Ōkami H.


  • Haruno, Ōkami (春の狼)


Human (Wushanko)



Various Statistics:

  • Age: Seventeen
  • Eye Colour: Pale Grey
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 168lb


  • Godless


Wushanko Islands


  • Common Tongue
  • Wushanko Tongues






Ōkami Haruno (春の狼) or simply Ōkami (born Ire of Phyrrys 1, 5th Age, 153) is the third character flushed out, developed and role-played by Shepard on World 42. He is a seventeen year old orphan of war, who was born on Hanto, a Wushanko Isle. The Khan of Ai Jei waged war, eventually forcing Ōkami to flee to Tokoko. For a time, this place became his home and he eventually became a member of the Death Lotus.

His travels to the West bring him through Morytania unscathed. He travels between the swampy region and Misthalin. Currently, his impressions of the region have led him to join the Myreque resistance.



  • 5'10"
  • Thin Athletic Build
  • Black Hair, Grey Eyes

Tattoos and Scars

  • Tattoo 1
  • Tattoo 2



Beliefs & Opinions



  • Bow
  • Sword
  • Dagger 1
  • Dagger 2
  • Dagger 3
  • Poisoned Darts

Armor & Clothing

  • Red Leather Jacket
  • Steel Pauldron on left shoulder


  • Traveling Sack, which holds
  • Quiver
  • Black Powder
  • Death Lotus Icon

Prowess and Knowledge

Physical Abilities

Unarmed Form

Martial Combat

Magical Abilities

Ranking Scale: Novice < Apprentice < Adept < Semi-Mastery < Master < Grandmaster

  • Other Magick - Varying Ranks
    • Teleportation Magick - Adept Rank
    • Alchemy - Novice Rank
    • Necromancy - Novice Rank
    • Summoning - Novice Rank



  • Wushanko Tongues
  • Common Tongue


Early Life (Pre-RP)

Birth and Early Age

In the dwindling light of dusk, the sun coated the sky with a dulcet orange, a boy was born. The messy rays shined through the cracks and broken shambles of houses across the war-torn isle of Hanto. The Eastern Khans fought for petty change. That night, a mother’s labor pains beat away like the tides—growing louder, followed by silence. The first of the Ires of Phyrrys in the 'hundred-fifty-third had scarcely past, Ōkami Haruno, a baby boy, was born to Yamada—the father—and Sachiko Haruno—the mother—poor smiths whose craft served their Khan. Ōkami was named such after a wolf’s tenacity to survive. Survive he did. The first year of his life famine struck Hanto, the fields were drenched with so much blood that they were as dead as the corpses, which littered them.

A year passed after his birth, the war ravaged through the land, Hanto’s Khan grew more aggressive: he enlisted all eligible males—Yamada’s father. The sight of Yamada walking out, garbed in red scale-plates, reverberates through Ōkami’s mind as his first memory. That moment was the last time the boy saw his father. Years later, he learned his father valiantly fought to the death with honor—to what Ōkami now believes is a fool’s death.

The seasons cycled through four times. Ōkami turns five and naively tries to help his okāsan (mother) and his ojīsan, Hibiki, (grandfather) around the shabby forge. Coal, water, wood, such things were often trusted to the child’s hands to bring to and fro. The days grew longer, the war dragged on, and so did the business.

End of Halycon Days
  • Slavery (Ages 5-8)
  • Escape (Age 8)
  • Escapades as a Street Urchin (Age 9)
  • Death Lotus Initiation (Age 10)


  • Contracts (Age 10-16)
  • Okami2

    Ōkami between contracts

Stabbed In The Back

Here lie Ōkami's memories:

"I've done something I shouldn't have. Chikusho! Why'd I...?" I thought. Frantically so. What could of stopped me?

  • Journey West (Age 17)
  • Impression of Morytania (Age 17)

Present Day (RP)

The Sixth Age

Unchronicled Events

  • 9 Moevyng, Twiblick: Jolly Boar, Ōkami met a strange woman.
  • 10 Moevyng, Essianday: Jolly Boar, Ōkami's new acquaintance, Blade Smith, turns out to be a bounty hunter.

Family & Relationships


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  • Ōkami Haruno (春の狼) means Wolf of the Spring in Japanese.
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