially hated man of the Kruor whom had then been attacking the sultanate for the past few months.


A show of Aaron's new blades as he carries out a mission in Misthalin.

Aaron felt appreciated and was willingly loyal all the way to the end. However, much like the Pravens, the empire and sultanate slowly began to lose its momentum. As time went on, the empire became oppressed and the current Sultan was slowly losing his abilities to actively lead. Aaron continued on, doing what he could wherever he could. However the empire was soon on a clear path to collapse and Aaron had one last order. Mustering what men were left of the stealth branch, Aaron instructed each one to travel and visit the major cities of the world, and report to him when possible of the activities going on there. Soon after the empire dissipated and Aaron was left to his own devices once again.

A Loyal Comrade

Aaron wondered for a few months, roaming around and eventually finding himself at the gates of Ardougne. There he reunited with a Praven who had long been one of his best and most memorable friends. He was known as Varus Praven. Together Aaron and Varus set targets and filled bounties along with a new comrade of Varus', only known as Nik. The time they had together was a fun and glorious one, one that holds many great memories for Aaron to recount.

Infiltrating the White Knights

It later appeared to Aaron that Varus had infiltrated the White Knights and had become a trusted member to them. Varus knew of Aaron's long hatred for the White Knights and planned this to be their finest moment. On one bright day, Varus, Aaron, and Nik rushed to the gates of the white castle. Varus exclaimed to the guard there had been an emergency in need of being reported and that time was of the essence. Caught up in the haste, the gate guard foolishly forgot to remove their weapons since he trusted Varus and let the men inside immediately. Once arriving to a large hall of the second floor, they met with one of the white knight commanders.

After a small exchange of dialog, the commander realized what was happening too late and Varus attacked him. Several white knights varying in rank came into the room after hearing a commotion to find the commander dead and suddenly leaped into action. Fighting commenced and many knights and squires alike fell to the assassins. However, Aaron and his friends knew the odds would soon be against them and began their flight out of the castle. With Varus and his well recognized face leading the way out, few guards stood against them. In the end, the trio had suffered minimal injuries and now had a great story to tell for years to come.

A Broken Promise

It was during this time that Aaron began reaching contact with the former Praven associates and especially Cralix who now held the position of king regent in Ardougne until Violet Vekon was old enough to ascended. Aaron and Varus swore to always protect each other and numerous times did Aaron fulfill this. Such events involved dealing with those kidnapping Varus or attempting to bring him to justice for his notorious deeds.

Back in Ardougne, Violet eventually succeeded the throne, replacing Cralix, which in turn didn't last long. The Pravens had been safe under her rule in Ardougne but soon after her disappearance, Violet's husband, Rabican, took place of king and dispelled the Pravens. While Cralix and some others travel to safety in Varrock, Varus returned to fight against the injustice of the king. This ended up in him being arrested and set for execution.

Aaron had been working on a few operations and was busy contacting his scattered comrades when he heard the news. He rushed his way to Ardougne as fast as foot and horse travel could be but he was too late. Varus had been executed before he could arrive. After finding out the news, Aaron set off after the executioner in rage. The next morning the guards would happen upon the executioner's body without a head and a note held by a knife in his body reading, "I killed a Praven." in the man's own blood.

Solemn Times

After the quick events of Varus Praven's death, Aaron slipped back into the shadows once more, mulling over what the point of his adventures had brought him to. He spent his time traveling around between northern Kandarin and Asgarnia, visiting bars and enjoying the company of friends he encountered. Nothing much is known about him at this time... and doubtfully anything interesting either.

Renewed Energy

After some time away, Aaron finally caught wind of the Pravens having moved into exile and were in desperate need. It wasn't long after his arrival to their forest camp that they were welcomed to Miscellania and Etceteria by Rokrem Ror'Steel. Aaron traveled with them, helping them recruit along the way and eventually setting up a fine home in Miscellania when they arrived. Aaron would spend his days around the castle in Etceteria, training and catching up on all the current Praven affairs.

A New Skill

There he began fully working on a new skill he'd been lightly touching on for years; smithing. This began after Aaron inquired about some new gadgets his friend, Chris, had acquired. Chris soon gave him blueprints to new and improved versions he had been pondering about. Aaron eagerly accepted and went straight to work. Among these in particular was a vambrace that held three retracting blades on the top of the wrist. It was soon improved with each blade having a different specific quality being made of Adamant and the ability to spring each blade independently. As his reward Aaron kept the blueprints and also built himself a pair. During his stay there, he constantly took requests for new items to be built and repaired which he used as opportunities to further his skill.

Dagannoth Invasion

During their stay on Miscellania, a massive group of dagannoths attacked the island, effectively ransacking the scarce farmland and damaging much of the outer infrastructure. While the leaders devised a plan to rid the hordes of dagannoths, Aaron joined the others as they busied themselves searching and eliminating at those that dared show themselves on land. After every successful attack and defense, Aaron took the time to go forth and skin the carcasses. After gathering these skins, Aaron and others of the Pravens tanned and used the sturdy yet mildly flexible material to reinforce his armor as well as replace certain parts of it. In addition, Aaron created multiple sets and was able to distinguish a leisurely yet ready set of clothing from a fully combat ready armor set. Thus the origin of that which Aaron wears and uses to this day.

On the Defense

Towards the end of their stay, the recently growing Fremennik union called "The Northern Tide" lay claim to Miscellania and Etceteria and attacked the Praven holdings there. Through a fierce battle the Pravens drew a Phyrric victory and held on to their lands. Aaron was ordered to spot out wanderers from the opposing army and immediately eliminate them, he was never really meant to be in the fray of larger battles anyway. However the Pravens left for a campaign back into Morytania shortly thereafter, Aaron chose to stay behind and remain on the island to further his skills. He had no real desire to return to Morytania, the origin of his curse.

Lost Contact

After some time, the ruler of Miscellania, Lokrem Ror'Steel successor to Rokrem Ror'Steel, passed away and the protection of the Pravens there dwindled. Soon enough Miscellania and Etceteria passed into the fold of the Fremennik union and Aaron left along with the scarce remainder of the Pravens. However, without much further contact from the triumvirate over in Canifis, Aaron chose to settle down in his home in Seer's Village.

A New Cause

The Kingdom of Kandarin

After catching up on events and pulling for contact from any of his friends, Aaron receives news of happenings in Kandarin. At it so appeared, the Vekons had returned to power and were consolidating power over the realm. Aaron took this time to travel to Ardougne and reach with contacts there. Oddly enough he encountered Xel, his former comrade, who happened to have come under leadership of Catherby and later Camelot. After familiarizing himself with the city once again, Aaron reached out to the royal family itself for a position in their court or of the like. In the beginning it seemed as if he were to be a knight but later was promoted to head spymaster.

For several years Aaron served faithfully as a spy employed under the Kandarin Empire. Eventually, the Empress of Kandarin came to be replaced by a young Emperor, whom Aaron had gotten to know little of. The change in monarchy also came with a change in leadership for many positions, and it so happened to put Aaron in charge of the County of Khazard under the Duchy of Yanille. Aaron had observed enough of political and governmental dealings to get the idea of running such a post, and so began to adapt to this entirely new role.

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